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Someone in a black mask sneaks in to the Horton house.

Paulina is watching TV at home until Chanel shows up at the door with three large bags. Chanel tells Paulina that she brought all her favorites because they are about to have a mother-daughter night that she will never forget. Paulina reminds Chanel that her surgery is in the morning and she’s not really in the mood. Chanel responds that they will just have to get her in the mood as she shows that she got her favorite nail polish, a puzzle, a deck of card, and her favorite junk foods. Chanel presents her with a pair of slippers and calls it girls night.

Jada brings Rafe food and coffee in his office, noting that he’s been busy. Rafe talks about the endless paperwork of an officer-involved shooting. Jada asks how Officer Goldman is doing. Rafe says she’s okay and that he sent her home after her meeting. Rafe says on a positive note, they got a lot of product off the street and were a major thorn in Clyde’s side, so all in all it’s a good day.

Someone enters the door to Harris’s room above the Pub and fires shots with a gun. Kate fires back, wounding the person as they run away. Kate then calls back inside to Lucas, asking if he’s alright.

The masked invader pours gasoline all over the living room of the Horton house, then lights a match and sets the house on fire! The fire alarms go off as Chad and Julie come downstairs to find the house on fire.

At the Bistro, Stefan comes over to Tripp, Wendy, and Ava’s table. Tripp jokes that it’s nice to see Stefan fully clothed. Stefan tells him to forget what he saw. Tripp calls it hard to forget. Ava reminds him that they are respecting boundaries and they are never to talk about that moment again. Ava then goes to step outside to get some fresh air.

Ava goes out to the docks and finds Harris on the ground, bleeding from being shot. Ava rushes to him and checks on him as she begins to panic.

Paulina tells Chanel that she really appreciates this, but questions her being up for a night of fun and games when she’s supposed to be getting married today. They talk about what movie to watch and decide on Bad Boys. Paulina then gets a call from prison and it’s Lani.

Rafe and Jada go over paperwork. Rafe notes that they should have the results of the drug dealer’s autopsy tomorrow morning which will confirm if he fired his weapon and if he had any opioids in his system. Rafe asks about Harris, noting he still doesn’t have his report yet and asks if he’s around.

Ava tries to keep Harris awake, as he flashes back to being shot and Ava pulls out her phone.

Stefan tells Tripp that it’s nobody’s business, so he asks him not to say a word to anyone about what he saw at his place. Tripp assures that he promised Ava that they would respect her boundaries. Tripp then gets a call from Ava, who tells him to get to the loading dock right now as Harris has been shot.

Kate and Lucas check on each other but neither of them were shot as they hug. Roman runs in and asks if they are okay as heard shots from outside. Kate assures they are fine and that she shot whoever it was. Roman orders them to stay there and on the floor as he heads back out.

Chad orders Julie to get Doug and the kids to get out safe while he calls 911. Chad goes to find the fire extinguisher.

Chanel talks to Lani on the phone and promises to text Eli updates as soon as she gets them. Chanel gives the phone back to Paulina to say goodbye before her time is up. Paulina thanks her for calling and says it means so much to her as they hang up. Paulina says it was so good to hear Lani’s voice as that was just what she needed. They wish Lani could be with them for girls’ night. Paulina talks about hoping Lani will be back in Salem soon as they prepare to start the movie.

Doug, Julie, Thomas, and Charlotte escape the Horton house as Doug assures the kids that it’s okay and they are safe now but they worry for Chad still being in the house. Julie then decides to run back in despite Doug’s pleas for her not to.

Roman goes back to Harris’ room and tells Kate and Lucas that he cleared the scene and the shooter is gone. Roman asks if they saw anything. Lucas says it was too dark. Kate says she only saw the gun. Roman is glad she acted fast and scared him off. Lucas acknowledges that Kate saved his life as they hug.

Tripp and Wendy go to the docks. Tripp asks what happened. Ava responds that she doesn’t know as she just found Harris lying there bleeding. Tripp asks if she called 911 but Ava says no, she called him. Tripp instructs Wendy to call 911 and tell them that they have an officer down and need paramedics. Stefan comes out and sees what is happening. Tripp says he need something to stop the bleeding so Ava sends Stefan back in for napkins. Tripp notes that it feels like a single bullet wound to the chest and one to the arm which Wendy repeats on her 911 call. Wendy goes to get the first aid kit from the kitchen as Stefan comes back out. Ava remarks that this wasn’t supposed to happen. Tripp asks what she means by that. Ava says nothing as she flashes back to making a plan with Harris in the interrogation room. Ava says it doesn’t matter now and pleads with Harris not to die.

Paulina and Chanel finish their food. Chanel then gets a call from Johnny. Chanel tells him that he can’t come over because it’s girls night and thanks him for getting the DVDs. Chanel says she loves him and will see him tomorrow as she hangs up. Chanel tells Paulina that Johnny sends his love and wishes her the best for tomorrow’s surgery. Chanel mentions that Johnny is out shopping. Paulina bets he’s getting her a Valentine’s Day surprise. Chanel admits that Johnny is pretty good at surprises.

Roman compliments Kate on her shooting at the gun range while Lucas points out that the shooter was definitely after him. Roman feels they have to tell Harris. Kate complains that Harris said Lucas would be fine and worries about what could’ve happened. Roman points out that Lucas is fine. They then hear police sirens outside.

Rafe and Jada arrive on the docks to find Harris bleeding. Rafe asks for his condition as the paramedics arrive. Tripp informs the paramedics of the situation. Jada orders the other cops to get the area courted off and check with witnesses. Rafe asks what the hell happened. Ava responds that she just came out and found Harris lying in blood. Rafe gets a call and informs Jada that there’s been another shooting at the Brady Pub so he needs her to get there now.

Julie goes back in to the Horton House as Chad is trying to extinguish the fire. Julie yells for him to stop as he can’t put it out and the fire is too big.

Chanel and Paulina play Go Fish with a deck of cards. Paulina tells her how her and Johnny together makes her very happy. Chanel admits she’s a very lucky girl. Paulina calls it wonderful that Chanel found her true love. Paulina asks what it is about Johnny that makes him the one. Chanel tells her that Johnny makes her feel safe, empowered and accepts and respects her for who she is. Chanel adds that he’s fun, makes her laugh, is creative and curious. Chanel loves how honest he is and how he’s strong but also vulnerable. Chanel calls Johnny the whole package, saying they have great chemistry but it’s really so much for that. Paulina then gets a call and is shocked by what she hears. Paulina asks when this happened and if he’s alive. Paulina tells them to keep her posted and hangs up. Paulina then informs Chanel that Harris was shot tonight by an unknown assailant and they are treating him on the scene at the loading docks of the Bistro. Paulina wants to get to the hospital but Chanel reminds her that she has to get ready for her surgery tomorrow and she needs to let the deputy mayor fill in for her on this. Paulina insists on needing to get there but Chanel says the only thing they can do right now for Harris is pray.

Doug worries about Julie and Chad. Thomas wants to go find them but Doug says it’s too dangerous. Chad and Julie then come back out from the house. Doug is relieved as Chad embraces the kids and tells them it’s okay.

Kate tries calling Harris but it goes to voicemail. Jada arrives, so Roman informs her about what happened with the shooter. Jada asks what he looked like but Kate says she couldn’t see much other than he was dressed in black. Jada asks where it happened. Kate says it was right here in Harris’ room so Jada says she needs to get in there but Kate says she can’t which Jada questions. Roman calls it a matter of privacy that he can’t let her in his tenant’s room. Jada states that a crime went down here tonight and Roman knows that she needs to investigate in order to do her job. Roman then reluctantly allows Jada in, where she is shocked to find Lucas. Jada questions this being Lucas’s safehouse. Lucas confirms he’s been there the whole time. Jada points out that she lives right down the hall and had no idea. Roman states that they need to get in touch with Harris to let him know what happened. Jada then reveals that won’t be possible as Harris was shot tonight and they don’t know yet if he’s going to make it.

Tripp and the paramedics work on Harris on the loading docks. Ava repeats that they don’t know what happened as they were all inside. Tripp tries to get Harris to wake up. Rafe questions not hearing any gunshots. Stefan confirms they heard nothing. Ava says she just came out for a break and saw Harris lying there bleeding. Ava says he looked at her for a minute and then he closed his eyes. Tripp announces that Harris doesn’t have a pulse so they prepare the defibrillator.

Paulina complains about Harris clinging to life. Chanel asks if he was shot in the line of duty. Paulina says they don’t know yet but it goes to show that you never know when your moment might be up. Paulina tells Chanel that they need to talk. Paulina starts talking about if anything happens to her during her surgery and reminds her where her key to her safety deposit box is. Chanel gets upset and tells Paulina not to talk about leaving the planet anytime soon because she will not put up with it. Paulina decides that Chanel has gotten through to her and apologizes. Paulina promises not to leave this planet for a very long time. Paulina declares that she’s going to go in and kick cancer’s ass. Chanel says that’s more like it. Paulina tells Chanel that she loves her.

Roman is shocked to hear that Harris was shot while Kate asks what happened. Jada responds that last she knew, Tripp was working on him on the docks. Kate asks who shot him and Lucas asks if he’s in custody. Jada responds that they don’t know that yet. Jada asks what happened here tonight. Kate explains that she had said goodnight to Lucas, then she saw the door open and they had a gun so she fired her gun and they took off. Jada says they will get forensics in to see what they can find. Lucas reminds her that no one can know he’s there. Jada offers her room but Roman says they will take him to their apartment which Kate calls a good idea. Jada proposes to gather the unit downstairs and make sure Lucas is alone, then they will make the move. Jada says they will have a strong police presence here until they figure out what to do next.

One of the firefighters checks in with Doug, Julie, Chad, and the kids. Julie asks if they can save the house. He responds that they are doing the best they can and will transport them to the hospital to get checked out soon. Julie shouts that it’s their family home for generations with all of their history.

Tripp and the paramedics work to revive Harris but he has no pulse. They use the defibrillator and Tripp continues his compressions as Ava, Rafe, and Stefan watch on.

Chanel tells Paulina that she should get to bed and get some rest. Paulina feels she has to clean up first but Chanel says she will do it while she sleeps. Paulina doesn’t think she’ll be able to sleep but she’s feeling much more positive thanks to her. Chanel offers to lay in bed with her like when she was little which Paulina accepts. Chanel tells her that she’s really proud that she’s her mom. Paulina calls her loving and perfect. Paulina declares that she plans on sticking around this planet for a long time as they hug.

Ava thanks God that Harris is breathing as he’s loaded onto the stretcher. Stefan questions how the hell this happened. Rafe remarks that they are sure as hell going to find out. Tripp calls in to Kayla that Harris has lost a lot of blood and it’s bad as they load him onto the ambulance.

Lucas blames Clyde Weston for all of this. Jada says it sure looks like it. Kate question how he found him since nobody knew Lucas was there. Roman guesses somebody knew. Jada says they will find him a new safehouse. Lucas argues that it won’t make a difference and declares that as long as Clyde Weston is alive, he’s never going to be safe from him.

Doug tells Julie that he’s so sorry but the important thing is they are all safe. Julie cries that she’s watching half of her life go up in flames. Thomas asks Chad about he and Charlotte’s toys. Chad promises to get them new stuff but says right now, they have to count their blessings and thank God they are all okay. Thomas then asks about all their old pictures of Abigail. Chad gets a call and a distorted voice on the other end warns that maybe next time, he’ll listen.

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