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Recap written by Christine

Amanda went to the hotel to spend time with Phyllis. Phyllis was glad they could get together. She knew Amanda needed to decompress after all the stuff with her family. She thought Amanda looked amazing though and surmised that someone was taking care of her. As they headed to the lounge to chat, Sally appeared to yell at Phyllis about crossing her one time too many. Phyllis said she forgot to tell Sally that she sent Jack and Kyle a video of Sally and her co-conspirator going at it. Sally snapped that for the last time, she and Tara weren’t conspiring. She asked if it was even legal for Phyllis to share that video. Phyllis thought that was the least of Sally’s worries. Sally felt it was bad enough that Phyllis spied on her guests, but then she shared her lies with Jack. Phyllis felt Jack had plenty of reasons to doubt Sally. “How dare you continue to interfere in my relationship with him. I warned you before,” Sally snarled. Phyllis said that was why Jack doubted Sally – he’d seen through her fake charm. She brought up the time Jack overheard Sally vow to take Phyllis down. Sally said she and Jack were moving past that, and Phyllis replied that Jack saw the light. Sally called Phyllis spiteful and vicious. Phyllis said Sally could end this by telling her what she and Tara did to drive Summer out of town. “You tell me now. Right now. Or things will get much much worse for you,” Phyllis warned.

Sally said she had nothing to confess, and she accused Phyllis of manufacturing an issue because she couldn’t stand the fact that Summer was perfectly happy at her glamorous new job far far away from Phyllis. Phyllis hissed that Sally and Tara were way out of their league. She wouldn’t stop until she got the truth. Sally said Phyllis was unbelievable and left.

Amanda noted that Phyllis wasted no time acting on her theory about Sally and Tara colluding. Phyllis said it wasn’t a theory. Amanda asked what proof Phyllis had. Phyllis said she had zero proof, but she had this – she gestured to her brain. She said Jack had a hard time believing her because she didn’t have anything to show him. She said those two little girls knew she was on to them, and they were afraid and they were going make a mistake, and then Phyllis would take them down.

Amanda noted that she wasn’t just Phyllis’s friend, she was one hell of an attorney. So she wanted to hear about this video Sally mentioned. Phyllis told Amanda the whole story. Amanda was alarmed that Phyllis stole Sally’s phone. Phyllis wished she’d had audio in the video, so this thing would be over. Amanda warned that Phyllis was playing with fire. Phyllis asked that Amanda help her out instead of judging. Amanda agreed to help put the pieces of the puzzle together. Phyllis was thrilled. She said she tried to do this with Billy, but they didn’t get anywhere. Amanda said Billy was good at considering all the angles, but she thought she and Phyllis could crack the case. Amanda had the feeling Tara was the key to the mystery, so she thought they should set Sally aside.

Phyllis and Amanda recapped the story so far – Tara and Harrison moved into the Abbott house around the same time Summer got a job offer from the biggest designer in Milan. Out of all the qualified people all over the world, Angelina Marchetti honed in on Summer in Genoa City and offered the job, site unseen. Summer went from saying she was in love with Kyle and couldn’t wait to be a stepmom to moving away. Phyllis said Tara took Summer’s place at the Abbott dining room table, and Sally took Summer’s job. Amanda played devil’s advocate and suggested that Summer leaving was just luck and timing. Phyllis didn’t believe in coincidence – people made their own luck. She said Tara made her own luck when she latched onto Ashland. Amanda added that Tara insinuated herself into the life of another prominent man with a famous last name. Phyllis said Tara was using her kid to get what she wanted. Amanda didn’t think Phyllis knew that for sure. “I have seen that game. I have played that game. A very long time ago,” Phyllis said. Amanda asked if Phyllis could be projecting, and Phyllis said absolutely not.

Amanda said, assuming Phyllis was right, why did Tara need Sally? She felt like they were missing something. She asked when, exactly, Summer got that job offer. Phyllis thought back and remembered that Sally told Summer about the job. Sally claimed she was interested in this job, then Summer got it. Later, Sally claimed she was okay with Summer getting the job because she was happy with the JCV job. Phyllis thought they had to do a deep dive into this. Phyllis decided to call Angelina Marchetti. Amanda thought calling Summer’s boss was a bold move, and it was the middle of the night in Italy, so Angelina might be asleep. Phyllis happened to know that Angelina was in LA promoting her fall line. Phyllis knew Angelina’s PR person, because she used to work with Francesca during her Restless Style days. Phyllis called Francesca and asked how Summer was doing, then she asked for a big favor. Phyllis got Angelina’s number from Francesca and placed the call. Angelina recognized Phyllis’s name – she said Summer was brilliant, and she’d always be grateful to her dear friend Eric for recommending her. Phyllis asked if it was Eric Forrester, and Angelina said yes – she was meeting with him. Nick arrived and overheard Phyllis say she was on her way to LA, as well. He gave her a questioning look.

Tara entered the dimly lit Abbott living room and saw Kyle sitting there. She didn’t know he was home. He said that he came back to find out how things went with Harrison, but when he got home, she was on the phone with Sally. Ignoring the part about Sally, Tara stated that breaking the news of Ashland’s illness to Harrison was so much harder than she thought it’d be. Voice breaking, she said it was one of the hardest moments of this whole ordeal. She was so glad Kyle was home. Tara supposed the talk with Harrison went as well as it could’ve. Kyle asked how Harrison reacted. Tara said it was difficult telling Harrison that this big strong man he’d known as his whole life as his father was sick, but in the end, he accepted it, maybe because he didn’t really understand. Kyle said that now that Ashland was seeking treatment, Harrison might have him around longer than they initially thought. Tara hoped so. She said as long as their son had love and support from all of them, he’d make it through. Kyle asked what the phone call with Sally was about. Tara pretended Sally called to apologize for blowing up at her over the Phyllis thing. Tara acknowledged Kyle’s feelings on Sally, but she said she felt sorry for her, given the way Phyllis had been hounding her over Summer leaving town. Now that Tara had been dragged into it, she know what it was like to be the target of Phyllis’s unfair accusations. She hoped he hadn’t let her misguided suspicions get to him too. He said Phyllis wanted to protect Summer, and she had a long history of jumping to conclusions about people. Tara asked Kyle if he still trusted her.

Kyle asked Tara what she was so worried about. She said he and Jack had been so kind to her when she didn’t have anyone else. She’d hate to think he was questioning whether letting her move in was a mistake. He hoped she knew he had no qualms or regrets about that. He wanted to look after his son, and he felt she and Harrison needed and deserved a stable environment. She said Phyllis had the impression that she was a gold digger. She needed to know if Phyllis had gotten to him and he no longer trusted her. He didn’t doubt her, but he knew for a fact how manipulative Sally could be. “So you think she’s using me. In what way?” Tara asked. Kyle didn’t know what Sally was up to, and he didn’t think it was worth getting worked up about, especially today when Tara had dealt with a lot. Kyle asked Tara how she saw things going forward, noting that Ashland might have more time than they thought. Tara was adamant that the marriage was over. Kyle said Tara and Harrison could stay here as long as they wanted, and they’d continue to co-parent with Ashland as long as they could. He assumed she’d want to start dating soon, possibly even remarry, and he didn’t want to keep her from getting on with her life.

Kyle didn’t mean to put Tara on the spot. She said he didn’t. She’d been so lonely after Ashland cut her out of his life, and she knew Kyle understood after what happened with Summer. He asked what she planned to do about that loneliness. “If only there was a simple answer,” she replied. Jack arrived and asked Tara for a moment with Kyle. She left the room. He said he confronted Sally and her first instinct was to lie, so he ended it with her. Jack said Kyle could say I told you so. Kyle understood Jack was trying to see the best in the woman he was attracted to. Jack said even after Sally was busted, she still wouldn’t admit anything and she said it was a set up on Phyllis’s part. Kyle mentioned that Tara said the same thing, and knowing Phyllis, he guessed it made sense. Jack said Phyllis had crossed so many lines here, however, it was starting to look like Tara and Sally were more than just colleagues.

Jack said Sally was panicking and desperate to put the blame on Phyllis. Kyle said that if Sally was hiding something… Jack finished the statement – Tara could be hiding something too. Meanwhile, Tara eavesdropped on the conversation. Kyle said Phyllis couldn’t just hate Sally and Tara for no reason. Jack hated the way Phyllis handled this, but he wasn’t surprised, since she’d always been protective of her daughter. Kyle said that was why he attributed Phyllis’s actions to the pain of seeing her daughter move away. Jack said Phyllis had always been a pot-stirrer, but her instincts were always on the money. Tara walked away. Kyle asked if Jack really thought there was some conspiracy here. Jack didn’t want to think that, but too many things didn’t add up, and he couldn’t just dismiss it entirely. “Can you?” he asked.

Tara walked in and said Harrison was fast asleep. She told Kyle that she was thinking about a swim. It was a beautiful night. Her face fell when he didn’t agree to join her. He said to go ahead, because he had something to take care of. Kyle left, and Jack said he wanted to turn in. Tara told Jack she sensed something had shifted in the way he and Kyle viewed her. While their family bond was new, she hoped he knew he could ask her anything. She was an open book, and if she could put her concerns at ease, she asked him to give her that chance. Jack tried to postpone this talk, because he really did want to go to bed, but Tara didn’t want to let it fester. She knew the thing with Sally and Phyllis complicated matters. He said everything was complicated with them. She suggested things were too awkward and that she and Harrison should move out. He quickly said no – Harrison was part of the family, and he always would be, and that meant Tara was too. He asked her to reassure him that she’d been upfront about everything with him and Kyle and that he wouldn’t eventually learn something about her that would make him regret letting her into his home.

Kyle was at the Society bar staring into his drink. Sally walked up and asked him why it was so hard for everyone in this town to give her a chance – why were they all determined to ruin her life?

At Newman Media, Chloe told Adam about problems with her office. The internet was spotty, the fridge didn’t work, she needed a different chair and the lighting was bad. She asked if he gave her that office to mess with her. He sarcastically said he was up all night thinking of ways to make her work life miserable. She said she wouldn’t past him. He told her to order whatever she needed, and he asked if there was anything else. She didn’t reply, and he commented on her being at a loss for a comeback. He got news that his son was home. She said to tell Connor she said hi, and he said that he’d see her tomorrow if she decided to come back.

Rey brought Connor to Crimson Lights, and Sharon greeted them both. Sharon chatted with Connor and told him that Adam talked about him all the time. Frowning, Rey asked if Sharon and Adam had been in touch. Sharon ordered Connor lemonade and Rey told him to go have a seat, because Adam would be here soon. Once the child was out of earshot, Rey questioned Sharon. She said she briefly spoke with Adam when he came in for coffee, and they mostly discussed Connor. Rey asked if Adam was playing on Sharon’s old sympathies. Sharon said Adam was just a dad missing his kid. Adam arrived and overheard Sharon ask Rey for a kiss.

Adam joined Connor and asked about his trip. Connor enjoyed it. He got to spend lots of time with his mom. Connor asked to go see his grandma and grandpa, and Adam explained that they were in Europe on vacation. He said that maybe Faith could take Connor riding tomorrow. Connor hoped so. Connor was glad to be hanging out with Adam. Adam was glad to have Connor back. Rey’s back was turned, and he didn’t see Adam make eye contact with Sharon. “It was lonely here on my own” he said while staring at her. Sharon looked away.

Adam thanked Rey for driving Connor back and asked how Chelsea was. Rey thought she seemed to be doing okay – she was following the doctor’s instructions and going to therapy, and she looked after Connor. Rey thought Connor was great, and he’d been good with his grandmother. Adam couldn’t be more proud of his considerate and loving son. Adam said he had to go back to his office to get something. Father and son left.

Sharon offered Rey something to eat, and he said being with her was all he needed. Rey told Sharon how Connor and Anita played video games for hours. Sharon said Faith got to meet her favorite band, thanks to Devon and Moses. Rey saw the photo Faith posted, and he wanted Faith to tell him all about it. He asked about Mariah. Sharon said she just got some vague texts. She wished Mariah would reach out so Sharon could help her as her mom and therapist. Rey said he came home, and Mariah would too. She asked if Chelsea would really be okay without supervision. He said it was interesting to see Chelsea in a different environment, away from Adam. He thought the distance helped. He said Chelsea was with her family 24/7, so he didn’t spend much time with her. He tested Chelsea and gave her opportunities to give him the slip, but she never took advantage. Now, the local law enforcement would check in with Chelsea and she was required to carry a GPS enabled cell phone. He didn’t think she was going to do anything to jeopardize her access to Connor though.

Sharon thought Rey was amazing – Chelsea put him in the hospital, but she could hear the admiration in his voice. He forgave Chelsea – she’d been through so much physical and emotional trauma. He thought she truly regretted what she’d done and she deserved a second chance. She called him the kindest, most generous man she’d ever met. “If you’re into that sort of thing,” he replied. Sharon flashed back to Adam saying he thought she was more attracted to his wild side. She said that the draw was helping him become the person he was meant to be. Adam saw her point. He said he didn’t think Rey had a dark side, so whatever thing she had for bad boys in the past, she was clearly over it. In the present, Sharon told Rey that she loved everything about him, and she was grateful to be married to such a good man. He said he’d rather be sexy, handsome or brilliant. She said he was all that and more, so he suggested they go back to the house so she could prove it to him. She said they’d better go soon. As they were leaving, she found a book Connor left behind. He said Chelsea gave that to him for the ride home. Sharon admitted that, despite everything she did, Chelsea tried to be a good mom. Rey said Chelsea confessed that she wished she could take it all back – she hated what she did to him, to Adam and especially to Connor – breaking up his family. Sharon couldn’t imagine the guilt weighing on her. Rey said Chelsea truly regretted how things turned out with Adam. He thought Chelsea had a hard time letting go.

Chloe took a folder to Adam’s office, and she glanced around. Chelsea called, and the friends video chatted. Chelsea found out where Chloe was and asked if she was snooping. Chloe said no, then she changed that to “not really.” Chelsea asked if Chloe was trying to get fired. Chloe said no, it was a sweet deal so far – Adam gave her a big budget, and most importantly, he wasn’t getting in her way. He was also keeping his word to let her hire Chelsea. Chelsea said Adam must really feel bad. Chloe said Adam wasn’t doing Chelsea any favors – she was the best thing to ever happen to him, and he blew it. Chelsea appreciated the support, but now she realized that she blamed Adam for things that were all in her head. Chloe contended that Adam always was and always would be bad. Chelsea knew some people would say that about her, but it wasn’t that simple. She was just tired of all the rage, and she was finally ready to let it go.

Adam and Connor walked into his office and were surprised to see Chloe. Chloe directed Connor to Chelsea’s call. Chelsea started talking to Connor about the ride home. Adam said there was plenty of time to discuss that later – he came to get his laptop, and he needed to get Connor home. He said they could talk before Connor went to bed. Adam noted to Chloe that she’d been planning to go home. He and Connor left Chloe in the office. Chelsea was glad Connor seemed okay. Chloe said he’d be fine as long as she and Adam kept things strictly business and focused on co-parenting. Chelsea said of course.

Adam took Connor back to the main house. Connor told Adam they had to make some plans for when Chelsea came home. Adam dodged that and told Connor to go unpack.

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