Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Quiz

Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG) Trivia Quiz


"Star Trek: The Next Generation" cast

Star Trek: The Next Generation Trivia Quiz

1. What did Riker acquire in the second season?

a. a wife
b. a guitar
c. a cat
d. a beard
e. all of the above

2. Which villainous aliens are new in TNG?

a. Borg
b. Klingons
c. Romulans
d. Changelings
e. Trill

3. TNG was the first Star Trek series to be which of these things?

a. syndicated first-run
b. colorized from black and white
c. integrated bridge crew
d. streamed on Paramount+
e. remastered for greater clarity

4. What was the Picard family business?

a. racing
b. bartending
c. winemaking
d. teaching
e. writing

5. What was Captain Picard’s favorite beverage?

a. black coffee
b. Earl Grey tea
c. water
d. Saurian brandy
e. orange juice

6. Who was the security chief of the show in season 1?

a. Worf
b. Riker
c. Crusher
d. Tasha
e. Wesley

7. Which character did many fans find annoying?

a. Wesley
b. Worf
c. Geordi
d. Data
e. Beverly

8. Which aliens debuted on TNG before going on to greater prominence in DS9?

a. Klingons
b. Romulans
c. Ferengi
d. Borg
e. Tribbles

9. Which character is most like Pinocchio?

a. Worf
b. Picard
c. Riker
d. Data
e. Wesley

10. Which card game did the crew enjoy playing?

a. Risk
b. Backgammon
c. Blackjack
d. Hearts
e. Poker


1. d, 2. a, 3. a, 4. c, 5. b, 6. d, 7. a, 8. c, 9. d, 10. e.



Riker, Shelby, Crusher and Data in "Star Trek: The Next Generation" episode The Best of Both Worlds.

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Spock and T'Pring kiss in "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" on Paramount+

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GENERAL Enterprise with Flashing lights and phasers

  1. Soapsgirl’s Star Trek Photos Page
  2. StarTrek.Com Official Site
  3. Paramount+ – Star Trek Official
  4. Paramount+ Short Treks
  5. Star Trek on Paramount+ Twitter
  6. Star Trek on Paramount+ Instagram
  7. Star Trek Official Facebook
  8. Star Trek on Paramount+ Facebook
  9. Star Trek Online (game)
  10. CTV Canada’s scifi channel with Star Trek and other shows
  11. TV Insider
  12. Vidiot Trek page
  14. TrekCore
  15. TrekNews
  16. TrekZone
  17. Star Trek Minutiae
  18. Chrissie’s Transcripts Star Trek transcripts!
  19. Klingon Imperial Diplomatic Corps
  20. Sheryl’s Star Trek Site
  21. Forgotten Trek
  23. Brunching Shuttlecocks: File This!
  24. Ex Astris Scientia
  25. Wikipedia
  26. Memory Alpha
  27. Star Trek and Media Science Fiction Forum
  28. Star Trek Italian Club (In Italian)
  29. Star Trek Sickbay (not in English)
  30. The Star Trek Wormhole
  31. The Starfleet Database
  32. Star Trek Trivia
  33. Jason Gaston
  34. Trek BBS
  35. Beam Us Back, Scotty left-wing analysis of Trek from The Nation
  36. Klingon Speakers Now Outnumber Navajo Speakers  From the joke site The Onion
  37. Fanlore
  38. Galactic Journey
  39. Warp Factor Trek
  40. Star Trek: Uncharted Proposed new TV series
  41. Star Trek Wallpapers
  42. Phasers
  43. Priority One Podcast
  44. Star Trek Comics Checklist
  45. Star Trek Prop, Costume and Auction Authority
  46. Star Trek Reddit Blog
  47. Soul of Star Trek Blog
  48. Some Kind of Trek Blog
  49. Red Shirts Always Die
  50. Trek Lit Reviews
  51. Sector 001 (RPG)
  52. Star Trek Freedom (email game)
  53. Star Trek Iconic Sounds From TrekCore
  54. TV Writing scripts – includes many of the Star Trek shows
  55. Heroes & Icons Channel
  57. Netflix – watch some of the Star Trek movies here
  58. Dribble Star Trek fan art
  59. Collider
  60. Entertainment Weekly
  61. Hollywood Reporter
  62. Facebook Groups – there are tons of great Star Trek Facebook groups!
  63. Look for your favorite Star Trek actors on Threads, Mastodon, BlueSky and more…
  64. Find many Star Trek photos on Google.
  65. Find many episodes, clips etc. on YouTube.


  1. Paramount+ Official Site-Original Series (Remastered)
  2. Paramount+ Official Site -Animated Series
  3. See new adventures of Kirk and Spock! 
  4. Atomic Network – Renegades, Of Gods and Men and more Trek films
  5. Syfy’s Star Trek Site
  6. William Shatner.Com
  7. Follow William Shatner (Kirk) on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram!
  8. George Takei’s Official Site
  9. Follow George Takei (Sulu) on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook!
  10. The Official Walter Koenig Web Site
  11. Follow Walter Koenig (Chekov) on Twitter!
  12. Guide to the Animated Star Trek
  13. BBC Site
  14. Star Trek Original Series Set Tour
  15. The Klingon Language Institute
  16. Izan Home Page
  17. The Captain Kirk Page
  18. Bird of the Galaxy Great collection of old Trek Photos
  19. Leonard Nimoy Estrogen Brigade Webpage
  20. FaceInHole
  21. TV Guide
  22. George Takei’s Charity Japanese American National Museum
  23. Star Trek Animated
  24. TOS Sound Effects
  25. FanPop
  26. Encyclopedia Britannica Page for the show
  27. iTunes Watch episodes here
  28. MeTV Cable net that runs TOS on Saturdays
  29. IMDb

STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION animated star trek insignia

  1. Paramount+ Official Site
  2. BBC Site
  3. Follow Patrick Stewart (Picard) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook!
  4. Follow Jonathan Frakes (Riker) on Instagram and Twitter!
  5. Gates McFadden Official Site
  6. Follow Gates McFadden (Dr. Crusher) on Instagram and Twitter!
  7. Marina Sirtis The Official Site (Troi)
  8. Follow Marina Sirtis on Instagram
  9. Wil Wheaton DOT Net Official Site
  10. Follow Wil Wheaton (Wesley) on Instagram and Facebook!
  11. Follow Brent Spiner (Data) on Instagram and Facebook!
  12. Follow Levar Burton (LaForge) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!
  13. Levar Burton’s Website, Podcast and book club
  14. Follow Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) on Twitter and Facebook!
  15. Follow Whoopi Goldberg on Facebook! (Guinan)
  16. Follow Michelle Forbes (Ensign Ro) on Instagram!
  17. Follow Rosalind Chao (Keiko) on Instagram and Twitter!
  18. Follow Robert O’Reilly (Gowron) on Facebook!
  20. Patrick Stewart – The Actor’s Actor
  21. TV Guide
  23. FanPop
  24. IMDb


STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE animated star trek ship

  1. Paramount+ Official Site
  2. Sid City official site for Alexander Siddig (Bashir)
  3. Duncan Regehr’s Official Site (Shakaar Edon)
  4. The official web site for James Darren Fans
  5. Follow James Darren (Vic) on Facebook!
  6. Follow Nana Visitor (Kira) on Instagram and Twitter!
  7. Follow Armin Shimerman (Quark) on Twitter!
  8. Follow Terry Farrell (Jadzia) on Instagram and Twitter!
  9. Follow Cirroc Lofton (Jake) on Twitter and Facebook!
  10. Follow Nicole de Boer (Ezri) on Instagram and Twitter!
  11. Follow Chase Masterson (Leeta) on Twitter!
  12. Follow Penny Johnson Jerald (Kasidy) on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!
  13. Follow J.G. Hertzler (Martok) on Facebook!
  14. Follow Hana Hatae (Molly) on Instagram!
  15. Follow Mark Allen Shepherd (Morn) on Facebook!
  16. The Celestial Temple “LCARS”
  17. Remember Forever the Long Night
  18. Terry Farrell pictures page
  19. The Rene Auberjonois Internet Link
  20. Michael “Worf” Dorn’s Home Page
  21. TV Guide
  22. FanPop
  23. IMDb


 animated star trek ship

  1. Star Trek: Voyager Official Site
  2. Totally Kate! The Official Website of Kate Mulgrew
  3. Follow Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  4. Follow Robert Beltran (Chakotay) on Twitter
  5. Roxann Dawson Official Site
  6. Follow Roxann Dawson (B’Elanna) on Twitter and Instagram
  7. The Official Tim Russ Webpage
  8. Follow Tim Russ (Tuvok) on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
  9. The Robert Picardo Official Web Site
  10. Follow Robert Picardo (The Doctor) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  11. Robert Duncan McNeill Official Page
  12. Follow Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  13. Garrett Wang online
  14. Follow Garrett Wang (Ensign Kim) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  15. Follow Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  16. Chakotay Files
  17. TV Guide
  18. FanPop
  19. IMDb


  1. Paramount+ Official Site
  2. Follow Connor Trinneer (Trip) on Twitter and Instagram
  3. Follow Dominic Keating (Malcolm) on Twitter and Instagram
  4. Visit Connor Trinneer and Dominic Keating’s Shuttlepod Show and follow it on Twitter and Instagram
  5. Follow Jolene Blalock Rapino (T’Pol) on Instagram
  6. Follow John Billingsly (Dr. Phlox) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  7. Follow Anthony Montgomery (Travis) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  8. Follow Linda Park (Hoshi) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  9. TV Guide
  10. SciFiSpace
  11. Common Sense Media
  12. Scott Bakula Entertainment (Captain Archer)
  13. FanPop
  14. IMDb

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY  Star Trek: Discovery ship animated GIF

  1. Paramount+ Official Site
  2. Follow Doug Jones (Saru) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  3. Follow Anthony Rapp (Paul Stamets) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  4. Check out Anthony Rapp’s cool short film on YouTube!
  5. Follow Mary Wiseman (Tilly) on Twitter and Instagram
  6. Follow Wilson Cruz (Dr. Culber) on Twitter and Instagram
  7. Follow Patrick Kwok-Choon (Lt. Gen Rhys) on Twitter
  8. Follow David Benjamin Tomlinson (Linus) on Twitter and Instagram
  9. Tignation
  10. Follow Tig Notaro (Jett Reno) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  11. Follow Michelle Yeoh (Georgiou) on Facebook and Instagram
  12. Follow David Ajala (Booker) on Twitter and Instagram
  13. Follow Oded Fehr (Vance) on Twitter and Instagram
  14. Follow Raven Dauda (Dr. Tracy Pollard) on Twitter and Instagram
  15. Follow Jason Isaacs (Lorca) on Twitter and Instagram
  16. Hannah Cheesman’s Official Site
  17. Follow Hannah Cheesman (Airiam) on Twitter and Instagram
  18. Follow Rachael Ancheril (Nhan) on Twitter and Instagram
  19. Follow Jayne Brook (Cornwell) on Twitter
  20. Follow Tara Rosling (T’Rina) on Facebook and Instagram
  21. Follow Chelah Horsdal (Laira) on Twitter and Instagram
  22. Follow James Frain (Sarek) on Twitter and Instagram
  23. Follow Fabio Tassone (Book’s computer) on Instagram
  24. Follow Shawn Doyle (Tarka) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  25. TV Guide
  26. Fanpop
  27. IMDb

STAR TREK: PICARD "Star Trek: Picard" ships animated GIF

  1. Paramount+ Official Site
  2. Follow Michelle Hurd (Raffi) on Twitter and Instagram
  3. Follow Allison Pill (Agnes) on Instagram
  4. Follow Santiago Cabrera (Rios) on Instagram
  5. Follow Evan Evagora (Elnor) on Instagram
  6. (not updated)
  7. Follow Isa Briones (Soji/Kore) on Instagram (or Her artist account)
  8. Follow Orla Brady (Laira/Tallin) on Instagram
  9. Follow Ed Speleers (Jack) on Instagram
  10. Follow Todd Stashwick (Liam) on Twitter and Instagram
  11. Follow Ashlei Sharpe Chestnut (Sydney) on Twitter
  12. Follow Mica Burton (Alandra) on Twitter and Instagram
  13. Follow Joseph Lee (Lt. Mura) on Instagram
  14. Follow Jin Maley (Esmar) on Facebook and Instagram
  15. Follow Stephanie Czajkowski (T’Veen) on Twitter and Instagram
  16. Follow Sol Rodriguez (Teresa) on Facebook and Instagram
  17. Follow Alice Krige (Borg Queen) on Instagram
  18. Follow Jane Edwina Seymour (Borg Queen) on Facebook and Instagram
  19. Follow Tamlyn Tomita (Commander Oh) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  20. Follow Jonathan Del Arco (Hugh) on Facebook and Instagram
  21. Follow Madeline Wise (Yvette) on Instagram
  22. Follow Tiffany Shepis (Dr. Ohk) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  23. Follow Penelope Mitchell (Renée) on Instagram
  24. Follow Rebecca Wisocky (Ramdha) on Twitter and Instagram
  25. Follow James Callis (Maurice) on Instagram
  26. Follow Aaron Stanford (Sneed) on Instagram
  27. Follow Kirk Acevedo (Krinn) on Twitter and Instagram
  28. Follow Elizabeth Dennehy (Shelby) on Facebook and Instagram
  29. Follow Casey King (Icheb) on Instagram
  30. Follow Sumalee Montano (Mother) on Facebook and Twitter
  31. Follow Nolan North (Benbassat) on Twitter and Instagram
  32. Follow Lea Thompson (Dr. Warner) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  33. Follow Menik Gooneratne (alien emissary) on Twitter and Instagram
  34. Follow Thomas Decker (Titus) on Instagram
  35. Follow Amy Earhart (voice of Titan) on Twitter
  36. Follow Kay Bess (voice of La Sirena) on Facebook and Twitter
  37. Peyton List Online (Narissa)
  38. TV Guide
  39. FanPop
  40. IMDb

STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS  "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds" ship animated GIF

  1. Paramount+ Official Site
  2. Follow Anson Mount (Pike) on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram
  3. Follow Rebecca Romijn (Una) on Twitter and Instagram
  4. Follow Ethan Peck (Spock) on Instagram
  5. Follow Melissa Navia (Ortegas) on Instagram
  6. Listen to Christina Chong’s music!
  7. Follow Christina Chong (La’An) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  8. Follow Jess Bush (Chapel) on Instagram
  9. Follow Celia Rose Gooding on Instagram
  10. Official Site
  11. Follow André Dae Kim on Twitter and Instagram
  12. Follow Bruce Horak (Hemmer) on Facebook and Twitter
  13. Follow Gia Sandhu (T’Pring) on Instagram
  14. Follow Paul Wesley (Kirk) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  15. Follow Alex Kapp (voice of Enterprise) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  16. Follow Adrian Holmes (April) on Facebook and Instagram
  17. Follow Melanie Scrofano (Batel) on Twitter and Instagram
  18. TVGuide
  19. FanPop
  20. IMDb

STAR TREK: LOWER DECKS  "Star Trek: Lower Decks" ship animated GIF

  1. Paramount+ Official Site
  2. Follow Tawny Newsome (Beckett0 on Twitter and Instagram
  3. Follow Jack Quaid (Boimler) on Twitter and Instragram
  4. Follow No√ęl Wells (Tandy) on Twitter and Instagram
  5. Follow Dawnn Lewis (Captain Freeman) on Twitter and Instagram
  6. Follow Jerry O’Connell (Ransom) on Twitter and Instagram
  7. Follow Fred Tatasciore (Shaxs) on Instagram
  8. Official Site
  9. Follow Paul Scheer (Billups) on Facebook, Twitter and Instragram
  10. Follow Carl Tart (Kayshon) on Instagram
  11. Follow Jessica McKenna (Ensign Barnes) on Instagram
  12. Follow Phil LaMarr (Admiral Freeman) on Facebook and Instagram
  13. TVGuide
  14. IMDb

STAR TREK: PRODIGY "Star Trek: Prodigy" ship animated GIF

  1. Follow Brett Gray (Dal) on Facebook and Instagram
  2. Follow Ella Purnell (Gwyn) on Twitter and Instagram
  3. Follow Rylee Alazraqui (Rok-Tahk) on Twitter and Instagram
  4. Official Site
  5. Follow Dee Bradley Baker (Murf) on Instagram
  6. Follow Jimmi Simpson (Drednok) on Twitter and Instagram
  7. Follow Bonnie Gordon (ship computer) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  8. Follow Jameela Jamil (Asencia) on Instagram
  9. Follow Daveed Diggs (Commander Tysess) on Instagram
  10. TVGuide
  11. IMDb

KELVIN MOVIES animated Enterprise

  1. Official Star Trek Movie DVD Site
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Follow Zachary Quinto (Spock) on Instagram
  4. Follow Karl Urban (McCoy) on Instagram
  5. Follow Zoe Saldana (Uhura) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  6. Follow Simon Pegg (Scotty) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  7. Follow John Cho (Sulu) on Instagram
  8. Follow Winona Ryder (Amanda) on Instagram
  9. Follow Chris Hemsworth (George) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  10. Follow Jennifer Morrison (Winona) on Facebook and Instagram
  11. Follow Faran Tahir (Captain Robau) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  12. Follow Alive Eve (Carol Marcus) on Instagram
  13. Follow Noel Clarke (Thomas Harewood) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  14. Follow Nazneen Contractor (Rima Harewood) on Instagram
  15. Follow Idris Elba (Krall) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  16. Follow Joe Taslim (Manas) on Facebook
  17. Follow Deep Roy (Keenser) on Facebook and Instagram
  18. Melissa Roxburgh (Ensign Syl) on Twitter and Instagram
  19. Chris Pine Network
  20. Zachary Quinto Fans
  21. Winona Forever |
  22. Benedict Cumberbatch Central
  23. IMDb – , , and


  1. Star Trek WWW
  2. TrekToday
  3. Nichelle Nichol’s Official Site
  4. The Official John Colicos Page
  5. Patrick Stewart Tribute Page
  6. The Denise Crosby Repository
  7. Andrew’s TNG Page

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B'Elanna, Janeway and Tuvok in "Star Trek: Voyager"

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Episode Guide

Star Trek: Next Gen Episodes


"Star Trek: The Next Generation" actors

Star Trek: The Next Generation” Episode Guide by Suzanne

First SeasonSecond SeasonThird SeasonFourth SeasonFifth SeasonSixth SeasonSeventh SeasonMovies


  • Encounter at Farpoint (Two-hour pilot: Picard and his crew are assigned to find out the mysteries of Farpoint Station but are met by a powerful being called Q)
  • The Naked Now (The crew acts strangely due to a mysterious disease)
  • Code of Honor (Tasha is forced to fight the wife of a tribal black chieftain)
  • The Last Outpost (The Enterprise and a Ferengi ship are controlled by the guardian of an ancient civilization)
  • Where No One Has Gone Before (The crew experiences hallucinations at the end of the universe)
  • Lonely Among Us (An alien cloud inhabits the crew)
  • Justice (Wesley accidentally breaks the law on an idyllic planet)
  • The Battle (A Ferengi captain tries to destroy Picard’s mind)
  • Hide and Q (Q tries to tempt the crew with his powers)
  • Haven (Troi prepares to get married)
  • The Big Goodbye (Picard goes through a 1930’s detective adventure on the holodeck
  • Datalore (Data’s brother appears)
  • Angel One (The crew tries to rescue some crash survivors on a female-dominated planet)
  • 11001001 (Aliens called Binars steal the ship while keeping Riker busy on the holodeck)
  • Too Short a Season (An ambassador takes a youth drug in order to deal with an old foe)
  • When the Bough Breaks (The sterile Aldeans steal children in order to continue their race)
  • Home Soil (Terraformers find an unusual life form)
  • Coming of Age (Wesley takes the academy entrance exam and Picard is investigated by Starfleet)
  • Heart of Glory (Renegade Klingons are rescued by the Enterprise)
  • Arsenal of Freedom (The crew has to fight the weapons of a long-dead planet in order to rescue Picard and Crusher)
  • Symbiosis (The crew become involved in a dispute between the people of a drug-addicted planet and the people who supply them)
  • Skin of Evil (An evil oil slick-like creature kills Tasha and takes Troi hostage)
  • We’ll Always Have Paris (Michelle Phillips guests as Picard’s old flame, whose husband is having problems with distorted¬† time)
  • Conspiracy (An alien creature invades Starfleet bodies)
  • The Neutral Zone (The crew meets Romulans after rescuing frozen 20th century people)

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  • The Child (Troi gets pregnant and has a child by a mysterious alien)
  • Where Silence Has Lease (An alien being wants to experience emotions)
  • Elementary, My Dear Data (Data and Geordi play Sherlock Holmes on the holodeck)
  • The Outrageous Okona (The crew rescue a roguish pilot who is wanted on two planets, and Data learns about humor)
  • Loud As a Whisper (The ship transports a deaf-mute negotiator)
  • The Schizoid Man (An old man steals Data’s body)
  • Unnatural Selctions (Dr. Pulaski investigates a mysterious disease that is rapidly aging colonists)
  • A Matter of Honor (Riker temporarily transfers to a Klingon ship for an officer exchange program)
  • The Measure of a Man (Data is put on trial to determine if Starfleet can take him apart)
  • The Dauphin (Wesley falls for a shape-changing girl)
  • Contagion (The Enterprise and a Romulan ship are attacked by a computer virus)
  • The Royale (The crew finds the remains of a human on a planet modeled after Las Vegas)
  • Time Squared (A double of Picard is found on a shuttlecraft)
  • The Icarus Factor (Riker sees his father and Worf’s friends help him with a Klingon ritual)
  • Pen Pals (Data contacts a little girl on an imperiled planet)
  • Q Who (Q tries to join Starfleet and introduces the Borg)
  • Samaritan Snare (Mentally slow aliens steal Geordi)
  • Up the Long Ladder (A dying race tries to steal DNA from the crew for cloning purposes while the ship is transporting homeless colonists)
  • Manhunt (Troi’s mother looks for a mate)
  • The Emissary (The crew deals with frozen Klingons and meet Worf’s old girlfriend)
  • Peak Performance (The Enterprise engages in wargames)
  • Shades of Grey (Pulaski induces old memories in Riker in order to kill an alien parasite)

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  • Evolution (An obsessed scientist contends with the crew and Nannites in the computer)
  • The Ensigns of Command (Data functions as negotiator when a planet must be evacuated)
  • The Survivors(Two old people are the only ones left on a planet)
  • Who Watches the Watchers (The crew encounters stone-age vulcans)
  • The Bonding (Worf helps a boy whose mother was killed on a mission)
  • Booby Trap (Geordi and computer girlfriend Dr. Brahms save the ship)
  • The Price (Troi falls for an unethical Betazoid negotiator)
  • The Enemy (Geordi and a Romulan are imperiled on a planet)
  • The Vengeance Factor (Picard helps to negotiate a treaty between two peoples with an ancient feud and an assassin)
  • The Defector (A Romulan defector takes refuge on the ship)
  • The Hunted (Genetically-altered war veterans try to force The Enterprise to help them)
  • The High Ground (Terrorists kidnap Crusher)
  • Deja Q (Q becomes mortal)
  • A Matter of Perspective (Riker stands trial for murder)
  • Yesterday’s Enterprise (Time is altered when an Enterprise from the past appears)
  • The Offspring (Data creates Lall, his “child”)
  • The Sins of the Fathers (Worf and his brother try to prove that their father was not a traitor)
  • Allegiance (A fake Picard is put on the Enterprise while the real one is kidnapped and tested by aliens)
  • Captain’s Holiday (Picard vacations and becomes embroiled in romance and adventure)
  • Tin Man (A very telepathic Betazoid is sent to communicate with a new life form)
  • Hollow Pursuits (A nerdy crewmember gets addicted to holodeck fantasies)
  • The Most Toys (Data is kidnapped by a psycho collector)
  • Sarek (Spock’s father visits)
  • Menage a Trois (Troi and her mother are kidnapped by Ferengi)
  • Transfigurations (An amnesiatic Christ-like being evolves while on the ship)
  • The Best of Both Worlds Part I (The Borg threaten the Federation and kidnap Picard)

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  • The Best of Both Worlds Part II (The battle with the Borg and the transformed Picard ensues)
  • Family (Picard visits his family and Worf’s parents visit the Enterprise)
  • Brothers (Data and his evil twin meet their creator)
  • Suddenly Human (The crew encounters child abuse of a human boy living among humans)
  • Remember Me (Crusher is trapped in an alternate universe)
  • Legacy (The crew meet Tasha’s sister)
  • Reunion (Worf’s mate and their child appear amidst a Klingon dispute over who will head the Empire)
  • Future Imperfect (Riker thinks he’s lost his memory and that 25 years have passed)
  • Final Mission (Wesley and Picard crash-land on a desert planet)
  • The Loss (Troi loses her telepathic ability)
  • Data’s Day (A day in the life of Data)
  • The Wounded (During peace talks, a captain’s prejudice almost restarts the war with the Cardassians)
  • Devil’s Due (Picard fights a devil woman)
  • Clues (Data lies to the crew to protect them)
  • First Contact (An injured Riker is caught while undercover on an Earth-like planet)
  • Galaxy’s Child (The Enterprise helps an alien give birth and Geordi meets the real Dr. Brahms)
  • Night Terrors (Dream deprivation starts to drive the crew crazy)
  • Identity Crisis (Geordi and another crew member start to turn into alien shadow-creatures)
  • The Nth Degree (Barclay merges with the ship to prevent a crisis)
  • Qpid (Q makes Picard into Robin Hood so he can rescue Vash, Maid Marian)
  • The Drumhead (An ambassador heads a witch hunt for a Romulan spy)
  • Half a Life (Troi’s mother falls for a man condemned to die)
  • The Host (Crusher falls in love with a symbiotic alien ambassador)
  • In Theory (Data tries to fall in love)
  • Minds’ Eye (Geordi is brainwashed by Romulans)
  • Redemption (Picard is asked to be a negotiator in a Klingon dispute)

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  • Redemption II (Worf leaves to fight in the Klingon civil war while Picard tries to prove that the Romulans are involved)
  • Darmok (Picard is stranded on a planet with a monster and an alien that communicates in metaphor)
  • Ensign Ro (An officer with a bad attitude is brought on board to communicate with the beleagured Bajoran)
  • Silicon Avatar (An obsessed woman wants to kill the crystalline entity that killed her son)
  • Disaster (A disruption in space cripples the Enterprise)
  • The Game (Wesley saves the Enterprise from a mind-enslaving game)
  • Unification (Picard and Data go undercover in the Romulan Empire to find Spock)
  • Unification II (Picard and Data help Spock and an underground Romulan movement try to reunite the Vulcan and Romulan races)
  • A Matter of Time (An annoying historian from the future visits the Enterprise)
  • New Ground (Worf’s son comes to stay with him)
  • Hero Worship (A young boy, the lone survivor of a destroyed ship, tries to emulate Data)
  • Violations (Crewmembers undergo a form of psychic rape by telepathic aliens)
  • The Masterpiece Society (An idealic society is threatened by tremors)
  • Conundrum (The crewmembers lose their memories)
  • Power Play (Troi, Data, and O’Brien are taken over by aliens from a penal colony who hold the ship hostage)
  • Ethics (Worf becomes paralyzed and wants to commit suicide)
  • The Outcast (Riker falls for an androgynous alien)
  • Cause and Effect (The crew is caught in a time loop)
  • The First Duty (When a cadet is killed, Wesley and other cadets lie about the circumstances)
  • Cost of Living (Lwaxana prepares to marry)
  • The Perfect Mate (The Enterprise escorts a mate for a prince)
  • Imaginary Friend (A little girl finds a dangerous playmate)
  • I, Borg (The Enterprise finds a young Borg)
  • The Next Phase (Geordi and Ro turn into “ghosts” on a disabled Romulan ship)
  • The Inner Light (Picard’s mind is planted into that of a man long dead)
  • Time’s Arrow (Data’s head is found on Earth)

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  • Time’s Arrow II (The crew is threatened by mysterious aliens and Mark Twain on 18th century Earth)
  • Realm of Fear (Barclay thinks he has transporter psychosis)
  • Man of the People (A peace mediator dumps bad psychic energy into Troi)
  • Relics (Scotty is found suspended in a transporter beam)
  • Schisms (Riker and others inexplicably lose sleep and time)
  • True Q (A new officer discovers she’s a Q)
  • Rascals (Three of the officers are transformed into children while Ferengi take over the ship)
  • A Fistful of Datas (Troi, Worf and Alexander are trapped in a wild west scenario in the holodeck during a malfunction)
  • Quality of Life (Data fights for the rights of another mechanical life form)
  • Chain of Command (Picard, Worf and Crusher are assigned to spy in the Cardassian empire and the crew has to deal with a new captain)
  • Chain of Command Part 2 (Picard is tortured by the Cardassians)
  • Ship in a Bottle (Moriarty reappears and takes control of the ship)
  • Aquiel (Geordi falls for an officer who is suspected of being a shape-changing parasite)
  • Face of the Enemy (Troi turns into a Romulan)
  • Tapestry (Picard dies and Q offers to let him live his life over)
  • Birthright Part 1 (Worf and Data search for answers about their “fathers”)
  • Birthright Part 2 (Worf secretly visits a Romulan prison camp)
  • Starship Mine (During a routine cleaning, Picard discovers terrorists aboard the ship)
  • Lessons (Picard falls in love with a new science officer and then must send her into danger)
  • The Chase (Picard searches for missing pieces in a DNA puzzle)
  • Frame of Mind (Riker questions his sanity as he confronts altered realities)
  • Suspicions (Crusher tries to find the murdered among a group of scientists)
  • Rightful Heir (Worf meets the Klingon messiah)
  • Second Chance (The crew finds Riker’s double)
  • Timephase (Picard, Troi, Data, and Geordi come back from leave to find the Enterprise motionless in time)
  • Descent (As the ship battles the Borg, Data experiences emotions)

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  • Descent, Part 2 (Lore uses Data to torture Geordi, Picard, and Troi while Riker and Crusher try to rescue them and keep the ship from being destroyed by the Borg)
  • Liaisons (While alien ambassadors visit the ship, Picard and one of their race crash on a planet and are held captive by a madwoman)
  • Interface (While using a probe to investigate a crash site, Geordi sees his mother)
  • Gambit Part 1 (The crew investigates Picard’s mysterious death)
  • Gambit Part 2 (Riker and Picard work undercover to stop mercenaries from stealing Romulan artifacts)
  • Phantasms (Data experiences nightmares while awake)
  • Dark Page (Troi’s mother suffers a mental breakdown)
  • Attached (Picard and Crusher are mentally linked)
  • Force of Nature (The crew search for a missing ship in a corridor of space where warp engines are destroying the region)
  • Inheritance (Data meets his “mother”)
  • Parallels (Worf finds his reality changing)
  • The Pegasus (Riker’s former captain risks the Enterprise in the Neutral Zone to find their old ship)
  • Homeward (Worf’s step-brother violates the Prime Directive by bringing the members of a primitive race aboard the Enterprise)
  • Sub Rosa (After attending the funeral of her grandmother, Dr. Crusher falls in love with an ancient Scottish “ghost”)
  • Lower Decks (Four junior officers are up for promotion while the Enterprise is on a secret mission near the Cardassian border)
  • Thine Own Self (Data loses his memory on a primitive planet and Troi becomes a commander)
  • Masks (A strange comet gives Data multiple personalities and transforms the ship into an alien city)
  • Eye of the Beholder (After a crewman commits suicide, Troi has psychic visions)
    Genesis (While Data and Picard are off the ship, the rest of the crew de-evolves into primitives)
  • Journey’s End (Wesley interferes when the Enterprise has orders to move a Native American colony off its planet for the Cardassians)
  • Firstborn (A mysterious Klingon visits Worf and Alexander while the Enterprise tracks down B’etor and Lursa)
  • Bloodlines (A Ferengi from Picard’s past vows revenge on the son he never knew he had)
  • Emergence (The ship tries to create life, which affects the crew and the holodeck) (very end is missing)
  • Preemptive Strike (Ro Laren is recruited to infiltrate the Maquis)
  • All Good Things (Picard finds himself hurtling uncontrollably from the past to the present to the future and back again)

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From Jeff:  Movies featuring the TNG cast

“Star Trek: Generations” Picard and his crew fight against a crazy scientist name Soran who is trying to get the Nexus by destroying stars. Picard, trapped in the Nexus with Soran, gets the presumed-dead Captain Kirk to help him go back in time and stop Soran.

“Star Trek: First Contact” While defending Earth from the Borg, the Enterprise goes back in time to keep them from interfering with the first time the Vulcans landed (to make first contact), in order to change history and take over the Earth when its more vulnerable.

“Star Trek: Insurrection” While helping to rescue Data, who malfunctioned while observing inhabitants of a peaceful planet, Picard uncovers a plot from some top Federation officers (and some neighboring aliens) to force them off the planet and mine it for its fountain of youth qualities (thus destroying the planet).

“Star Trek: Nemesis” Riker and Troi are married, and an earlier version of Data, B-4, is discovered. Dying Romulan rebel Shinzon, a young clone of Picard, tries to kidnap Picard and use his blood to save his life as well as destroy life on Earth.

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Picard and Q (with Geordi and Tasha in the background) on "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast Birthdays

Star Trek: TNG Cast Birthdays


Worf animated GIF with birthday hat

TNG Cast Birthdays List

Remember your favorite “Star Trek” actor on their birthday or wish them a happy birthday on social media!

Note: We get this information from IMDB and Google, so please let us know if you see anything that’s inaccurate…

Joyce Agu 7/4/60
Majel Barrett 2/23/32*
Brian Bonsall 12/3/81
LeVar Burton 2/16/57
Rosalind Chao 9/23/57
Denise Crosby 11/24/57
John de Lancie 3/20/48
Daniel Davis 11/26/45
Michael Dorn 12/9/52
Michelle Forbes 1/8/67
Jonathan Frakes 8/19/52
Whoopi Goldberg 11/13/55
April Grace 3/12/62
Andreas Katsulas 5/18/46*
Barbara March 10/9/53*
Gates McFadden 3/2/49
Colm Meaney 5/30/53
Eric Menyuk 11/5/59
Diana Muldaur 8/19/38
Leonard Nimoy 3/26/31*
Robert O’Reilly 3/25/50
Suzie Plakson 6/3/58
Dwight Schultz 11/24/47
Armin Shimerman 11/5/49
Marina Sirtis 3/29/60
Brent Spiner 2/2/49
Patrick Stewart 7/13/40
Carel Struycken 7/30/48
Ken Thorley 7/14/50
Gwynyth Walsh 11/7/56
Doug Wert 7/31/61
Wil Wheaton 7/29/72
Patti Yasutake 9/6/53


F. Murray Abraham 10/24/39
Jude Ciccolella 11/30/47
Shannon Cochran 8/7/58
James Cromwell 1/27/40
Alan Dale 5/6/47
Mark Deakins 11/30/62
Jenette Goldstein 2/4/60
Tom Hardy 9/15/77
Gregg Henry 5/6/52
Michael Horton 9/5/52
Daniel Hugh Kelly 8/10/52
Jacqueline Kim 3/31/65
Thomas Kopache 10/17/45
Alice Krige 6/28/54
Neal McDonough 2/13/66
Malcolm McDowell 6/13/43
Marnie McPhail 7/4/66
Dina Meyer 12/22/68
Glenn Morshower 4/24/59
Kate Mulgrew 4/29/55
Donna Murphy 3/7/59
Stephanie Niznik 5/20/67*
Ron Perlman 4/13/50
Robert Picardo 10/27/53
Alan Ruck 7/1/56
Tim Russ 6/22/56
Adam Scott 4/3/73
Jack Shearer 3/21/44
Michael Welch 7/25/87
Alfre Woodard 11/8/52
Anthony Zerbe 5/20/36

*passed away

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Worf and birthday cake

Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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Star Trek: TNG Cast List

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Star Trek: The Next Generation Cast List

TNG Cast List


"Star Trek: The Next Generation" actors


Captain Jean-Luc Picard …. Patrick Stewart
Commander William T. Riker …. Jonathan Frakes
Lt. Commander Data …. Brent Spiner
Lieutenant Worf …. Michael Dorn
Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge …. LeVar Burton
Commander Deanna Troi …. Marina Sirtis
Commander Dr. Beverly Crusher …. Gates McFadden
Ensign Wesley Crusher …. Wil Wheaton
Chief Miles O’Brien …. Colm Meaney
Lieutenant Tasha Yar …. Denise Crosby
Guinan …. Whoopi Goldberg
Dr. Kate Pulaski …. Diana Muldaur
Nurse Alyssa Ogawa …. Patti Yasutake
Ensign Ro Laren …. Michelle Forbes
Keiko O’Brien …. Rosalind Chao
Alexander Rozhenko …. Brian Bonsall
Lt. Reginald ‘Reg’ Barclay III …. Dwight Schultz


Q …. John de Lancie
Lwaxana Troi …. Majel Barrett
Ensign Gates …. Joyce Agu
Letek …. Armin Shimerman
Chancellor Gowron … Robert O’Reilly
Transporter Chief Hubbell …. April Grace
Commander Tomalak …. Andreas Katsulas
Mr. Homn …. Carel Struycken
The Traveler …. Eric Menyuk
Federation-Klingon Liaison K’Ehleyr …. Suzie Plakson
Lt. Cmdr. Jack R. Crusher …. Doug Wert
B’Etor …. Gwynyth Walsh
Lursa …. Barbara March
Mr. Mott …. Ken Thorley
Professor James Moriarty …. Daniel Davis
Ambassador Spock …. Leonard Nimoy

"Star Trek: The Next Generation" actors


Most of this Info from Internet Movie Database

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