Days of Our Lives Short Recap Friday, January 22, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ben sees Allie sitting on a bench in the Horton Square, by herself, looking sad. He asks her how she’s doing after explaining that he heard about what Charlie did to her. She opens up to him about how she’s feeling. Meanwhile, Claire is walking when Charlie sees her and asks her not to believe all the terrible things people are saying about her. She tells him off for everything he’s done. Ben sees them and tells Charlie to leave her alone.

Kate arrives at DiMera to see Gabi kissing Jake. Jake swears that it wasn’t what it looked like. Gabi and Kate yell at each other. Gabi brings up Kate’s past, so Kate does the same. Gabi leaves in a huff. Kate tells Jake she knows that this was all Gabi, not him. At Jack and Jenn’s house, Chad tells Abigail that Gwen claims to be Jack’s daughter and that she’s the one that drugged her. At the Salem Inn, Jack and Jenn are shocked when a vengeful Gwen tells them that her mother was Tiffany Rizczech, a cocktail waitress that Jack slept with in Chicago (before moving to Salem). She claims that he sent Tiffany checks, but they stopped when her mother died. Jack swears that the name is not familiar and he doesn’t remember her; also, he never sent any checks. He thinks Tiffany was lying to Gwen. Gwen, very upset, thinks he’s the one who’s lying. She brings up his past as a rapist and once again vows to destroy their family. She orders them out and then sits in her room, crying. Gabi sees Chad at the DiMera mansion. He apologizes for accusing her of drugging Abigail; he tells her that Gwen did it.

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