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“NCIS: The Seventeenth Season” Review by Suzanne 8/8/20

There’s a reason that NCIS is always at the top of the broadcast ratings chart.  It has solid stories and interesting characters.  The cast changes sometimes, but they always have other fun or interesting people to fill in their places.  Of course, Tony and Abby are greatly missed by the fans. Ziva is, too, but we see her a few times this season. It’s great to have her back. I wish Ducky wasn’t retired, but we still see him occasionally. Mark Harmon is getting up there, but he’s still a fine actor.

It’s the 17th season, but in some ways it seems like this show has been on for 25 years. I can barely remember before it started.  It’s a reliable series that shows us great drama as well as laughs and mystery.  You really can’t go wrong watching any episode of the show.  I used to watch it regularly, but I was watching too many shows, which made it hard to keep up, so I stopped watching all the NCIS series (among others).  It doesn’t matter, though, because you can start watching again any time and not feel like you missed anything. Maria Bello (Jack) and Wilmer Valderrama (Nick) are fine recent additions.   I’m glad that they added some more people of color, like Walderrama and Diona Reasonover (Kacie).  NCIS always changes with the times and keeps up on what’s new in the world – even though it’s audience is most likely to be seniors over 50, they do get a fair share of people 18-34 watching.

I really like the teasing romance between Gibbs and Jack. I hope they carry that further.  His friendship with the neighbor kid was also very heartwarming.  Nick and Eleanor (Emily Wickersham) also have a fun will-they-or-won’t-they kind of friendship. There was a lot of great action this season, too, of course.  You can easily watch this without having to “catch up” on previous seasons.

The extras are good. They have two episode-specific features and two main ones.  “Other Times. Other Lives” is about the episode “Epherema” in which they go through an old man’s letters and other things to learn the origin of a coin. The actors play the parts of the man and others in the 70’s, which is fun. It’s great to see them as other characters, and it’s clear they had fun with it.  “Hallowed Ground: The Arizona” is about the last episode of the season, “The Arizona.”  Christopher Lloyd plays an eccentric old guy who steals a couple’s purple heart (from their late daughter).  He wants to be buried among the dead at the Pearl Harbor monument. One of the things  that makes this episode interesting is how Gibbs makes him face what happened way back then. It wasn’t planned to be the series’ last episode of the season, but it worked out to be, due to the coronavirus.  There is a feature about the making of the season, and another one about Ziva’s return.  Make sure you watch the episodes first because the features will have spoilers.

This would make a great gift for anyone! Put it on your holiday gift list.


NCIS: The Seventeenth Season

Street Date: July 28

Format: DVD

Description: NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) is more than just an action drama. With liberal doses of humor, it’s a show that focuses on the sometimes complex and always amusing dynamics of a team forced to work together in high-stress situations. NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, a former Marine gunnery sergeant whose skills as an investigator are unmatched, leads this troupe of colorful personalities. Gibbs, a man of few words, only needs a look to explain it all. The team includes NCIS Special Agent Timothy McGee, an MIT graduate with a brilliance for computers; NCIS Special Agent Eleanor “Ellie” Bishop, a mysterious mixture of analytic brilliance, fierce determination and idealism who specializes in international threat assessment and global preparation; the charismatic, unpredictable and resilient NCIS Special Agent Nicholas “Nick” Torres, who has spent most of his career on solo undercover assignments; and NCIS Special Agent Jacqueline “Jack” Sloane, who built her reputation as the agency’s premier forensic psychologist and enjoys challenging Gibbs. From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, these special agents investigate all crimes with Navy or Marine Corps ties.

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