Days of Our Lives Short Recap Tuesday, January 19, 2021

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Recap written by Suzanne

Eli questions Xander about whether he stole their twins. Sarah arrives and tries to help. Lani convinces Eli that Xander didn’t do anything. They ask him to help by contacting Dr. Raynor. Meanwhile, Bonnie arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Maggie literally slams the door in her face and tells Justin that she won’t accept her in her house or life. Justin tries to get her to give Bonnie another chance, but she won’t. Bonnie tries to get through to Maggie, too, by pointing out that normally she would grab one of Maggie’s priceless statues and smash it, to attack Maggie in kind, but she’s trying not to do that sort of thing any more. Maggie storms out. After they have dinner, Bonnie suggests to Justin that they do something naughty.

Mr. Shin and the DiMera board are not happy about Chad sleeping with his nanny, so Chad resigns. Shin replaces him with Jake. Kate promises to help Jake with being CEO, since he’s not sure he can do it. He goes to his new office, and Gabi walks in. Kate finds Abigail packing her things and tries to talk her out of leaving Chad. Chad arrives and begs Abby’s forgiveness, telling her how much he loves her. She leaves him, anyway, and goes to her parents’ house. Chad tells Kate what happened. They all know now that Gwen came there to destroy Abby’s life. He’s determined to find out why.

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