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Nikolas and Spencer enter Metro Court pool area. Spencer tells Nikolas to chill out and enjoy the sun and hanging out with his son, unless that isn’t what he wants. Nikolas says he does, so Spencer tells him to get something to drink while he goes and changes into his suit. As Nikolas strolls up to the bar, Ava and Trina enter and head to the bar. Nikolas looks please to see Ava.

Shawn enters the police station and greets Jordan, telling her he brings some news. Sam is with Alexis in the interrogation room and talking how much nicer it will be for her at the new facility, being able to walk outside. Alexis walks away and Sam realizes how difficult things are for her. Sam apologizes to Alexis and Alexis tells her not to worry, that at least Sam is putting a positive spin on everything.

Lenny enters the Tan-O dining area with Phyllis’s, carrying a beer keg. “Mike” is at the bar and goes around and grabs the keg from Lenny. Phyllis is telling Lenny he needs to take it easy, as that was the instruction from the doctor. Lenny tells Phyllis that he wants things in order before he goes into the hospital. Phyllis looks frustrated and sighs. There is a knock on the outside door, and Phyllis, exasperated, says, “We don’t open for another hour.” “Mike” tells her that he’ll get the door. Phyllis and Lenny exit the dining area as “Mike” goes to answer the door. As he opens the door he says, “Sorry, we’re closed.” Nina is standing at the door, and they both smile. They say hello and they hug each other.

Anna and Valentin are in the Quartermain drawing room. He apologizes to her for not being with her last night. She tells him he needed to be with his daughter, who is an angel. Valentin says, “She doesn’t get it from me.” Anna replies, No.”  He asks her about her new theory, and she reluctantly tells him they should be looking for Peter’s enemy.

Elizabeth and Finn greet each other in the hospital hallway. They discuss how much fun it was to watch Violet at her T-ball game, to do something normal and not over think about Peter Austin. Terry walks around the corner and asks, “What’s this about Peter Austin?”

Britt is walking down the stairs in the hospital, thinking about her time with Jason in the gym boxing ring.  She shakes her head and whispers to herself to get it together. She turns as she hears Jason asking for Dr. Quartermain. She turns her head and sees Jason speaking to a nurse at the nurse’s station. The nurse says she isn’t in her office, but she can have her paged. Jason thanks her and sees Britt on the stairs. Britt continues down the stairs. Britt stops at the nurse’s station and turns toward the desk. Jason asks her if it is okay if he says hello. Britt defensively says, “It’s okay to say hello, as long as you know where we stand.” Jason replies, “As long as you know where to find me if you need me.” Britt replies, “I won’t need you.” Austin enters the nurse’s station telling Britt he understands she has to sign off on everything, and he places a folder down on the desk at the nurse’s station. Britt tells him she’s a little busy, and he says it will only take a few seconds. She tells him, “So will this,” as she looks at Jason. He lightly says okay, then turns toward Jason and says, “Hi cuz.” Jason doesn’t respond and Austin says, “Okay, not there yet. I understand.” Jason turns to leave saying he has to find Monica. Austin watches as Jason leaves and says to Britt, with a small smile on his face, “So, what’s going on with you and that guy?”

Elizabeth tells Terry that Finn was updating her on Anna’s search for Peter. Finn tells Terry that Anna hit a dead end. Terry says she’s so sorry, considering that Peter took Franco away from Elizabeth, and what he did to Finn’s brother. Terry says that if there were any real justice, someone would finish him off and be done with it. Finn looks off to the side with guilt.

Anna is saying to Valentin that they were looking for Peter’s ally, but if it was the opposite, then it all adds up. Anna reminds Valentin that David Hawkins, the helicopter pilot, said that the other man on the roof with Peter scared him off from landing. Valentin says that David was denied clearance, and Anna replies that it doesn’t seem likely that would stop him, given what Peter was paying him. Anna adds that Hopkins assumed this other man was trouble, and he wanted to avoid that. Peter didn’t call Hopkins back to say it was okay, that the man wasn’t a threat. Valentin says, “Because he was a threat.”

Nina enters the Tan-O. “Mike” asks Nina if it was hard to leave her grandson, and she replies that it was, but that this is where she belongs right now. “Mike” tells Nina that it will do Phyllis a world of good with Nina being here. Nina says she hopes so, but to be completely honest, Phyllis isn’t the only one she is there for. “Mike” and Nina look at each other.

Alexis tells Sam she is really happy that she’s being transferred, but she needs to remember that she has to serve her time, like everybody else does. Jordan and Shawn walk in, and Jordan announces that Shawn has some news to share. Shawn tells Alexis and Sam that it is official, all the paperwork is signed, and he is a free man.

At the pool, Nikolas tells Ava, as Trina looks on, that he didn’t know she would be there. Ava asks if that will be a problem, and Nikolas tells her that it won’t be. Trina says she will find her and Ava a spot and walks away. Ava explains that the gallery was slow, it was a beautiful day, and she and Trina decided to play hooky. Nikolas offers to leave it will be easier for Ava, and Ava replies, as she touches his chest with her sunglasses, “Oh Nikolas, what about us has ever been easy?” Ava walks off to join Trina and Nikolas watches her walk away. As Ava arrives at the spot Trina arranged for them, Trina says she will be right back. As Trina approaches the entry way near the pool bar, Spencer is entering. Trina tells Spencer he owes her one. He says, “Hello to you, too.” Trina tells him how it would have been so easy to let Nikolas know how Spencer had been in town for weeks before showing his face. Spencer tells her he is grateful and asks if he needs to thank her again. She says he doesn’t, especially now that she knows how he can make it up to her.

“Mike” asks Nina what she meant, and Phyllis enters and is excited to see Nina.  Phyllis tells Nina she should be with her family, and Nina tells her that she is family, too. Lenny approaches and says that Nina and he have a lot to say to each other.

Shawn lets Alexis and Sam know that the governor signed off, there is no more jail time, no parole conditions, and Judge Carson has been urged to resign or risk the consequences of a judicial review. Alexis asks about the other prisoners that Judge Carson sentenced, and Shawn tells her that the governor is reviewing all of them. Alexis asks him what is next, and he says that his focus will be on finding out who really shot Hayden.

Nikolas looks at Ava as he takes his drink to sit down near the pool. Trina grabs Spencer and tells him she has a plan, she intends to “Parent Trap” Nikolas and Ava, because they are miserable.  Trina tells Spencer that a couple on the brink of divorce who love each other, need to know they belong together. Spencer asks her, “What if they don’t?” He points out that someone hates them so much that Ava is terrified for her daughter’s safety. Trina says they shouldn’t give in, that Nikolas and Ava are stronger together. Spencer points out that the incidents have stopped since they broke up, which means this creep is willing to leave them alone now. Trina responds, “Cool, we’ll just give in to a terrorist.”  Spencer lets Trina know he was never really a fan of her boss to begin with. Trina walks off and says she will do it herself. Spencer looks frustrated.

Britt and Austin are at the nurse’s station. Britt asks for Austin’s support for the Chief of Staff position. He asks her what he gets in return. She tells him whatever he wants. He asks, “Whatever I want?” She replies, “Yes.” He tells her that okay, he is in. Britt walks away from the nurse’s station as Austin smiles.

Monica enters her office to find Jason there and they greet each other. He tells Monica that Spinelli did a deep dive on Austin, and that Austin seems to be everything he claims. Monica thanks him and Jason asks if there is anything else she needs. She tells him that he is able to read her very well, and that she would like to talk to him about his engagement.

Valentin and Anna, still in the Quartermaine drawing room, continue to discuss what Anna has begun to realize. Valentin says there were plenty of people at the hospital that day that wanted Peter brought to justice. Anna says that whoever was on that roof, Peter knew a clean getaway was impossible, there would be a witness. Valentin asks if she thinks Peter took out the other person on the roof. Anna replies that no, because nobody else was reported missing. Anna says, “The only reason that person didn’t come forward, is because they had something to do with Peter’s disappearance.” Valentin replies, “So you’re saying Peter didn’t leave the hospital because he was incapable of doing so.”

Lenny and Nina go sit at a table to talk alone at Lenny’s request. Lenny tells Nina he is so grateful for her connections that he is able to get the surgery tomorrow. Lenny tells her he still has reservations, but it is not about the cost.

Shawn says he owes it to Hayden and himself to get to the bottom of whoever shot her. Jordan tells them she and Alexis need to et going to take Alexis to her new prison. Sam hugs Alexis and Alexis tells Shawn to go live his life, and all that goes with it. Shawn tells Alexis the same.

Nikolas strolls into the pool area, and a waiter brings him a drink, saying “Compliments of the beautiful blonde on the last lounge chair.” Nikolas looks toward Ava. Spencer sits up and looks, while Trina looks on from the other end of the pool next to Ava. A waitress brings a drink to Ava, saying “Compliments of a certain gentleman.” When Ava asks which gentleman, the waitress points toward Nikolas, and Austin is standing right behind him. Ava smiles and Austin looks toward the pool.

Valentin, still in the Quartermain drawing room, asks Anna if she thinks the man on the roof with Peter that day incapacitated him, or worse. Anna replies she does. Valentin says, “And he’s been covering his tracks ever since.” Anna replies, “Yeah.”  Then Anna comments that, as Valentin said, there were any number of people at the hospital who wanted Peter dead, so it could have been anyone. Valentin replies that it could be, but that it is obvious that Anna has zeroed in on one. Valentin says it seems Anna is there because she wants him to talk her out of it, but he can’t do that. Valentin says there was one person at the hospital who had every reason to want Peter dead. Anna says, “Don’t say it.” Valentin says, “Finn.”

In the hospital corridor, Terry apologizes to Elizabeth and Finn for losing her cool about Peter. Finn tells her they appreciate it. She asks if she can still count on their support for the Chief of Staff position. Finn tells her she doesn’t even have to ask. Terry walks off and Elizabeth tells Finn she has an idea.

Elizabeth and Finn are walking outside, getting fresh air and have a private conversation. Finn says they are trapped, and Elizabeth responds that maybe not, if Terry gets the chief of staff position. Terry could make sure the cameras are turned off so they could move the body. Finn doesn’t like the idea of involving Terry. Elizabeth tells Finn that the last thing she wants is for Finn to turn himself in to protect her. Finn tells her the last thing he wants is for Peter’s body to be found with Elizabeth’s DNA on it. Finn says the best thing is if the body is never found. Elizabeth tells him there is a way, but Finn won’t like it. Elizabeth says they should get help from Jason.

Monica and Jason sit down on the sofa in Monica’s office. Monica tells Jason she isn’t trying to stop him from marrying Carly. She reminisces about AJ and how things were with Carly, and that Carly always used AJ. Monica wants Jason to know how hard it has been for her. Jason tells Monica that he wouldn’t be there if it wasn’t for Carly.

At the pool, Ava decides to thank Austin for the drink, as she assumes he was the one who ordered it. Trina tries to stop her, to no avail. Ava approaches Austin and thanks him. Nikolas jumps up and tells Ava he appreciates the gesture of good will. Trina approaches behind Ava and Spencer approaches behind Nikolas. Ava is confused, and Nikolas thanks her for the drink. She tells him she didn’t and says that Austin bought her one. Austin says he didn’t buy anyone a drink. Spencer speaks up and says that the only one buying any drinks right now is Trina. Ava turns to look at Trina, who looks guilty.

Monica and Jason, still on Monica’s sofa, Monica is letting Jason know she doesn’t judge him. Jason expresses regrets about his behavior back then, all the lies by everyone, and that he understands how things were for AJ. He tells Monica they have all grown, and that Carly understands life better now, that she has learned to trust others. He reassures Monica that Carly and he know exactly what they are doing. He lets Monica know that he understands that this is hard for her and wants to know if she can accept it. Monica tells Jason she just wants him to be happy. She asks him if this was his choice, that Carly isn’t maneuvering him into it. Jason reassures her that it is. Monica tells him that she is happy for him. She does tell him that it will be difficult for her to be in the same room with Carly, but that she thinks it is the same for Carly. Jason lets her know he appreciates that she makes the effort form him. Monica tells Jason she loves him, and that her love for him and Michael are the two things she and Carly have in common. Jason and Monica hug. Jason leaves Monica’s office.

Lenny and Nina are still sitting at a table in the Tan-O. Lenny tells Nina that there was another reason that he was against her paying for everything, that she was offering Phyllis hope, because the growth that was found is on his pancreas. And that is often a death sentence. Nina responds by saying often isn’t always. Lenny tells Nina that he can get over someone providing the money for the medical treatment, but he can’t get over someone providing his wife hope, when there isn’t any.

In the hospital hallway outside the elevators, Britt and Terry are walking in opposite directions and greet each other cordially, “Dr. Randolph.” “Dr. Westbourne.” They each mention that they notice the other having talks with their individual supporters. Britt asks Terry what she needs to do to get Terry to drop out of the competition. Britt says that since Terry is “team Elizabeth,” maybe Britt could give Elizabeth a raise. Terry responds that that is exactly why she wants to be chief of staff, that she doesn’t double deal or get into bed with scum like Cyrus Renault. Terry says she wants what is best for the hospital. Britt says she does too. Monica walks up to ask if everything is alright. Terry says yes and Britt says, “Just peachy.” Monica replies good, because she wants to see both of them in her office. Monica walks away, and both Terry and Britt gesture for the other to go ahead, both gritting their teeth.

Still in the Quartermain drawing room, Anna tells Valentin she went to the hospital to let Finn know about their progress in the search for Peter.  Valentin, caringly, asks, “And?” Anna, shakily replies, “It was all there. In his body language, the way he spoke, an uh, it just made sense suddenly.” She continued, “The description; male, tall, light suit, dark hair to the collar, it was Finn.” Valentin looks on Anna with a pained expression.

Finn and Elizabeth continue to discuss the situation while outside. Elizabeth is telling Finn that getting Jason involved will solve all their problems. Finn expresses concern that any goodwill they may have with the cops will go right out the window if they collaborate with a hitman. Elizabeth tells Finn that Jason doesn’t get caught. As Elizabeth and Finn are having their animated discussion, Jason comes along, out of sight of Elizabeth and Finn. He moves closer to hear their discussion. Jason hears Elizabeth tell Finn that Jason has dealt with people just like Peter, and he doesn’t get caught because there isn’t any evidence. Finn tells Elizabeth that he doesn’t think they can involve anyone else, that Peter was a threat, now he isn’t. They need to deal with the situation themselves.

Nina, still sitting with Lenny, tells him she believes in hope, and she believes in him. Lenny asks Nina to promise that when it becomes clear there is no more battle to fight, she won’t let Phyllis continue to hope. Before Nina can respond, Phyllis approaches and asks if they are finished. Nina wipes away tears and Lenny tells her he is so grateful. Phyllis and Lenny go hand and hand to sit at the bar, “Mike” approaches Nina and asks her if she is okay. Nina tells “Mike” she is so sorry they are going through this and that she is happy she is there, that she is…. “Mike” says, “You’re home?” Nina smiles.

Alexis and Jordan walk into a room with tables, chairs, a counter with cups, a bulletin board, and a guard standing by a window.  Jordan explains that everything is separated by gender, except for the communal recreation area, as she gestures around the room.  Alexis comments it is similar to her freshman room. Jordan reminds her that it is still a prison. She cautions Alexis that the warden will make things difficult if it appears that it is anything other than rest and rehabilitation, and she could even end up back at Pentonville.

Shawn and Sam are talking in the police station, and Sam asks him about the voice message he left her asking if she was still doing P.I. work. Shawn says he has a job for her, and Sam says she guesses it is about finding the person who committed the crime he went to prison for.

At the pool, upon hearing that Trina had planned to “Parent Trap” Nikolas and Ava, Austin asks her if she is a twin. Spencer says that Trina is trying to convince Nikolas an Ava that they are still in love with each other. Nikolas replies that she isn’t wrong. Ava turns to Trina and asks if she has anything to say. Trina apologizes. She says she realizes it was juvenile, but that she hates what all this is doing to Ava, and that Ava is supposed to be happy. Spenser says to Nikolas and Ava that it obviously can’t be easy, and to Trina he says, “But you can not play with people’s hearts like that.” Trina looks Spenser in the eyes and says, “you mean like you are?” Nikolas looks at Spenser.

In the Quartermaine drawing room, Valentin tells Anna that it is going to be difficult for her to prove that the man she loves killed Peter. Anna replies that they don’t know that Finn killed Peter. Valentin responds that if Finn was on the roof with Peter that day, Finn would know how and if Peter left the hospital. Valentin supposes that possibly Peter extorted Finn to help him escape by giving him another antidote. Anna surmises that if that did happen, Finn would have come clean to her about it. Valentin adds that it is possible that Finn did something to Peter. Anna replies that there is only one way to find out.

Outside, Elizabeth is telling Finn that she hears him, but they are not equipped to handle it on their own, they have no plan. Finn says he’ll think of one, he just needs more time.  Finn tells her everything is going to be okay as he looks at his watch. He tells her he has to get back to the hospital. Jason is still standing out of sight and listening to their conversation.  Finn walks away. Jason steps out from behind the trees and says, “Elizabeth, we need to talk.” Elizabeth looks at Jason.

At the Tan-O, Lenny, Phyllis, Nina, and “Mike” are at the bar, smiling. Lenny passes out the beer and Phyllis asks him about drinking the night before surgery. He comments that fasting doesn’t start until nine. They all lift their bottles in a toast as “Mike” says, “To Lenny.” Lenny responds, “To hell with that, to Family, the chosen one.” As they enjoy their beers, Phyllis says it’s time to open up, and Phyllis and Lenny walk off. “Mike” asks Nina how long she is going to stay, and she tells him as long as needed. He tells her it could be a long time. She replies that it could be.

At the Port Charles police station, Sam and Shawn are still talking. Sam tells him there is no way she could say no to his request, but she will have to check with her parole officer since it could violate her probation if she were to be associated with him since she still has about three months on her probation.

At the pool, Spencer tells Trina that his father already knows all about how he tried to push him and Britt together. Trina apologizes to Ava again and goes off in tears. Ava starts to go after her, but Spencer says he will. Nikolas asks Ava where that leaves them, and she tells him right where they were, in the midst of a divorce, and for her family’s safety, six weeks can’t pass soon enough. Ava walks over to Austin and offers to buy him another drink. They walk toward the bar together.

Alexis says goodbye and thank you to Jordan as she leaves the communal recreation room at the new prison. As Alexis walks over and picks up a magazine, the wheels of a wheelchair are seen being pushed along in the room by an attendant. Alexis looks up with recognition as the wheelchair is moved to within a few feet of her. The attendant locks the chair into position as Alexis continues to stare. As the attendant walks away, we see the face of Ryan Chamberlain. Alexis slowly lowers the magazine. Ryan does not look up.

Monica is meeting with Britt and Terry in her office. She is telling them that she wants them to know that she has made her official recommendation as to who should be chief of staff. Britt and Terry look at each other.

Finn is sitting in his office, toying with a pen and staring off into space. There is a knock on his door and Anna is there. Finn says, “Hi, do you have an update on Peter’s whereabouts?” Anna replies, “I just might.” Finn nods his head.

Jason approaches Elizabeth on the walkway outside and asks her what is going on. Elizabeth replies that she is fine. He tells her that if that was true, he would be glad. He then tells her things he knows, “About a week ago she told him that Peter was something we didn’t need to worry about anymore. You were about to tell me something else when Finn walked up. Now, you and Finn are in the park in the middle of a workday talking about Peter and a mess that needs to be cleaned up. Now I understand you are trying to protect Finn. You don’t have to protect him with me. Okay? Now if you know what happened to Peter all you have to do is tell me, and I will help you.” Elizabeth looks at Jason.

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