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Update written by Joseph

Everett works on his laptop at the Brady Pub as Stephanie approaches and joins him. She asks what he’s working on. He tells her it’s the expose’ on the unfortunate exploits of Paulina Price during the Smith Island Snowstorm and then shows her the article.

Paulian sits at home with Abe, telling her about how she, Chanel, and Johnny were waiting on Chanel’s blood test when Kayla came in and announced that Chanel is pregnant. Paulina says if something happens to the baby, she’ll never forgive herself. Abe encourages her not to be so hard on herself. Paulina worries that she made a stupid, impulsive decision to try to save Chanel and now it may have tragic consequences. Abe understands her heart was in the right place. Paulina cries that her heart is broken for what Chanel and Johnny are going through as she breaks down crying, questioning what she has done.

Nicole sits at home and thinks back to being with Eric and Jude in the town square. Chanel and Johnny enter the room. Nicole notes that they were out late and asks if everything is okay. Chanel says it’s been a long day and they are just exhausted. Johnny says goodnight to Nicole and they head back out.

Rafe and Jada come out of the Pub together with food to go. They joke about not eating their fries until they get home. They kiss until Eric approaches and greets them. Jada mentions that they are heading home. Eric thought Jada lived at the Pub but Jada reveals that she just moved in with Rafe. Eric congratulates them. Jada asks about Jude. Eric says he’s great. Rafe asks about Sloan. Eric says she’s been busy. Eric adds that he has to get going and tells them to have fun as he hurries off.

EJ asks Sloan what she means by half right. Sloan responds that it means Jude is Nicole’s baby, but not EJ’s. Sloan declares that Eric is the biological father. EJ calls this not possible. Sloan says she hates it as much as he does, but swears it’s the truth. EJ question why he should believe a lying kidnapper. Sloan asks what she would have to gain from lying about this. Sloan knows it’s a shock but says they both want the same thing; to save their marriages. Sloan warns EJ that if he wants to hang on to Nicole and not have their lives blow up, he has to keep the secret to himself.

Abe continues to encourage Paulina that she did what she needed to do. Paulina complains about having to prove herself and blames her ego as she thought if she saved Chanel, she would be perceived as a hero but now all she feels is terrible guilty and regret. Paulina tells Abe to go ahead and say he told her so. Abe suggests getting her to bed because it’s been a long day and there’s nothing they can do about it right now. Paulina decides she can check in with Chanel, so she’s calling her so she can hear again how sorry she is and how much she loves her.

Johnny and Chanel sit together in the room. Chanel says that was awkward but Johnny says he’s sure Nicole just thought they were tired like they said. Chanel gets a call from Paulina but decides not to answer and asks if that’s mean. Johnny says it’s okay to call her back tomorrow. Chanel says she’s just too confused and tired to talk to her right now. Chanel adds that she can’t even wrap her head around the fact that she’s pregnant. Johnny admits that he was so excited when they first found out, thinking of them as parents and knowing they made a baby together. Johnny says it made him feel so close to her. Chanel says she felt the same before they realized there could be a problem. Chanel adds that she wasn’t even sure she was ready to have a baby this soon and knows that he wasn’t either. Johnny admits he wasn’t, but now it’s happening. Johnny tells Chanel that he loves her so much and the idea of having a baby with her just feels awesome and amazing. Johnny acknowledges that there could be problems which gives them a lot to think about and says they do have options.

EJ tells Sloan that he is appalled at the depths of her deception, especially since she knows there is a DNA test proving Nicole’s baby is his, as he has the results in his safe. Sloan reveals that she switched the results for obvious reasons. EJ can’t believe it and calls it another one of her sickening lies. Sloan wishes it was. EJ refuses to believe her and declares they’ll have to do another DNA test. Sloan agrees to swab Jude and give him Eric’s toothbrush. EJ says he thought she was scum before. Sloan tells him to shut up and says that lashing out is going to get him nowhere. Sloan declares that now that EJ knows the truth, they are on the same team and will have to work together to avert disaster because if Eric and Nicole ever find out they share a child together, that’s it for them and it will be game over.

Stephanie reads Everett’s article on Paulina. They talk about Paulina being unwilling to explain herself. Stephanie suggests waiting a couple hours and reaching out to her again but Everett argues that Paulina has had enough time to respond. Everett asks if that’s okay. Stephanie talks about how she used to do PR for Paulina and she hasn’t used her in awhile but she likes her. Everett says Paulina is great and he understands what she’s saying, but he can’t hold off on publishing and allow another paper to scoop them. Stephanie questions not running it by Chad first. Everett responds that it’s his call since he’s editor-in-chief but notes that Chad actually started the article and asked him to finish it, so he feels pretty certain that he will approve.

Paulina complains of her call to Chanel going to voicemail. Abe suggests she could be sleeping but Paulina worries that Chanel is angry as Hell with her. Abe encourages that Chanel and Johnny are just trying to process everything. Paulina continues to blame herself. Abe says what’s done is done, so all they can do is be there for Chanel and Johnny and pray for the best. Abe encourages Paulina to rest. Paulina decides she will go take a bath. Abe tells her that he loves her. Paulina remarks that she’s glad someone does because right now, she doesn’t feel very lovable.

Chanel assumes Johnny is talking about options like terminating the pregnancy. Johnny assures that he would love nothing more than to have lots of babies with her, but the radiation issue complicates things and they don’t even know what the risks are. Chanel adds that Kayla said they might not know until after the baby is born. Johnny says that complicates things even more. Chanel tells Johnny that she loves him so much and she wishes they could just be happy. Johnny hugs Chanel as she cries.

EJ goes home to the DiMera Mansion and pours a drink. Nicole comes in behind him and asks if everything is okay.

Chanel talks to Johnny about one of her favorite customers at the Bakery who has down syndrome. Chanel wants to hire her as soon as she’s old enough. Chanel says her family has probably had to make sacrifices for her, but she’s sure that can’t outweigh the joy that she has brought to their lives. Chanel declares that even with this radiation scare and even if something could be wrong with their baby, her feeling right now is “so what?”. Chanel adds that maybe their baby will be imperfect but everyone is. Chanel feels as long as the baby has them to love and care for them, it will still be a blessing. Johnny agrees as they hug.

Rafe and Jada go home together. Jada says she’s already loving sharing the space with him so much. Rafe encourages that it’s her home now too. Jada talks about how lucky they are to be so happy and in love. Rafe says he’s so grateful and he’s not taking it for granted. Rafe asks what Jada is thinking. Jada brings up when they ran in to Eric earlier and says he seemed so unhappy and down. Rafe agrees. Jada calls it strange because she knows how thrilled Eric was to be a dad. Jada suggests maybe Eric and Sloan are just having problems. Rafe says that would be his guess as Sloan seems like an extremely difficult woman to deal with. Jada hopes everything works out for Eric as she and Rafe kiss.

Eric goes home where Sloan greets him and asks if he talked to Leo. Eric responds that he was wasted and could barely stand up but they had a conversation. Sloan asks if Leo had anything to say about his accusation. Eric says that Leo passed out and by the end of it, he kind of felt sorry for him.

Nicole notes that EJ seems rattled. EJ claims it was just a long day at the office where he had to deal with unexpected issues. EJ assumes Nicole also had a long day since she’s still up and working so he suggests they just go to bed. Nicole stops him and says there’s something she has to tell him that she should’ve told him before. Nicole reminds EJ that of the article on the homeless that Chad assigned her to. EJ recalls feeling better knowing that Nicole wouldn’t be alone as she would have her with photographer with her. Nicole then reveals that the photographer is Eric.

Abe sees the article on Paulina and immediately pulls out his phone to call Stephanie. Abe asks if she’s seen the article. Stephanie confirms that she just read it and she tried to call Paulina to warn her but it went straight to voicemail. Abe asks what to do about damage control. Stephanie says there’s not much since it’s already out there, but notes that it would help if Paulina did put out a statement. Stephanie asks where Paulina is and why she isn’t calling her about this. Abe says she’s taking a bath and hasn’t seen the article. Abe asks if this scandal is going to hurt Paulina’s political career. Stephanie responds that she hopes not, but time will tell.

Johnny tells Chanel that she has the biggest heart of anyone he’s ever known and that’s one of the many reasons he fell in love with her. Johnny agrees with her that any new life is a blessing and he thinks they will totally nail parenting. Chanel worries about not being mom material but Johnny disagrees. Johnny points out that Chanel owns her own business and goes to work every day. Johnny feels if anyone is irresponsible or immature it’s him, since his only job title is trust fund baby. Chanel insists that he is mature and has great work ethic. Chanel says he just has to find his calling as he has so many talents. Johnny thanks her and decides maybe it is time to find his calling and grow up fast.

Nicole tells EJ that she will quit the job at the Spectator if he wants. EJ tells her it’s fine and he’s not uncomfortable with her and Eric working together as long as she’s okay with it. Nicole assures that she is and it doesn’t bother her. Nicole says it’s just business and she knows that she and Eric have a bond but that’s in the past. Nicole insists that EJ is her present and her future as they kiss.

Rafe and Jada talk about the art decoration in his house. Jada points out on which Rafe says was Jordan’s that she wanted him to have. Jada suggests putting it in the closet now which Rafe says is fine with him. Jada then hangs her own painting in it’s place which they agree is better. Jada brings up that Rafe’s never told her much about Jordan or their relationship. Rafe responds that she was Clyde Weston’s daughter and certifiably insane. Jada guesses it didn’t end well which Rafe confirms. They joke about knowing how to pick them. Rafe says they have improved immensely as they kiss.

Everett asks Stephanie if there’s a conflict of interest if she takes on Paulina as a client when she works for the Spectator. Stephanie asks if he’s saying she has to choose. Everett clarifies that he doesn’t want her to leave the Spectator and he’s fine with it. Stephanie assures that she’s a professional and won’t cross any boundaries. Everett apologizes if he put her on the defensive. Everett thinks they’ve been talking too much about work stuff and calls it exhausting. Everett asks how she’d feel about doing something fun and not work related together. Everett then asks if it’s too soon. Stephanie says it depends on what kind of fun they are talking about. Everett knows they need to take this slow if there even is a “this”. Everett adds that he doesn’t blame her for being cautious or guarded with him since he doesn’t want to pressure her in any way. Stephanie admits it’s been really confusing for her with everything that has happened. Stephanie guesses she’s just feeling a bit self-protective right now. Everett says she should be and he totally gets that. Everett says they can be whatever she wants, friends or something more, but if she’s not ready, he totally understands. Stephanie says that sounds fine and jokes that she is partial to fun. Stephanie asks what he had in mind. Everett brings up how they used to play pickleball in Seattle. Stephanie agrees that was really fun and jokes that she usually kicked his butt. Everett asks if she wants to give it a go, so Stephanie agrees to head to the courts on the other side of the park. Everett then receives an e-mail with the final divorce documents of he and Jada. He opens the e-mail and sees his Robert Stein signature which seems to trigger a change in him.

Paulina returns from her bath and tells Abe that it really did the trick and she feels somewhat relaxed. Paulina says she thought about what Abe said and agrees that Chanel was probably just asleep so she won’t read any more in to her not answering her call. Paulina says she will just have faith that everything will be alright. Paulina talks about how they all love each other but notes Abe being distracted and asks what’s wrong. Abe hates to be the one to show her this as he presents the article on her, titled “Rogue Radioactive Mayor”.

Chanel listens to Paulina’s voicemail, saying she’s sorry to call late but she feels terrible and hates that she caused her to be sick or put her pregnancy in jeopardy. Chanel worries that she sounds upset. Chanel calls it complicated because she loves her mom and hates that she’s so miserable, but she can’t deal with the drama tonight. Johnny assures that Paulina will understand and says Chanel needs to start thinking about herself and their baby. Johnny adds that he’s there for whatever she needs. Johnny prays that they receive reassuring news from the doctor, but even if they don’t, they will handle that together.

Eric tells Sloan that he hates what Leo did to her but questions why she didn’t come to him about it. Sloan apologizes and agrees it was wrong. Eric decides no more secrets which Sloan promises as they hug.

EJ asks Nicole if Holly went to bed already. Nicole confirms that she did as she had a rough night being overwhelmed with school work. EJ is sorry she’s struggling but thinks it’s important that she not overdo it. EJ adds that it’s just as important that Nicole not overdo it either since she’s a working woman. Nicole jokes that the same applies to him so EJ suggests they both not overdo it and think about a vacation. Nicole calls that a lovely idea but says they should wait since she just started a new job and they should probably wait until Holly is out of school. Nicole then points out they are the only ones here since everyone went to sleep, so they kiss.

Jada talks about how she didn’t have much wall space to hang anything at her old place, but now it’s really starting to feel like home as she kisses Rafe. Jada gets the alert on phone with the divorce papers. Jada exclaims that it’s finally over. Rafe calls that amazing news and reveals he got her favorite champagne to celebrate. They toast to their beautiful future and their great fortune in finding each other. Jada calls it kind of ironic that she’s celebrating her divorce more than she did her marriage to Bobby. Jada recalls falling for him quickly but he turned cold and distant, like someone flipped a switch. Jada says now she’s incredibly relieved to not have to worry about him, declaring she’s finally free from him. Rafe says he is incredibly relieved because he loves her. Jada calls him her one and only as they kiss onto the bed.

Stephanie asks Everett for his pickleball availability but Everett shuts his laptop and asks to figure it out later since he has a deadline for another story. Stephanie tells him to call her when he has schedule figured out then. Everett says he will and says he will see her later. Stephanie asks if everything is alright. Everett says he is but if he doesn’t get to writing, he’ll get grouchy, so Stephanie agrees to exit. After Stephanie leaves, a woman goes to the bar. Everett approaches her and asks if she’s drinking alone. She says she’s just having a beer after work. He offers to join her so she tells him to have a seat. He then introduces himself as “Bobby” while the woman says her name is Alana.

Abe informs Paulina that he just spoke with Stephanie, who is going to come up with a statement to explain. Paulina says the article is just telling it like it is and she was clearly in the wrong. Paulina declares that it’s way past time that she face the music.

Johnny tells Chanel that they have a lot to think about it and be happy about. Chanel adds a lot to be worried about too. Johnny assures they will face those worries with strength and love, but for now he thinks they should just close out the rest of the world for tonight. Chanel agrees as they kiss. Chanel tells Johnny that she’s so grateful for him. Johnny says the same.

Nicole tells EJ that maybe they’ve been taking each other for granted lately. EJ says he would never. Nicole says they do talk a lot to each other, eat meals and watch TV together along with discussing their kids and people who drive them nuts. Nicole feels they haven’t done nearly enough of this as they kiss. EJ and Nicole then head upstairs together.

Eric tells Sloan that they are good now, no more secrets. Sloan agrees and says they will be open and honest about everything as they kiss.

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