Y&R Short Recap Monday, August 2 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Ashland took Victoria to his penthouse in Manhattan. He intended to gather some of his belongings and take them back to Genoa City, but after Victoria encouraged him to let go of the past, he decided to sell all of his homes and everything inside, save a painting that Victoria liked. He got an appointment with a leading cancer specialist, and Victoria agreed to accompany him to the doctor’s visit. Nick and Phyllis reunited, and she told him her theory that Tara and Sally worked together to push Summer out of town. Nick wasn’t sure about that, but he supported Phyllis, and he wanted to go with her to LA to talk to Angelina Marchetti and Eric Forrester. She didn’t want to make anyone feel ganged up on, so she asked him to stay here and be her eyes and ears instead. Tara did what she could to allay Jack’s concerns about her. Lauren acquired Tara’s shoe line, but she said that Tara didn’t send over all the necessary paperwork. Tara promised to make sure Lauren got everything she requested. Tara noted that she needed an immediate source of income. Sally badmouthed Phyllis to Kyle and complained that everyone was out to get her. Kyle didn’t trust Sally, and he said she’d better hope he never found proof that Phyllis was right about her. Sally unsuccessfully tried to convince Jack to give her another chance. He saw a lot of positives in Sally, but he couldn’t trust her. Sally learned that Phyllis was leaving town, but she didn’t find out any details. Tara lamented to Kyle that Ashland was selling off their homes and all the property therein. She was caught off guard when Kyle noted that she’d be homeless if she weren’t living in his family home. Tara felt like Kyle and Jack were starting to turn on her because of Phyllis. She yelled that she couldn’t and wouldn’t live like this.

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