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Eric meets Theresa in the town square. Theresa comments on Jude reminding her of when Tate was that little. Eric knows it can be rough raising a teenager. Theresa tells him to wait until he hears the latest.

Maggie takes care of Victoria at the Kiriakis Mansion. Konstantin comes in and talks about when his daughter Catharina was that age. Maggie asks if he has any suggestions to get Victoria to stop crying. Konstantin offers to take her and sing to her.

Xander wakes up to Sarah having cooked breakfast. They say good morning and kiss as Xander talks about how last night was perfect compared to being in jail. Xander suggests they go back to bed which Sarah agrees to.

Johnny and Chanel wake up in bed together and kiss.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ calls Stefan and leaves a message, questioning where the hell he is as the car is leaving in an hour. EJ warns him about screwing this up and demands that Stefan get there now as Nicole walks in and questions what is going on with his brother now. EJ responds that Stefan is being infuriatingly elusive and not responding to his calls or texts. Nicole suggests it’s early so maybe he’s asleep. EJ argues that Stefan knows it’s urgent family business overseas so he should’ve set his damn alarm. Nicole asks if there’s anything she can do. EJ tells her that her just being there is all he ever needs. They kiss until Holly walks in and tells them to get a room. Nicole feels it’s kind of early for her to be up. Holly blames EJ for her being unable to sleep and asks why EJ had to be so cruel and have Tate arrested.

Eric and Theresa sit together in the town square. Theresa tells him about Tate being back at the halfway house with a restraining order against him so he can’t go anywhere near Holly. Theresa thinks it’s for the best since maybe Holly and Tate aren’t good for each other like how she and Brady were back in the day. Eric points out that they had a lot of love in the beginning. Theresa admits they did make a really good kid together even if he does make poor choices. Jude wakes up crying so Eric says he has to go. Eric tells Theresa that he knows things are stressful now but he thinks Tate will come out of this stronger and wiser. Theresa says she hopes so. Eric says they will talk soon as he walks off with Jude. Theresa thinks back to visiting Tate at the halfway house.

Konstantin sings to Victoria to get her to sleep. Maggie comments that he must have the magic touch. Maggie is impressed by how he is with Victoria, noting he is kind and gentle. Konstantin responds that he adores Victoria and Maggie.

Xander and Sarah finish their breakfast and clean up. Sarah says it feels really nice for them to be doing simple things together. Xander says the only thing that will make it better is having their daughter home. Sarah admits she misses her too and decides they will go get her from Maggie.

Johnny and Chanel have room service for breakfast. They talk about this being their first breakfast as husband and wife this time around and this time is forever. Johnny decides he’s not really hungry for breakfast as they start kissing. Afterwards, they go back to their breakfast. Chanel talks about how lucky she is to have him as her husband and how he was always there for her and Paulina at the hospital. They talk about Paulina and Abe’s miracles. Chanel guesses it was the power of love. Johnny points out that Paulina never gave up on Abe. Chanel says that’s just like them despite their very dramatic breakup and seeing other people. Chanel declares that Johnny was always in her heart and dreams. Johnny recalls dreaming of her. Chanel assures him that it’s so very real now as they hold hands.

Maggie talks to Konstantin about how fast a child can grow and change. Konstantin relates to his daughter Catharina. Sarah walks in and greets them. Maggie tells her that they just got Victoria to sleep. Xander then arrives, exciting Maggie who runs up to hug him and asks when he got released. Xander says it was just last night and he then takes Victoria from Konstantin. Xander tells Victoria how he’s missed her. Konstantin decides he has some errands to run so he will get on with his day and tells them to enjoy their family time. Maggie thanks Konstantin for helping with Victoria as he exits. Maggie calls this a surprise which Xander agrees with.

EJ tells Holly they can talk. Holly says she already knows what he’s going to say. EJ admits he had Tate arrested but reveals that he decided not to press charges which shocks Holly. EJ informs her that he’s back at the halfway house. Holly is relieved as she was thinking about Tate being alone in a jail cell. EJ assures that he’s in a protective environment but then reveals that part of the conditions were that Tate must wear an ankle monitor and has a restraining order against him so he can’t come within 100 feet of the DiMera Mansion or Holly. Holly gets upset and says she can’t believe this, arguing that Tate didn’t do anything wrong. Nicole says it’s for the best. Holly questions how and asks why things can’t just go back to normal as she just wants to see her friend. Holly says if they only knew how sad this makes her for Tate because he doesn’t deserve this.

Maggie tells Xander that Victoria missed her so much. Sarah thanks Maggie for watching her. Maggie says this morning, she couldn’t get Victoria calmed down until Konstantin sang her a Greek lullaby. Xander informs Maggie that he and Sarah would be more comfortable if Victoria was just with her when she babysits. Maggie calls that unfair because Konstantin has been very sweet, kind, and gentle with her. Maggie informs Xander that Konstantin raised a child himself, who died tragically when she was young. Sarah is surprised, admitting they didn’t know that. Maggie says Konstantin opened up to her about that loss and his tenderness with Victoria is touching because of that, insisting that he has a wonderful way with her.

Chanel texts Lani to let her know that Paulina is getting released from the hospital today. Johnny calls it still so hard to believe. Chanel suggests they throw Paulina a welcome home bash. Johnny questions if they have enough time to pull it off. Chanel tells him of everything they can do, so Johnny tells her to just give him a list and it’s done. Johnny says he’ll call Abe to find out when they are going to release her. Chanel says it should be soon. Chanel declares that all is well in the world.

Nicole tells Holly that they know Tate is her friend but he broke in to their home. Holly complains that they think Tate is a delinquent just because he came to see if she was okay. Holly decides she’s going for a walk. Nicole reminds her that they still have a lot to do for Jude’s Christening reception tomorrow. Nicole then offers to go walk with Holly but she says she needs to go by herself and she’s just going to the park. Nicole asks Holly to text her when she gets there which she agrees to. EJ stops Holly and says he knows she resents the restraining order, but warns that there will be consequences if it’s violated. EJ asks Holly not to contact Tate as it will just make things worse for everyone. Holly says she’s got it and exits the mansion.

Theresa remains in the town square as she finishes a work call about an upcoming meeting. Theresa hangs up and declares that today is going to be a good day. Konstantin then shows up and sits at her table. Theresa says she’s in no mood for this and has a meeting to get to. Konstantin informs her that they have to have a meeting too since it’s been a while since they discussed their venture. Konstantin asks Theresa how things are going with their plan to acquire Alex’s fortune. Theresa tells him this is not the time or place and she has to get to work. Konstantin comments on Theresa trying to screw the owner of Titan out of his family’s fortune and asks how it’s going. Theresa says if he really must know, she was this close to having it all and he even bought her an engagement ring but he chickened out of proposing so she pushed back and moved out of his apartment. Konstantin asks if he’s seen the error of his ways. Theresa says she’s focused on her son, so she doesn’t see much of Alex. Konstantin calls that unacceptable and says they must do something about it.

Maggie tells Xander how wonderful it is to have him home and credits Justin working so hard on his case. Xander points out that he hasn’t been exonerated yet but bail has been posted, so he’s here with his three favorite girls. Maggie asks what changed and how he finally made bail. Xander says that Harris couldn’t identify him as his shooter. Sarah has faith that the real shooter will be revealed eventually. Maggie says once that chapter is closed, Xander can move on with his life which Sarah says is the plan.

Johnny finishes a call with Steve, inviting him to Paulina’s homecoming party. Johnny tells Chanel that Steve is in and that Kayla is planning on going home from the hospital with Abe and Paulina. Chanel says that’s perfect and that the flowers and bakery orders are being put together as they speak. Johnny hugs her as she calls it the calm before the storm.

EJ sends a text message to Stefan, demanding he get back to him. Nicole asks if everything is okay. EJ claims he was just seeing if they heard from Holly. Nicole points out that Holly will text her, not him. EJ hopes he’s not alone in worrying about Holly’s friendship with Tate. Nicole says whatever happened between them ended up with Holly in a coma and Tate in a halfway house. EJ calls it tragic and he’s thankful that they have Holly back, but he thinks it’s best if they keep them apart.

Holly runs in to Eric with Jude in the park and greets them. Eric mentions running in to Theresa, who told him what happened with Tate. Holly says it’s really bad and wishes she could take back New Year’s Eve. Eric thinks back to talking to Brady about thinking Holly was hiding something. Eric asks if she means take back being drugged. Holly claims to still not know how that happened but she knows Tate is being blamed for pushing drugs on her and it’s so wrong. Holly adds that now she can’t see or talk to Tate because of the restraining order. Eric knows EJ and Nicole are just trying to keep her safe. Holly argues that she doesn’t need to be kept safe from Tate and promises that he’s a really good guy. Holly adds that everything EJ and Nicole are saying about Tate is not true. Eric asks her what is true then and what she remembers. Holly thinks back to Tate trying to talk her out of the drugs on New Year’s Eve.

EJ tells Nicole that with everything going on, he thought it might be best to postpone the Christening celebration. Nicole disagrees and says with everything going on, they need something positive to celebrate. Nicole adds that the Christening is tomorrow and the invitations already went out, so it would be incredibly rude to cancel now. Nicole also thinks the gesture will show Sloan that she’s trying to get along with her. EJ says only if she’s sure. Nicole believes this will help heal her from the loss of their baby and that having Jude there will be somehow comforting to her. EJ says he understands and hugs her.

Johnny tells Chanel that they are definitely taking Sarah up on her offer of using the Horton Cabin for their private honeymoon. Chanel says later on, they can plan a more exciting and exotic honeymoon after Paulina is done with cancer treatments, but she thinks the Horton Cabin will be good for them for now. They decide they make one hell of a team as they kiss.

Konstantin argues that Theresa conned Alex before, so she can do it again if she wants to be rich. Konstantin tells her to get her head back in the game, asking if she understands the stakes. Theresa understands that she has to marry Alex ASAP while Konstantin snags Maggie’s inheritance. Konstantin says he has made himself indispensable to Maggie. Theresa warns that Maggie is really tough and clever, so when she gets a whiff of the con artist that he is, she will throw him out on his ass. Konstantin disagrees, insisting that Maggie is smitten with him and trusts him. Konstantin tells Theresa that if she fulfills her end of the bargain, they will be set for life.

Maggie tells Xander that they don’t agree about Konstantin but she urges him to understand that he has been very kind and supportive. Maggie decides she will go get dressed and start her day. Sarah thanks her again for watching Victoria. Maggie tells Xander that she knows he’ll be exonerated and she prays it’s very soon. Xander thanks her as she exits. Sarah brings up Maggie going on about how great Konstantin is and asks if that didn’t change Xander’s mind about him. Xander says it only reinforces his conviction that Konstantin has Maggie completely conned. Xander insists that he doesn’t have him conned and that he despises Konstantin.

Holly tells Eric that all she knows is that Tate’s a good guy and she’s just worried about him. Eric says if she ever wants to talk about anything, he’s always there for her with no judgment. Holly thanks him and says she has to go help Nicole with Jude’s Christening party so she leaves the park.

EJ tells Nicole that he understands the Christening party is something she has to do, so he’s behind her 100%. Nicole says she has to get going because there is still so much to do, so she exits. EJ then pulls his phone back out and calls Gregory, who informs him that Stefan has not shown up to the airfield. EJ tells him to stay put until he contacts him. EJ hangs up and calls Stefan again, leaving another message asking where the hell he is and what kind of game he is playing.

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