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Abe and Paulina get dressed up at home. Paulina worries about paparazzi and making sure she looks okay. Abe assures that she looks lovely but doesn’t think this is about her appearance. Paulina admits today is the day that she finds out if she’s cancer free and hopes for another miracle.

Xander comes home to Sarah, who is getting ready for work. Xander informs her that Justin just dropped off an envelope with all the evidence against him including a flash drive of pictures. Sarah wishes she didn’t have to go to work. Xander knows she’ll be there in spirit. Xander talks about being so happy that Sarah is with him on this and believes in him. Sarah points out that there’s also Harris who doesn’t think Xander shot him. Xander calls that a start and says now all they have to do is find actual proof that he is innocent.

Tate asks Theresa to stop talking about Holly like she’s a villain. Theresa argues that Holly nearly ruined his life and because of the restraining order, shouldn’t even be calling him. Tate points out that’s why she had to pose as his mother. Theresa questions Tate defending that. Tate complains that Holly wanted to see how he was doing because she is his friend and cares about him. Tate asks Theresa to chill the hell out but Theresa refuses until he tells her why he won’t stop speaking to that spoiled little brat.

Brady returns to the living room of the DiMera Mansion and asks where everyone went since he just took a work call. EJ informs him that the party is over. Brady says he was on his way out as he is going to see Tate. EJ tells Brady to leave Holly alone. Brady remarks that he was just stating a fact while EJ argues that he only said it to upset Holly. Nicole asks them not to do this now. Brady then goes to leave but Holly stops him. Holly tells Nicole that she’s so sorry. Holly then announces that it was her drugs on the night she overdosed, shocking Nicole and EJ. Holly apologizes for not telling everyone from the beginning. EJ questions why now and if she had some sort of epiphany. Brady warns that he’s about to come down on Holly because his son went to jail for this and went through Hell because Holly decided to lie about this for weeks. Nicole asks Holly if it’s true. EJ doesn’t believe it. Holly admits that she should’ve told everyone sooner. Nicole questions Eric knowing. Holly explains that Eric knew something was bothering her, so she had to tell him because she couldn’t keep it in any longer. Nicole questions why she went to Eric and not her. Holly responds that she knew Eric wouldn’t judge her and she was afraid that Nicole would blame herself. EJ trusts that Holly will them the whole story then and asks if Tate was her dealer. Brady asks what EJ’s problem is and why he hates his son so much. Eric tells Brady to take it down a notch but Brady tells him to stay out of this. Holly assures that Tate did not give her the drugs and warned her not to take them. EJ calls Tate the delinquent who got kicked out of boarding school and questions him suddenly being a saint. Brady tells EJ that they can take this outside. Holly asks EJ to listen. Eric calls for everyone to calm down and let Holly speak. Holly brings up when Nicole and EJ came in her room and thought she was asleep but she overheard what Nicole said about being afraid she had been a terrible mother by not paying enough attention to her. Holly adds that she knew Nicole blamed herself for her accident while she was pregnant. Holly cries that she thought that Nicole wouldn’t be able to take it if she found out her daughter was a druggie. Nicole hugs Holly as she cries.

Tate complains that Theresa acts like Holly is evil, but he swears she’s not a bad person. Tate blames himself for sneaking out to see her. Theresa argues that he broke in to the house of the district attorney. Theresa complains about Tate going to jail and now being in a halfway house all because of Holly, who could remember what really happened but claims she can’t. Tate questions if she finally believes him then. Theresa responds that they always have from the beginning and told him that over and over. Theresa says they have been praying that Holly would wake up and clean up the whole mess, but instead she threw him under the bus. Theresa doesn’t believe Holly is a good person and declares that she is bad news. Theresa calls Holly a selfish little liar, who she despises.

Nicole tells Holly that she could’ve come to her. Holly apologizes as she thought she was protecting her. EJ questions why Holly confided in Eric. Eric says it’s because they are close. Brady argues that it doesn’t matter and shouts that Tate has been going through Hell because Holly has been lying for weeks. Holly calls it a horrible mistake that she will regret for the rest of her life and she wishes she told the truth from the beginning. EJ questions how they know she’s telling the truth now. Holly informs him that she has proof and reveals that it’s in her room. Nicole tells her to show her so they head upstairs together.

Sarah tells Xander that she will be home a little late. Xander says he’ll probably be in the same spot and jokes that he’ll be checking on Victoria every ten minutes. Sarah says she will check in on her break and she has a very good feeling about this. Xander assures that he won’t give up until he finds something. Sarah then exits. Xander complains that he could never make it as a detective, searching for clues all day. Victoria wakes up crying, so Xander goes to take care of her. Xander declares that he’s not going to let anyone send him up the river for something he didn’t do and promises to make Victoria proud of him.

Holly brings Nicole to her room and asks if she’s ashamed of her. Nicole asks how she could be ashamed of her when she knows she only withheld the truth to protect her. Nicole wishes she came to her about it. Holly apologizes and repeats that she didn’t want her to fall apart. Nicole says she loves her for that but she’s stronger than she thinks. Nicole asks Holly to show her the proof. Holly then opens up her jewelry box and reveals the drugs inside. Nicole doesn’t know what to say. Nicole decides they need to go downstairs and show everyone else right now, so they exit the room.

Nicole and Holly return to the living room where Holly presents the drugs to EJ, Brady, and Eric. Holly promises that Tate was shocked when he saw them and refused to take any when she offered them. Holly repeats that Tate tried to stop her from taking the drugs. Brady points out that Holly still let Tate take the blame for her overdose this whole time. Nicole suggests maybe Holly didn’t remember until recently and the coma affected her memory. Nicole asks Holly if that’s the case.

Paulina and Abe wait in her hospital room until Sarah arrives. Paulina asks what the oncologist had to say. Sarah says that he asked her to go through her test results. Paulina asks her to tell them the good news.

Tate asks Theresa to quit yelling at him. Theresa asks if he doesn’t know how upsetting this is and how it’s been hell on all of them. Tate complains that it’s mostly been on him so he doesn’t need her getting mad at him on top of everything else. Theresa admits that he’s right and apologizes as she shouldn’t be lashing out at him. Theresa hopes Tate will take this to heart. Tate doesn’t want another lecture on relationships. Theresa calls it just a few words of wisdom. Theresa then sits with Tate and tells him that relationships are complicated and she’s had her fair share of them and learned a lot. Tate says this isn’t like when she was younger as everything is different now. Theresa agrees that maybe they didn’t use apps, ghost each other, or communicate on social media but those feelings are exactly the same. Tate argues that he’s not a little boy anymore. Theresa asks him to let her finish. Theresa talks about the rush feeling of infatuation when involved with somebody. Theresa calls that a crush which is exciting but temporary and not the basis of a strong, healthy relationship that can last decades. Tate argues that’s not what he’s looking for. Theresa insists that he’s ready to start thinking about relationships, so he has to understand the key to a successful relationship is mutual respect. Tate questions her thinking he doesn’t know that. Theresa complains that he must’ve forgotten that with Holly because she clearly doesn’t respect him or care that he was falsely accused of a terrible crime or else she would’ve come forward. Tate responds that he’s sure Holly has her reasons for not being able to tell the truth. Theresa remarks that Tate is making excuses for inexcusable behavior. Theresa admits this is turning in to a lecture so she will stop there. Theresa wants Tate to ask himself if he trusts Holly enough for her to be honest and will she always have his back.

Xander gets Victoria back to sleep and goes back to looking over the evidence on his laptop. Xander reads over witness statements. Xander jokes that he envies Victoria being able to nap but says there’s no rest for the wicked as he continues reading witness statements.

Sarah announces that Paulina is in complete remission with no signs of cancer which thrills Paulina and Abe. Paulina hugs Abe and Sarah as she thanks God. Sarah tells Paulina that she’s so happy for her. Paulina asks what’s next. Sarah says she will have radioactive iodine treatments and be isolated for a few days, then take a few precautions after. Paulina asks about when she goes home after that and if she’ll still be able to have bear claws from the Bakery. Sarah confirms that she can have anything as soon as her treatment is completed. Paulina declares that she and Abe will be just fine then as they hug.

Holly tells Nicole that at first, her memory was a little fuzzy but after a day or so, she remembered everything and after she heard what Nicole said about blaming herself, she lied and didn’t know how to take it back or she was too much of a coward to take it back. Brady declares he’s done with talking as he gets that Holly decided not to hurt Nicole and hurt Tate instead. Brady demands that EJ get Tate out of the halfway house now and he wants all the charges dropped. EJ responds that it can’t happen immediately as it will take time. Brady threatens to file a civil suit if it doesn’t happen immediately and adds that he wants a very public apology to Tate in newspapers like the Spectator. Brady then storms out of the mansion. EJ angrily follows him out. Nicole tells Holly that EJ will take care of this but Holly cries that she made such a mess out of everything that nothing will ever be fine again. Holly runs out of the room while Eric tells Nicole to let her go. Eric hugs Nicole as she starts to cry. Nicole asks Eric how long he has known. Eric says that Holly told him today after the Christening, but he felt it was her place to tell Nicole and not his. Nicole calls him one of the few people she knows that still keeps people’s confidence. Nicole brings up that Holly almost didn’t go to the Christening. Eric says it meant a lot to him that they were all there. Nicole calls it somehow comforting as she felt a little closer to her baby in Heaven. Eric encourages that she’s a good mother. Nicole responds that she doesn’t feel like one right now, but if Holly learns from her mistakes. EJ returns and announces that it’s taken care of. Nicole thanks Eric for being there for Holly. Eric says they will talk soon and exits. As Eric exits, he finds Holly sitting outside. Eric tells Holly that it was a very brave thing she did. Holly tells Eric that she loves him. Eric says he loves her too. Holly remarks that sometimes she wishes Eric and Nicole, but then says nevermind. Eric responds that he and Nicole are both happily married now which means Holly has even more people in her life that care about her. Eric adds that he’s always there for her. Holly says she knows.

Paulina thanks Sarah again for getting her through as she knows she can be a handful. Sarah calls Paulina her favorite patient and says she makes all the doctors and nurses feel appreciated. Sarah reminds Paulina to check her records online and make a follow up appointment. They say goodbye as Abe and Paulina then exit the hospital. Sarah calls Xander and asks if everything is okay. Xander says he’s just super frustrated as he’s been searching for hours but it’s an endless maze of dead ends. Sarah encourages that he will find something and she will help him when she gets off. Sarah suggests Xander take Victoria for a jog and clear his head. Xander calls that an excellent idea to try out the new stroller that Maggie got them. They say I love you to each other and hang up. Xander tells Victoria that they are going to play with her new stroller and mentions that he will change in to his jogging clothes, but then stops and says that Rafe said one of the witnesses described his jogging clothes which he wears every time he runs and are pretty distinctive. Xander then goes back to his laptop and reads over the witness statements.

Brady joins Theresa and Tate at the halfway house while finishing a call with Justin. Tate asks what’s going on. Brady tells Tate to pack his bags and announces he’s coming home which shocks Tate and Theresa. Tate can’t believe it while Theresa asks what happens next. Brady adds that Justin will have someone come take the ankle monitor off as all charges have been dropped including the restraining order which Justin confirmed with EJ. Theresa calls this fantastic and so unexpected. Theresa asks what happened. Brady then reveals that Holly admitted it, that the drugs were hers and Tate had nothing to do with it while he even tried to stop her from doing the drugs. Theresa and Tate are relieved. Brady declares that everyone now knows that Tate was telling the truth all along.

Xander finds something in the statements and remarks that’s what he gets for wearing the same track suit all the time. Xander declares that this is it, a slam dunk, and he’s going to be a free man.

Paulina and Abe return home. Paulina declares that her two favorite words are now cancer free. Abe says he had a feeling but couldn’t rest easy until hearing it from the doctor. Paulina is excited to spend a cozy night at home with her husband. Paulina says she’s never loved their humble abode as much as she does now. Paulina knows she’ll have to spend several days at the hospital for the iodine treatment but for now she’s not going to worry. Abe encourages that it’s just standard procedure and she’ll get through it with flying colors.

Nicole tells EJ that she is grateful for Eric helping out and encouraging Holly to be truthful. EJ says Holly obviously loves and trusts Eric which gives him credibility to him. Nicole admits they have a very special connection. EJ confirms he had the charges against Tate dropped. Nicole thanks him and knows Holly will be relieved as well. EJ says it’s obviously been weighing heavily on her and she obviously cares about Tate a great deal, but they’ve known that for awhile. EJ now wonders who did Holly get the drugs from or if she went off on her own looking for them. Nicole says she doesn’t know but they will have to question Holly about where the drugs came from and who gave them to her, pointing out that the drugs nearly killed her. EJ knows that would’ve destroyed Nicole but now the most important thing is to support Holly and help her though this very difficult time. EJ declares that they will do that together as a family as they hug.

Tate asks about Holly confessing. Brady confirms she did to him, Eric, Nicole, and even EJ. Tate can’t believe that Holly really came through for him. Brady says he’ll call John when they wrap up because he and Marlena will be very happy. Theresa suggests they go out and celebrate at the Brady Pub. Tate feels he should call Holly. Brady suggests waiting until he’s settled in. Theresa tells Tate not to go overboard in thanking her because she’s still very angry over what Holly put him through. Tate responds that he was angry too but he’s not anymore. Tate mentions that he even told Holly she didn’t have to tell the truth the last time they talked which Brady questions. Theresa asks why Tate keeps protecting Holly like this when she almost ruined his life. Tate says it’s okay because it’s over now. Theresa agrees that they’ve been vindicated. Brady tells Tate to start packing now. Tate says he can’t wait to get out as they hug.

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