Y&R Character Description – Nikki Newman

Nicole “Nikki” Newman

Written By Darlene
on August 15, 2013

Nikki Newman loves her family and friends above everything else.  She often puts their needs ahead of her own.  Victor is the love of her life and, though they tend to hurt, hate, and leave each other, they belong together and always find their ways back.  Nikki often offers Victor good advice, but he seldom takes it.

Nikki is married to Victor.  They have two children together, Nicholas and Victoria.  Nikki is also stepmother to Adam and Abby.  She is grandmother to the late Cassie Newman, Noah Newman, Summer Newman, Faith Newman, Reed Helstrom, and Johnny Abbott.

Nikki is a recovering alcoholic.  Her sponsor is also her best friend, Katherine Chancellor.  Nikki is sponsor to Neil Winters who, in turn, sponsors Nikki’s friend and former husband, Jack Abbott.  Nikki struggles with her alcoholism when terrible things happen to her or her family, but Victor always comes to the rescue, though he still keeps alcohol readily available and out in the open in his home.

Nikki is a loyal friend and she usually takes the high road in moral decisions.  As long as your name isn’t Adam or Sharon and as long as you aren’t threatening her family, Nikki always has a kind word.  She is a class act. Hard to believe she started out as a stripper.

Parents: Nicholas Reed and Unknown
Children: Dylan McAvoy, Victoria and Nicholas Newman, Adam Newman (stepson), Abby Newman (stepdaughter)
Siblings: Casey Reed
Grandchildren: Cassidy Newman (adoptive), Noah, Summer and Faith Newman, Reed Hellstrom, Katherine Abbott, Johnny Abbott (adoptive), Christian Newman (adoptive), Connor Newman (step)

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Y&R Character Description – Nick Newman

Nicholas Newman


Nicholas Newman
Played By Josh Morrow
Written By Darlene

on May 22, 2013

Nicholas “Nick” Newman spent most of his life trying to make his father, business mogul Victor Newman, proud; but it always seemed that Victor held the bar higher for his son than his daughters, Victoria and Abby.  Nick realized that he would never make Victor proud and he no longer cared.  He ventured out on his own and discovered his own passion, which had nothing to do with business.  Nick is the owner of Genoa City’s newest nightclub, “The Underground.”

Nick is not only flaky in his professional life but also in matters of the heart.  He married his first love, Sharon, but strayed more than once.  When he found himself expecting a child with his mistress, Phyllis Summers, he divorced Sharon and married Phyllis.  He cheated on Phyllis with Sharon, and they divorced.  He planned to marry Sharon again, but she chose his brother, Adam.  Nick went back to Phyllis but decided he didn’t want to play her games, so he left her and hooked up with her sister, Avery.  It seems Nick may not have inherited his father’s head for business but they both have wandering hearts.

Nick would do anything to protect his family.  In spite of all the hearts he breaks, he feels the need to protect the women in his life, not the least of which is Summer, the child he conceived out of wedlock with Phyllis.  Summer, who became a beautiful young woman, is prone to mischief and makes foolish decisions in spite of warnings from family and friends.  This could be because Nick refuses to let her grow up.

Though Nick can be callous and hypocritical at times, he has a way of making people love him and forget all the horrible things he’s done.  After all, compared to his brother, Adam, in many ways Nick is a saint.

Grandparents: Albert and Cora Miller (paternal), Nicholas Reed (maternal)
Parents: Victor and Nicole “Nikki” Newman
Children: Cassidy Newman (adoptive, deceased), Noah, Summer and Faith Newman, Christian Newman (legal)
Siblings: Victoria Newman, Adam Newman (paternal-half), Abby Newman (paternal-half), Dylan McAvoy (maternal-half)
Aunts and Uncles: Matt Miller, (paternal), Casey Reed (maternal)
Nieces and Nephews: Reed Hellstrom, Johnny and Katherine Abbott, Connor and Christian Newman*

*Christian is the biological son of Adam Newman. He is the legal son of Nick Newman

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Y&R Character Description – Adam Newman

Adam Newman

Adam Newman

Written By Darlene
on October 21, 2012

During one of Victor’s disappearances, he met a kind, gentle blind woman named Hope Adams.  They fell in love and Victor took Hope back to Genoa City and married her.  When Hope found out she was pregnant,  the couple decided she would bring the baby to term in spite of the fact that the baby could inherit Hope’s blindness.  They named the baby Victor Adam Newman Jr.   Eventually, Hope admitted to herself and Victor Sr. that she wasn’t happy in the city and didn’t want to raise her son there.  She divorced Victor and moved back to Kansas where she married Cliff Wilson.  Years later, on her deathbed, Hope summoned both Victors to her bedside.  She told her son that Victor is not just a nice man, but also his father.  After his mother’s death, Vic now going by Adam, moved to Genoa City.  He was not welcomed with open arms as Nick and Victoria held a grudge against him.

Adam has done many evil things to the citizens of Genoa City and has made numerous enemies but one thing has never changed.  He is Victor’s son and shares some similarities with his father.  They are both ambitious, stubborn, and vindictive.

Several times, Adam has been a hero but his wrongdoings have overshadowed these instances.  He is trying to change his ways with his new wife Chelsea, but he can’t seem to stop lying when it comes to his ex-wife, Sharon Newman.  Looking forward to starting a family, Adam and Chelsea decide to go on a “babymoon.”  On the way to the airport, the couple is run off the road by a distraught Summer Newman, Nick’s daughter. Chelsea lost the baby, giving Adam new reason to despise his family.

Besides owning shares in Newman Enterprises, Adam is part owner of TagNGrab along with Kevin and Chloe Fisher.

Parents: Victor Newman (Father), Hope Adams (Mother) Cliff Wilson (stepfather)
Children: Connor Newman, Christian Newman (Adam is Christian’s birth father, but signed his parental rights over to his brother, Nick)
Siblings: Victoria, Nick and Abby Newman (paternal half siblings)
Aunts and Uncles: Matt Miller (paternal)
Nieces and Nephews: Reed Hellstrom, Johnny and Katie Abbott, Cassie, Noah, Summer, Faith, Connor and Christian Newman

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Y&R Character Description – Abby

Abby Newman


Written by Darlene
on October 19, 2012

 When Abby’s mother, Ashley Abbott, returned home pregnant after a lengthy vacation, she told everyone she’d gotten pregnant via sperm donation. Brad Carlton married Ashley and claimed the child as his own. Years later, Ashley was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fearing the worst, she made a video for young Abby revealing Abby’s true paternity — Victor Newman. In spite of the fact that Ashley survived the bout with cancer, Abby saw the video. For years, she considered both Brad and Victor her fathers.

Brad died saving Noah Newman from drowning in the lake near the Abbott cabin. Not long after that, Abby’s half-sister, Colleen, drowned in the very same lake. Since then, she has embraced the Newmans and the Newman name.

Abby’s need for attention was the strongest motivation when she developed the “Naked Heiress.” She pulled many outrageous stunts and gained some fame. The Naked Heiress was a passing fad, but Abby’s need for attention did not subside.

Abby sued Victor for enough money to start her own reality show, but when Victoria got involved, Abby lost control of the situation. The lawsuit that Abby, Victoria, and Nick finally won awarded them each half a billion dollars.

Abby disapproved of Ashley’s marriage to Tucker McCall. She staged a meeting between Tucker and Diane Jenkins, hoping her mother would catch the two having an affair. Instead, Abby lost control of her car and ran Tucker down, leaving him in a coma. Ashley tried to take the blame for it, but Tucker knew the truth. He never pressed charges.

Abby became a reporter for Restless Style when her uncle, Billy, was offered the chance to make his magazine of the same name into a gossip television show.

Parents: Victor Newman (Father), Ashley Abbott (Mother) Brad Carlton (Adoptive Father), Children: Unborn baby girl with Ben “Stitch” Rayburn (Miscarriage), Siblings: Victoria, Nick and Adam Newman (paternal half siblings), Colleen Carlton* (adoptive paternal half-sister), Aunts and Uncles: Jack, Traci and Billy Abbott, Eric Vanderway (maternal), Matt Miller (paternal), Cousins: Keemo, Kyle, Delia, Johnny** and Katie** Abbott, Theo Vanderway, Colleen Carlton, Nieces and Nephews: Reed Hellstrom, Johnny and Katie Abbott, Cassie, Noah, Summer, Faith, Connor and Christian Newman

*Colleen and Abby shared a father, Brad and their mothers, Ashley and Traci are sisters, so they were siblings and cousins.

**Katie and Johnny are Abby’s niece and nephew through Victoria and cousins through Billy.

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Abby's wedding day

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Y&R Character Description – Victor

Victor Newman

Victor Newman

Victor, is the son of Cora and Albert Miller. His parents, an impoverished couple in Buffalo New York, named him Christian Miller. After his father abandoned the family, Cora couldn’t afford to take care of her two sons, she took the oldest, seven year old Christian, to an orphanage. Though she promised to return for him, she never did. Christian ran away from the orphanage as a teenager and changed his name to Victor Newman, a name stating his intent to become a victorious new man. He started out selling soap out of the trunk of his car, and he eventually built a skill set to land a job running Chancellor Industries. He later started his own company, Newman Enterprises and turned it into a billion dollar conglomerate. In addition to being a wealthy and powerful businessman known world-wide for his shrewd skills, he’s also a husband and father. He and Nikki have been together off and on since the 1980s, and though they’ve hurt each other deeply and sworn that they’d never forgive each other, their love has proven to be unbreakable, and they continue to come back together. Victor did see his parents again. He and Cora made peace before her death. Albert became a wealthy man, though nowhere near as well-off as Victor. When Albert met his son again, he had no idea what a success he’d become. Albert rejected Victor, and, he offered to pay Victor to leave him alone. Hurt and furious, Victor revealed who he was and made it clear that he didn’t need Albert or his money.

Victor loves his family, but he’s never fully gotten over the abandonment he experienced as a child. He has sometimes crossed lines in order to do what he feels is best to protect his loved ones and keep them close. Victor is demanding, both in business and in his personal life. He has been known to pit his children against each other in an effort to push them to excel or to toe the line. When his family disappoints him, his reactions can be harsh. Victor once had Victoria arrested in an attempt to stop her wedding to Billy. When Nick and Sharon made plans to relocate to California and take Faith and Christian with them, Victor started a legal battle over custody of Christian (Adam’s biological son, who was being raised as Nick’s child). Victor also teamed up with Chloe to frame Adam for murder. It’s difficult for Victor to admit it when he’s wrong, but he usually eventually does. While being Victor’s relative means being held to a high standard, it also comes with perks. He gave Victoria, Nick and Abby every advantage in life that he did not have. Hope wanted her son, Victor Jr., AKA Adam, to have a simple peaceful life. Victor reluctantly allowed her to raise their son in Kansas, and he reached adulthood without knowing his mother’s “friend” Victor was his father. Hope told Adam the truth on her deathbed. Adam felt cheated and lied to, and he spent a lot of time punishing Victor for abandoning him and lashing out at his siblings because they had the childhood that he missed out on. Victor has said that if he could do it all over again, he’d raise Adam.

Victor has been embroiled in a bitter feud with Jack Abbott for decades. Jack once left Victor to die after he suffered a medical event, and Victor once kidnapped Jack and replaced him with a lookalike. Now that Jack and Victor have become seniors, they’ve found common ground, and while they are not friends, they have developed a grudging respect for each other.

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Victor, Jill and Neil




Y&R Character Description – Victoria

Victoria Newman

Victoria Newman

Victoria is the first child of Victor and Nikki. She feels that she shares many traits with her namesake, and she’s proud to be like her father. She’s strong and self assured and tenacious, with a sharp mind and business sense. A devoted mother and a loyal daughter and sister. However, she has done things that Victor considered to be a betrayal, such as successfully suing him for control of her $500,000,000 trust fund. She also threatened to take him down after he attempted to take control of Newman from her. He backed off and did not remove her as CEO. These acts did not come out of nowhere; they were the result of Victor doing things to Victoria that she felt were unjust. She believed that she was standing up for herself and taking what she deserved, just as Victor would’ve in her place. Victoria often takes Victor’s side when he does controversial things, and when she isn’t immediately supportive, she is quick to forgive him. This habit has caused tension between her and her romantic interests over the years.

Victoria loves Newman Enterprises, and she’s dreamed of running it since childhood. When she returned from boarding school, she took a job in the Newman mail room, and as she moved up the ranks, she learned everything there was to know about the company. She’s confident in her business skills, and she believes that she is the rightful heir to the company. As of 2020, she is the CEO. She’s pragmatic and doesn’t often let emotion get in the way of doing what she feels needs to be done. This has earned her a reputation for being cold, but she also has a spontaneous and playful side, which was seen more often after she developed a friendship and romance with Billy.

Her confidence was shaken after she suffered mental and physical abuse at the hands of JT Hellstrom. She was wary about falling in love again, but Billy convinced her to take a chance on him. She felt happy and secure in the relationship, and she thought they were building toward spending the rest of their lives together, but that fell apart after he informed her that he was dissatisfied with the relationship. She has made a promise to herself not to ever take him back.

Victor taught Victoria to box to help her feel like she was in control of her life again. She regained her confidence, but she slipped into a depression when she was stabbed by Ripley Turner in a case of mistaken identity. With help, Victoria made progress, and she returned to work. Adam blackmailed Victor into making him CEO and firing Victoria. Victor assured Victoria that it would only be temporary, and he asked her to let him handle it. Victoria decided to take charge and show that she could be as ruthless as Victor was. Victor did not agree with the way Victoria went about things. He told her that she could have her job back, but she’d lost his respect. Victoria, who usually craved Victor’s approval, was unfazed, marking a new point in their relationship.

Grandparents: Albert and Cora Miller (paternal), Nicholas Reed (maternal), Parents: Victor and Nikki Newman, Children: Reed Hellstrom, Johnny Abbott (adoptive), and Katherine Abbott, Siblings: Nick Newman, Adam Newman (paternal-half), Abby Newman (paternal-half), Dylan McAvoy (maternal-half), Aunts and Uncles: Matt Miller, (paternal), Casey Reed (maternal), Nieces and Nephews: Cassidy Newman (adoptive, deceased), Noah, Summer and Faith Newman, Christian Newman, Connor Newman

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Victoria and Reed


Y&R Character Description – Christian

Christian Newman


Christian has been described as a happy child, in spite of all the upheaval and revolving door of parental figures.

Christian had a complicated start in life. He’s the biological son of Adam Newman and Sage Warner Newman, but at birth, most people thought that Nick was his biological father. Sage had a DNA test while she was pregnant. Adam bribed the lab tech to say that Nick was the father. At the time, Adam had faked his death and had lead most of the town to believe his name was Gabriel. Victor knew Adam tampered with the results. Victor thought Adam didn’t he want the lab tech running the paternity test to notice he and Nick were related, which would blow his cover. Adam had been growing closer to Chelsea, under his Gabriel persona, and he feared that having a child with another woman just as they were connecting would jeopardize the connection he was building with Chelsea.

Christian was born prematurely, and Sage and Nick were told he died, but he was actually alive and well and being used in as a pawn in a revenge plot against Nick. Sandy Allen was a classmate of Sharon and Nick’s. As teens, she and Nick were hanging out, when he dared her to dive into a swimming pool from the roof. Sandy accepted the challenge and was paralyzed from the neck down as a result. Victor paid the family off, and Sandra disappeared from everyone’s lives. She made a full recovery and resurfaced as a psychiatrist working in Fairview and going by Sandra Anderson. Sharon checked into Fairview after a miscarriage that she was hiding from everyone except Mariah. She hoped to get pregnant again before anyone found out. Sandra found out about this and put her plan into motion. She lead Sharon to believe that she’d gotten pregnant again, and she kept her drugged and isolated so that no one would find out the truth. She tricked everyone into believing that Sharon gave birth, and she presented her with Christian.

Sharon and Dylan took “their” baby home and named him Sullivan. They raised him for months. Adam was seemingly killed in a cabin explosion, never knowing his son was alive. Prior to this, he’d come clean to Chelsea about Christian’s paternity. Sharon learned that Sully was truly Christian, but she couldn’t bear to lose the boy, so she hid the truth. Sage found out, and she confronted Sharon, but she was killed in a car accident before she could tell anyone else. Eventually, Nick learned the truth, and he took “his” son from Sharon and Dylan.

Chelsea told Phyllis that Adam was Christian’s father, and the information got back to Sharon. Sharon felt that she owed Nick the truth, even if it hurt, so she let him know. Nick was crushed, but he still saw Christian as a son. It turned out that Adam was not dead, and when he returned, he fought for custody of Christian. The judge was unhappy with Nick and Adam’s behavior, and Christian was temporarily placed in Victoria’s care. During a court ordered visit, Adam told Christian that he was really his father. Christian was too young to understand, and he thought Adam was making a joke. In the end, Adam withdrew his petition for custody, and Christian went back to Nick.

Due to being raised by his biological uncle, his siblings are his biological cousins, and his cousin Connor is his biological half-brother.

Parents – Sage and Adam Newman (biological), Nick Newman (legal), Siblings – Cassie, Noah, Summer and Faith Newman, Aunts – Victoria and Abby Newman, Uncles – Adam Newman, Cousins – Reed Hellstrom, Johnny and Katherine Abbott, Connor Newman

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Christian, Nick, Sharon and Dylan


Y&R Character Description – Connor

Connor Newman

Connor Newman

Connor is the son of Chelsea and Adam Newman. As of 2019, he was eight years old. Connor has two half siblings. Johnny, Connor’s older half brother, is the biological son of Chelsea and Billy Abbott. Chelsea relinquished her rights, and Victoria Newman has adopted Johnny. Christian, Connor’s younger half brother, is the biological son of Adam Newman and Sage Newman. Adam has given up his rights, and Christian is now the legal son of Nick Newman. As of 2020, Connor knows Johnny and Christian as his cousins and is unaware that they are his biological half-siblings. Connor struggled with anxiety after he and his parents were taken hostage and after Adam left town. Connor began acting out in alarming ways, such as locking Christian in a dark garage, and leaping from the jungle gym and breaking his arm. Chelsea and Adam decided to temporarily move back in together to help their son recover. One thing lead to another, and Adam and Chelsea decided to resume their romance. Connor was thrilled that the three of them would be staying together.

Family: Grandfathers – Victor Newman (paternal), Jeffrey Bardwell (maternal), Grandmothers – Hope Adams (paternal) Anita Lawson (maternal) Nikki Newman (paternal, step), Siblings – Johnny Abbott (maternal, half) and Christian Newman (paternal, half), Aunts – Victoria Newman, Abby Newman, Uncles – Nicholas Newman, Cousins – Cassie Newman, Noah Newman, Summer Newman, Faith Newman, Christian Newman, Reed Hellstrom, Johnny Abbott, Katherine Abbott.

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Connor and Chelsesa