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Nicole and Holly walk through the town square. Nicole asks about Holly’s first day back at school which she says was fine. Nicole decides that since Holly is back in school, she’s going to return her phone to her. Holly questions if she’s going to keep tabs on her. Nicole calls it an opportunity to earn her trust back.

Brady and Tate have coffee at the Brady Pub. Brady wonders where their waiter is. Tate then says he’ll be right back.

Eric comes home with Jude to Sloan, who notes that they took off early this morning. Eric asks if she has a minute because he needs to talk to her. Eric mentions stopping by the Spectator yesterday for a photography job, but when he was walking out, he heard Leo on the phone, saying he would give him a ringing endorsement and work every angle he can. Eric says that Leo was obviously talking to her. Sloan questions why he would be talking to her. Eric points out that no one knew he was going there but her, so he asks her to tell him what’s going on between her and Leo.

Alex sits at home, complaining about the press release about Bella closing not being what he called for. Theresa comes in and joins him, so Alex asks if she read it. Theresa says she didn’t as she knew what was happening. Alex then complains that Theresa had to run straight to Maggie as soon as he told her the magazine was closing.

Kristen enters the living room of the DiMera Mansion and greets EJ, noting that he’s off to an early start. EJ says he has to get to the DiMera offices and then the district attorney’s office. EJ says Kristen can mock him, but the company won’t run itself and once the board votes, he will be the permanent CEO. Kristen says that’s if the vote goes forward without a hitch. EJ is sure it will and tells her to prepare for that. Kristen responds that she is prepared. Kristen asks if EJ heard about the Bistro opening again. EJ says he saw it on social media. Kristen asks if he will be having lunch there now to support their brother. EJ jokes that wild horses couldn’t drag him there. Kristen thinks it would be fun to watch their brother actually work since he’s in charge all by himself. Kristen brings up EJ giving Stefan a very sweet deal when he could’ve been in prison for years, but EJ let him walk so an outside may have questions about that decision. Kristen says as a member of the family, it’s crystal clear to her that EJ is playing the long game because it would’ve been in his best interest to send Stefan off to prison until a parole hearing in a decade or so, then he wouldn’t be a threat to his grip on power but that didn’t happen so EJ has something else on his mind. EJ says he would love to continue to listen to her fan fiction, but he is late for a breakfast date with Nicole. Kristen asks if she’s right. EJ asks if she’s trying to find where the bodies are buried, but not his. Kristen says they shall see about that as EJ exits.

Sloan admits to Eric that she called Leo and they spoke about him. Sloan feels that Leo owes her for going above and beyond as his attorney. Sloan says she wanted Leo to put in a good word for him as she was trying to help him. Sloan talks about Eric being her husband and she wants his photography business to take off so he can find joy in his work like she finds joy in her work. Sloan declares that they can be the power couple with the life that people will say they want what they have. Eric argues that isn’t who he is and he doesn’t think that’s what this is about at all.

Theresa tells Alex that she did not run to Maggie’s. Theresa says Maggie is her friend and also her sponsor, so she feels like she let her down along with the whole Bella team. Theresa talks about how that can affect one’s sobriety and it’s high stakes for her so she had to do an act of self care and speak to her sponsor. Alex says he gets it and she’s right. Theresa says all he had to do was ask and not accuse. Alex agrees and apologizes but notes that afterwards, Maggie came to Titan and insisted he give her a job at the company which he wasn’t prepared for and now he’s stuck with her. Theresa is surprised he said yes. Alex says he didn’t have much option since Maggie threatened to go to the board, so in order to keep the board at bay, he’s bringing her back but on his terms. Theresa compliments his business instincts. Theresa praises Maggie as a brilliant business woman and says this could be a really good thing for Alex. Theresa feels with he and Maggie together, they could take Titan to the next level.

Holly tells Nicole that she knows she hasn’t been the most trustworthy person but promises to try to be better at it. Holly’s best friend, Sophia joins them and says they are going to need coffee for their school work. Nicole tells them to have fun and tells Holly to come home after school as they walk away.

Tate returns in a Brady Pub apron to bring Brady his coffee. Brady questions what he’s doing. Tate explains that the cook called in sick so Roman is in the back and he’s going to help out. Brady asks if he’s sure, worrying that he could be late for school. Tate assures that he won’t be but notes that Brady needs to go pick up Rachel. Brady wishes Tate luck and exits the Pub. Tate then goes behind the counter to work as Holly and Sophia enter the Pub. They get a table while Tate brings them their menus. Sophia comments on it being fancy seeing him there. Tate explains that he’s just helping out his uncle Roman as he’s short staffed. Sophia calls it sweet of him to help his family. Tate offers Holly a menu but she says she’s not hungry. Tate encourages her to look at the specials so Holly takes a look and finds a sticky note inside with Tate’s phone number on it which she takes. Tate finishes taking their order and heads back behind the counter.

Theresa sits down and sighs so Alex asks if everything is okay. Theresa says it just really sucks that she can’t fix things at Bella. Alex encourages that it’s not her fault. Theresa says she’s trying to do things now that are within her control as she wants to help people on the marketing team find their next gig. Alex comments on her thinking of others in a time of crisis. Theresa says that’s what a leader does but she doesn’t have much to lead right now. Theresa points out that Alex does so maybe he could move people around in the company like he offered to do with her. Alex tells her that offer still stands but Theresa declines, saying she doesn’t think corporate America is for her. Alex asks what’s next for her then.

Sloan doesn’t know what Eric is thinking. Eric says it’s what h’s seeing. Eric shows her the numbers in the finances and complains that they are not adding up. Sloan argues that they already went through this and she told him they were fine. Eric argues that she manipulated the numbers but it was a trick and says they are not adding up as there’s a lot of money not accounting for. Eric declares that he thinks he’s starting to realize what’s really going on.

EJ meets Nicole in the town square and says he was late because of family stuff. Nicole guesses it’s Kristen which EJ confirms. Nicole asks if he’s ready for breakfast but EJ says he has to get to the DiMera offices to address action items. Nicole guesses that doesn’t include the Bistro which EJ also confirms and adds that he won’t be attending the Bistro’s reopening. Nicole asks if they can schedule lunch but EJ says he has depositions and case reviews. Nicole is worried about EJ running himself ragged. EJ assures that he feels focused and determined and sees the future ahead for the company and for the city. EJ says he thrives on chaos and he loves her for being right by his side as they kiss.

Kristen uses her laptop to start typing up a letter to Mr. Shin, but then decides against it. Brady arrives and asks where Rachel is or they’re going to be late for school. Kristen informs Brady that Rachel is already gone since she insisted on an early art class, so she had one of the drivers take her. Brady argues that she could’ve called him and he would’ve taken her. Kristen claims she got caught up with EJ and lost track of time. Kristen says now that Brady is there, they could have breakfast and they should chat. Brady tells her that he’s not interested and says he’ll pick Rachel up from school. Kristen says she has to stay late for tutoring. Brady questions Kristen not telling him that Rachel is being tutored. Kristen claims she was going to tell him at some point and supposes now is as good a time as any. Kristen tells him that Rachel is having trouble with math. Brady repeats that Kristen didn’t tell him. Kristen says she’s telling him now. Brady decides he’s going to go. Kristen stops him and remarks that she told Alex about Rachel having a tutor and he’s very supportive and interested, claiming that Alex is very interested. Brady is pretty sure that Alex doesn’t give a damn and that Rachel feels the same. Kristen understands if he’s threatened but claims it’s true. Brady says he’ll speak to Rachel about what the truth is when he sees her tonight and he’ll find out what she says about Alex.

Theresa tells Alex that she’s really in to fashion and food, so maybe she could start a blog. Alex says it sounds great. Theresa then remarks that she wonders how much Alex is going to see of Maggie now that she’s engaged to Konstantin which shocks Alex. Theresa says she thought he knew but she just found out when she went to see Maggie. Theresa asks Alex not to say anything since she was told in confidence. Alex agrees not to say anything but questions what the hell Maggie is thinking.

Nicole tells EJ that she’s a little embarrassed because he has two jobs and she doesn’t even have one. EJ tells her that she’s a DiMera now and doesn’t have to worry about that. Nicole says she still has an ego and she’s always worked since that’s who she is. EJ says he respects that she’s ambitious and talented but he doesn’t think her going back to work right now is a good idea.

Sophia comments to Holly that she wishes Tate was on the menu and questions how Holly can study when Tate is waiting on them. Holly says her mom will kill her if she doesn’t get all A’s. Sophia goes to the restroom, so Tate comes over and asks if Holly told her about them. Holly says no and it’s killing her not to because they tell each other everything, but Sophia also tells her mom everything. Tate says that’s probably smart then. Tate mentions getting a cheap cellphone so they can interact without their parents finding out. Tate says he should get back to work so Roman doesn’t report him to his parents. Holly tells him that she’s really happy to see him as he heads back to work.

Sloan tells Eric that she thinks he’s way off base. Eric argues that he’s counseled couples and knows finances can lead to lots of addictions. Eric questions if she has gambling addiction and says they can get through it together. Sloan tells him that she’s not a gambler, so Eric asks her to tell him what’s going on. Eric reminds her that he’s here for her and is waiting for her to tell him the truth. Sloan tells Eric that he pretends like he wants to work when he actually wants to stay at home all day with the baby. Eric questions what she’s talking about. Sloan accuses him of projecting his anxieties about finances on her. Eric says that’s not what this is about. Sloan says she can pay the bill, the rent, the car, and utilities because she can handle it. Eric tells her not to make herself out to be a martyr. Sloan decides she’s going to take Jude for a walk before she says something half as hurtful as what he just said as she then storms out.

Kristen tells Brady that Rachel will probably say Alex is tall and funny and will call him mad dope. Brady says he’s not buying it and he doesn’t know what Kristen is up to, but it’s not going to work. Kristen tells Brady that it’s not all about him and she would love to chat more about her private life, but she has a lot to do so he can let himself out.

Theresa tells Alex that Maggie the smartest woman she knows, but she thinks that she is thinking with her heart. Theresa thinks that Maggie is trying to hold onto the connection to Victor through Konstantin. Alex complains that Konstantin just rubs him the wrong way and brings up the idea of him getting his hands on his father’s money. Theresa tries to say he’s too respectful to do that. Alex talks about the vibe Konstantin gives off and questions what the hell Maggie is thinking by marrying a con man.

Sophia returns to Holly and tells her that she just saw the poster for prom, so she wonders if Tate will go. Sophia asks if Holly is totally over Tate after everything that happened. Holly claims that she was never really in to him in the first place. Sophia says she was just checking and asks if Holly will go to prom. Holly says she doesn’t know. Sophia guesses her mom might shut that down. Holly hopes not and notes that Nicole did just give her phone back to her so she might be starting to trust her again. Sophia talks about prom being a big deal and how they could double date. Holly says it all sounds great but they have to get going to school. Holly waves goodbye to Tate as she and Sophia exit the Pub. Tate then sees that Holly left one of her notebooks and runs to catch up with them.

Nicole questions EJ about how working is not a good idea. EJ clarifies that where she works might be the issue since she can’t work at Basic Black with him as the CEO as DiMera Enterprises. Nicole talks about not knowing where she would go to work but she has too much time on her hands and needs something more fulfilling. EJ is sure she’ll be a great asset to where ever she chooses to work. EJ notes that he could use her talents at DiMera. Nicole calls that not really her vibe right now. EJ asks what exactly is her vibe then. Nicole admits she does have some ideas.

Holly and Sophia walk through the park. Sophia talks about how much fun they would have shopping for prom dresses. Holly agrees to talk to her mom but says she can’t make any promises. Tate then rushes up to catch up with them.

Eric brings the mail in and goes through the junk and catalogs before finding a past due notice addressed to Sloan which he quickly opens.

Brady goes to leave the DiMera Mansion as Nicole comes home. Brady explains that he was there to take Rachel to school but Kristen made sure that didn’t happen. Nicole says she’s sorry. Brady asks how Holly’s first day back at school was. Nicole says all she said was it was fine. Brady says Tate said the same. They agree that at least they are both progressing. Nicole tells Brady how much she’s always loved Tate just like Brady has always loved Holly. Nicole knows they’ve agreed Tate and Holly can’t be friends for awhile or maybe ever, but she hopes that she and Brady can one day be friends again. Brady suggests now and always.

Theresa says Alex is getting caught up in things that are probably never going to happen. Alex complains that he recently read a business book that said to always anticipate and always plan. Theresa says she’d love to hear about it but starts to massage him, noting that he is so tense. Theresa tells him that he really needs to relax. They get close but Theresa pulls away and says she’s going to the gym now. Alex tells her that she’s really good at massages and he’s going to take a shower.

Sloan walks through the town square with Jude. Sloan says she knows Jude doesn’t like it when she and Eric fight but sometimes they have disagreements and someone doesn’t know what’s in his best interest. She ends up running in to EJ. EJ starts to walk away but Sloan questions why he gave Stefan such an incredibly generous deal, only to sabotage it with the judge. EJ responds that his family situation is none of her concern and walks away. Sloan remarks that little does EJ know.

Nicole tells Brady that she’s so glad he still wants to be friends after all the torment that Holly put him and his family through, calling it very generous of him. Brady acknowledges that Holly is a kid and he knows she didn’t have malicious intent when she made a mistake. Nicole feels she should’ve been so attentive to her but she was consumed with grief after losing her son. Brady tells her not to go there as kids make mistakes and they’ve made their fair share as it’s part of life. Brady promises it will be okay. Nicole says she truly hopes so.

Tate tells Holy that she forgot her notebook. Holly can’t believe she left it. Sophia thanks Tate and points out that Tate really sprinted after them. Tate says he just wanted to make sure that Holly had the notebook before class. Holly says she’ll see him around as she and Sophia then walk away.

Eric questions how Sloan could let this happen as he reads the letter and finds daily reoccurring charges at the Salem inn. Eric wonders what the hell is going on.

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