General Hospital Character Description: Brook Lynn Quartermaine

AMANDA SETTON (Brook Lynn) on GENERAL HOSPITAL – ABC’s “General Hospital” stars Amanda Setton As Brook Lynn. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Brook Lynn Quartermaine

Brook Lynn is the daughter of Ned Quartermaine and his ex-wife, Lois. She grew up in Bensonhurst with Lois, but Ned visited. She’s very close with both of her parents. She came to Port Charles to stay for a while in 2004 and was involved in teen storylines off and on. She’s been back in town as an adult since 2019.

Brook Lynn is a singer and songwriter, but she lost her singing voice when her throat was slashed by Nelle. She is a very strong and smart woman. She works for ELQ and also in the music business. She has an on=again, off-again relationship with police officer Chase, who sang some of her songs and had a brief music career.

Brook Lynn is very loyal to her friends and will go to great lengths to help them. She is a good friend to Maxie.

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AMANDA SETTON (Brook Lynn) on General Hospital “04/05/23” Episode “15193” – “General Hospital” airs Monday – Friday, on ABC (check local listings). (ABC/Christine Bartolucci)