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Please link to us by posting one or more of the following banners on your web site, blog, or group.

1. Choose from one of the images below and right-click on it.
2. From the menu, choose “Save As’ or “Save Picture As”
3. Use the suggested name or choose your own for the image.
4. Insert the picture onto the site, group or board.
5. Create a hyperlink to that picture by inserting the following HTML:
<a href=””><img src=”XXXX”></a>
6. Replace the XXXX by the name of the file you chose in Step 3, including any location directory. For example, if the file is located in your “images” folder, you would place “images/” before the filename.

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Family Guy banner #1

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Instructions for linking:

  • First choose a banner.

  • Right-click on it with your mouse button and choose “save as…”

  • Upload it to your web page.

  • Use this HTML: <a href=””><img src=”banner.jpg”></a>

  • Put the actual name of the banner where it says “banner.jpg”

  • Make sure to include any directory you might have put the file in, such as images/banner.jpg

  • Thank you!!!

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