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Harris wakes up in Ava’s bed. Ava brings him breakfast in bed and reminds him that she brought him to her place last night. Ava notes that she slept on the couch, so Harris apologizes for taking her bed. Ava tells him not to be sorry and assumes he got some rest, so she asks how he’s feeling. Harris jokes that he feels like he got hit by a truck but she’s spoiling him. Ava says that’s what friends are for.

Eli and Julie sit together in the town square, talking about the Horton house fire. Eli calls it a blessing that they all made it out alive. Julie questions what kind of criminal sociopath sets a house on fire with innocent people inside. Eli says the worst kind and hopes the investigation gives them some solid leads but Julie says she’s not holding her breath. Julie says they are moving forward and going to restore, repair, and rebuild which she’s excited about. Eli asks about the mysterious time capsule. Julie says it’s great but they have no idea what the message is. Eli asks if she thinks the house will get finished or she’ll find the key to the time capsule first. Julie says time will tell and asks about Paulina not needing a heart transplant. Eli calls it a miracle and talks about how happy Abe is. Julie comments on Abe and Paulina loving having Eli, Lani, and the twins around. Julie asks if there’s any chance they would move back to Salem. Eli says he’s sorry but it’s not going to happen.

Maggie and Konstantin eat together at the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie comments on the house being filled with guests. Konstantin says he loves it and having the children around. Konstantin remarks that he always hoped for grandchildren but it was never meant to be. Maggie tells him that she’s sorry about his daughter. Konstantin says it’s not true that time heals all wounds for him because he misses her more as time goes on.

John and Marlena prepare for breakfast with Eric. Marlena asks if John is up for this since he’s been through so much with Steve lately. Marlena asks if John is still having nightmares. John admits they are getting worse. Marlena isn’t surprised after having to save Tripp and Wendy from the edge of death, feeling that would give anyone nightmares. Marlena guesses it triggered John’s own bad memories. John confirms it did but he doesn’t want to talk about it right now. Marlena agrees not to keep Eric waiting.

Eric and Roman talk at the Brady Pub. Roman thanks Eric for his help with Lucas. Eric asks if there’s any chance of Lucas coming out of hiding anytime soon. Roman admits he’d rather Lucas stay away with Clyde out of prison. Eric questions how that could even happen. Roman says he had to have a whole lot of help from outside.

Steve sits in his office, reading an article about Tripp and Wendy being rescued. Steve reads that the kidnapper has been identified but nowhere to be found and they are waiting to determine if it is linked to Clyde’s escape from prison.

Harris asks Ava if there’s any news on Tripp and Wendy. Ava informs him that she was at the hospital and they are doing pretty well. Ava talks about getting there just in time and brings up Clyde and the crooked cop. Harris says that Goldman fooled everybody. Ava swears if she ever gets her hands on them. Harris tells her to get in line. Harris asks if there’s any news on the manhunt for them. Ava says not that anyone has shared with her. Harris says that Clyde had to have outside help as he doesn’t think Goldman could have pulled that off alone. Harris asks Ava if she thinks Stefan has something to do with this. Ava questions why he would think that. Harris says they both know that Clyde had Stefan under his thumb. Ava doesn’t think Stefan had anything to do with it and questions what Stefan would know about pulling off a prison break. Ava tells Harris that it’s time to take his pills.

Eli tells Julie that he was waiting to tell her this, but he got a big promotion with a lot more responsibility working with the FBI and DOJ. Eli says that means he will be doing a lot more traveling. Julie asks if this is something he wants. Eli assures that it is. Julie says she’s so incredibly proud of him. Eli responds that he’s proud of her with how she handled the house fire. Eli calls her incredibly strong and brave. Julie credits her family for making her brave. Julie wants to go tell Doug about Eli’s promotion.

Konstantin kisses Maggie’s hand and says her compassion touches him. Maggie knows what it’s like to lose a child since she’s lost two. Konstantin brings up that she still has Sarah. Maggie calls Sarah a blessing, but worries about interfering in her life or focusing on her too much. Konstantin encourages that Sarah adores her. Maggie talks about the importance of touch in later years being the most powerful form of communication. Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s grateful for him and that he’s touched her heart. Konstantin says he cherishes their friendship and her. Konstantin calls her a very special woman. Maggie repeats that she’s grateful but says she must be honest. Maggie admits that as much as she’s tried to fight it or that the guilt would subside, it hasn’t. Maggie states that being close to another man, other than her late husband, makes her feel like she’s betraying Victor. Konstantin asks why Victor would want her to continue life without being cherished and if he wouldn’t want her to be happy.

Harris jokes with Ava about the pain he’s in. Harris thanks her and they almost kiss but Ava’s phone rings. Ava answers the call from Steve, who asks if she can talk. Ava says she’s in the middle of something right now. Steve tells her to wrap it up as they need to meet face to face in an hour. Ava says she will see him then and hangs up. Ava tells Harris that she’s going to see Steve to visit Tripp and to call her if he needs anything. Ava then exits.

John and Marlena join Eric and Roman at the Pub for breakfast. Roman says it’s great to be celebrating something positive for a change. Marlena says they have a lot to celebrate. Roman talks about Abe calling last night. John says Abe left him a message and you could hear in his voice how happy he was to be himself again. Marlena adds that Paulina is doing amazingly well. Eric talks about blessings and miracles. Roman brings up Jude’s Christening coming up. Marlena says she and John would love to host a reception afterwards. Eric says that’s thoughtful but reveals that Nicole already offered to host at the DiMera Mansion so he hopes that’s okay. Marlena says she’s just surprised while John thinks it’s a great idea since it’s larger than their house. Marlena asks about Godparents. Eric reveals that Sloan asked Melinda Trask to be Godmother since they’ve become really close and she is the one who found Jude for them. Eric then announces that he plans to ask Brady to be the Godfather which John says he’s sure Brady will be stoked about. Roman comments on John looking beat. Roman says that was some rescue of Tripp and Wendy. Eric calls John a real hero but John says he’s far from it.

Konstantin asks Maggie if she is Irish. Maggie responds that she has no idea since her parents died when she was young, she grew up on a farm, and never knew any of her other siblings. Maggie says her maiden name is Simmons and guesses it could be Irish. Maggie wonders if she should have her DNA test. Konstantin jokes about never knowing who you could end up with as relatives. Maggie says it doesn’t affect anything as you can’t change the past. Konstantin remarks that you can’t change the past, but sometimes, there is something in one’s past that they will never forget. Maggie makes a call to have an arrangement sent to Paulina in the hospital. Maggie mentions that Paulina loves orchids. Julie and Eli then arrive. Maggie invites them to sit down but Eli reveals that he just came to pack his things as they are leaving this afternoon. Julie encourages Eli telling them about his new job. Eli confirms he’ll be working with the FBI. Julie exclaims that Eli will rid the whole world of evil. Maggie comments that if anyone can do it, Eli can, as Konstantin watches on.

Marlena suggests to Eric that Jude can wear the same Christening gown that Eric wore as she still has it. Steve arrives so Roman invites him to join them. Steve says he would love to, but he and John have a couple things to discuss about a case. Steve asks to borrow John for an hour or two and assures that he’ll be at the Christening. Steve and John exit the Pub. John asks what’s up. Steve informs him that Ava is meeting them at the office in 20 minutes.

Harris tells himself that he wants to trust Ava, but he knows she’s up to something.

Eli tells Julie that it would take more than one person to rid the world of evil. Julie encourages that he is the best of the best. Eli jokes that she’s a biased grandmother. Konstantin states that Eli has made his family very proud. Konstantin says he has to get going and make a call to Greece, so he exits the room. Maggie says they heard about Paulina’s recovery and that Abe must be over the moon. Eli assures they all are. Maggie adds that she heard Abe remembers everything. Eli says it sucks they can’t spend more time with them but they have to get back to DC for his new job. Eli adds that he’s thrilled they are leaving happy and not heartbroken. Eli thanks Maggie for taking them in. Julie jokes that Maggie is running the Kiriakis Mansion as a bed and breakfast for displaced loved ones. Maggie says she’s so happy that they came because she loves being surrounded by family.

Harris calls Rafe and questions having no leads. Harris tells Rafe to call him if there’s any news and hangs up.

Ava meets Steve and John at their office. Ava says to make it quick as she wants to check on Tripp and then she has things to take care of. Steve says after the stunt she pulled, they are lucky no one is on to them as everyone assumes Officer Goldman arranged Clyde’s escape. Ava reveals that she found out at the airfield that Rebecca Goldman is Clyde’s girlfriend which Steve says he didn’t see coming. Ava talks about Clyde taunting her about her son being dead. John complains that they are in this mess because they trusted Ava and didn’t expect her to stab them in the back. Ava tells them to get off their high horse, arguing that they double crossed her first since the original plan was to bust Clyde out and let him go, so she just went back to the original plan and she had no choice. Ava adds that Clyde is out now and there’s nothing they can do about it. John shouts that it doesn’t make it right. John tells Steve that he can’t live with himself knowing that Clyde is out there ruining people’s lives and that they made it happen. Steve knows it’s wrong and not what they do. Ava argues that they’ve all done some really bad things they aren’t proud of. Steve says those things are in the past while John is traumatized by those words. Steve asks if he’s okay.

Eli finishes packing the car up and says he’s picking up Lani and the twins from the hospital. Maggie says it was wonderful to see them and tells him to come back soon which Eli promises to do. Eli hugs Julie, who says she’s so proud of him and happy that his family is united. They say I love you as Eli then exits the mansion. Julie cries that it will feel like an empty place for her without Eli and his family. Maggie knows what it’s like to live in a house full of people, but still feel lonely.

Marlena tells Eric that fatherhood looks good on him. Eric says he’s fulfilled and talks about his amazing connection with Jude. Marlena asks how Sloan is. Eric hesitates so Roman questions what he missed. Eric tells Marlena to go ahead and tell him. Marlena informs Roman that she had supper at their house awhile back. Eric fills Roman in that Sloan got wasted. Marlena calls it not so crazy and unusual because of Sloan’s hectic job. Eric then reveals that he thinks Sloan sometimes gets jealous of Jude. Marlena asks if they’ve had that conversation. Eric says he’s tried to explain it and admits maybe he is a bit obsessed as he hates hearing Jude cry or being apart from him. Eric thanks Marlena and Roman for being amazing parents to him. Marlena says he always made it so easy and that he has thanked them. Roman adds that it’s still always nice to hear.

Harris calls Stefan but it goes to voicemail. Harris warns Stefan to quit blowing him off and to find him or call him or else, he won’t like what he does.

Ava tells John and Steve that no one but them can ever find out they were behind the prison escape. Steve brings up the issue of Ava’s mob pals helping out. Ava assures that she will take care of that. Steve questions what it’s really going to cost her. Ava says whatever the price is will be worth it because they saved their son. Steve says they are done here for now but he’s going back to the hospital. Ava decides she’ll head out with him. Steve asks if John is coming but John says he has a few things to follow up on here. Steve tells John to take it easy as he and Ava then exit the office. John picks up his phone and calls Konstantin, saying he needs to see him at his office. Konstantin says he’ll be right there and hangs up.

Steve and Ava walk through the town square. Ava asks what’s up with John. Steve claims to not know what she means. Ava says sometimes it seems like John just checks out. Steve says after 30 years, sometimes, John is a mystery even to him. Ava tells Steve that she just about stopped breathing when they found Tripp not breathing. Ava thanks Steve for bringing Tripp back and hopes he knows that she’s incredibly grateful. Steve says they have Wendy to thank too for being smart with the sign language. Ava knows Steve hates the way she handled things, but she wants him to know that saving Tripp was the only thing on her mind and she didn’t want to drag Steve in to this mess. Steve argues that if she just would’ve trusted him, maybe he and John could’ve saved Tripp without letting Clyde go. Ava says maybe not, so they agree to disagree. Steve asks if Ava is coming to the hospital. Ava says maybe later but she has a few things to check on at the house first.

Julie tells Maggie that it’s been awhile since they have caught up, so she asks how she’s doing. Maggie admits she misses Victor and talks about sometimes waking up and forgetting for a few seconds that he’s not with her. Maggie adds that she now has a sense of guilt which Julie questions. Maggie tells her that when she’s with Konstantin, she feels drawn to him and she hates herself for it. Julie says Maggie has been a happily married woman twice and she has a lot of good years ahead of her, so she asks why she should be alone. Julie declares that if Maggie chooses to be with somebody, there’s no shame in that and she knows Victor would give his blessing because he’d want her to be happy and loved.

Ava goes home to find Harris is out of the bed but left a rose on the table.

Marlena says she has to get back to the hospital. Roman says it’s always good to see her. Marlena hugs Eric and tells him to check in which he agrees to do. Marlena then hugs Roman and exits. Eric tells Roman that he’s going to grab some food from the kitchen for Sloan. Roman jokes about Sloan not liking the clam chowder. Eric says he will take him up on babysitting which Roman says he and Kate will be glad to do.

Steve comes back by the Pub and sees Marlena outside. Marlena questions John not being with him. Steve responds that they need to have a talk about him in private.

Konstantin meets John at the Black Patch office and asks what the big emergency is. John responds that he needs to know what Konstantin knows about his past. Konstantin asks why he would think he would know anything. John says his life hasn’t been the same since they met in the park a few weeks ago. John feels like he’s been tossed in to a tornado and the damn nightmares are endless which is also now affecting his wife. John asks Konstantin what the hell he did to him. Konstantin responds that it’s not what he did, but what John did to him.

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