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[ Sirens wailing ]

Whoa, s– whoa, whoa.

Sorry, doc. Sorry for —

no, that’s my bad. I wasn’t watching where I was going.

Focused on your work?

Uh, yeah. Just wrapping some things up.

The peter august investigation, I imagine.

Yeah. Uh… going over the forensics in the subbasement again, trying to figure out what happened to peter and how he left a trail of blood and where he went.

Well, then, I, uh — I won’t keep you.

Actually, you know what?

Since I got you here, uh, there might be something about peter’s disappearance that maybe you can shed some light on.

Ms. Dreyfus? Naomi?

You think she left?

I’m pretty sure that was her car in the lot.

It’s unlocked. I’ll apologize if she’s in here.

Oh, my god.

Spencer, I have a confession to make.


You know cam and joss are my friends, and when they told me all that stuff about you, I guess I was trying to defend them, and you were here, and you were kind of passed out, so I —

oh, father. You startled me. Nerves?

No, I just don’t like being snuck up on.

Well, I’d hardly call it “sneaking.”

Uh, father, you know trina.

Yeah, of course. How are you, trina?

Good. And you, mr. Cassadine?

You know better than that. Call me nikolas. I need to make a phone call.

Is everything okay?

Yeah, and thanks for the advice.

Like I said, anytime.

Catching some sun?

Trying to.

What do you have there?

You tell me. Or don’t you recognize the letter that ryan chamberlain sent you?

You’ve left us incredibly exposed! I hope you realize that.

[ Sighs ] Yes, I’ll let them know.

Well… oh. Didn’t sound very good. What’s going on?

[ Sighs ] We have trouble, with a capital “T.” And you know who that stands for.

[ Sighs ] God, what did tracy do now?

[ Insects chirping ]

[ Sighs ] When you were forced to perpetrate a situation that you knew wasn’t cool, I’M… I’m guessing that it wasn’t easy. That it cost you something to keep it going.

You would be correct.

And I’m also guessing that you did the best that you could at the time.

Yeah, pretty much.

Well, then, you know what willow and I are going through.

[ Sighs ]

Well, how is your first day of shadowing going, nurse chase?

Oh, I am far from being a nurse. I have so much to learn. And it’s student nurse tait.

Oh, I’m sorry. I just thought since you had taken michael’s last name, that you would take chase’s, since he’s your husband.

As soon as I am done here, I am telling willow it’s over. I will be out of the picture, and michael and willow can finally live happily ever after.

Okay. Yeah. That’s definitely one way to go.

You’ve got another option?

I do, chase. Why settle for a graceful exit when you can make one with lasting impact?

Chase, I think it’s your nature. I think it’s your inclination to be kind and gentle to both michael and willow. But they’ve treated you like dirt. Your wife and your best friend are screwing each other.

Come on, it’s — it’s a complicated situation. I’m sure willow felt obligated to marry me. E-everybody thought that I was gonna die. She thought she was doing the right thing.

Maybe. And that does make sense of what’s happened in the past, but it doesn’t jibe with what’s happening now. Michael and willow are clearly still attracted to each other. They can’t keep their hands off of each other.

[ Scoffs ] Don’t remind me.

I think I need to remind you, chase. Because your health crisis is over. You’ve been released from the hospital, and they’ve had every opportunity to be honest with you. And yet, they’ve kept you in the dark. Doesn’t that piss you off? Don’t you think you deserve better?

When I enrolled in nursing school, I did it as willow tait, so it just seemed simpler not to change it.


I’m in the process of showing her the ropes. This semester, she’s gonna get some hands-on training at the hospital.

Well, I’m sure she’ll be up to the challenge.

I hope so. I’m really looking forward to interacting more with patients and getting some practical experience.

Oh, we’ll find plenty for you to do.

[ Laughter ] I’m trying not to be nervous about that.

[ Cellphone dings ]

Oh, e-excuse me. Oh, no. What fresh hell?

Is something wrong?

Uh, I’ve got a text from ned.

Look, willow seems awesome, okay? But she’s not family, so I don’t get to judge her. You, on the other hand, are not only family, but you’re probably the most principled quartermaine since lila, so I hold you to a higher standard. So when you admit to me that there is, in fact, a you and willow, I can’t help but wonder, where does that leave chase?

[ Door opens ]

Family meeting! We could be looking at a major crisis.

There’s no pulse. Her body’s cold. I don’t see any blood or wounds. No obvious sign of a struggle.

W-we have to call this in.

Look, better let me make the call. I’ll wait around for the cops. You head out.

And just leave you here to deal with it? You’re on parole, remember?

Yes, but I didn’t kill naomi dreyfus.

I know that, but if you dial 911, we don’t know who they’re gonna send — some by-the-book cop who can charge you with a parole violation.

Come on. Okay. Alright. I-I won’t call 911. I’ll call someone I trust.

Hey, I don’t know how much help I could be.

I… well, I was — I don’t know, I was trying to figure out how you and anna ended up in the subbasement in the first place.


[ Cellphone rings ]

Oh, sorry. Mm. Um, sorry. I gotta take this. Of course. Yeah. Sam, what’s up?

Um, shawn butler and i are at the woodbridge motel, and we found hayden barnes’ mother.

Okay, and?

And she’s dead.

You’re saying that’s a letter to me?

[ Scoffs ]

From ryan chamberlain. Don’t insult my intelligence and deny it.

Okay, fine. I know about the letter. Where did you find it?

I was visiting your aunt alexis at the minimum-security facility when I discovered that ryan chamberlain is also an inmate, and I found this among his possessions.

And they let you just go through his things?

Stop deflecting, and you tell me why you were corresponding with this maniac.

I didn’T. I got one letter from the guy, and then I thought that it was probably trouble, so I didn’t even bother to open it. I sent it back, return to sender. But apparently, you thought to read it. So, what’s it say?

It was complimentary toward you.

[ Laughs ] A serial killer is complimenting me? How random and creepy is that?

It looked to me like he was trying to get on your good side and hopefully recruit you as an ally.

Well, then, I’m glad that I didn’t open it.

Ryan chamberlain is obsessed with my wife and your stepmother.

Yes, I figured that this had something to do with his warped connection to ava.

Spencer! You are missing the point. The man that killed ava’s daughter reached out to you, and you said nothing. I want to know why not.

It’s unconscionable that you wouldn’t warn me that ryan chamberlain sent you a letter, whether you opened it or not.

You’re blowing this way out of proportion.

You were in contact with your grandmother. You knew that ava was being stalked. And it wasn’t just ava. Avery was being threatened, too. And meanwhile, you get a letter from a serial killer, and you don’t think it’s worth mentioning?

Not really.

Why the hell not?!

Because I know damn well that ryan chamberlain isn’t the one who’s been threatening ava all this time.

[ Police radio chatter ]

Sam, it’s dante.

Sam: Door’s open! Hey. Hey.

Wow, you’re really pushing the limits of the last few months of your parole, huh?

I tried to tell her I can handle this on my own.

A woman is dead. I’m not just gonna walk away.

Can you guys sweep the place, dust for prints? What happened?

When we knocked on the door, no one responded. The door was unlocked. We came in, found naomi lying on the floor. I checked for a pulse. Her body was cold.


Finn, you should wait in the car.

I thought I could help.

Finn. Finn, there’s nothing you can do. She’s been dead for a while.

Okay, about this sos. How big, how embarrassing, and how much is it gonna cost us to get out of it?

Ned: Monica, you should have a seat.

That bad? Oh, my god.

Can someone just spit it out? What happened?

In a word, tracy.

Oh, my god.

Yeah. I talked to her earlier to keep her in the loop now that austin is in the picture.

Wait, hold on. I-I-I don’t understand. I thought that tracy never wanted to hear the letters e, l, q again?

Yeah, well, that doesn’t mean she wants someone else to have their hands on the family company.

Well, I doubt granny was shocked by the arrival of another q interloper.

She was expecting this. And that could prove to be a real problem for the rest of us.

Your wife, who you’re clearly head over heels in love with, is having an affair with your best buddy. I think you have every right to your outrage.

I am mad at the situation, but willow has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. If I had any clue that she didn’t want to marry me, that she wasn’t just as excited as I was, I wouldn’t have boxed her into this.

Willow’s a grown woman. She could have chosen to tell you the truth at any point since you left the hospital.

I put her in a horrible situation… and she doesn’t deserve the anger that I am feeling.

Alright. Then let’s just talk about michael. The man who you consider to be your best friend. You didn’t box him in with a proposal. And when you leave the hospital, he offers you a chance to stay at the quartermaine mansion, the big house. Seemingly a generous offer, but is it really? Because if he knows that you’re there, then he can still sneak down to the gatehouse to screw your wife, and you can’t do anything about it because you can’t go down there on your own because you’re in a wheelchair.

Okay, that is enough.

Michael betrayed you. Isn’t it time for some payback?

Why does any of this matter to you?

I hope everything’s okay.

The text was from ned, so I’m pretty sure it’s elq related.

You ever get tired of hearing those initials?

Yes and no. The company is really important to the quartermaines, including michael. It’s wiley’s legacy. But aside from that, it doesn’t directly concern me, so I’m trying to stay focused on my studies here.

Felix: You’d better. People are expecting great things out of you.

But no pressure.

Of course there’s pressure.

That’s the job. You’re not doing willow any favors by pretending otherwise.

Are you channeling epiphany?

Well, epiphany is on a well-earned vacation in cabo. Someone’s gotta keep up her standards. I’m curious to see what the G.H. Nursing school has been teaching you.

[ Sighs ] Okay, let’s see. If a patient wants to check out early against the doctor’s orders, what’s the role of the nurse?

To acknowledge the patient’s concerns and calm them down by giving them definitive markers they can focus on.

Mm-hmm. Such as?

If a patient’s oxygen level is too low, you can tell them, “once your oxygen level has maintained itself at 95% for four hours,” then they would be a candidate to be released from the hospital.

This is where you admit willow knows her stuff.

[ Laughs ] So far, so good. But if you think I’m tough, wait till epiphany gets back.

Ugh, I still have nightmares about the way she used to grill me. But, in retrospect, it was for my own good, and it made me a better nurse.

Well, I promise to keep learning. And while I can’t promise to impress epiphany, I will do everything in my power to become an asset to the hospital.

Good to know. Let’s start with something basic. Call up the chart on the patient in room 1015. We’ll walk you through how to sync up any prescription updates the nps might have made.

I’m on it. She is so green.

I know. But so eager to learn.

Mm. I was like that.

So was I.

Can you guys tell me what happened from the beginning?

Well, shawn asked me to help him investigate hayden barnes’ shooting from several years ago.

Wait a minute. D-didn’t you admit to shooting hayden?

Shawn: It was a mistake.

Hayden herself told me someone else was responsible, but she wouldn’t tell me who. I, um — I found out that naomi, hayden’s mother, was in town. I thought maybe she could get us in touch with hayden.

Did she?

No. But she did go on this tirade about how she thought that hayden was a horrible mother and didn’t want to have any sort of a relationship with violet.

That does– that doesn’t sound right.

No, hayden was heartbroken when she had to say goodbye to violet.

Well, it seemed strange to us, too. So, you know, we decided to come back and talk to her some more, but when we got here…

[ Sighs ] …We found her on the floor like this.

Detective falconeri.


We found this in the bathroom.

Thank you. Whoa. This is a pretty recent prescription. We could be looking at a suicide here.

Finn: No. No way. [ Stammers ] We made plans earlier today with naomi for her to spend some more time with her granddaughter.


If she was thinking about ending her life, there’s no way she promises violet she’s gonna see her again.

No, somebody did this to her.

How can you be so certain who has or who has not been stalking and threatening my wife and our family?

I just know that ryan has been — what do they call it? — Locked inside his own body for almost a year now. So, when I heard about the cockroach, it didn’t even cross my mind to connect ryan to it because he’s been completely incapacitated. So, when I got the letter from him, I sent it back without even thinking twice. I have never made a secret of my feelings towards ava. She could have testified against valentin when he shot you. But instead, she opted to have her face repaired. She sold out. All I ever did was suggest that you could do better. And suddenly, that translates to me being in league with ryan chamberlain?

Uh, sorry, I just forgot my… is this a bad time?

No, uh, please don’t leave, trina. Uh, spencer and I were just having a misunderstanding. I’m sorry that I jumped to conclusions, son.

Apology accepted. I know this stalker business has you on edge.

No, no, no, it’s no excuse. You two should — you two should have fun. I’ll see you at home, spencer.

[ Water splashing ]

Okay, what was that about?

Chase, full disclosure, I am in the middle of a financial dispute with the quartermaine family.

So, you’re saying you were cut off from the family fortune, and now you’re throwing a tantrum as a result?

That’s one interpretation of the situation, and not a very charitable one. And I’m surprised, chase. I would think you, of all people, would know where I’m coming from. Why me, of all people?

[ Sighs ] Because, chase, michael and willow are cheating on you, and the entire quartermaine family’s trying to cheat me out of my rightful inheritance.

So, you and scott baldwin are gonna take them to court over a will that has already been probated. Good luck with that.

I have it on good authority that there is something in the quartermaine mansion that, if found… could change the outcome of my lawsuit to my favor.

Just tell us, ned. What did tracy do now?

As a reminder, during grandfather’s final months, he gave up medicine he needed to live so that emma drake could have it, and it indeed saved her life. Well, the experience must have softened his perspective, because he began corresponding with jimmy lee holt again.

What, grandfather was on speaking terms with jimmy lee before he died?

Yes, and he apparently expressed real regret for cutting jimmy lee out of his will.

Wait, I don’t understand. How would granny know all that?

Olivia: Oh, come on, brook lynn. I’ll give you three guesses. The first two don’t count.

Jimmy lee didn’t know that grandfather’s health had taken a turn for the worse before thanksgiving because my mother started intercepting jimmy lee’s letters. And apparently, she wasn’t very happy to learn that he and grandfather might be reconciling. Well, it was all for nothing for tracy, because she got cut out of the will.

Wait, hold on. So, you’re saying that tracy might have prevented edward from changing his will to add jimmy lee to it?

There’s nothing specific in the letters. But if grandfather had left a record somewhere intending to change the will in jimmy lee’s favor, well, that might just give austin’s case a leg to stand on.

So, jimmy lee and edward were in the process of patching things up?

Yes, and as soon as edward mentioned that he was reconsidering disinheriting my father, the letters stopped, and my father’s theory was that the quartermaines swooped in and put an end to it as soon as edward got sick.

Why didn’t jimmy lee take on the family?

I don’t know. My father was a very proud man. But now that he’s passed, I think it’s my duty to try and settle the score.

I mean, it’s an interesting theory, but it’s all just conjecture. I’ve testified at enough criminal cases to know that you need evidence to make a case stick.

So how are you gonna prove any of this?

Edward’s papers are still in his study. His family left the room exactly the way he left it.

And you know this how?

Because when I was at the party, I poked around, and I got as far as the door to edward’s study. And I opened it, and I was about to go in when a housekeeper showed up and escorted me back downstairs.

And if you made it into the study, what did you expect to find?

Well, if edward was reconsidering his will and he contacted a lawyer, there’d be a record of it. Or, better yet, some handwritten notes.

I’m sorry — what does any of this have to do with me?

Well, you live at the quartermaine mansion. You can go to edward’s study any time you want.

You want me to do your dirty work.

No. I want you to uncover the truth. I want you to use your proximity to the family to help me claim what’s rightfully mine.

The current distribution of elq voting shares could be contested should this come to light.

Well, austin obviously knows about this, or he never would have filed a lawsuit. So [Sighs] What’s the plan, dad? I assume you want us to all prepare for a fight.

Actually… I’m not sure what the right thing is here.

Excuse me?

Well, just putting the company aside for just a moment, my mother may have interfered with grandfather’s final wishes. And if that’s the case, austin’s father, jimmy lee holt, may have been denied what was rightfully his.

Well, maybe granny felt like edward wasn’t mentally all there in the end. Or maybe she anticipated a big inheritance and didn’t want to share it.

If we deny austin his rightful share… aren’t we just as bad as tracy?

You want to bow out of your marriage, chase, go right ahead, but maybe don’t go gently into that good night without at least first settling the score.

Just stop, okay? I know you’re trying to get in my head to mess with me.

I think michael and willow are the people who’ve been messing with your head, but you call it like you see it.

I am calling it like I see it, and I think you’re trying to take advantage of my anger to get what you want.

Chase, I’m not in the habit of using anyone. I’m not. I’m just being direct with you. I think our situations are — are crisscrossing in a way that — that we could help one another.

Help one another?! [ Scoffs ] Okay. Me betraying the quartermaines, that helps you. It does nothing for my marriage. One thing isn’t related to the other.

I think you’re wrong about that. I think our situations are exactly similar. Michael and willow are cheating on you, and I’m being cheated out of my inheritance. Because that’s what the quartermaines do. They stab people in the back. They take and they take from little guys like us because they can’t even imagine a reality where the quartermaines don’t get everything.

[ Water splashes ]

So, things are still awkward with your dad?

Yeah, um… I was pretty vocal about my feelings towards ava back in the day. And even though I’m sympathetic to their current situation, there’s still a lot of tension. Which is why my father can never know that I was here before I announced my return to him. Given everything that’s going on, that’s one more thing that he doesn’t need to know about.

Keep that tab open for my son and his friend. Spencer returned this letter before ava received the cockroach. When I heard about the cockroach, it didn’t even cross my mind to connect ryan to it because he’s been completely incapacitated. So, when I got the letter from him, I sent it back without even thinking twice. Thanks.

Look, finn, let’s not jump to conclusions, okay? We can’t rule out the possibility of an accidental overdose. We gotta get a toxicology report back.

You can’t be suggesting she accidentally took a whole bottle of pills.

Well, no, I’m suggesting we don’t know how many pills were in that bottle — 3 or 30. We don’t know what’s in her system. And if she was excited about her plans with her granddaughter…

I-I-I gotta…find a way to be able to explain this to violet somehow.

Dante: Alright, look, finn, you go. We’ll get naomi back to G.H.

Okay, thank you. I — I appreciate it.

Yeah. I think dr. Finn was right on the money. I think naomi was murdered.

Okay, uh, naomi was murdered. How do we get there?

Where do you want us to start?

You guys said you left naomi, and then you came back to talk to her about something. What was that?

The name “abigail.”

Who’s abigail?

When naomi tried to convince us that hayden had no interest in being violet’s mother, she referred to hayden’s middle name as “abigail.” I called elizabeth, and she confirmed that that is not hayden’s middle name.


I mean, dante, seriously. We’re all parents. You don’t get your kid’s middle name wrong. Even in the heat of the moment, would you ever mistake rocco’s middle name?

No. You’re right.

The, uh, middle name was definitely the oddest part. But the way hayden’s mother spoke about hayden and the not wanting a relationship with violet, it just didn’t track with what we had already heard. Yeah, we — we talked it over. I-it felt like naomi was trying to give us clues to circle back and check with her. And the only way that makes sense is if…

someone was watching her.

When I see how hard willow is working, it makes me think about my nursing school days.

Yeah, me, too. I remember it like it was yesterday.

[ Both laugh ]

Isn’t it funny how, over the years, we learn more from our mistakes than our successes?

Well, you know a control freak like me doesn’t like to make mistakes.

[ Laughs ] Which is why we don’t make the same mistakes twice.

Sometimes, I actually can’t believe we’ve made it this far. And now we’re in a position to help out newcomers like willow.

Mm-hmm. She’s gonna make one hell of a good nurse.

[ Elevator bell dings ]

Yeah, she is. Finn.


Oh, you don’t look so great. What’s wrong?

It’s naomi. She’s dead.

Trina: You don’t have to throw a party for me, spencer.

True. I don’t have to do anything. I choose to extend myself to make a social event that might even be worthy of you.

Oh, please.

The more you doubt me, the more it inspires me to make it an unforgettable evening.

Hello, again. Spencer, I need a word.

Uh, again? Is everything okay?

Yeah, everything’s fine. I just got off the phone with the board of cassadine industries. Some negotiations have stalled in dubai. It could have a significant impact on our bottom line. Normally, I would just teleconference in, but I think, this time, going in person will help move things along.

You’re leaving the country?

Only for a few days. I was thinking about asking my mother if you could stay with her and kevin.

Father, I toured europe by myself. I don’t need a babysitter.

Okay. Well, with the exception of the staff, you’ll have all of wyndemere to yourself.

Chase, you’re a police officer, right? So, in your work, you — you put aside your personal emotions and you examine the evidence, right? So, consider this, detective chase — these are the facts. Your best friend in the whole world slept with your lawfully wedded wife. Shouldn’t there be consequences? Does michael get away with it? Does he play by different rules just because he’s a corinthos and a quartermaine? Don’t let him do that. Don’t let him get away with the company and the woman that you love.

I should go.

[ Sniffs ]

[ Sighs ]

Countin’ on you, chase. You in?

Now, that is really sweet of you to consider your grandfather’s wishes. And very un-quartermaine — no offense. Look, the way tracy described it is that edward only regretted cutting jimmy lee out of the will. Did she ever say that he was going to revise the will and include jimmy lee?

Nope, not that she knew about.

Okay, then we know nothing for sure. Because if jimmy lee had pressured edward, he would have gone and told him to pound sand. He spent decades disowning that man, and he had absolutely no use for his mother.

Well, then, the fact is, we can’t presume what grandfather’s wishes would have been. We can only go by that last will.

Well, I-I agree with you, brook lynn. I mean, don’t get me wrong — I’m sympathetic to a point, but it’s a — it’s a big step for austin to assume he would have inherited anything, let alone elq voting stock.

So, then, we are in agreement to maintain the current game plan.

Which is what?

Try to strike a deal with austin. Buy him out with one lump sum.

[ Sighs ] Okay, yeah. That, uh — that works for me.

Yeah. Me, too.

And if we don’t accept austin into the q family fold, maybe he’ll quit G.H. And go be a country doctor again far away from port charles.

Okay, I’ll get the ball rolling.


Hang on a minute. You never answered my question.

Look, this is clearly not a good time. Can you just please let this go?

Excuse me? Have you met me? Of course I’m not gonna let it go. So, tell me the truth — is there a “you and willow”? And if so, where does that leave chase?

Chase, hi. I didn’t realize you’d still be here. Is everything okay?

Actually, no. No, it’s not.

Chase, what’s wrong?

This is not your shirt.

No, it’s michael’S. Where you going?

Where do you think? I have to see it with my own eyes. I gotta know.

Chase, you look like you’re a million miles away right now. What’s going on?

[ Sighs ] Um… I w– I was just thinking about physical therapy. I was hoping I could take a few steps today, and I couldn’T. Don’t know how much longer I’m gonna be stuck in this chair.

Well, keep at it. I have faith in you. Uh, I have to report back to felix, but I’ll see you later at home, okay?

You sure will.

[ Sighs ] I know this is none of my business, but, um, chase is my friend.

Okay, okay, look. All I can tell you is that willow and i are trying to do the best we can by chase.

[ Bailey crying ]

That’s bailey. I should go.

[ Sighs ] Sorry about the interruption. I just had to get this email out.

What? What? You were willing to put the family legacy in jeopardy because it was the right thing to do. Now, was — was that just putting on a show for my benefit, or — or was that genuine?

What can I say? After all this time… you still remind me that I’m not just edward’s grandson. I’m also lila’S. I know I have a lot more work to do before I become the man who’s worthy to be your husband again… but I’m going to keep trying.

Good. I’m glad.

On second thought… why don’t you come with me on the trip?

Father, you just said it yourself — the staff is gonna be there. It’s not like I’m gonna be at wyndemere alone. And I’m not afraid of whoever’s been targeting ava. They’re not after me.

No, I don’t imagine they are. See you in a few days. Trina, it’s good to see you.

You, too. And have a good trip. What?

Didn’t you just hear him? He’s gonna be out of the country for a few days. It’s the perfect time to throw that party!

Yeah, book a room for me in port charles. Let’s make sure spencer’s party teaches him a lesson he’ll never forget.

They have found naomi in her motel room. It — it looks like foul play was involved.

Oh, my god.

Felix: Elizabeth, I’m so sorry. Uh, why don’t you take a few minutes to process? I’ll have willow shadow me.

Okay, yeah. Thank you.

Felix: Okay.

I don’t understand. I mean, we just saw her.

I know.

You know, sam called me earlier wanting to know hayden’s middle name. It must be connected.

Well, we need to tell hayden.

Yeah. Not that anybody knows where she is.

You know, right now, I need to focus on, uh… telling violet. [ Sighs ] She was so excited about spending time with her grandmother. I… I just don’t know how I’m gonna break this to her.

We’ll figure it out together.

[ Police radio chatter ]

[ Door closes ]

So, naomi was being watched, and she tried to get a message to you guys. What could she have known that would possibly wind up getting her killed?

I’m thinking maybe where to find her daughter. Somebody doesn’t want us to know what happened to hayden, and they’re willing to kill to make sure that we don’T.

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