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[Seagulls cawing]

Jack: Wow. Finn… it’s just that, as a father… you dream that one day your son will find someone that makes him happy. Every parent wants their children to find love. To be loved, you know?

Steffy: I do. I love your son very much.

Jack: I can tell. He hasn’t stopped smiling since I walked in here.

Steffy: [ Laughing ]

Jack: Is he always like this?

Steffy: Yep, every day.

Jack: Just a big cheeseburger grin?

[ Laughter ]

Finn: What can I say? I mean… I can’t help it.

Jack: Don’T. It looks great on you.

[ Knocking on door ] I’m guessing that’s your mother.

Finn: Mom?

Steffy: Oh…

Finn: Oh, mom!

Li: My baby.

Finn: Hi! Oh, my god! Here, come in, come in, come in. Mom, this… this is steffy.

Steffy: Hi. Nice to meet you.

Li: Lovely to meet you. Hi, honey.

Jack: Hi.

Li: I got in an hour earlier than I expected.

Jack: I was gonna say.

Finn: Mom, it’s so good to see you.

Li: Are you eating? You look a little thin. Doesn’t he, jack? He’s looking a little thin.

Jack: He looks fine, li. He’s just a new dad.

Finn: Yeah, I may have skipped a couple meals between diaper changes. I’m proud of you, finn.

Jack: [ Chuckling ] Speaking of proud, um, you just missed a pretty big moment.

Li: Yeah?

Finn: Yeah, I just told steffy that I was adopted by the best mom and dad in the world, but that I never knew my birth parents.

Li: You waited this long?

Finn: Oh, no, I didn’t mean to. It wasn’t like it was a secret, it just… I didn’t tell her at first, and then the longer it went on, the weirder it felt to just suddenly mention.

Steffy: Well, I’m so happy I finally get to know you.

[ Hayes gurgling ]

Steffy: Oh…

Li: Is that my grandson?

Steffy: Yeah, it is. Would you like to meet him? This way.

[ Hayes gurgling ]

Jack: Steffy is wonderful, son.

Finn: I know, dad. I’m really lucky to have her in my life.

[Voice muted]

Eric: Thomas, it’s nice. I like what you did with the neckline. It’s lovely.

Thomas: Oh, is it… hitting a little low?

Ridge: Could maybe raise it a quarter-inch.

Eric: It accentuates the drape off the shoulders. Really nice.

Thomas: Yeah, but won’t that pull?

Ridge: Nah, you just keep the stitch on the outside. You’ll be okay.

Thomas: Oh, okay, so… something like this?

Eric: There you are, beautiful.

Ridge: That’s good.

Thomas: Great, well, I think we’re good for today. Awesome.

Eric: Thanks, maxine. Thanks for coming in today.

Thomas: Thank you.

Maxine: Thank you so much.

Brooke: Well, that was magical.

Eric: What?

Brooke: Watching the forrester men work. Completely in sync.

[ Phone chime ]

Ridge: Sorry. It’s steffy. She wants to come by the office and talk to everyone. Says it’s important.

Brooke: Hmm, I wonder what it’s about.

Ridge: I don’t know, maybe I should dust off my tux.

Brooke: Your tux? Think it’s about a wedding?

Thomas: [ Chuckling ]

Eric: [ Chuckling ]

[ Waves rolling ]

Li: Hayes is absolutely beautiful. And I know all grandparents say this, but it’s true. He’s breathtaking.

Finn: Well, he takes after his mom.

Jack: Thank god.

Li: Jack.

Steffy: I can’t say it enough, I am just so happy to finally meet you.

Jack: Likewise. I’m just sorry that we couldn’t get here sooner.

Steffy: Oh, no need to apologize, I completely understand.

Jack: I do need to let you know that li and I know of you and your family.

Steffy: Please don’t believe everything you read.

Li: Finn’s always been the greatest judgement of character.

Jack: Which is why, when he told us about you, we knew you must be something special. I, uh, I can’t tell you how please I am that our son found such an incredible woman like you, steffy.

Think wearing less makeup

means no need for a wipe?

Eric: Steffy and finn… been engaged for a while now. Anybody find it surprising that there’s not been any kind of an announcement about a wedding?

Thomas: You think… think steffy’s hesitant?

Ridge: I don’t think so, I think she just wants everything to be perfect. She wants her family to be here, and she wants friends, people here too, so…

Eric: He doesn’t talk much about his family, does he?

Brooke: We don’t know much about them.

Ridge: What do you wanna know? People like us, they have issues, you know, just like us.

Thomas: That’S… an understatement.

Ridge: But in the end, we pull together, right? If–if there’s a problem, we pull through. We’re there for each other, and I’m sure finn’s family is the same way.

Brooke: I’m sure. He’s a lovely young man. His family. His parents must be amazing.

Thomas: Or not. I mean, he may be a great guy in spite of his upbringing. I mean, look at how I turned out.

Brooke: Oh.

Ridge: That seemed unnecessary. But I get it. I know what you’re saying. It doesn’t even matter, like, when… when they do get married, the two families are gonna get together, and we’re gonna–we’re gonna find a way to–

Brooke: Pull through.

Ridge: To pull through. Exactly.

Eric: Look, in spite of everything, I’m just very glad that steffy’s in a good place right now. She’s found love. We have a wonderful, new addition to our family. It’s great. I’m glad there’s some good news in our family for a change.

Thomas: Granddad? You okay?

Eric: Okay? Yes, yes, I’m okay. Life’s complicated, isn’t it, my boy?

Thomas: It is.

Eric: Delicate. There’s enough heartache in this room to go around for a thousand lifetimes, there really is, and it can take you into a dark place and… and not let you out. But… the light at the end of the tunnel is family, and that’s what we have. Look at steffy, look at her. With that wonderful boy. That beautiful… great-grandson of mine. Holding him in my arms. Puts things in perspective.

Ridge: I’m sure it does.

Eric: It’s great that steffy’s in such a good place.

Ridge: That’s all we can- ask for, as fathers.

Eric: Or great-grandfather.

Ridge: Bottom line is, I really don’t care if steffy’s gonna get married or not. She’s happy. That’s what’s important. Right?

Brooke: That’s right.

Li: I just can’t get over how adorable hayes is. I mean, I could stare at him for hours.

Steffy: Oh, I have.

[ Laughing ]

Li: And jack and I are so excited to meet kelly.

Jack: Yeah, finn’s told us so much about her.

Finn: Oh, you’ve gotta meet her, I mean, words don’t describe how amazing this little girl is. She is so cute and smart. Witty and funny, and… I mean, the world just stops when she wraps her little arms around your neck and gives you that big squeeze.

Steffy: Finn is so good with her. She absolutely loves him.

Finn: Well, I love her too.

Jack: It’s quite the family you have here, son. I am beyond proud of you.

Li: We both are. What you’ve done with your career, and now you have this beautiful family.

Finn: Well, it’s because of you guys. I mean, mom, you were my role model in wanting to become a doctor, and… you taught me how to love and what a relationship ought to be. That’s always supported me.

Li: Even when you started your punk rock band in high school.

Steffy: Punk rock?

Finn: Mom.

Steffy: Punk rock.

Finn: Okay, you can stop.

Li: I’ll send you pictures.

Steffy: Please do.

Finn: Well, I have to say, I couldn’t have asked for better parents.

Steffy: I already knew you two were gonna be so special. Just from the man he is. It’s incredible.

Finn: Well, is it nice to know that my family isn’t full of a bunch of crazies.

Steffy: Yeah, that too is good.

Li: [ Laughing ]

Jack: So, when do we get to meet the rest of your family, steffy?

Steffy: Uh, well, we could today. Amelia, our nanny, is coming back with kelly, so we could be with her, and then we could go to forrester creations and meet my dad and my grandfather and my brother. They’re all there.

Finn: And you’re gonna love the forresters. They’re really great people.

Steffy: Yeah.

Jack: You are gonna be a great father. You know what’s funny? I can remember not long ago when he would climb up in our bed in the middle of–

Li: Because he was afraid of the dark.

Finn: Okay, guys, I don’t think steffy needs all the details.

Steffy: Yes, I– I definitely do. And I want those punk rock pics.

Li: You got it.

Finn: [ Scoffing, chuckling ]

Steffy: This is… everything I imagined and then some. Hayes is so lucky to have you as grandparents. Family is everything to me. People everywhere living with type 2 diabetes

Eric: And these are zende’s for hope for the future, right?

Ridge: Yeah, and they’re really good.

Eric: Are you surprised?

Ridge: I’m– no, I’m not surprised, I know he’s talented, but this is knocking it out of the park, right?

Eric: It’s gorgeous.

Thomas: Oh, wait a minute. Just got a text from steffy. They are on their way up.

Brooke: They?

Thomas: She and finn? I don’t know.

Ridge: Well, why would she bring finn up here unless there’s something…

Eric: Maybe she just wants to visit with her grandfather.

Ridge: Maybe, or maybe there’s an announcement.

Steffy: Hi! I have some very important people I’d like you to meet. This is jack and li finnegan. They’re finn’s parents. Jack and li, this is my father rick, his wife brooke, my grandfather eric, and my brother thomas.

Thomas: It is A… pleasure to meet you.

Jack: A pleasure to meet you all.

Eric: The pleasure is ours, for sure.

Finn: Um, there’s also something, um… I want you all to know. Something I meant to tell steffy for quite a while but just told her recently. Um… I was adopted… as a baby. But these are the only parents that I’ve ever known, and, um… I couldn’t be luckier.

Ridge: Okay, well, that’s– okay, all right–

Brooke: It’s nice to know.

Ridge: Love is thicker than blood, and knowing you the way I do, you… did a great job as parents.

Finn: Yeah, they… I think they did.

Jack: Well, I don’t wanna pretend like we don’t know who you all are, so, um… in fact, I bought my wife one of your dresses a few anniversaries ago.

Thomas: Really?

Li: And I loved it.

Eric: Obviously it was one of mine.

Ridge: If you overpaid, then yes, it was one of– are you guys settled in? Is everything good?

Li: Not yet, we needed to meet our grandson first.

Eric: He’s really something, hayes, he’s beautiful.

Jack: Words cannot describe.

Ridge: Well, I–I try to find a word, and I think it might be “precious.” Right?

Li: So this is your second grandchild?

Ridge: No-no, no-no, there’s three of ’em. I’ve got douglas.

Thomas: Yep.

Ridge: Thomas’s kid.

Jack: Oh, you guys are pros. I’m gonna need some grandparent pointers.

Ridge: Pointers– it’s easy. You know, you pick up the kid, play with ’em, buy ’em whatever they want, and then… if they need their diaper changed, you just give ’em back.

[ Laughter ]

Steffy: Thanks, dad.

Ridge: And that’s it. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Brooke: Well, yeah, I mean, it’s like you get a second chance, and it’s remarkable to see your children raising their children.

Li: I bet it is.

Ridge: And looking at you, you’re– you’re a great father already.

Thomas: Well, I have to say, uh, you’re definitely a wonderful and refreshing change for steffy.

Ridge: Hey, since we’re… sharing things that maybe we shouldn’t share in a first meeting, um, I need–I need to say this. When the two of them met, steffy was… in a bad place. She was in a lot of trouble, but this one didn’t run. It just shows me what kind of a person you are, and it’s a testament to how you raised him.

Jack: Well, thank you, ridge.

Eric: Well, I’m sure you don’t wanna spend your whole visit in some office someplace. Let’s get a big table.

[ Overlapping chatter ]

Steffy: Hold that thought, hold that thought. Finn and I brought you together for a reason. Finn, never in my wildest dreams did I think I… I’d meet such a kind, caring, selfless man. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with you. So, we decided to get married right away.

[ Overlapping exclamations ]

[ Exclamations continue ]

[ Laughter ]

Ridge: That’s amazing– hey!

Eric: Congratulations… why hide your skin if dupixent

Ridge: I knew it, right? I said it, there’s gotta be an announcement.

Brooke: Congratulations.

Finn: Thanks, brooke, we’re, uh, we’re really excited.

Steffy: Yeah, you know, we had so much going on with hayes, and we wanted the wedding to be perfect, but it feels like the right time.

Eric: This has been a really interesting time for the two of you, hasn’t it?

Ridge: But now the dust has settled.

Steffy: Yeah, it has, and now, after meeting jack and li, I’m 100% certain that I wanna get married right away.

Ridge: That’s great.

Thomas: Well, I am excited for you too, I mean, if anyone deserves happiness, it’s–it’s you guys.

Finn: Thanks, tom.

Brooke: So, when’s the date?

Ridge: Yeah!

Brooke: What’re you planning?

Steffy: I–I don’t know, but I don’t wanna wait.

Finn: No, I–I think we’re gonna get married pretty soon.

Eric: I think that’s fantastic.

Ridge: What about taylor? Have you talked to your mom?

Steffy: Yeah, she’s not gonna make it, she’s still doing her missionary work.

Eric: I’m sorry to hear that.

Steffy: It’s okay, I mean, I’m disappointed, but she’ll be there in spirit. And she’s really excited to meet hayes, and it means a lot to her that we named him after her.

Jack: Beautiful.

Ridge: What’s that, jack?

Jack: Um… your family, it’s so beautiful. I can’t tell you how pleased we are that our son met a woman like steffy and… has a family like yours.

Ridge: Well, the feeling’s mutual, I mean, our family’s gonna be one, and you’re right, that’S… that’s beautiful.

Steffy: I actually have, um, well, we have another surprise.

Ridge: You pregnant again?

Steffy: Dad, no!

Ridge: What? She’s finishing up the surprise, that’s usually what she comes up with.

Finn: Not that kind of surprise, ridge.

Brooke: Oh, my gosh, I can’t take you anywhere.

Steffy: Okay, we have… our wedding announcement, and we’re gonna post it online. Here, hold on. Two seconds, and…

Ridge: What is she doing?

Brooke: I don’t know.

Ridge: Oh, look at that!

Brooke: Oh!

Eric: That’s great!

Ridge: And the motorcycle again…

[ Soft chatter ]

Ridge: Steffy… I love it.

Thomas: Hey, that is badass.

Eric: You took the words right out of my mouth.

[ Whispering softly ]

Brooke: You’re beautiful, steffy.

Steffy: Thank you.

Jack: So, what, uh, you’re just gonna post that for the whole world to see?

Finn: Yeah, the world will see it.

Li: I think it’s very sweet. And what thomas said– badass.

Finn: Thanks, mom. All right, so, are you ready?

Steffy: Yeah, let’s do it. Okay, okay.

Both: One… two… three…

[ Notification bell ]

Ridge: It’s official!

Steffy: It’s official.

Thomas: Awesome.

Li: Oh… that’s great.

Ridge: Congratulations, guys.

[ Soft chatter ]

Finn: Mwah, oh, I can’t wait to be your husband.

Steffy: I can’t wait to be your wife.

[ Soft chatter ]

Brooke: Oh…

[ Soft chatter ]

[ Notification bell ]

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