B&B Short Recap Tuesday, February 2, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Hope and Liam sit around at home, waiting to hear from Steffy about her paternity test results. Hope tries to stay upbeat while Liam keeps beating himself up and apologizing again. She admits that he hurt her and that she’s in pain. Meanwhile, Steffy and Finn visit her doctor to get the paternity test done. She is anxious, but Finn tells her that whatever happens, they’ll deal with it. Dr. Campbell arrives, so Steffy tells her that she wants the baby to be Finn’s. After some more chit-chat, the doctor explains the test to them (even though Steffy already had a paternity test done on Kelly). She just needs blood from Steffy and a cheek swab from Finn. Steffy wonders if there are any risks, so the doctor tells her that they should be able to get the results pretty easily. The doctor tells them that she’ll put a rush on it at the lab. Steffy was hoping they would know today, but the doctor says that’s not possible. She advises Steffy not to get stressed out, for her baby’s sake.

At Forrester, Zende assures Zoe (who’s wearing a clown-like outfit) that they’re okay. She doesn’t want their almost-indiscretion to affect their working relationship. She tells him that Ridge hearing them made her realize how much she loves Carter and doesn’t want to lose him. She’s certain that Ridge won’t be getting in the middle of her and Carter now. She boasts that she fixed this problem and will be married to Carter soon. She gets a text from Carter. Also at Forrester, Ridge tells Carter that Zoe was coming on to Zende. Carter refuses to believe it at first and thinks he’s joking. Ridge doesn’t think Zoe loves Carter like he loves her. He explains about seeing and hearing Zoe and Zende before. Carter is shocked and starts to cry. Zoe comes by, and he’s cold to her. He asks if he’s really the one that she wants to marry.

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