B&B Short Recap Thursday, November 12, 2020

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Suzanne

At Thomas’ apartment, he keeps hearing the Hope mannequin telling him to kill Liam. He doesn’t want to do that, so he leaves and goes to get some work done at Forrester. Charlie comes in and gives him a hard time for stealing the mannequin. Charlies heard from Hope that he had it and that he uses it for inspiration. Charlie demands to know the real reason he has it. At home, Liam and Hope argue about Thomas – whether he’s really trying to improve himself or is back to being a creepy manipulator. Hope wants to see the good in him. Liam admires her for being that way, but he fears that it’s dangerous to trust Thomas at all.

Carter hosts a nice dinner party with Zoe, Zende and Paris. They play a celebrity guessing-game. Zende and Paris flirt, and he takes her upstairs to show her Carter’s amazing rooftop view. While they’re gone, Carter takes out a ring and starts to propose to Zoe. A smoke alarm goes off in their building, so Carter and Paris go out to see whether there’s really a fire or not. Meanwhile, Zende notices that Zoe looks stricken, so he asks her what’s wrong. She doesn’t answer, but he sees the ring on the table.

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