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Kate brings Lucas snacks and books at the monastery that he’s staying at. Lucas complains about having no internet but admits that it’s better than prison. Lucas tells Kate that he’s praying a lot to get out, see his family, and get his life back.

Marlena finds Alex at Small Bar and notes that she hasn’t seen him for awhile. Alex invites her to sit and assumes that Brady updated her on the latest. Marlena confirms that Brady told her that Alex has moved on with Kristen which made her wonder why she would get involved with somebody who is so difficult, but she thought maybe he had some ulterior motive.

Brady and Theresa bring Tate home. Tate says it feels amazing especially after having his ankle monitor removed. Theresa says they are just so glad he’s there. Brady asks if Tate wants to take a nap but Tate says he’s too wired and hungry. Theresa says Brady will go get him whatever he wants but Tate says he’d like to go out as he would really like to be around people since he hasn’t seen his friends in awhile. Tate mentions texting his friends about hanging out. Theresa tells him that if Holly is one of those friends, he can forget it and stay home.

Holly goes to the living room of the DiMera Mansion where Nicole tells her that she’s going to talk and Holly’s going to listen.

Alex questions Marlena’s insinuations. Paulina arrives and says she hopes she’s not late. Marlena says not at all and informs Alex that she and Paulina are having kind of a girls night out. Alex tells Paulina that it’s good to see her and he’s very happy to hear about her recovery. Paulina asks if there’s a reason he’s buttering her up. Alex responds that he just appreciates strong, beautiful women. Paulina feels he appreciates a whole lot of women. Alex says it was good to see them and exits. Paulina hopes Alex is a patient of Marlena’s because she guesses he needs some help. Marlena asks how Paulina is. Paulina says she’s glad that she asked her to come out since it’s been too long. Marlena mentions she was going to decide on the Bistro but it hasn’t reopened yet which Paulina decides is probably for the best. Paulina talks about sticking to her diet before the rest of her treatment. Paulina tells Marlena that she will be ordering a vodka.

Kate tells Lucas that she’s praying too. Lucas hoped she could do a little more than that. Kate reminds him that the deal to shorten his sentence was never finalized. Lucas complains that it’s not his fault that he got attacked before he could finish his plan to out Clyde. Kate points out that now that Clyde has escaped, she’s not sure what they could do to persuade them to let Lucas out of prison early. Lucas asks if Kate’s saying he’s stuck here and has to do his time.

Tate tells Theresa that he didn’t mention Holly’s name and questions if they are going to continue to treat him like a prisoner. Tate complains that he’s been stuck in prison and then a halfway house for months. Theresa argues that they just don’t want Tate to be around Holly for obvious reasons. Brady understands Tate wants to see his friends but thinks Theresa was hoping he’d stay home tonight because they missed him. Tate says he missed them too but he saw them when they visited and he hasn’t seen his friends in forever, so he asks if he can go out just for tonight. Brady asks Tate to be sure he’s not going to see Holly which he confirms, so Brady tells Tate to have fun then. Tate promises he won’t be out late as he then goes to get ready.

Nicole asks Holly what she thinks her consequences should be for what she did. Holly admits she thought she would be grounded by now. Nicole wanted to make sure she thought things through and that she wasn’t coming from a place of anger and hurt. Nicole knows the purpose of consequences is to stop the behavior from happening in the future. Holly asks if she talks about that in therapy with Marlena, guessing it’s mostly about her. Nicole tells her that’s none of her business but she wanted to make sure the punishment fit the crime. Nicole points out that Holly lied to the police and let EJ prosecute an innocent bystander who was her friend. Nicole adds that even if Holly was trying to protect her, she thinks part of her was trying to protect herself. Nicole argues that she is supposed to protect Holly and if she was just honest from the beginning, none of this would’ve happened. Holly agrees and decides whatever punishment she has, she knows she deserves it.

Kate tells Lucas that she’s not giving up on getting him out. Kate brings up that Harris recovered and is out of the hospital. Lucas argues that Harris needs to step up since he got him in to this mess and keeps making promises he can’t keep. Kate declares that if Harris doesn’t come through, she’s going straight to the Governor because one way or another, Lucas is getting his freedom back.

Paulina says she’s not supposed to have more than one alcoholic drink a day on her diet and she’s indulging tonight on her girls night out with Marlena. Marlena is glad they could make it happen. Paulina complains about her treatment but says she’s grateful to be alive to go through it. Marlena knows it might be difficult for her to be in isolation since she’s usually so active but encourages that maybe she can relish the quiet. Paulina says she had weeks of that in the hospital, so she’s over that. Paulina declares that she won’t relish anything about sitting in isolation, especially being separated from her husband.

Nicole tells Holly that the first thing she’s going to do is make amends with Tate. Holly argues that’s kind of hard to do when his parents don’t want her seeing him. Nicole says that Holly will respect those wishes and instructs her to write letters to Tate and his parents. Holly states that Tate knows how sorry she is. Nicole says then she’s going to remind him, very sincerely and empathetically. Nicole points out that Holly took months off of Tate’s life that he can never get back and she’s surprised Tate found it in his heart to forgive her. Holly asks if Nicole will ever forgive her.

Tate runs in to Alex in the park. Alex is surprised to see him and notices he’s not wearing his ankle monitor, so he questions if he’s supposed to be out. Tate confirms that he can be where ever he wants as he informs Alex that he got released today. Alex calls that great news and says he’s happy for him. Tate tells Alex that he doesn’t have to pretend to care as he knows that he broke up with Theresa and that he was two seconds away from calling the cops on him just now.

Brady tells Theresa that he’s sorry Tate flew out so fast. Theresa admits she can’t blame him for not wanting to stay home with his parents. Theresa can’t believe Tate is finally home as she thought the day would never come. Brady feels like the nightmare is finally over. Theresa doesn’t think Tate will be too happy though when he sees that her stuff has taken over his room, so she will need to clear out of there. Brady argues that Tate can just stay on the couch but Theresa refuses to do that to him. Brady asks Theresa why she doesn’t just sleep in his bed then.

Paulina tells Marlena that there is something she wants to ask her about her near-death experience. Paulina talks about hearing what happens when you’re braindead and how it makes you see things that aren’t there. Marlena asks if she saw things that weren’t there. Paulina confirms that she thinks she did and maybe she was just dreaming, but it all felt so real. Paulina tells Marlena about first seeing a very bright light and then asks if Marlena believes in ghosts.

Alex tells Tate that Theresa was the one who broke up with him which surprises Tate. Alex assures that he is happy for Tate, reminding him that he was the one who hired Tate’s first lawyer. Alex remarks that maybe if Theresa hadn’t fired him, Tate would’ve been out a lot sooner but clarifies that he’s not blaming her. Alex states that he’s just really happy that it all worked out in the end. Alex brings up Theresa crashing in Tate’s old room and asks where she’s going to go now that he’s home. Tate doesn’t know as he hadn’t really thought about it.

Theresa questions Brady offering his bed. Brady clarifies that he’ll sleep on the couch. Theresa says it wouldn’t be right. Brady says he’d be totally fine with it but Theresa insists she wouldn’t do that. Theresa declares that it’s time for her to move out and rent a room at the Salem Inn. Brady says she doesn’t have to do that but Theresa thinks it’s best for everybody.

Nicole tells Holly that she forgives her. Nicole says she’s angry, sad, and scared. Holly insists that she’s fine. Nicole questions how long Holly was using drugs before what happened on New Year’s. Holly swears it was only a few weeks. Nicole asks where she got the drugs. Holly says it was at school and they are kind of everywhere. Holly vows that after what happened, she will never use again. Nicole hopes there are fewer drugs on the streets of Salem now that Clyde Weston’s drug ring has been busted. Holly explains that she never thought something like this could happen as so many kids have prescriptions for these pills. Holly insists that she’s learned her lesson but Nicole questions if she has. Holly admits that she has had a drink since New Year’s. Nicole calls alcohol a drug too and says they shouldn’t have to remind her that she is underage. Holly explains that after the Christening, she was really nervous and scared about telling the truth so she had some champagne. Holly promises it was only two glasses and that nobody could tell. Nicole thanks her for being honest, but says she needs to be honest too. Nicole wants to trust Holly but feels now she’s just shown her that she can’t.

Lucas complains about his fate lying in the hands of Harris Michaels. Kate points out that Harris saved her life while Lucas argues that he almost got her killed. Kate encourages Lucas to have faith and to promise he won’t leave no matter what. Kate warns that Clyde has eyes and ears everywhere including the police department. Lucas questions what Clyde wants from him since he can’t bring him down. Kate feels she knows Clyde better than anyone and that he’s all about revenge. Lucas asks what’s going to happen when he gets out of prison then and if he’s not going to be safe until Clyde is dead.

Marlena asks Paulina to tell her about her near-death experience at the hospital. Paulina tells her to buckle up because she’s going to think she’s crazy or clinically insane. Marlena says whatever happened brought her back to them and they will always be grateful for that. Paulina then reveals that after she saw the light, Abe’s late wife Lexie appeared. Paulina explains that first she thought Lexie was going to take her to the other side but she told her that she wanted her to stay with Abe and then she was suddenly healed while Abe got his memory back like a double miracle. Paulina knows she had a lot of medication in her but points out that Abe saw the same thing. Paulina asks if Marlena thinks that really could’ve happened. Marlena asks if Paulina thinks so. Paulina says she’s just starting to wonder and brings up hearing Kate’s voice in the urn when she was supposedly dead, so maybe she has an extra sensory perception. Marlena says there are so many things in the world that they don’t understand, so nothing would surprise her anymore.

Tate tells Alex that he’s not sure where Theresa is going to live but he’s sure she’ll figure it out. Alex says she always does and asks Tate to tell Theresa how happy he is for him. Tate asks why Alex just doesn’t tell her himself since they worked together. Alex notes that Theresa has kind of been avoiding him. Tate thinks there’s a simple solution that doesn’t involve him. Alex calls him very mature. Alex asks Tate what happened and how he got released. Tate informs him that Holly finally remembered that it was her drugs. Alex questions her not knowing that the whole time and guesses that Tate just doesn’t want to admit he’s covering for her. Tate calls it complicated while Alex says Tate’s a better man than him as he doesn’t think he’d ever be able to forgive someone who screwed him over like that…

Brady asks Theresa if she’s sure he can’t talk her in to staying. Theresa thinks it’s best to leave on a high note and points out that instead of them fighting, they fought together for Tate and they won. Brady says they’ve come a long way which Theresa agrees with. Brady says he’ll see her at the office but Theresa says she’s been working remotely since breaking up with Alex. Brady offers to help smooth things over but Theresa says she’s a big girl and can handle it. Brady says he’ll see her sometime somewhere else then. Brady offers to help her with her bags but Theresa says she’s good and she will write a thank you letter to John and Marlena for letting her stay. Theresa tells Brady to take care as they hug and she then exits.

Holly doesn’t get it since she just told Nicole the truth and now she suddenly doesn’t trust her. Nicole argues that Holly almost died and clearly hasn’t learned her lesson. Nicole says that she can only earn her trust through time and hard work. Nicole wants Holly to start by going to therapy, not as a punishment but just because she needs it after all the trauma she’s been through and calls it non-negotiable. Nicole adds that if the therapist thinks she needs further treatment. Holly says no to rehab but Nicole argues that she just admitted to drinking right after coming out of a coma from a drug overdose. Holly argues that she had been out of the coma and remarks that it’s not like Nicole didn’t have a few drinks at her age. Nicole warns her not to throw her past in her face and calls that different. Holly shouts that she’s really sorry. Nicole asks if Holly can even grasp what she put Tate and his family through as he was beaten up in jail. Holly argues that she was in a coma so it’s not her fault that EJ went ballistic on him. Nicole argues that Tate was trying to protect her and was only made out to be a villain because EJ believed her when she said Holly would never take drugs. Nicole decides she will only feel better if she makes sure that Holly is no longer in danger of relapsing, so she is grounded indefinitely. Holly argues that she can’t do that as she has to see her friends. Nicole says she can see her friends here and demands that she hand over her cell phone and car keys.

Marlena tells Paulina that she could pass by the no visitor rule since she works at the hospital. Paulina doesn’t want her exposing herself to radiation. Marlena insists that she can wear the suit and keep her visits brief. Paulina calls her a great friend but feels she’s been a horrible friend since they’ve spent the whole time talking about her and she hasn’t asked about Marlena. Marlena responds that Paulina’s life has been a lot more exciting than her life the past few weeks. Paulina finds that hard to believe but says Marlena doesn’t seem like herself, so she asks if everything is alright. Marlena guesses she isn’t covering very well. Paulina confirms that she can see the worry in her face. Marlena tells her that John has been going through a lot of revelations about his past lately. Paulina is sorry to hear that and knows it can be difficult to exorcise those demons to move on. Marlena encourages that John will get through it fine and she’ll be there to help him. Paulina guesses this is not their first time. Marlena confirms that John has been going through this for a very long time. Paulina says they are lucky to have Marlena as they toast their drinks.

Alex sees Theresa going through the town square with her bags and offers to help. Theresa starts to decline but then accepts his help. Alex mentions running in to Tate and tells Theresa how happy he is that Tate is out of the halfway house. Theresa thanks Alex for what he did to support Tate. Theresa mentions getting a room at the Salem Inn until she figures out a more permanent solution. Alex questions why when half of her belongings are still at his place. Alex asks why she would spend a money on a hotel when they started off a as a platonic living arrangement and there’s no reason they can’t go back to that. Theresa says she can think of a few reasons.

Holly questions Nicole wanting her to hand over her phone and her freedom. Nicole says those are the terms. Holly tells her no. Nicole gets upset and reminds her who is in charge. Holly argues that she’s been in a coma for months and hasn’t seen in her friends. Holly questions Nicole being so happy that she’s still alive but trying to take her phone which she says her whole life is on. Nicole calls that a problem. Holly complains that Nicole didn’t think so when she got her first phone for her when she was 10 so she could be self sufficient when Nicole wasn’t around and wouldn’t have to think about her. Nicole calls that untrue. Holly argues that she’s punishing her for lying when she only lied so that Nicole wouldn’t think she was a bad mom. Holly then declares that she started taking drugs because Nicole was completely checked out. Holly rants about her dad dying when she was born and then there being Eric until Nicole screwed that up and made him walk out on them while now there is EJ who doesn’t give a damn about her. Holly adds God knows who will be next year. Nicole raises her hand to slap her but stops herself. Nicole then demands that Holly give her the phone now. Holly hands over her phone but says she’s not giving her the password. Nicole says she’s not going through her phone and just doesn’t want her to call any drug dealers. Holly asks why she always has to go to such extremes. Nicole brings up Holly plotting to break up Johnny and Chanel while now being all up in it with Tate. Nicole remarks that it seems like Holly always wants what she can’t have, just like her. Nicole tells Holly that she loves her with all her heart and will do anything to protect her, even if she hates her for it. Nicole decides she’s going to bed and Holly should too. Nicole says goodnight and then heads upstairs.

Paulina compliments her drink and the company. Marlena agrees that they should do this again soon. Marlena encourages that Paulina will come through her radiation with flying colors. Paulina jokes that they are some tough broads and toasts again to them.

Lucas thanks Kate for bringing him books and talks about never being this lonely in his life. Kate encourages him to hang in there as it’s not going to be forever. Kate hugs him as Lucas says he hopes she’s right.

Brady looks at a photo of himself, Tate, and Theresa but tells himself not to go there.

Alex argues that the Salem Inn is expensive when Theresa could just stay with him. Theresa argues that he’s dating Kristen and she might put a hit on her if she moves back in. Alex says they’ve been on like two dates. Alex says he’s just trying to lend a helping hand to a friend in need. Theresa says she just doesn’t want things to blow up again. Alex promises to be a perfect gentleman. Theresa then accepts his offer, so Alex takes her bags and they walk off together.

Tate sneaks in to the DiMera Mansion to see Holly and they kiss. Holly says he shouldn’t be there but Tate says it’s okay and questions her not answering his texts. Holly informs him that Nicole confiscated her phone. Nicole calls out for Holly so Tate says he’ll see her soon and rushes back out. Nicole comes back to the room and tells Holly that she doesn’t want to go to bed angry. Nicole talks about it being them against the world when she was a baby. Nicole says this brought her back to the time in their lives when she fought to be her mother. Nicole cries that she’ll always fight for her, she loves her, and couldn’t bear to lose her. Nicole says she just wanted her to know and says goodnight as she then heads back upstairs.

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