General Hospital Character Description: Drew Cain

ABC’s “General Hospital” stars Cameron Mathison as Drew Cain. (ABC/Ricky Middlesworth)

Drew Cain


Drew is a hero. He was in the military a long time, and even when he was tortured and brainwashed to be an assassin, his true nature came through. Drew is Jason Morgan’s twin brother, which makes him a Quartermaine. He was kidnapped at birth and raised by Franco’s mom, Betsy. He was a hero in the military but was derailed by Shiloh, who was trying to cover up his crimes. Shiloh had Drew’s memories erased, and he was kidnapped. Kim Nero and Drew had a son, Oscar, who died very young from cancer. For a time, Drew had been implanted with Jason’s memories, so he lived his life…until the real Jason re-appeared.

Drew was first involved with Elizabeth, and then later with Sam (when he thought he was Jason). He and Sam had a daughter, Scout, but they divorced when Jason returned. Drew was thought to be killed when Peter sabotaged his plane. He re-appeared recently, after being rescued, and has become involved with Carly.

Although he supposedly doesn’t have all of his former memories, he seems to remember them sometimes. It’s a little unclear whether he’s still missing some of his memories or whether he still has some of Jason’s.  At any rate, he is definitely a lighter character than he was and is a true hero. Much like Curtis, he helps out the police and others when needed. He owns Aurora Media, which is part of ELQ. He seems to spend more time having adventures or canoodling with Carly than he does doing business.

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Cameron Mathison (Drew) and Laura Wright (Carly) screenshot from 3/10/23 video General Hospital official Facebook page