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Recap written by Christine

Devon ran into Elena at Crimson Lights. She was exhausted from working two consecutive trips. She guessed she shouldn’t complain – Nate had practically been sleeping at the hospital since his big promotion. Devon didn’t know about a promotion. Elena said that Nate was the new chief of surgery. Devon was confused because Abby’s ex, Ben got that job. Elena figured Devon misunderstood, because Nate got the job; today was his first day, and he was knocking himself out trying to get up to speed with everything. Devon asked Elena if it’d be weird for Nate to be her boss.

Elena never considered that before, and she appeared to be giving it some deep thought after Devon brought it up. Devon thought it’d be okay – Nate and Elena had worked together at the clinic, and their relationship seemed to be on track. Devon was sure that Elena and Nate would be able to figure out how to balance work and personal life.

At the penthouse, Moses congratulated Nate on his promotion. Nate said there would be a lot of changes in his life, and he wouldn’t be as available to him at the hospital or at AskMDNow. He knew Moses was questioning a career in medicine. Moses appreciated what Nate did for him. Nate was happy to talk with Nate and figure out what was best. At first, Moses thought it was just seeing Nate’s allergic reaction that bothered him, but now he thought it was more than that. Moses thought he’d dreamed of being a doctor, but after the opportunity Nate gave him to see the reality of what being a doctor was like, he realized that wasn’t what he wanted to do. Moses felt bad Nate went through all that trouble, but Nate said Moses was 16, and this was what he was supposed to be doing – figuring out what he wanted in life. Moses thought maybe the medicine thing was tied to losing his dad, and maybe the music thing was too. Nate gave Moses his full support no matter what he decided.

Devon came home and congratulated Nate on his promotion that he had to find out from Elena. Moses thought he might be able to do something at Hamilton Winter’s music division. Devon was happy about that idea. He remembered when Neil gave him similar advice about visualizing his goals. Devon told Moses that he’d set up an internship at the studio, but it wasn’t glamorous, it was hard work, though. Nate added that it wasn’t brain surgery, though. Devon and Moses teased Nate about his fame with AskMDNow. Nate and Devon gave Moses a pep talk about finding out what he needed to do in life.

Nate and Elena met at the park. He told her that Moses decided against medicine. Nate was a bit disappointed, because he loved the idea of mentoring his young cousin the way his mom did for him. But he honestly wanted Moses to find a happy fulfilling career, and he supported Moses. Elena got called into the hospital to assist with a surgery, and she sighed about having to go back in. He said he could shift some things around now that he was the boss, but she told him not to even joke about that. She apologized for overreacting. He said he was just kidding – he’d never use his position to change the schedule for her. She knew that, but some people might not take it that way. She didn’t want the slightest appearance of her getting preferential treatment. He promised to treat her like every other subordinate, and he said this wouldn’t be a problem between them because they wouldn’t let it be.

Amanda met Phyllis at the hotel. Phyllis was glad Amanda helped her break down the timeline of when Summer got the job. Amanda didn’t think she did much, but Phyllis gave Amanda credit for helping her uncover Tara and Sally’s scheme. Amanda was glad she could help, but she was sure it was bittersweet since Summer decided to stay in Milan. Phyllis said it didn’t feel like much of a victory. Amanda said that Phyllis saved Summer a lot of heartache, and that was something to celebrate. Amanda thought things were going well for everyone Phyllis cared about. Phyllis said that she knew Sally would be bad for Jack, so she was determined to keep them apart. Amanda thought Jack was lucky to have Phyllis. Phyllis said a lot of people were – she reunited Summer with the love of her life, uncovered Tara’s embezzlement, and she stopped Lauren from going into business with a crook. As an attorney, Amanda advised Phyllis not to tell anyone how she did that. As a friend, Amanda thought it was kick-ass. Phyllis thought Amanda had been kicking ass too, legally speaking. Amanda said she was trying to get justice for her father, Hilary and in some ways, her mother. Naya was Sutton’s first victim – he crushed her spirit decades ago and made her life about him and protecting his image.

Phyllis thought Nick would be mad she was meddling in the Tara/Sally thing, but he’d helped her by talking with Tara’s accountant. Amanda said Nick did it for Summer. She didn’t think Phyllis should see this as a blanket endorsement of meddling. Phyllis said she’d continue to protect people she loved, and Nick would continue to love her, even if it drove him crazy. Amanda thought it was amazing to be loved like that. Amanda shared that Devon was in love with her. Phyllis was so glad she’d talked Amanda out of leaving him. “I’m batting 1000,” Phyllis said. Amanda felt lucky – amazing man, found her family. She felt like this was more than she expected and maybe more than she deserved. Phyllis said she deserved all this.

Nick ran into Jack at the park and asked how he was doing with everything. Jack said he was still processing it. He mentioned he talked with Phyllis about everything. Jack was disappointed Kyle would be so far away, but he was happy Kyle and Summer finally had a chance after all the extremes Sally and Tara went through to keep them apart. Nick knew Jack had been hanging out with Sally again, but he’d heard from Phyllis that Sally and Jack didn’t get too deep this time before everything blew up. Jack admitted he’d found Sally’s fearlessness and willingness to take on the world to be attractive qualities – the same ones that made Sally her own worst enemy. Nick said Phyllis and Sally were a lot alike in that way. Jack said he never got too invested in Sally in no small part because of Phyllis. Nick said he’d told Phyllis to mind her own business. Jack did too, but it was clear now that she was right. He felt he owed Phyllis a debt of gratitude for opening his eyes about Sally. Nick said Phyllis knew Jack well. “Maybe better than anyone,” Jack replied.

Nick went to the hotel, and Phyllis said she told Amanda how amazing he was and how he helped her go after Tara and Sally. He asked if she loved him because he acknowledged when she was right. He said that was one of the reasons. Nick mentioned that he’d talked with Jack, who was grateful to Phyllis. Jack also said Phyllis might know him better than anyone on earth. Phyllis didn’t know what Jack was talking about – his sisters knew him well. Nick said he was just the messenger. Phyllis didn’t think it was a contest – she knew Nick well – very well, and he knew her well. He said he knew some things about her that others didn’t. She shushed him because the employees were in the area. He said to get her mind out of the gutter. He said she seemed like Summer’s most fierce defender, but he’d seen the vulnerability beneath. Phyllis said Summer was her only daughter, so she had Phyllis’s heart, which meant she also had the ability to break it. He said she had him around to help her heal it.

At their home, Victoria helped Ashland prepare for his treatment by making sure he was hydrated and had the ginger candies that the doctor recommended. She promised she’d go with him and keep him company. He said she didn’t need to go – he’d just be sitting in a chair with a needle in his arm. She said to at least let her drop him off and pick him up. He was okay with that as long as it didn’t interfere with the rest of her day. He wanted her to focus on the post-merger-transition and continue with the business of living. She intended to. She said she needed to tell a few people about their engagement.

Billy and Lily were at home, and their phones were blowing up because of the Tara Locke arrest. Billy said that they had a lot of work to do to make sure they covered the story thoroughly. He said this was the best part of the journalism game – tracking down all the facts. She said that his instincts about Tara were spot on. He said this was one time Phyllis’s meddling paid off. Lily thought Tara’s crimes were bad enough, but what was worse was using her own child to push Summer out of town. Billy talked about all the traffic that the Lockes were bringing in to ChancComm’s news platforms – they were the gift that kept giving. Victoria came over for her visit with the kids. Victoria thanked Billy and Lily for being there for the kids. It was a relief that she could count on them. Lily said they were all working together in the best interest of the children. Victoria had news she wanted to share with the kids, but first she wanted to tell Billy and Lily – she and Ashland were engaged.

Billy admitted he didn’t see this coming. Victoria said she didn’t either – Ashland surprised her. Billy approved of the relationship, but he asked if Victoria was sure. Victoria said yes – they loved each other. Lily reminded Billy that he’d said Victoria met her match in Ashland. Victoria said Ashland started treatment today. Billy assumed Victoria convinced him to do that, but Victoria said she and Ashland made this decision together. She had faith this would prolong his life, and she wanted to help him fight this. Lily thought this was very brave – she knew how scary it was to face cancer and your mortality. She hoped the treatment gave Victoria and Ashland the future they were dreaming of. Victoria said thanks. Victoria knew what Billy was thinking, and she said it was okay, and she appreciated that he cared enough to worry.

Victoria told the kids, off screen, then she came downstairs and talked to Billy. She said the kids were receptive. Johnny was a little sad because of Ashland’s illness, but Johnny took this as a sign that he might get better. He’d compared it to a video game where everyone won if they worked together. She said their kids seemed excited about the changes in their parents’ lives. Billy said ChancComm had to cover Tara’s arrest. He hoped he wouldn’t get push back from Ashland. He’d promised not to run stories on Ashland’s illness, but this was different. Victoria said Ashland had no interest in protecting Tara, but he didn’t want Harrison to find out about her arrest. Billy asked if Harrison would be living with Victoria and Ashland. Victoria didn’t know, everything had been moving so quickly, and Kyle’s move to Milan complicated things. Victoria hoped Billy didn’t plan to make Ashland look complicit in Tara’s crime, because if so, he’d have a problem with Victoria and Ashland. Billy thought that Ashland must’ve known what Tara was up and looked the other way. Victoria was positive that Ashland didn’t know anything about it and that this was all Tara. Victoria assumed that Tara was hiding money to create a safety net for herself in case the affair came out. Billy said if that were true, that meant the story was about his nephew’s affair and Harrison.

Jack went to ChancComm and asked Lily if they were going to run a story on Tara’s arrest. She said everyone else was, so why wouldn’t they? Billy came in. Lily knew Jack was worried because Tara was the mother of his grandson, but she was lead out of the Abbott house in handcuffs, and she’d been married to a very powerful man. They couldn’t ignore this story, Lily said. Billy said Lauren was lucky she found out before acquiring the company. Jack didn’t condone what Tara did, but he was concerned about Kyle and Harrison, and they’d become the story. He asked them not to cover this. Lily said the affair was public knowledge. Jack sarcastically thanked Billy for that. Billy said other news outlets ran the story too, and Kyle chose to get involved with public figures. Jack said an affair was one thing, but Harrison was an innocent child with an uncertain future, and he needed to be protected. Billy said other outlets would follow the story. Jack said the other outlets weren’t run by his brother, an Abbott who grew up knowing the importance of family. He asked what their father would say. Billy was taken aback that Jack would bring up John Abbott. Jack was trying to remind Billy who he was and where he came from. Jack stated that Kyle and Harrison had been through enough, and Billy needed to do what was best for his family.

Ashland came home and was feeling happy about his treatment, but then he winced and grabbed his chest and had to sit down. It passed, and he told Victoria that the doctors told him to be prepared for this – it just hit him so suddenly. He didn’t want it to interfere with her day, but she said she’d already planned to work from home. She said she could do her job while taking care of the people she loved who needed her.

Ashland felt rotten, but he didn’t regret the treatment – if he could get more time with her, it was worth it. She was glad he felt that way because she wanted as much time with him as she could get. He said another upside to the treatment was that he had to turn off his phone, and he’d missed three calls with Kyle. Ashland said Kyle’s decision to move made any visitation or shared custody difficult. Victoria suggested calling back, but Ashland wanted to spend some time thinking about what to do and what was best for Harrison.

Devon liked seeing Amanda smiling. They were at his place. She said she had a great morning with Phyllis and now she got alone time with Devon. She said she and Phyllis talked about the men in their lives and how lucky they were. Devon felt that he was the lucky one. Amanda said they were both lucky because they had each other. He felt extra fortunate because his little brother might follow in his footsteps. He liked the idea of mentoring Moses, and he’d always secretly hoped Moses would be part of the family business.

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