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The priest officially baptizes Jude. Leo then interrupts, announcing that he’s sorry but he has something very important to say that can’t wait. Sloan questions what he’s doing. Leo says it’s what he should’ve done from the very beginning.

Tate continues reading through his journal in the halfway house, saying that he should’ve told the truth from the very beginning instead of trying to protect Holly since he’s the only one who ended up in trouble.

The priest asks Leo if he’s sure he doesn’t want to go to a private confessional. Leo responds that this is something he needs to say in front of everyone, causing Sloan to worry.

Tate continues reading his journal about wanting to protect Holly and says he has no one to blame but himself for being locked up now.

Nicole comments on being to a lot of interrupted Salem weddings but not a Christening. Eric warns Leo not to make him regret inviting him. Roman questions why Leo was invited. EJ asks if he should call the police and have Leo removed so they can continue with the baptism. Nicole points out that Leo hasn’t committed a crime but EJ says he’s not sure about that. Jude starts crying, so Melinda hands him over to Sloan. Leo hesitates and looks over at a statue of the Virgin Mary. Leo then stops and claims that he just didn’t disclose that he’s covering this event for the Spectator so if anyone objects to having their photo taken, they can speak now or forever hold their peace. Sloan sighs in relief as the priests asks if that’s all. Leo says no and that while he has the floor, he knows a lot of people here have experienced losses. Leo talks about losing Dimitri while Nicole and EJ lost their baby which he knows is just the tip of the iceberg of losses that people here have suffered. Leo then remarks that baby Jude has his entire life ahead of him which brings them hope and he’s honored to be his fairy Godfather which he takes very seriously. Leo adds that Jude means a lot to him because he’s an amazing kid. Brady jokes that Jude is lucky to have two Godfathers and the rest of the room applauds. Eric lights a candle as the priest resumes the Christening ceremony. John decides he needs some air and steps outside, so Marlena follows him out.

John tells Marlena that he’s okay but didn’t feel comfortable hanging out in the house of the Lord, knowing what he has done. Marlena encourages that God’s mercy has no bounds. Marlena reminds John that she urged him to focus on the blessings of the day like his family and a new child, while forgetting about his own pain for one day. Marlena asks John to do it for her because it’s very hard for her to see him suffering. Marlena reminds John that Konstantin was able to forgive him for the death of his daughter, if he had anything to do with that. Marlena asks if John can at least forgive himself.

Tate continues reading his journal, saying his whole family is at a baptism and hopes they are praying for a miracle for him, otherwise he will be trapped in this place for a long time.

Theresa tells Brady that she’s going to take off to visit Tate. Brady says to tell him that he’ll be there by the time visiting hours end as she exits. Melinda pulls Leo aside and questions his dramatic interlude, calling him a blithering idiot and complaining that she saw her life flash before her eyes. Leo remarks that all’s well that ends well and walks away. EJ and Nicole step aside with Holly and say they are heading home before the guests start arriving there. Holly says she’ll see them in a few as EJ and Nicole then exit the chapel. Eric, Sloan, and Melinda talk about Jude being the star of the show. Sloan decides to take Jude to the car while Eric says he’ll be right there. Sloan takes Jude and exits with Melinda while Eric sees Holly is crying, so he approaches her to ask what’s wrong.

Theresa visits Tate at the halfway house. Tate asks about the Christening. Theresa says Jude got through it without crying and that Brady is a very proud Godfather. Tate encourages that Brady will be great. Theresa suggests Tate telling Brady that because he had his doubts. Tate asks if that’s because he’s such a screw up. Theresa encourages that’s not the case. Theresa shows Tate a picture that she took of Brady with Jude. Tate questions Alex not going with her, so Theresa reveals that they broke up. Tate is surprised and asks if it was because of him.

EJ and Nicole go home to the DiMera Mansion. They stop outside as EJ asks if she’s okay. Nicole responds that she knew it would be hard to watch Eric and Sloan christen their son after losing their baby, but she’s glad that she showed herself that she could get through it. EJ calls her heroic. Nicole says her whole goal was to not fall apart which she managed. Nicole thanks EJ for letting her throw the reception. EJ assures that he’s so proud of how generous she is for being willing to do this. Nicole knows how EJ feels about Eric. EJ decides it’s important to her, so it’s important to him. Nicole admits that she couldn’t help but be distracted by Holly at the church since she knew she was reluctant to go. Nicole feels Holly seemed not only uncomfortable, but so sad which is unlike her. EJ says Holly has been through a lot, so it will be a long time before she feels like her old self again.

Holly asks Eric not to tell anyone else if she tells him something. Eric promises that whatever she shares with him will stay between them. Holly responds that she’s ashamed that she kept this secret for so long and she doesn’t think he will be shocked, but really disappointed in her. Holly then reveals to Eric that on the night she overdosed, she’s 100% sure that the drugs were not Tate’s because they belonged to her.

Leo runs in to Sloan and Melinda outside in the park. Sloan tells Leo that she’s very grateful that he didn’t blow their baby swap secret sky high in the middle of Jude’s Christening, but asks if he is insane. Leo complains that he was overwhelmed by the majesty and that the priest had him feeling repentant. Leo says he saw Nicole looking sad and he was moved to do the right thing. Sloan argues that when EJ mentioned calling the authorities, he realized how much trouble he would be in. Leo admits that was part of the reason. Sloan argues that he didn’t think about what would happen to them. Leo talks about thinking about Nicole and Holly and then decided it would be best for everyone if he kept his mouth shut. Sloan calls him a nutjob who almost ruined their lives. Leo promises he will never be tempted again to tattle on the three of them. Leo asks them to stop being negative as they are going to party at the DiMera Mansion. Leo walks away, leaving Sloan and Melinda in disbelief.

Steve enters the DiMera Mansion for the reception and greets EJ, Nicole, and Roman. Steve goes over to John and Marlena to ask how it’s going. Marlena says it’s going well and asks about Kayla. Steve says they were short staffed at the hospital, so she couldn’t leave. Roman joins them. Marlena asks about Kate. Roman explains that she’s helping set up the buffet tables. Roman calls the Christening very moving while Marlena calls it perfect. Steve notices John looking uncomfortable. Roman asks John if he caught the Royals vs. Rangers game. John responds that he missed it and steps away. Roman asks what he said. Steve says it’s not him. Roman asks Marlena if John is okay. Marlena admits that he’s not. John starts complaining at the portrait of Stefano about what the old man did to so many people while EJ comes over and jokes that talking to himself is never a good sign. John responds that he’s here because he loves Eric and Jude, but he can’t get out of the DiMera Mansion soon enough. EJ tells him to feel free to leave anytime. Marlena comes over and comments to EJ that it was so kind of them to host the reception. EJ says it was all Nicole’s idea and assumes it’s his fault that Sami isn’t there today. Marlena explains that Sami is actually with a friend who just lost their husband. EJ asks about Belle. Marlena tells him that she is with Shawn. EJ says he wishes them all the best. John argues that he doesn’t and that DiMeras don’t care about anyone but themselves. John declares that Tate is locked up because of Stefan running a drug front for Clyde and it doesn’t get any more evil than that. John warns EJ to stay away from his family and walks away with Marlena.

Theresa tells Tate that she and Alex did not break up because of him and asks why he would think that. Tate argues that Theresa had to take so much time to deal with his problems. Theresa assures that he will always be her priority. Theresa says that she and Alex took a break for a lot of reasons. Tate questions if taking a break means they will get back together. Theresa asks why he cares. Tate guesses that he doesn’t like seeing her alone which Theresa calls sweet. Theresa says she doesn’t know and that time will tell if she and Alex will get back together.

Brady arrives at the DiMera Mansion and tells Nicole that he finally made it. Nicole says she’s glad he did and that he’ll be glad to know that Kristen agreed to stay away from today’s festivities. Brady is glad but admits he was hoping to see Rachel. Nicole says she’s sorry as she can’t imagine being separated from her own child. Brady talks about how selfless it is for Nicole to do this for Eric and Sloan. Nicole feels she’s selfish for trying to prove to everyone that she can be truly happy for them. Brady asks if she is. Nicole says she mostly is. Nicole adds that she really thought everyone would be here by now and asks where Holly is.

Holly guesses that Eric must be so disappointed in her. Eric responds that he’s not here to judge her and promises not to tell anyone, but he insists that she tell her parents. Holly responds that she can’t and that Tate even said she shouldn’t. Eric asks if she really thinks Tate wants to stay in a halfway house because of what her parents will think about her. Holly explains that it’s not that but what it will do to Nicole to find out that she’s not her perfect little girl. Holly worries that Nicole will blame herself for everything from her baby dying to the overdose. Holly states that after all Nicole has been through, this will kill her. Eric argues that he knows Nicole is a lot stronger than she thinks. Eric acknowledges that Holly is in agony because of this and Tate is suffering because of her behavior. Eric tells Holly that she needs to do this, not just for Tate but for herself. Eric hugs Holly as she cries. Sloan comes back in and asks if Eric is coming so they aren’t late. Eric says he’ll be right there. Eric encourages Holly to think about what he said as he then exits.

Steve asks when the party is getting started and where the guests of honor are. Roman responds that he has no idea. Leo arrives, so Roman jokes this should liven things up. Roman questions the stunt that Leo pulled at the chapel. Leo claims he just gave a heartfelt speech about love and loss. Roman points out that his speech didn’t start out heartfelt and questions why he would interrupt a Christening just to tell people that he was covering the event for the Spectator. Leo questions Roman cross examining him and claims his only agenda was to lift people’s spirits. Leo remarks that he has a special connection with Jude and walks away. Roman questions why he somewhat believes Leo for once. Marlena asks how Nicole is doing. Nicole says she’s okay but she’s not sure about Holly since first she wasn’t coming to the service, then she decided to come by herself while now she said she’d be home in a few minutes. Holly then comes home. Nicole hugs her and says she was worried about her. Steve sits with John and says he saw him staring at Stefano’s portrait. Steve tells John that when he worked for Victor, he did that willingly but when Dr. Rolf implanted a chip in his brain, he had no choice and was basically turned in to Stefano. Steve says he could’ve killed John then and came real close. John argues that Steve didn’t kill him because something inside of him stopped him. Steve says no, it was sheer luck and that John saved himself. John wishes he could’ve done something to save Catharina. Holly walks through the room and steals a glass of champagne. Leo sees her as Holly exits the mansion to drink it.

Outside the mansion, Holly hides the champagne glass behind her as Eric, Sloan, and Melinda arrive with Jude. Eric questions what she’s doing outside. Holly claims it got stuffy inside so she came out for some air. Eric points out that it’s chilly out and she’s not wearing a coat, so he suggests she come inside. Eric, Sloan, and Melinda head in. Holly stops to finish her glass of champagne before following them in.

Marlena tells EJ that she was hoping Johnny and Chanel would be there since she ordered them a wedding gift that finally arrived and she has it in her trunk. EJ calls that very thoughtful of her and says they hardly left Paulina’s side but they found some time to get to the Salem Inn to celebrate their wedding night a few weeks late. Marlena thanks him for letting her know. Roman jokes with Steve and John that Stefano must be turning over in his grave to have the DiMera Mansion full of Bradys celebrating a happy occasion. John walks away again, so Roman asks Steve what’s going on with John. Steve says he’s sorry but it’s not his story to tell. Eric, Sloan, and Melinda enter with Jude. Eric apologizes and announces they had a diaper emergency. Holly follows in and places her champagne glass back. Jude starts crying so Nicole offers to try to calm him down. Eric hands Jude to Nicole and he stops crying.

Tate comments to Theresa that he’s a juvenile delinquent and talks about the photos that Theresa showed him from the Christening. Tate talks about Eric looking so happy, but Nicole looking worried. Theresa thinks it was just rough for Nicole since she lost a baby a few months ago.

Nicole hands Jude back to Sloan, who says the day was almost perfect as she looks over at Leo. Brady calls for everyone’s attention as he proposes a toast to Jude, Eric, and Sloan. Brady states that Eric’s been waiting a long time to be a dad and he’s already a good one. Eric says he learned from the best. Brady adds that Sloan will be a wonderful mother as they toast to them. Nicole looks around and questions where the hell Holly is.

Holly exits the mansion with another glass of champagne and drinks it. Holly then pulls out her phone and calls the halfway house. Holly pretends to be Theresa again and asks for Tate. The woman then informs Tate that he has a call from his mother, which shocks Theresa who is still with Tate. Theresa then takes the phone and questions who it is. Holly gets scared and hangs up.

John asks Marlena if they can leave yet. Marlena decides she’s sure Eric will understand. Roman tells Eric it’s a great party. Eric asks if he’s leaving already and where Kate is. Roman says she’s packing up the leftovers to donate to the food bank. Marlena tells Eric that it’s been a wonderful party but they have to go. Steve adds that it was a beautiful Christening. Eric thanks them all for being there. Marlena says she loves him and Jude. Steve congratulates Eric as he, Roman, John, and Marlena exit. Sloan comes over with Jude and tells Eric that Jude is looking ready for a nap, so she thinks the party is over. Eric asks for a minute to talk to Holly before they leave and says it’s important. Sloan points out that Jude is about to start screaming as Eric says he just can’t leave yet. Leo comes over and offers Sloan a ride home which she accepts and adds that they can drop Melinda off too. Eric gives Leo his keys to grab the carseat out of his car. Leo, Sloan, and Melinda then exit with Jude as Eric watches Holly.

Roman and Kate go back to the Brady Pub. Kate complains that she knows Nicole was just trying to be nice but it would’ve been a lot easier if they just had the party at the Pub. Steve arrives and asks for a drink of scotch. Roman asks if this has something to do with what’s going on with John. Steve says he could say that.

John returns to the chapel and lights a candle. John begins to pray and says when he was a priest, he used to say that no one is ever unworthy of God’s forgiveness. John then laughs off that he wasn’t really a priest because everything he believed about himself was a lie, as is everything he believes about himself now. John knows he shouldn’t allow himself to suffer so much over this since Konstantin is the one who truly suffered. John asks God to come up with a way to help him through this if it’s not asking too much. Marlena joins John and says it’s not asking too much and that God will help him with it as she will too, because they are in this together as John hugs her.

Leo brings Melinda and Sloan to Sloan and Eric’s apartment. Sloan puts Jude to sleep while Melinda calls Leo an obnoxious creep. Leo says he’ll be on his way. Sloan warns Leo that what happened today can never happen again. Leo says he knows while Melinda says the pact is official that no one can ever know that Jude is Nicole’s baby. Leo points out that he couldn’t tell the truth in a church so he won’t anywhere else, unless the money stops rolling in. Sloan says she knew he’d say that. Leo declares that the money will keep rolling in or else their lives will go down the toilet. Leo calls them an unholy trinity, the only three people in the world to know that Jude came from Nicole DiMera and they are the only three who will ever know.

Theresa informs Tate that she instructed the staff that he is not to receive any more calls here. Theresa asks who it was. Tate claims he doesn’t know. Theresa guesses it was Holly. Tate says maybe it was. Theresa asks if Holly called before. Tate admits that she did. Theresa questions if he talked to her. Tate says he thought he was answering a call from Theresa. Theresa argues that he should’ve hung up as soon as he realized it wasn’t her and reminds him about the restraining order. Theresa asks if Tate wants to go to jail and ruin his whole future. Theresa questions what is wrong with Holly, complaining that she’s done enough to ruin Tate’s life and that she better leave him alone from now on.

Brady returns to the living room and asks where everyone went since he just took a work call. EJ informs him that the party is over. Brady says he was on his way out as he is going to see Tate. EJ tells Brady to leave Holly alone. Brady remarks that he was just stating a fact while EJ argues that he only said it to upset Holly. Nicole asks them not to do this now. Brady then goes to leave but Holly stops him. Holly tells Nicole that she’s so sorry. Holly then announces that it was her drugs on the night she overdosed, shocking Nicole and EJ.

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