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Nicole goes to Sloan’s apartment and tells her that she just wanted to go over some details for the Christening reception. Nicole asks how Jude is. Sloan says she just put him down for a nap. Nicole comments on how big he’s gotten. Eric then comes out from the shower in just a towel, then apologizes as he didn’t know Nicole was there and goes back to get dressed.

Marlena tells John that she thought he was working from home today. John responds that he did what she and Steve asked, he thought about this all night long, but it didn’t change what he needs to do. Marlena knows he wants to apologize to Konstantin, but they both think he’s dangerous but admitting something to him might put John in harm’s way. John feels it won’t change what Konstantin believes, so it might just give him some closure. John adds that Marlena can’t change his mind. Marlena offers to go with him. John appreciates her support, but he doesn’t think she will support the rest of it which Marlena questions. John then announces that after he apologizes to Konstantin, he’s booking himself a flight to Greece to turn himself in to the authorities.

Konstantin sits in his room with a photo of his daughter Catharina.

EJ goes to the police station and asks Harris where Stefan is. Harris directs him to the interrogation room. EJ questions what Harris is trying to pull here. Harris says nothing and explains that Stefan walked in on his own, saying he was turning himself in for drug trafficking and money laundering on behalf of Clyde Weston, and then he asked for EJ as he wanted to cut a deal. EJ heads in to the interrogation room where Stefan sits with a chess table. Stefan talks to EJ about the strength of the chess pieces. EJ questions what sort of game he is playing. Stefan responds that it’s chess and the stakes are very high as they are playing for their freedom.

Nicole asks Sloan about food for the reception but Sloan asks Nicole if Eric ever mentioned to her that she was not fully on board with Nicole having any involvement in Jude’s Christening. Nicole says she didn’t realize. Sloan says she knows it’s meant to be a peace offering and promises that she dug deep looking for forgiveness for Nicole kidnapping her son, but she hasn’t found it and doesn’t think she ever will.

Marlena pleads with John to listen to her, asking who knows what the consequences would be if he turns himself in to the authorities of another country. John says he’ll face whatever they are. Marlena questions him leaving his family. John argues that he was a killer and asks who says he won’t be again. Marlena asks why he’s trying to punish himself for something he might not have even done. John complains that he was always afraid that he was capable of such a heinous crime. John says he can’t wake up like this anymore, knowing what he is and what he’s done. Marlena doesn’t think he’s thinking rationally. John tells her to put herself in his shoes and asks how to move forward without dealing with the past and taking responsibility for it. Marlena knows how he feels. John argues that wasn’t her and it’s not the same. Marlena says it is and tries to stop him but John declares that he’s waited long enough and exits. Marlena pulls out her phone and calls Steve, who asks what’s happening. Marlena tells him that she needs his help.

Harris calls Ava and informs her that Stefan finally turned himself in. Harris notes that it might not be smooth sailing though which Ava questions. Harris says he can’t talk about it here and asks where he can meet her.

EJ questions Stefan talking about his freedom. Stefan brings up EJ taking all of his assets. EJ argues that Stefan signed him over willingly. Stefan says that was in exchange for EJ giving him safe passage out of town. EJ confirms he did, but Stefan didn’t show up. Stefan complains that he was sending him to a warzone. EJ states that Stefan agreed that was preferable to life and death in prison for shooting a cop, but now he’s here. EJ reminds Stefan that Harris knows that he shot him, so he questions why he would entertain the idea of letting Stefan plea to lesser charges. Stefan responds that Harris has his own agenda just like they all do. EJ states that any deals have to go through him and he’s not offering. EJ laughs that he can’t wait to get rid of Stefan. Stefan warns that he may want to rethink his position on that. Stefan then reveals that he recorded EJ telling him that he got him his trip out of Salem and his new identity. Stefan then asks EJ if he’s going to play ball or should he take the recording to Harris, joking that maybe they could be cellmates.

Nicole tells Sloan that if she doesn’t want her to host the reception then she won’t. Nicole just thought that after everything Holly has been through, she’d want to be part of the festivities and it would be nice if Roman could actually sit and enjoy a family function for once. Nicole admits she thought it might help to impress upon Sloan how sorry she is that she took Jude from the town square that day. Nicole says she’s not trying to make excuses that she was dealing with depression but she hoped Sloan would understand as a mother that she was out of her mind with grief when she convinced herself that Jude was her son, but Marlena helped her realize that part of her just wanted to be closer to the baby that she knew she would never have. Nicole understands if Sloan never forgives her. Sloan calls that very good of her. Nicole brings up Holly looking at Eric as a dad and considers Jude like a little brother. Nicole says they are going to be part of each other’s lives, so at some point they will have to figure out how to make this relationship work. Nicole calls Eric an important part of Holly’s life which makes him part of her life. Nicole knows Sloan doesn’t want to hear that. Nicole adds that she loves EJ so much and she’s thrilled that Eric has a wife and baby that he adores and makes him happy. Nicole insists that she really means that.

John goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and greets Maggie, who says she wasn’t expecting him. John says he needs to see Konstantin and asks if he’s there. Maggie says if he’s here to throw more baseless accusations around, she will ask him to leave. John says that’s not why he’s there. Marlena then arrives with Steve. John tells Marlena that Steve isn’t going to change his mind any more than she could which Maggie questions. Steve asks John to step outside. Konstantin then enters the room and questions what is going on here. John tells Konstantin that he knows he can’t ask for his forgiveness so he’s not going to try, but at least he can tell him how sorry he is.

Harris meets Ava in the town square. Ava asks what’s going on. Harris says even though he floated the idea of Stefan turning himself in to get Ava off the hook, but notes that EJ is still the district attorney. Ava asks if EJ objected. Harris responds that he doesn’t know, but Stefan asks to speak with EJ one on one so he worries that whatever is going on between them could really complicate their plans.

EJ questions why Harris is even offering, but then realizes that he thinks Stefan could take the fall to save Ava from the consequences of her own sinful deeds. EJ calls Ava a plague and says he has zero interest in lifting a finger to help her. Stefan points out that EJ has zero interest in helping him either, but he doesn’t have a choice now. EJ supposes letting Stefan plead guilty to a lesser charge is not as egregious as offering him a deal for shooting an officer. Stefan says EJ drops the charges in exchange for his testimony against Clyde and everybody’s happy. EJ says except for Xander who is paying for a crime he did not commit but asks who cares about him. EJ decides he can’t have the charges completely dismissed but he can offer Stefan a sentencing deal. Stefan says he can live with that. EJ clarifies that if he offers this deal, Stefan won’t show Harris the recording. Stefan confirms that is the case, so they both go free and it’s a win-win. EJ asks what the point of this chess game was then. Stefan asks if he can’t guess. EJ argues that the fortune Stefan signed over to him is not negotiable since he did exactly as he promised. Stefan disagrees and says that EJ promised him safe passage out of Salem, but he’s still here. EJ calls that his choice. Stefan argues that it leaves the terms of their deal a bit murky. Stefan proposes a game of chess where if EJ wins, he keeps everything but if Stefan wins, he gets it all back. EJ says he’s not going to play his stupid little game.

Sloan appreciates Nicole’s words. Nicole says that EJ moved Heaven and Earth to help Holly recover, so she feels incredibly lucky even after losing their son. Sloan says she’s truly glad to hear that. Jude then wakes up crying. Sloan holds him and talks about him being so fussy lately. Nicole offers to hold him so Sloan reluctantly hands him to her. Nicole sings to Jude and then hands him back to Sloan as Eric comes back out. Sloan comments on Jude being so calm now and thanks Nicole. Nicole calls it teamwork as Eric smiles seeing them together.

Maggie questions John coming to apologize for the way he treated Konstantin and guesses that Steve came to stop him. John clarifies that Steve came to stop him from confessing which Maggie questions. John reveals to Maggie that he is the man who killed Konstantin’s daughter, Catharina.

Ava asks if Harris really thinks Stefan is playing him. Harris doesn’t think Stefan is foolish enough to turn down the best deal he’s going to get. Ava asks what if EJ isn’t on board. Harris brings up EJ covering up the Bistro being used for drugs. Ava adds that EJ also refused to help her and Stefan get out from under Clyde’s thumb. Ava calls EJ a son of a bitch who despises his brother and her even more. Ava worries that if Stefan refuses the deal and reports Harris, there could be charges against him and he could lose his job. Harris responds that he had to take that chance as he can’t lose Ava after everything they have been through.

EJ tells Stefan to forget it as he has absolutely nothing to gain from his silly little exercise. Stefan guesses EJ is afraid that he will win. EJ says he’s just not willing to waste all his time. Stefan argues that he knows full well that fortunes have been won or lost in poker or horseshoes, so he can’t think of a more DiMera appropriate way to settle their disagreement than chess unless he wants him to air his grievances in an open court, revealing their respective misdeeds. EJ argues that Stefan’s misdeeds are quite a bit larger than his. Stefan says maybe this month, but asks if EJ will really be able to enjoy his fortune if he’s in prison. Stefan offers to let EJ have the first move in chess. EJ reluctantly agrees to take another look at the deal if he loses but says he won’t as he sits back down and begins the chess game.

Eric apologizes to Nicole about earlier. She says not to worry about it. Nicole asks about Eric’s new business which he says is going pretty well. Nicole admits she envies them both, working full time and not having Jude in daycare or having a nanny. Eric says he enjoys spending as much time with Jude as he can. Sloan calls him a great dad. Eric mentions running in to Holly earlier and says it was great to see her out and about. Nicole says she’s getting stronger every day. Eric asks if Holly is starting to remember any more about what happened on New Year’s Eve but Nicole says no. Nicole doesn’t know what else Holly can remember as she doesn’t know how the drugs slipped in to her drink. Nicole knows that Brady believes Tate’s story that the drugs were Holly’s and she admits she had her doubts but Holly denied it. Nicole insists that Holly would never lie, especially if it jeopardized Tate’s freedom since she cares so much about him. Nicole admits that she and EJ don’t think Tate and Holly are good for each other and that it’s a toxic relationship. Eric argues that they are just young. Nicole remarks that she’s Holly’s mother and knows a thing or two about relationships and if they are meant to be.

Maggie questions how this could be. Steve says there is blood on his hands too since he was working for Victor and was the Pawn’s handler, so he might have been able to stop things from going so terribly wrong. John argues that no one is to blame but him as he shot the young woman. Maggie questions if he’s sure if no one saw it. Steve says he’s not but John insists that there was no one else in the room, so it was him. Konstantin confirms it’s the truth that John killed his daughter and he has no doubt in his mind.

Ava admits that after Harris found out about her and Stefan, she wasn’t sure he would feel the same way about her. Harris states that they’ve both done things they aren’t proud of and he knows that her relationship with Stefan was a cover to protect him. Ava acknowledges that he tried to warn her but she was just being stupid. Ava insists that her and Stefan was one time and meant nothing. Harris says he knows and is only worried about if there’s more information that he doesn’t know about that could blow this deal. Ava says not that she knows of. Ava doesn’t think Stefan would go out of his way to screw him over, but worries that EJ is the wildcard they’d need to worry about.

EJ takes the lead in the chess game so Stefan suggests they make it a best of three series but EJ declines. Stefan says the other day he was thinking that he’d never be able to play chess with his brothers again and that made him sad. EJ calls it so satisfying to trounce people he’s in conflict with. Stefan admits that he wasn’t ready to be out of the DiMera family fold as he loves being a DiMera which is something they have in common. Stefan makes a chess move that he says he learned from Chad as he’s always been more ruthless in sport than life, while he and EJ are two ruthless sons of bitches in any context. Stefan then makes another move which surprises EJ. Stefan asks if he’s underestimated him again. EJ admits he doesn’t see another move, so Stefan wins the chess game.

Eric tells Nicole that he asked Brady to be Jude’s Godfather and asks if that will be an uncomfortable situation with Tate. Nicole says that she and Brady are good friends, so they will work it out. Nicole adds that she wouldn’t miss the Christening for anything. Nicole repeats that she envies them both and wishes that she and EJ were able to baptize their son before they lost him. Eric assures that her little boy is with God. Nicole believes he is too. Nicole apologizes for bringing the mood down and promises that tomorrow will be nothing but good vibes. Eric thanks Nicole for everything. Nicole says she will see them at the reception and exits.

John tells Konstantin that as a father himself, his heart is breaking for him and he can’t imagine the pain he has suffered all these years. Konstantin agrees that John can’t imagine it because he did not know his daughter or her gentle soul. Marlena has no doubt that Catharina was a wonderful woman and the loss of her was devastating, but she wants him to know that the man John is now is also a light in the world. John responds that he’s sorry but he doesn’t even know who he is. John declares that all he knows is what he has to do, so he’s getting a car to the airport and once the flight touches down, he will turn himself in for his crimes and no one will stop him.

Harris tells Ava that he should get back to the police station to see what’s going on. Ava tells him that if things don’t work out, she wants him to know that he tried his best and she appreciates it. Harris assures that he’s not giving up yet as they hug. Harris says he’ll see her soon and walks away. Ava then follows after him.

EJ acknowledges that Stefan won the chess game, but says his victory is meaningless because he still has his signature. Stefan questions if EJ wants a few million more a year or his freedom. EJ decides the details of who gets what will wait until he is out of lockup and he can provide his office with the proper evidence against Clyde and then the judge will agree to time served and says that’s the best he can do. Stefan hands over his recording and they shake hands on the deal. EJ and Stefan exit the interrogation room. EJ informs Harris that the deal is done and Stefan will sign his confession. Harris says after he’s booked and he can take it from here. EJ tells Stefan that he will see him in due time as he exits the station. Harris then officially arrests Stefan as Ava arrives at the police station and watches as Harris reads Stefan his rights.

Eric tells Sloan that he knows she wishes it wasn’t Nicole who was hosting the Christening party. Sloan responds that she’s actually good about everything now. Eric says if she’s good, he is good as he hugs her. Eric wants her to know that coming home to her and their son makes him happier than he ever thought possible.

Nicole walks through the town square and runs in to EJ. They kiss as Nicole asks if everything is okay and if he ever tracked down Stefan. EJ confirms that he did. Nicole guesses he must be relieved and asks what happened to him. EJ calls it all just a misunderstanding but they got it all squared away, so all is well that ends well.

Steve argues that John can’t do this. John tells Steve that what happened in the past happened because he lacked free will and others manipulated him in to doing their being. John declares that now he has free will and is going to exercise it. John tells Steve that if he cares about him, he will let him do this. Marlena says they hear him. John adds that Konstantin is never going to forgive him but Konstantin stops him and says he’s wrong as he does forgive him.

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