Y&R Short Recap Friday, December 18, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Nate tells Elena that he still feels the effects of the anesthesia after the second surgery on his hand.  He is sad because the doctor told him that the nerve damage to his hand is too severe and the chances that he will be able to perform surgery again are slim to none.  Elena tries her best to cheer up Nate by asking him to watch a movie at her place.  Nate doesn’t feel like watching a movie so Elena suggests he talk about his feelings while she listens to him.

Rey questions Chance who tells him that Alyssa was angry with Adam because he killed her father when he was eleven years old.  Alyssa was also angry with Billy because she felt he used her  since he never gave her the credit she deserved for the article about Adam.  Rey tells Michael about the evidence he found in Alyssa’s room and that he is having the gloves tested for powder residue and secondary DNA.  Michael calls Amanda and tells her to come to the police station so they can talk.  Michael apologizes to Billy for putting him in jail because once Rey confronted Alyssa with the evidence against her she confessed to attempting to shoot Adam because she wanted to seek revenge because Adam  killed her father when Adam was a little boy.  Once Billy is released, he thanks Amanda and Lily for all the hard work they did to prove his innocence.  Victoria notices the strong connection between Billy and Lily and she looks a little jealous about it.

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