Y&R Short Recap Monday, May 24, 2021

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Recap written by Christine

After Nick insisted Phyllis tell him what was going on, she confided that Kyle and Tara had an affair, and he fathered her child. Phyllis mentioned breaking up an argument between Tara and Ashland. Nick was unhappy that Phyllis and Summer were caught up in Kyle’s mess. Nick informed Summer that he knew everything. Nick told Summer she was his only concern. Summer said she and Kyle were a package deal, and she was going to stand by him. Kyle told Jack that he had a grandson. He also mentioned that Theo and Sally were the ones who told him about Harrison. Kyle was worried Jack would be disappointed, but Jack was proud of the way Kyle tried to handle things. Jack and Kyle were concerned about what Ashland would do when he found out, but Kyle knew he had to take the brunt of Ashland’s wrath, for Harrison’s sake. Kyle was glad when Jack wanted Tara and Harrison to move in with him. Kyle told Tara about Jack’s invitation. Tara noticed that Kyle had changed since NY, and he told her he’d grown up. He promised to protect Harrison. Kyle took Harrison and Tara to the Abbott house, and Jack was delighted to have them. Kyle arranged for someone to come give him and Harrison a DNA test.

Devon and Amanda had lunch, and she told him she had proof Victor met with Richard Nealon. Amanda met with Victor and showed him a picture of Richard. Victor knew Richard as Rick. According to Victor, Rick asked for help finding his child who was given up for adoption. Victor put him in touch with a P.I. and gave him a leave of absence so he could search. Victor didn’t know Richard had been killed, and he was saddened when Amanda let him know. Victor later told Nikki that Amanda was moved by Richard’s story. Amanda called Naya and asked to meet ASAP. Amanda thought that the person who killed Richard robbed her and Hilary of the chance of growing up with their father. She vowed to make sure the person answered for it. Victoria invited Ashland to join her at Crimson Lights. He asked what she thought of Kyle, and she said she didn’t know him well, but she thought he was smart and hardworking. He told her Kyle slept with his wife. Ashland went to the hotel to give Tara some papers from a judge telling her to stop keeping him from Harrison. Phyllis told him that Tara left. Ashland said it’d be best for Kyle and Summer to stay out of his and Tara’s business. Phyllis threatened to make Ashland pay if he hurt her daughter. The medical clinic had its one year anniversary, and Nate took Elena to lunch to celebrate. She was glad he encouraged her to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor.


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