Y&R Character Description – Kyle Abbott

Kyle Abbott


In recent years, Kyle has had two love interests, Summer and Lola. When Lola needed a kidney transplant, Kyle learned that Summer was a match. He offered to marry Summer in exchange for her kidney, with an agreement to stay married for a period of one year. However, Kyle broke things off and went back to Lola shortly after she made a full recovery. Kyle married Lola, but less than a year later, he admitted that he made a mistake and that Summer was the woman for him. When it comes to his professional life, Kyle is more sure of what he wants. He’s worked his way up the ranks at Jabot and he wants to run a company some day. He is not above betraying his relatives in pursuit of that goal; he teamed up with Victor once to take Jabot from Jack, and when Billy was CEO, Kyle exploited Billy’s gambling addiction in hopes of getting him fired. It’s been a long time since Kyle did anything too underhanded, so those days might be behind him. 

Grandparents –  Paternal: – John Abbott Sr. and Dina Mergeron, Maternal: Kyle Jenkins and Unknown
Parents: Jack Abbott and Diane Jenkins
Siblings: Keemo Abbott (paternal half-brother)
Paternal Aunts and Uncles: Traci, Ashley and Billy Abott, Eric Vanderway
Cousins: Abby Newman, Colleen Carlton, Theo Vanderway, Cordelia, Johnny and Katie Abbott

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Jack and Kyle

Y&R Character Description – Jack Abbott

Jack Abbott


John Abbott Jr, AKA – Jack is a former playboy who slept with many of the models from Jabot, and after sleeping with him, the women would ask him to make them the lead model. Diane Jenkins tried this but ended up falling head over heels for him. However, Jack decided to marry Patti Williams (Paul’s sister) to show his father that he had grown up. He still saw Diane and even slept with her on the day of his wedding to Patti; Jill set it up so that a pregnant Patti would find Jack and Diane together. This caused her to miscarry. After making plans to move out of the house and have another baby, Patti overheard Jack making plans to have a vasectomy.  Patti was so enraged she shot Jack three times, causing him to become paralyzed. He eventually recovered.

Jack and Victor Newman are long time bitter rivals. Jack married Nikki, Victor’s ex and true love. They had a son together, but he was born prematurely and died.

Jack found out that a woman he had loved while he was serving in Vietnam had had his child, whom she named Keemo. Luan and Jack were married, but she died from a terminal illness.

Diane returned to town and she and Jack were engaged, but Victor stole her away and they were married. In order to keep Victor, Diane stole sperm she thought was Victor’s to enable her to have a child. However, it turned out to be Jack’s sperm so they now have a child, Kyle.

Jack began courting Phyllis Summers to spy on Newman, but he fell in love with her and they were married. He stood by her when she went to trial for arson and trying to kill Diane. She was acquitted after evidence was found that Diane had set the fire to frame Phyllis. Jack and Phyllis used this to gain custody of his son, Kyle.

Family — Mother: Dina Abbott Mergeron, father: John Abbott, Children: Keemo Abbott, Kyle Abbott, Paternal half brother: Billy Abbott, Maternal half sister: Ashley Abbott, Maternal half brother: Eric Vanderway, Sister: Traci Abbott Carlton Connelly, nieces: Abby Newman, Colleen Carlton, Cordelia and Katie Abbott, Nephews: Theo Vanderway, Johnny Abbott

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Jack and Nikki

Y&R Character Description – Billy Abbott

Billy Abbott

Written By Darlene
on October 23, 2012

Billy Abbott is the son of Jill Abbott Fenmore and the late John Abbott.  He shares the same father with Jack, Ashley, and Traci.  He shares the same mother with Phillip Chancellor III.   When Jill and John divorced, Billy went away to boarding school and returned as a teenager.  His partying days started then, and he found himself in one predicament after another — alcohol, women, and gambling being his major vices.  He left town again when he found out that his marriage to Mackenzie was invalid because they were first cousins.  Years later, as adults, the two reconciled briefly after finding out they are not related after all.

Billy is the father of Cordelia Abbott, a child he conceived with Chloe Mitchell who was little more than a fling.  He also conceived a child with Chelsea Lawson (now Chelsea Newman).  Billy and his current wife, Victoria Newman Abbott, are raising the baby.  They named him John.

Billy has a way of finding trouble wherever he goes and whatever he does, but he loves his family and he has the best of intentions.  He just can’t get past the need to stick it to his father-in-law, Victor Newman.  The two have had a rivalry for years now.  The fact that Billy is an Abbott, brother of Victor’s nemesis, Jack Abbott, coupled with the fact that Billy is married to Victor’s daughter makes him enemy number one, and Victor has done equally evil things to Billy.  Billy also finds it difficult to pass up a juicy story for his magazine, Restless Style, even when it hurts his family.

In spite of his past and oft bad decisions, one can’t help but root for this lovable playboy.  He adores Victoria and dotes on his children.  He’s the apple of his sisters’ eyes and sometimes the voice of reason for his big brother, Jack.

Parents: John Abbott and Jill Foster Abbott
Children: Cordelia, John and Katherine Abbott
Siblings: Jack, Traci and Ashley Abbott (paternal half-siblings), Phillip Chancellor III (maternal half-brother)
Aunts and Uncles: Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (maternal, half), Snapper and Greg Foster (maternal, adoptive)
First Cousins: Scott Grainger and Fenmore Baldwin
Nieces and Nephews: Abby Newman, Colleen Carlton, Keemo and Kyle Abbott, Chance Chancellor

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Billy and Kyle

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Y&R Character Description – Ashley Abbott

Ashley Abbott

Ashley Abbott

Ashley Abbott is the biological daughter of Dina Mergeron and Brent Davis. She grew up believing that her biological father was John Abbott, and she did not find out the truth until she was an adult. The decision was made not to tell John, and he died never knowing Ashley was not his biological child. Ashley and John were very close. He doted on her and nicknamed her “My beauty.” Ashley had a more strained relationship with Dina, who left the family to start a new life in Europe, when Ashley was eleven, and didn’t return for over a decade. Things with her mother became more fractured when Ashley learned that she was the result of one of Dina’s many affairs. Dina returned to Genoa City in 2017, because she wanted to reconnect with her family after learning of her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. 

Ashley is very competitive, a hard worker and a proud Abbott. She spent a lot of time vying with Jack over control of Jabot. When Jack thought he was at risk of losing to Ashley, he revealed that he’d written a clause into the company by-laws preventing non-blood Abbotts from being CEO. Ashley was devastated and furious that Jack would do this to her. She tricked her mother into believing that Jack was not a biological Abbott either, then she arranged for this false story to be publicly revealed to humiliate Jack and show him how it felt. Eventually, Ashley learned that Dina talked John into giving Ashley ownership of all the patents for the products Ashley created, as the Jabot chemist. This went a long way toward healing Ashley’s relationship with her mother.

When the truth came out about what Ashley had done to Jack, she took her patents and moved to Paris to start her own cosmetics company, called My Beauty. This left Jabot scrambling to create new products to sell. She later renamed her company Abbott Exchange. As time passed, Ashley and Jack reconciled, and they merged Abbott Exchange with Jabot. Ashley resides in Paris, but she returns to Genoa City often for family events and to spend time with her mother, who is on the verge of succumbing to Alzheimer’s.

Ashley has a daughter, Abby with Victor. Her siblings are Jack and Traci Abbott. They are legally full siblings, but because of Ashley’s paternity, they are biologically her maternal half-siblings. She also has a maternal half brother Eric Vanderway, and a paternal half brother Billy Abbott. Though Ashley and Billy don’t share blood, they share a sibling bond.

Her nieces and nephews are Keemo and Kyle, through Jack, Colleen, through Traci, Theo, through Eric, and Delia, Johnny and Katie through Billy.

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Ashley and Neil