Y&R Recap Monday September 7, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Sharon lied to Noah and Chelsea when they asked if she’d heard from Adam recently. Adam called Sharon because he was having a hard time, and she secretly went to see him. Adam felt that he was beyond help and that he couldn’t go back to his old life, because if he did, he’d end up hurting Chelsea and Connor. Sharon said she couldn’t keep lying to everyone if he was just going to give up. She thought he’d see things more clearly after he got some sleep. He didn’t think he could rest, but she was able to him fall asleep, then she left. He woke up and saw she was gone. Sharon was concerned when her doctor called her and asked that she come into the office to hear her test results. Chance told Chelsea that Alyssa was looking into what happened in Vegas. Chelsea admitted that Adam left because he was dealing with something terrible. Chance promised to find him.

Nikki was concerned Victoria was going to burn out, so she got her an invitation to escape club. Victoria didn’t want to go. She wanted to prove she was indispensable at Newman, since Victor didn’t believe in her. She sensed Nikki doubted her too. Nikki said she and Victor both believed in Victoria, and she just wanted Victoria to have the chance to refresh. Victoria arranged for Billy to take the kids for the night, and she considered using the invitation. Theo and Lola made lunch plans, and she cooked him a surprise meal, but Theo got caught up in a meeting with Billy and wasn’t able to go to lunch or text Lola that he’d be late. Theo and Billy clicked at the meeting and had a great conversation. Noah spent time catching up with Summer. Noah introduced himself to Lola, but she wasn’t friendly toward him because she was mad at Theo. By the time Theo showed up, Lola had thrown the meal away. He tried to tell her about his meeting with Billy, but she was clearly irritated because he didn’t text her back. She told him that it wasn’t a good time to talk. She went back to the kitchen.

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