Y&R Short Recap Monday, December 28 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Amanda struggled with the revelation that her birth mother had another grown daughter whom she’d raised. Amanda felt that her sister had never had to fight for anything. Devon told her he didn’t know that. Amanda decided not to pursue a meeting with her mother. Devon believed that Hilary would demand answers from Naya. Amanda went home and she called Naya, but when she answered, Amanda hung up the phone. Phyllis decided to pay Nick weekly instead of monthly. She wished she could get in the ring and box Victoria. She seethed when Victoria entered the hotel, but decided to ignore her. Nick and Victoria had words over her treatment of Phyllis. Victoria felt that Phyllis had started things and that Nick was being dramatic over business. Nick felt like Victoria was turning into Victor. He said she’d lost her sense of humor and compassion after she broke up with Billy. He assumed Billy had been a better influence on Victoria that he’d realized. Chelsea and Adam came home from their trip to see Connor. They talked about everything that happened as a result of his parents covering up AJ’s death. She told him they were going to move past that. He said no one in this town mattered to him anymore. Tessa had a hard time writing a wedding song, so Mariah helped her find romantic inspiration.

Billy and Adam had words. Adam wondered what Billy would do if Adam weren’t around. Billy suggested Adam disappear forever so they could find out. Sharon ran into Adam. He brought up the commitment and she told him she did it because she was worried about him. Rey saw them talking. Adam mentioned he was moving away, and Sharon wished him well. Adam appreciated Sharon caring. Rey asked if Sharon was okay. She was. Adam thanked Rey for arresting the shooter. Sharon told Rey she wasn’t thinking about Adam, because she was thinking about her wedding to Rey. Chelsea told Chloe that it was hard to confide in Adam that she was worried about the surgery because he felt guilty. Chloe wanted to know if Adam had something to do with the fall, but Chelsea didn’t want to get into it because she and Adam were in a great place. Chloe and Chelsea decided to open the fashion company and work long distance together once Chelsea moved away. Chelsea told Sharon that she was going to have a medical procedure. Chelsea and Adam told each other about their talk with Sharon. Chelsea was concerned about the surgery, but Adam told her he wasn’t afraid because they had world class surgeons and once she recovered, they’d start a new life. Michael missed his lunch with Kevin. Phyllis overheard Kevin mention that Gloria was mixed up in something that involved Newman and Victoria. Phyllis tried to reignite a bond with Kevin as part of her plan to get more information. Phyllis told Nick that she thought an opportunity was about to come her way.

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