B&B Short Recap Tuesday, November 10, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

In his apartment, Thomas lies to Hope about why he kept the Hope mannequin. He claims it gives him inspiration for his designs. She seems to buy it. Meanwhile, Thomas keeps hearing the Hope mannequin talking to him, telling him to kiss Hope and that she wants him. Thomas is barely able to concentrate on his conversation with the real Hope because of his delusions. Hope tries to be supportive of his hard work, but she admits that the mannequin is creepy.

Liam visits Finn at his office to ask for his help in persuading Steffy and Hope about Thomas going off the rails again. Finn thinks that Liam is too involved with Steffy. He decides to take Steffy’s word about her brother’s behavior, rather than Liam’s. Liam can’t believe that Finn won’t see the truth. At Forrester, Paris is still mortified that Zende overheard her talking about him. Zoe laughs and tells her that she doesn’t need to be embarrassed. Carter comes in while they’re talking. They all joke around. Paris wonders why Zoe warned her away from Zende. Zoe doesn’t really have a good reason, so Paris concludes that it must be because Zende just got divorced. Carter invites Zoe over for dinner with them, saying that he’s inviting Zende, too.

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