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Lola Rosales

Lola Rosales

The youngest of three, Lola was raised by a single mother, because her father left the family before her birth. She did not meet him until she was an adult. She has a close bond with her brothers, Rey and Arturo, but they sometimes clash because she is independent, and they can be overprotective. She first appeared in 2018, when Kyle placed an order at her food truck. Lola has been passionate about cooking since she was a small child, with a focus on Cuban cuisine. Her dream is to own her own restaurant. She was initially reluctant to start a serious romantic relationship, because she didn’t want anything to distract from her goals. However, she and Kyle were drawn to each other and became a couple.

Lola didn’t come from a wealthy family, and she was uncomfortable with what she perceived as Kyle’s frivolous spending. Their differing values was one of the reasons that the relationship was on again off again.  Just after one of Lola and Kyle’s breakups, she was attacked in, a case of mistaken identity, and hit her head when she was pushed into the Abbott pool. Kyle rescued her, but she spent a month in a coma. While in the hospital, it was discovered that she was in liver failure. Summer was a match, and Kyle offered to marry her for one year if she’d save Lola’s life. Summer accepted the deal and donated part of her liver to Lola, but Kyle left Summer, for Lola, before their terms of their agreement were met.

After Lola’s recovery, she took a job as head chef at Devon and Abby’s restaurant. Kyle and Lola were married, and her parents, Celeste and Adrian came to town for the wedding. Lola gave her father a chance, but he was still unreliable, and soon disappeared from her life again. Lola made friends with Kyle’s cousin, Theo after discovering that they had a lot in common. Kyle was jealous of Lola and Theo’s bond, and it caused friction in their marriage. Kyle realized he and Lola rushed into marriage too quickly, and he admitted to her that he still loved Summer and wanted to be with her. Lola accepted this, and they separated. As of 2020, Lola is working on opening a restaurant in Miami, while retaining her job in Genoa City. She and Theo have made plans to go on a date.

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