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Philip and Lucas on "Days of Our Lives" 8/9/21

Lucas questions Philip having a confession to make and asks what he did now. Lucas reveals that he took Kristen’s letter from EJ out of the trash because Lucas is too good of a guy to use it to his advantage, while he is not. Philip informs Lucas that he took care of it for him. Lucas asks what the hell he did. Philip reveals that he gave the letter to Nicole. Philip says that Sami made sure Eric found out about Nicole sleeping with Xander, so he’s pretty sure that she wanted to return the favor.

EJ and Sami have champagne at home. EJ says he wanted to toast his new position at DiMera Enterprises. Sami praises EJ as her husband and says she’s the luckiest woman in the world. Sami can’t think of a time they have ever been happier than right now. EJ toasts to Sami and declares that she is beautiful, strong, and incredibly smart but also a lying adulteress

Nicole goes home and declares that Sami destroyed her marriage, so now they will see how she likes it. Rafe then shows up at her door and says he went by Basic Black but they said she was here. Nicole informs him that she took the day off. Rafe jokes that she’s spending quality time with their teddy bear Duke. Rafe notes that something is wrong. Nicole reveals to Rafe that her marriage seems to be over.

The wedding begins as Shawn walks down the aisle to Theo with his bride, but Theo lifts the veil to reveal Claire instead of Ciara, leaving everyone confused. Theo asks what the hell is going on here.

Ciara is on her way to her wedding and points out that they just missed the turn. Her driver turns out to be Ben, who says they aren’t going to the church, and wishes her a happy anniversary. Ciara questions what he’s trying to pull and calls him a psychopath. Ciara orders him to take her to the church now because she’s getting married today. Ben responds that he hates to be the one to tell her this, but her wedding is off.

Theo asks what kind of crazy stunt this is and what Claire is getting out of this. Claire explains that she’s giving Ben and Ciara a chance to be alone together.

Ciara argues that everyone is at the church waiting for her. Ben says not anymore. Ciara asks if they won’t notice that the bride didn’t show up. Ben tells her that the bride will be there and tells her not to worry about it. Ben says she’s in a limo in a beautiful part of the country so she can sit back and enjoy the ride.

Rafe asks Nicole if she’s sure as he knows Eric had been gone a long time. Nicole informs Rafe that Eric came home yesterday and they were so happy that they decided to throw a spur of the moment anniversary party. Nicole adds that at the party is where Eric found out that she cheated on him. Rafe comments that it doesn’t sound like her. Nicole recalls trying to call Rafe that night but it went to voicemail and she didn’t leave a message. Nicole notes that it was right after Eric told her that he was spending three more months in Africa. Rafe remembers seeing her the next morning outside the Salem Inn. Nicole admits she told him that she got a room there to sleep it off but she lied, as she spent the night with another man.

Lucas questions when Philip gave Nicole the letter. Philip says it was about an hour ago. Lucas hopes he can stop Nicole from giving it to EJ. Philip reminds Lucas that he wanted EJ to see it as he wanted Sami to be with him. Lucas doesn’t care but Philip argues that everything will play out exactly as it’s supposed to and Nicole will be the bad guy. Lucas shouts that Philip is the bad guy. Philip points out that Sami will need someone to pick up the pieces and that someone will be Lucas.

Sami on "Days of Our Lives" 8/9/21

Sami questions EJ calling her an adulteress. EJ reveals that he knows she cheated on him. Sami claims she never did but EJ informs her that he knows she slept with Lucas. Sami asks where this is coming from and guesses Nicole is behind this. Sami argues that he cannot believe a word that Nicole says because she hates her and is trying to get revenge on her by destroying her marriage. EJ says the question is can he believe Sami as it’s a matter of trust. Sami questions him not trusting her when she rescued him from near death and fought for him to get the best treatment in the world. Sami talks about all they have been through in their marriage. EJ admits that she brought him back and he failed her which he acknowledged. EJ tells Sami to honor their commitment and be honest with him now. EJ asks her what happened before he came back. Sami then admits that she slept with Lucas. Sami asks him for a chance to explain. EJ brings up how it meant to him that she didn’t turn to another man while he’s out. Sami argues that it didn’t mean anything but EJ shouts that it means a great deal to him. Sami cries that she’s sorry and explains that she thought Kristen was going to kill them in the dungeon. EJ asks what that has to do with having sex. Sami repeats that she thought she was going to die and never going to see EJ or the kids again, so she was freaking out and Lucas comforted him. Sami says it just happened and she didn’t mean for it to happen but the second it was over, she knew it was the biggest mistake of her life. EJ asks if she’s saying it was only one time. Sami repeats that she was in fear for her life but thinks back to her and Lucas having sex the first time. Sami then claims to EJ that it only happened once. Sami knows it’s bad but says they can get past this in time. Sami tells EJ that he’s the only man for her and he’s the love of her life. Sami cries that she will spend the rest of her life wanting to make him happy. Sami asks if they can get past this. EJ responds that they could have, if she told him the truth just now. Sami claims that she is, but EJ says not according to the letter he received from Kristen.

Lucas tells Philip that he knew he never should’ve pulled the letter out of the fire because this is going to destroy Sami and not help him. Lucas knows Sami will be devastated and then mad. Philip argues that she won’t get mad at him because it’s not his fault. Lucas reminds Philip that he took it out of the fire, so if not for him then it would be ashes now. Lucas wants to go find out if Nicole still has the letter. Philip tells him he was just trying to help. Lucas tells him not to do him any more favors and walks out of the Pub.

Ciara tells Ben that she should just jump out of the car. Ben reveals that she can’t because he controls the locks. Ciara complains that she can’t believe she married him and she won’t entertain his gross romantic fantasies any further. Ciara declares that she will find her way out and back to Theo. Ciara looks for her phone but realizes she does not have it.

Theo asks Claire where Ben is taking Ciara. Claire responds that she can’t tell him that. Shawn notes that this is serious as Ben can’t take Ciara against her will. Claire argues that Ciara doesn’t know what she really wants. Theo decides to call Ciara but discovers that Allie has her phone. Theo questions Allie being in on this too. Allie asks him not to freak out because nothing bad is going to happen to Ciara. Abe promises they are going to find her. Allie says they are thinking about Theo too, because if he marries Ciara then he’ll always be scared that she will remember Ben. Allie asks what kind of life that is. Theo responds that it’s his life and his choice, not hers. Belle tells Shawn that they have to do something about this. Lani agrees and accuses Claire and Allie of aiding a kidnapping. Lani threatens to arrest them both if they don’t tell where Ben and Ciara are. Claire turns to Shawn. Belle argues that Ben broke the law and she and Allie helped him do it. Belle asks if Shawn wants Ciara to be happy. Theo argues that Ciara is happy with him. Allie says if they thought Ciara was happier with Theo, they never would’ve done with this. Theo argues that Ciara wants nothing to do with Ben. Claire shouts that she will after Ben gets done with her. Theo asks what that means.

Ben brings Ciara to the cabin where he took her after her motorcycle accident. Ciara brings up it being the same cabin that Claire tried to set her on fire in. Ciara questions Ben bringing her here. Ben says he felt like he had to because he wanted her to see it. Ciara points out that somebody fixed it up. Ben reveals he did that because he didn’t want it to look the way it did when she was scared, but the way it did when they fell in love.

Rafe tells Nicole that he would never judge her and he knows what it’s like to have a one night stand that you regret. Nicole says if she told him who it was with, he would understand why she regrets it. Rafe assures that she can tell him anything. Lucas then shows up and tells Nicole that he needs to talk to her. Nicole says not right now because Rafe is there. Lucas insists it’s urgent and asks to talk to her alone. Nicole asks Rafe to give her a second as she steps outside with Lucas. Lucas tells Nicole that she needs to give him Kristen’s letter and she can’t show EJ that letter. Nicole reveals it’s too late as she already gave it to EJ.

EJ on "Days of Our Lives" 8/9/21

EJ pulls out Kristen’s letter from his jacket. Sami asks what that is. EJ reminds her of when he spoke to Kristen until she took the phone and hung up. Sami says she didn’t want him associating with a fugitive. EJ reminds her that he said Kristen sent him a letter and he got it. Sami calls that not possible. EJ points out that it’s a little charred around the edges, as if someone tried to burn it but failed. Sami claims not to know what he’s talking about. EJ reads some of the letter to Sami about how Kristen heard Sami and Lucas talking about having sex the night before. EJ points out that it wasn’t just one desperate moment while held prisoner but also in her mother’s guest room. EJ shouts that he took responsibility for treating Sami badly and bared his soul to her but she stood there, looked him in the eye and lied through her teeth. Sami questions EJ believing Kristen. EJ asks if Kristen and Nicole are both lying. EJ accuses Sami of lying now when she’s had multiple opportunities to tell the truth. EJ brings up Sami being silent while Lucas lectured him about being a husband when he first got back. EJ shouts about waiting for Sami to make love without telling him that Lucas was satisfying her needs. EJ brings up how Nicole said she without sin and Sami talked about them being closer but she lied. EJ declares that before they made love, she told him the greatest lie of all in that her body, soul, and heart belonged to him only. Sami cries that it’s the truth. EJ gives Sami one more chance to tell him all of it. Sami admits that it happened in her mother’s house the first time and then in the dungeon the second time but it’s never going to happen again. EJ asks why it happened in the first place. Sami explains that she was at Marlena’s the day that she was cleared of Charlie’s murder and Lucas came by to thank her for all she did to Allie and he was just coming to say goodbye, because he assumed that she was going home to Italy. Sami adds that everything she was holding inside started pouring out and she told him everything she had been feeling and dealing with. Sami mentions admitting that she didn’t even know if she had a marriage to go back to and cries about how hard it was and how lonely she felt. Sami states that she told Lucas she was afraid that EJ was never going to touch her again. EJ questions if Sami is saying this is his fault.

Lucas asks if Nicole knows if EJ read the letter. Nicole confirms that he read it right in front of her about an hour ago. Lucas thanks her and says EJ is now going to kill Sami. Nicole argues that they always get back together. Lucas tells her that she’s wrong and he has to go. Lucas hurries off while Nicole heads back inside to Rafe. Rafe then asks Nicole if it was Lucas that she slept with. Nicole says no but Rafe tells her that she can be honest with him. Nicole assures that she’s not lying but she wishes it was with someone like Lucas. Nicole then reveals to Rafe that it was Xander that she crawled in to bed with that night.

Abe argues that Ciara has been held prisoner all this time while Claire and Allie have arranged for it to happen again. Claire calls it not the same. Lani declares that she has to take them in. Claire tells Belle not to let her do this. Belle asks if there’s another way to handle this. Shawn declares that if they don’t cooperate, there is no choice. Abe agrees. Claire apologizes to Allie for getting her involved. Allie says it’s fine and agrees not to say anything if Claire is not going to. Lani then arrests Allie and Claire.

Ciara tells Ben that she knows he wanted to bring her here to remind her of how much she supposedly loves him. Ciara says it’s not going to work and calls it creepy, not romantic. Ciara repeats that it’s the place where Claire tried to burn her alive. Ciara asks if Ben’s going to kill her if she doesn’t react how he wants. Ben says he would never lay a hand on her. Ben explains that he wanted to see if she remembered anything familiar at the cabin. Ben decides he will give her time to look around. Ciara agrees to do so on the condition that he takes her back to Salem as soon as she’s done, which Ben agrees to.

Rafe on "Days of Our Lives" 8/9/21

Rafe is shocked to learn Nicole slept with Xander. Nicole says that’s why she was such a mess when he saw her the next morning. Nicole just remembers lying to Rafe and wanting to get out of there as fast as she could. Rafe recalls her being uncomfortable. Nicole feels she still can’t look Rafe in the eyes.

Sami argues that she’s not just trying to blame EJ for this, but they were having real problems with their marriage. EJ points out that he didn’t cheat on her. Sami says maybe not this time, but there was the affair with Abigail and she forgave him. EJ says that was after she got her revenge. Sami cries that they found their way through it, because that’s what people do when they love each other. Sami asks if EJ thinks they can work through this.

Theo asks Abe if Ben really loved Ciara. Abe assures that Ben won’t hurt her so he doesn’t have to worry about her safety. Theo admits that’s not all he’s worried about, because if Ciara does remember loving Ben, then he will lose her.

Ciara looks around the cabin. Ben asks if she’s remembering something. Ciara gets close to Ben but tells him to go to Hell and shoves him down.

EJ tells Sami that what he did with Abigail is different because they weren’t married at the time. Sami argues that they were engaged but EJ points out that they hadn’t exchanged vows. Sami complains that he’s not getting off on a technicality since they were in a loving relationship. EJ calls marriage sacred and an oath before God. Sami mocks being on trial here. EJ talks about being near death giving him a renewed appreciation for a higher power. Sami remarks that it’s too bad that it didn’t give him a renewed appreciation for his loving wife, who sacrificed everything to be with him and do everything to help him every day while all he did was treat her like a home care attendant. EJ says that’s why he said he would wait for her to make love. Sami complains that EJ waited four whole days. EJ argues that Sami was cheating on him with Lucas. Sami insists it was two times. EJ points out that she only told him about the second time because he had proof. EJ asks how he can believe anything Sami says ever again.

Lani, Shawn, and Belle take Allie and Claire to the police station and in to the interrogation room. Lani gives them one last chance to tell them where Ben and Ciara are. Ben says if they insist on keeping quiet, they will be charged and booked. Lani assures they will do that if they have to. Shawn asks Claire where Ben took Ciara. Claire and Allie look at one another and remain silent. Claire declares that it looks like they are going to have to lawyer up. Claire then asks Belle to represent them.

Ben asks Ciara not to go. Ciara tells him that he doesn’t call the shots anymore. Ben complains of twisting his ankle when she knocked him down and he thinks he might have broken it. Ciara accuses him of faking it but Ben swears he’s not. Ciara tells him to call somebody for help because she has a wedding to get to. Ben decides he gives up then because it’s her life. Ben tells Ciara to go do whatever she thinks she has to do. Ciara then exits the cabin. Ciara gets in the car and declares that she’s coming back to marry Theo, just like she planned.

Lucas goes to the DiMera Mansion looking for Sami, but finds EJ seated in the living room. EJ tells Lucas that if he’s looking for his mistress, she’s not here.

Rafe asks Nicole how she’s doing. Nicole cries that she’s okay but she’s really glad he came by. Rafe asks why Lucas dragged her in to the hall and what was so important. Nicole informs him that she’s not the only woman who was unfaithful to her husband, as Sami has been sleeping with Lucas. Nicole thought that flame flickered out years ago. Rafe admits that he’s shocked. Nicole remarks that so was EJ. Rafe asks if she’s sure that EJ knows. Nicole confirms that she made sure that EJ found out and Lucas came to stop her but it was too late. There’s a knock at the door and Nicole bets she knows who that is. Nicole answers the door to see Sami. Nicole says she’s been expecting her. Sami comes in and tells Rafe that he better get out of here because she and the bitch need to talk.

Abe and Theo on "Days of Our Lives" 8/9/21

Abe knows Theo is worried about Ciara recovering her memories of being with Ben but points out that it hasn’t happened yet. Lani returns and hugs Theo, saying she had to make sure he was okay.

Ben remains on the floor of the cabin, holding his ankle in pain. Ciara then returns to the cabin.

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