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Update written by Joseph

Xander returns home from his run to find Sarah waiting on the couch. Xander is surprised she’s still up. Sarah responds that she was starting to get worried as he was gone for such a long time. Sarah adds that she was hearing all the sirens and guesses he did too. Xander states that he had no idea what that was all about.

Chad and Julie go to the Kiriakis Mansion. Chad thanks Maggie for giving them clothes. Maggie says Victor would be glad they went to use as she’s never gotten around to donating them. Maggie asks where Doug is. Chad responds that he’s upstairs with the kids as they finally fell asleep and he didn’t want to leave their side. Chad says the kids were so scared as they all were. Maggie can’t imagine and calls it terrifying. Chad isn’t sure he’s been able to process it yet but calls Julie so brave. Maggie knows they both always are. Maggie tries to comfort Julie and says they are all okay which is all that matters. Julie agrees and acknowledges that the house is just a material thing while family is home. Julie just doesn’t understand why it happened. Chad responds that he knows why and declares that it was his fault.

At the police station, Jada talks with Officer Goldman about it being all hands on deck and not having any updates on Harris yet. Rafe joins them and asks for any updates on the shooting. Jada says they are interviewing witnesses and trying to locate Harris’ phone. Jada asks how Harris is doing. Rafe responds that he’s alive but it’s touch and go. Rafe asks about the Pub. Jada says she just got back from there and everyone’s fine, but she’ll fill him in on that later. Rafe says he figured he could be more useful here. Officer Goldman comments on cops being at the hospital donating blood. Rafe talks about how they always come together in times of need. Wendy arrives and asks how she can help. Jada says they will need her to bring up traffic camera footage. Wendy agrees to but asks if she can talk to them in private first.

Stefan joins Ava in a hospital waiting room and asks if she’s hanging in. Ava says she is just barely. Ava remarks that she doesn’t always have the greatest memory, but she remembers every single word that Harris ever said to her and she keeps hearing those words in her head over and over again. Stefan asks if Ava really loves him. Ava responds that she never told him and worries that she’ll never get the chance to.

Kayla works on Harris in the emergency room and says they need at least five units of blood for surgery as she urges him to stay with them.

Xander tells Sarah that he was really in the zone and ran about two miles more than he usually does, but there’s sirens all over town. Xander guesses he’ll be filled in on it in the morning. Sarah suggests they could stay up late, watch the news, and have a drink.. Xander says it sounds tempting but he’s beat and needs a shower. Xander says she can tell him when Victoria is up and tells Sarah to have a goodnight as he heads to the bathroom.

Maggie asks how this could have been Chad’s fault as she doesn’t understand. Chad reveals that he got a phone call after they got outside and were across the street, from an unknown number with a distorted voice that said “maybe next time, you’ll listen”. Chad thinks it was payback for a story they ran in the Spectator about the drug ring because Clyde said he would be sorry. Julie is shocked and questions Chad ignoring that and not taking it seriously. Julie asks why Chad printed the story.

Wendy goes in to the interrogation room with Rafe and Jada. They ask if she saw something tonight. Wendy says not tonight and she doesn’t like being a snitch but she probably should’ve told them this earlier. Wendy informs them that the other night, Ava pretty much admitted to her and Tripp that something was going on at the Bistro that could get her in trouble and she didn’t want her and Tripp involved because of the danger. Rafe asks if Ava said what kind of danger. Wendy admits that she didn’t but it sounded pretty serious. Wendy adds that Ava made a big point of saying she can’t trust the cops. Jada asks if she said why. Wendy responds that Ava said something about how the cops can be more corrupt than the mob in her experience. Jada asks if Wendy noticed any odd behavior from Ava lately. Wendy notes that Ava has been obsessed with wanting her and Tripp to get out of town as if it’s so they won’t be around for whatever danger is out there. Wendy adds that she doesn’t know the details, but she thinks Stefan is involved somehow. Rafe thanks Wendy for the tip and says he’d appreciate her being the ears and eyes around Ava. Wendy calls the idea of spying on her boyfriend’s mother weird. Jada says she gets it but it could really help their investigation and something really serious is going down right now, so Wendy agrees to do it. Rafe assures this stays between them and no one else will know that she’s giving them intel. Jada adds that he can’t tell anyone, especially not Tripp. Officer Goldman enters and announces she has something they are going to want to see right away.

Stefan encourages Ava that Harris will be okay and she has to think positive. Stefan brings up Harris being a Navy SEAL and being through worse than this, so he’s going to make it. Stefan then asks Ava why she got down and dirty with him, if she loves Harris so much. Ava asks what the hell is wrong with him, reminding him that they both agreed that it was a huge mistake. Ava then asks why Stefan got down and dirty with her when he apparently loves Gabi so much. Ava then tells him not to answer because it never happened. Stefan agrees and apologizes for bringing it up. Kayla comes in, so Ava asks what’s wrong and if Harris is going to be okay.

Julie knows Chad couldn’t imagine someone would set the house on fire, but questions why he didn’t tell them about the call or warn them about the threat from Clyde. Chad wishes he would have and blames himself. Maggie insists it’s not his fault but Chad says he should’ve taken Clyde’s threat seriously because he knows what he’s capable of. Chad apologizes. Julie says she’s overwhelmed but she shouldn’t lash out at him, assuring that Chad is not to blame in any way. Julie apologizes and says the person to blame is Clyde. Chad says he published the story because he needed to bring Clyde down and he wanted to make him pay so badly for what he did to Abigail and leaving his kids without a mother. Julie asks if Chad is sure the voice on the phone was Clyde’s. Chad admits he can’t be sure, but asks who else it could be. Chad says the voice was distorted and the number was blocked, but there might be a way to unblock it. Chad adds that he hasn’t told the police about the call yet, but he’ll go to the station now to give them his phone and see if there’s anything they can do.

Officer Goldman presents a phone found near the dumpster at the scene. Rafe gives it to Wendy and says the phone is now her priority. Wendy agrees to run the numbers and see what she can find. Rafe tells her to let him know, even if it’s a dead end. Wendy then exits and Officer Goldman follows out. Rafe tells Jada that he doesn’t know what’s up with Ava, but they need to have a chat with her. Jada agrees that Ava knows more than what she’s saying. Rafe then asks Jada to get him up to speed on the Pub. Jada responds that he’s not going to believe this.

Kayla informs Ava and Stefan that they’ve been giving Harris blood transfusions and he is now stable enough for surgery which relieves Ava. Kayla adds that their biggest concern right now is internal bleeding, but he could also have bullet fragments that could cause damage to other areas. Kayla says they plan to remove the bullet and check multiple organs. Kayla asks if Harris has any family to notify. Ava says not that she knows of. Kayla says they will check with the police department for his emergency contacts. Ava asks if Harris is going to be okay. Kayla repeats that he lost a lot of blood and they’ll know more after surgery but assures that they will do everything they can.

Xander takes a shower until Sarah comes in to join him. Xander thought they were taking things slow as they start kissing.

Julie complains to Maggie that somebody set fire to the house with them in it. Maggie says there will be a reckoning for the evil that is Clyde. Julie cries that they’ve lost the family history, the scrapbooks, and the Horton family Christmas ornaments. Maggie thanks God that they got out safe and reminds her that home is not material possessions but family and the people you love. Julie agrees that’s what Tom and Alice would say as Maggie hugs her.

Kayla tells Ava and Stefan that Harris has experienced trauma but he is strong and in great shape so he has a better chance than most. Kayla adds that Ava found him and got him help before it was too late, so because of her, he actually has a better chance. Kayla says they are taking Harris to the operating room now, so she’ll be in touch. Kayla then exits the room. Ava thinks back to Harris telling her that he loves her. Ava says to herself that Harris has to make it.

Rafe and Jada discuss Harris keeping Lucas safe in his room. Jada says that’s her partner, always going above and beyond. Rafe says the best they can do for him, is to go above on this investigation and nail every bastard involved but Clyde is pulling strings from the inside. Jada questions how they prove that. Rafe says they have to find out who his new puppet master is and his soldiers on the outside and then flip them. Jada and Rafe hope the phone gives them something or forensics finds something at the Pub. Jada adds that she has police at the Pub all night on the scene, so Lucas is safe for now, but they have to find him a new safehouse. Rafe says the question is how the hell they found Lucas and declares that it’s like Clyde was waging a war on Salem tonight. Officer Goldman returns and informs them that Chad is there and insists on speaking to Rafe, so Rafe brings him in. Chad comments on it being busy out there. Rafe asks him what’s up. Chad informs them of the fire at the Horton house tonight. Jada asks if everyone is okay. Chad says they are good. Rafe asks if everyone got out. Chad confirms they did but the house is gone and destroyed. Rafe tells Chad that he’s so sorry and that they’ve been so busy that he didn’t even hear about it. Rafe asks if he knows what the cause was. Chad responds that it was arson and he thinks it was Clyde Weston. Chad tells them about the phone call saying “maybe next time, you’ll listen.” Jada asks why he thinks it was Clyde. Chad says it was either Clyde or someone who works for him, explaining that Clyde threatened he and Everett when they saw him at the prison earlier and told him they were going to write the article on the drug crisis, naming him as the suspected drug lord. Chad says Clyde didn’t want it to see the light of day and it did, so he thinks this was revenge for outing him and killing his profits. Rafe guesses that Clyde is on the warpath and if he is responsible for this fire, that makes three incidents tonight. Chad asks what else happened. Rafe says he can’t discuss other incidents but he’s glad Chad and his family are safe. Rafe adds that he’s interested in seeing the arson report and will have it sent over as soon as possible. Chad states that he needs Rafe to tell him he’s going to get this guy. Chad brings up that Clyde killed Abigail and then burned down their family house while in prison for her murder. Rafe assures that they are going to get Clyde as everyone in the department wants to bring him down. Jada asks Chad to leave his phone so they can have tech look it over which Chad agrees to.

Ava complains that things are taking forever. Stefan offers to get her something to eat but Ava says she can’t keep this up after tonight. Ava argues that they have to end this and they can’t keep this going. Stefan argues that they have no choice as they cannot betray Clyde since they’ve seen what happens. Ava swears that if Harris dies, she will go after Clyde herself no matter what happens. Stefan asks if she’s just going to walk in to prison and stab him with a spork. Ava tells him not to insult her. Stefan urges her to let it go. Ava asks if they are supposed to just let Clyde hurt the people they love. Stefan says there is nothing they can do about it unless she wants him to kill the people they love the most.

Xander and Sarah continue kissing into the bedroom. Sarah tells Xander that she loves him and she never stopped. Xander responds that he loves her and never stopped as they kiss onto the bed.

Jada comments to Rafe on there being three targets in one night and guesses Clyde has this whole thing planned and executed. Rafe points out that Clyde is in his cell while his goons are out there knocking off his enemies. Jada worries that there were kids along with Doug and Julie, so Clyde doesn’t care who gets caught in it. Rafe questions how Clyde can know so much, noting that it’s one thing to know where Chad lives or where Harris was going to be, but not to know where Lucas was hiding out. Rafe worries that the mole runs deep. Wendy rushes in and says they won’t believe it but she got a hit off the phone and shows them the papers, shocking Rafe and Jada. Rafe and Jada exit the interrogation room, declaring they’ve got him now. Officer Goldman comes in and announces she’s got the warrant. She shows signs of arm pain so Jada asks if she’s alright but she says she just overdid it at the gym. Rafe announces that everyone knows the drill so it’s time to do this as they exit the station.

Chad returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Maggie and Julie that the kids are still asleep and Doug is with them. Maggie asks how it went at the police station. Chad says he told them everything and they took his phone, so he hopes he helped. Julie asks if there is any chance that they are all still in danger. Chad doesn’t think so as Clyde made his point but Rafe said he would put a car outside just to be safe. Julie guesses all they have to think about is where they are going to live now.

Kayla returns to Ava and Stefan to inform them that Harris made it through surgery and they removed the bullet, but Harris had a collapsed lung and significant internal bleeding. Ava asks what happens now. Kayla says they will monitor him closely and wait. Stefan asks how long before they know if he will make it. Kayla says there are no guarantees but gives it 24 hours.

Xander and Sarah lay in bed together after having sex. Xander says not long ago, he thought they would never be together again and now she’s back in his arms as they kiss. Sarah tells Xander that she missed him so much. Xander says while they were apart, there wasn’t a day where he didn’t think about her and if she was thinking about him. Sarah confirms that she was, even when she was so angry and wanted to move on, her longing for him never went away. Sarah says she would fantasize about moments like this. Sarah says when Xander went out, she couldn’t wait for him to get back as she was hoping something like this might happen. Xander says he was just sorry he was gone so long. Sarah notes that Xander did leave his phone and she wasn’t snooping, but it was impossible to not notice a text that came through that just said “is it done?” Sarah asks if he knows what that means. Xander claims to have no idea but then they hear the police burst in, announcing they have a search warrant.

Maggie tells Julie that there is nothing to figure out as they will all live here in the Kiriakis Mansion. Julie says they can’t possibly impose when she already has a house full of people. Maggie points out that it’s a mansion with empty bedrooms. Chad says she doesn’t have to do that but Maggie says she won’t take no for an answer. Maggie instructs Julie and Chad to go upstairs and get some rest as there is nothing more they can do tonight and tomorrow is another day. Julie agrees as Maggie encourages that she will rebuild and she’ll have everyone around her who loves her, every step of the way.

Ava asks Kayla if she can see Harris. Kayla repeats that he’s in recovery. Stefan points out that Ava has been waiting for hours and he’s pretty sure Harris would want her in the room beside him. Kayla says that brings her to something that she wanted to mention to Ava, so she asks Stefan to give them a minute. Stefan steps out. Kayla then informs Ava that one of the nurses got in contact with the police department and asks if Ava was aware that Harris listed her as his emergency contact. Ava confirms she did not know that. Kayla says she clearly means a lot to him. Ava thanks her and adds that she really wants to see Harris as she needs to tell him something. Kayla allows her to for just a few minutes so Ava heads to Harris’s hospital room.

Ava enters the room and begins talking to Harris as he lays unconscious. Ava states that she’s so sorry this happened to him and that she never should’ve gotten involved with Clyde Weston. Ava says she should’ve found a way out. Ava adds that Harris was just trying to protect her, so she should be the one in the bed instead of him. Ava says there’s something really important that she wants to tell him. Ava then tells Harris that she loves him and she really wishes she told him and said it back to him at the police station. Ava cries that she needs him to fight really hard. Stefan walks by and listens from the doorway as the cop nearby watches on. Ava pleads with Harris to come back to her.

Rafe, Jada and the cops burst in to the bedroom as Sarah shouts that there’s a baby in the other room. They order Xander to put his hands behind his back as they arrest him.

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