B&B Short Recap Monday, February 22 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Forrester, Steffy and Ridge discuss Hope and everything that’s been going on. Steffy regrets what she and Liam did to Hope, but she already loves her baby. Finn arrives and checks in on Steffy to make sure she’s taking care of herself. He is upbeat and supportive, praising her. He intends to be there with her throughout her pregnancy. She is touched, and Ridge is happy to hear it. After Ridge leaves, Steffy regrets that the baby is not Finn’s and wishes she knew why she let him down. They hug. Meanwhile, Thomas talks to Hope about fashion, but she doesn’t listen. She’s still thinking about the situation with Liam and Steffy. Thomas is sympathetic, which she appreciates. Vinny listens in and then walks in, awkwardly telling Hope that he hard about what happened. He knows that Thomas will be there for her. Hope leaves, and Thomas yells at Vinny. Vinny hints that Thomas will thank him one day. When Vinny mentions that the fetal DNA doesn’t match Finn’s DNA, Thomas gets suspicious about what Vinny did.

At Spencer, Liam is expressing to Flo and Wyatt how much he hates that he hurt Hope and that he doesn’t think she’ll forgive him. Wyatt thinks Hope will, but Flo isn’t so sure. After Liam leaves, Wyatt gives Flo her Valentine’s present. They had to put off their celebration because of what happened with Hope and Liam. Meanwhile, Hope comes home to find Liam there. He gets on one knee and tells her again how much he regrets what happened and how he loves her. She isn’t ready to forgive him. He holds her hand and she cries.

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