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Nicole joins EJ in the living room of the DiMera Mansion which is set up for Jude’s Christening. EJ apologizes for having a lot on his mind but tells Nicole that he looks amazing. Nicole notes that EJ is distracted and assumes it’s about Stefan turning himself in. EJ confirms it is but says today is not about that. Holly comes in, so Nicole questions why she’s not dressed as they are about to hit the road. Holly responds that she’s not going.

Leo runs in to Melinda in the town square. Melinda questions Leo being dressed up. Leo questions where Melinda’s Christening gift is for Jude and asks if she forgot something so important. Leo says he might have a fix.

Eric and Sloan get ready at home for Jude’s Christening. Eric calls it the happiest day of their lives and asks what Sloan is thinking. Sloan brings up having the party at the DiMera Mansion with Nicole hosting and says she’s trying to be positive but she’s still so uncomfortable. Eric says they talked about this. Sloan knows she should be more forgiving but seeing Nicole just reminds her of when Nicole kidnapped Jude and asks Eric if he knows how hard it is for her not to think about that.

Brady and Theresa eat together at the Brady Pub. They joke about Brady being Jude’s Godfather. Theresa decides to call Tate. Theresa tells him that she plans to come visit him after Jude’s Christening and then Brady will come see him after the party. Theresa mentions that they will be seeing Holly at the chapel. Brady thinks back to talking to Theresa about wishing Holly would clear Tate. Theresa tells Tate that he should be focused on his school work instead of worrying about the girl who got him in to this mess.

Marlena and John get dressed for the Christening. They recall the vacation where John got his tie. Marlena suggests they should plan a vacation in Hawaii but John says running away from what he’s done isn’t going to change anything. Marlena asks what will then. John complains that he murdered an innocent young woman and that’s something that he has to live with for the rest of his life. Marlena reminds John that he has no memory of that time and there’s no evidence that he had anything to do with the girl’s death. John argues that Steve was at the scene of the crime and doesn’t remember seeing anyone else there but him. Marlena points out that Stefano and Victor were also there, so who knows what happened and she doesn’t trust Steve’s memory. Marlena adds that John beating himself up and questioning who he is, is not okay and it’s hurting her. John apologizes for that. Marlena says she knows him, loves him, and knows who he is. Marlena urges John to forgive himself but John doesn’t know if he can do that.

Theresa tells Brady that Tate is obviously still hung up on Holly in spite of it all. Kate and Roman come over to their table. Brady asks if they are ready for the big event. Roman says he is ready for the Christening but not so much the reception at the DiMera Mansion. Kate points out that they will try to keep an open mind. Brady suggests maybe it could be the dawn of a new era. Roman jokes that they will hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

Melinda questions Leo being serious. Leo assures that he is serious about gifts. Melinda can’t believe Leo is actually going to the Christening. Leo argues that he’s an invited guest. Leo adds that he and Melinda were responsible for getting Jude to Sloan and Eric instead of with Nicole. Melinda acknowledges that they are connected in that way but suggests they never talk about it because today is about the future. Melinda warns Leo to keep his mouth shut if he wants to stay out of prison.

Sloan and Eric get Jude dressed in his Christening gown. They decide they are ready to go. Sloan apologizes for being a downer about Nicole hosting the party. Eric acknowledges that she was just being honest. Sloan decides that she will take the high road since it’s very kind of Nicole and EJ to host the reception, so she’s sure it will be a beautiful celebration as they hug.

Nicole tells Holly that they are all going to the Christening as a family. EJ asks her what’s really going on. Holly says she just doesn’t have the energy to be around so many people. Nicole asks if she should call Sarah to check on her. Holly insists that she’s fine and tells them to go without her. Nicole decides that if Holly’s not going, she’s not going. EJ adds if Nicole isn’t going, he’s not either and suggests they could all stay home.

Leo calls it tacky of Melinda to bring up his arrangement with Sloan which he compares to Melinda’s own arrangement. Melinda says she comforts herself in knowing that Jude is being raised by amazing parents. Leo argues that there is nothing maternal about Sloan. Melinda disagrees and says she is going to check in on her godchild. Leo tells Melinda to go for it as she walks away. Leo decides that he will go check in on the big man.

Roman tells Brady that he thinks Eric made a very wise choice when he asked him to be Jude’s Godfather as he knows he’ll take the role to heart. Brady admits he was honored to be asked. Roman is glad that Brady accepted since Eric mentioned that he was reluctant at first. Brady confirms he was as he hasn’t been very confident in his parenting skills these days. Roman encourages that Brady can’t blame himself for things that are not within his control and all they can do is love their kids unconditionally. Brady thinks back to visiting Tate and agrees that’s all they can do. Roman mentions that he spoke to Kimberly, who said she’s very grateful for what he’s done for Theresa. Brady is just glad he could be there, especially since he’s been there. Brady states that he and Theresa aren’t together anymore but she’ll always be family. Roman calls Brady a great dad and declares that he will be a world class Godfather. Roman tells Brady that he’s very proud of the man he has become as they hug.

Holly calls it crazy and argues that Nicole and EJ can’t miss the Christening. Nicole and EJ refuse to leave her alone and say no one would miss them. Holly argues that Eric would be crushed if they weren’t there. Nicole asks if this is because of Brady and Theresa being there, making it uncomfortable for her because of the situation with Tate. Holly says it’s the whole vibe. Nicole promises that Theresa and Brady will be on their best behavior. Nicole adds that Eric loves Holly and would miss her, so they are not letting her stay home alone. Holly gives in and acknowledges that today is important and they need to be there, so she agrees to get ready to go. Nicole is relieved and bets it will be a beautiful Christening that might brighten her day. Holly doubts that but suggests they go without her so they aren’t late and she’ll meet them there as she exits the room.

Eric finishes a call and informs Sloan that Kayla won’t be able to make it because the hospital is understaffed. Melinda then arrives and gives Sloan a card and says it’s just something for Jude’s savings account. Eric tells Melinda that there’s something he needs to talk to her about. Eric informs Melinda that as Godmother, she will have to carry Jude to the front of the chapel and asks if that’s okay with her. Melinda responds that she would be honored.

Leo goes to the chapel where the priest asks if he’s there for a confession. Leo jokingly asks how much time he has, then explains that he’s here for the Christening of Jude Brady. Leo mentions knowing Jude for his whole life. The priest comments that everyone there will bear a responsibility in Jude’s life which Leo questions. He talks about it taking a village to be examples of good, kind, and honest people. He then goes to continue setting up while Leo tells himself that he is good and kind, but not so much honest.

Marlena asks John to put aside his guilt for one day and try to focus on the joy of the new life they are celebrating. John agrees to do that for her, so she thanks him as they hug and John flashes back to arguing with Marlena about being unable to live with himself over what he’s done.

Roman gets an urgent phone call from one of his employees, who was in a car wreck while delivering food to the DiMera Mansion. Kate decides she will take care of the food while sending Brady and Roman on their way so they aren’t late.

Eric tells Melinda that everything is pretty straightforward. Melinda asks if they are ready to go. Eric mentions having to call his sister Sami back since she left a message earlier. Eric goes to make that call. Sloan asks Melinda how she’s going to get through this. Melinda urges that she has to and reminds her that she has everything she ever wanted. Melinda questions Leo being invited. Sloan complains about that along with Nicole hosting the after party. Melinda reminds Sloan that this is her event and worries about Leo and Nicole being in the same space. Melinda says it’s a good thing that she ran in to Leo as she reminded him to keep his mouth shut. Sloan remarks that he damn well better.

John and Marlena arrive at the chapel. John says something about the place always calms him down. They are then surprised to see Leo Stark. Marlena hopes he’s not there to write gossip and then greets him. Leo asks how they are doing today. John says they are just fine and asks him the same. Leo talks about feeling spiritual and peaceful. Leo says he’s blown away by Eric and Sloan’s generosity to invite him to the event. Leo talks about not being much of a church goer, but he’s sure today will be enlightening and uplifting for all of them as he then walks away. Marlena comments that he’s quite a character. John says that’s one way to think of him. John is concerned about having a reporter there. Marlena points out that Sloan and Eric both said Leo was great with Jude. Brady, Theresa, and Roman arrive and greet John and Marlena. Marlena asks about Kate. Roman explains that they had a delivery snafu and Kate offered to take care of it. Roman steps away to call Kate to check on that. John informs Brady and Theresa that he and Marlena have made plans to go see Tate. John asks how they are holding up. Brady says they are attending meetings and putting sobriety first. Theresa adds that they are trying to think of Tate and mentions that she is going to see him after the Christening. Marlena asks her about the reception at the DiMera Mansion. Theresa thinks it’s best for her to steer clear of EJ and Nicole as EJ and Nicole then arrive at the chapel. Marlena tells Theresa that she doesn’t think that will be too easy to do. EJ and Nicole approach Roman, who tells Nicole that she’s looking lovely. Nicole asks where Eric and Sloan are. Roman says he hasn’t seen them but he’s sure that they’ll be there any minute. Theresa complains to Brady that she has no interest in going to the party at the DiMera Mansion. Brady responds that he’s only doing it for Eric and Jude. Sloan, Eric, and Melinda then arrive with Jude. John, Marlena, and Roman greet them. Eric thanks everyone for being there on this special day and says that Jude is lucky to have them all in his life. Marlena says they are lucky while Leo tells Eric that was eloquent. Leo promises that the day will be off the record. Eric steps aside with Roman while Melinda suggests to Sloan that they do a final diaper check before the big event. Marlena asks John how he’s doing. John says he was doing okay but being in the house of the Lord and seeing Jude, he’s having a hard time. Marlena promises to be with him every step of the way. Eric tells the priest that Sloan is getting Jude ready and he’s pretty sure everyone is there. Holly arrives and hugs Eric. The priest calls for everyone to take their places. Brady and Theresa approach Holly, who greets them and asks about Tate. Theresa mocks her and brings up Tate’s restraining order and ankle monitor. Brady stops her, so Theresa questions if she’s not allowed to talk to Holly as they take their places. The priest then begins the Christening ceremony.

The priest officially baptizes Jude. Nicole flashes back to giving birth to Jude with Leo’s help as she and Leo exchange looks. Leo then interrupts, announcing that he’s sorry but he has something very important to say that can’t wait, causing Sloan and Melinda to worry.

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