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At the hospital, Paulina complains to Abe about waiting. Chanel arrives and encourages that they should be ready to see Paulina soon. Chanel promises that everything will be okay. Abe suggests they all just relax and wait.

Everett joins Chad at the Spectator. Chad tells Everett that he thinks the mayor will be really happy. Everett calls Paulina an incredible lady and says what she has done for the city is so impressive. Chad mentions he hasn’t heard back from her office yet and asks how the drug expose is going. Everett gets an alert with newly released mugshots of all the drug dealers. Chad takes a look and calls it an interesting group. Everett remarks that he’s surprised Chad’s brother isn’t there.

Sarah comes home where Xander is going over numbers for the Spectator. Xander says Victoria is taking a nap while Sarah brings in groceries including whiskey. Xander calls it nice to have someone else in the house that knows how to cook. Xander tells Sarah that it’s nice to have her there either way. Sarah says it’s nice to be there and goes to put the groceries away.

At the Bistro, Ava and Stefan discuss having their worst lunch since they opened and worry about word of mouth killing them. Ava reveals that she called Stephanie to do PR because they need damage control. They talk about needing to stay up and running to avoid suspicion while they do Clyde’s dirty work. Stephanie arrives and greets them. Ava complains that they had no crowd and just three people for lunch. Stephanie asks why that is and how she can help. Ava explains that when they first reopened, they were doing fantastic business and their New Year’s Eve bash was a huge success with great online reviews, but now they’ve gone from 5 stars to 0 stars overnight, so they need Stephanie to turn that around.

Sarah reminds Xander that she’s going to the hospital today. Xander understands they are short staffed and she’s covering some shifts. Xander mentions that he will take Victoria in to the office later today as he just wants to check in to see what’s happening. Sarah asks if he trusts Chad. Xander says it’s not that he doesn’t, but when you’re that close to things, sometimes you miss the small things on the bottom line. Sarah reminds Xander what happened last time he was solely focused on profits. Xander assures that he is a new him and thanks her for taking him at his word. Xander adds that he’s more motivated than ever to be a stand up person because having Victoria and Sarah in his life makes him want to be a better person so he’s just looking to grow his legitimate business in legitimate ways which Sarah is happy to hear. Sarah decides she should get going, so Xander tells her to have a great day at the hospital as she exits.

Paulina reads Everett’s article in the Spectator on the MLK Day success and comments on how well things went. Abe and Chanel praise her as being wonderful. Paulina then gets an alert on her phone that the doctor can see her now, so they head to the room together.

Chad tells Everett that the bust at the Bistro went bust so he didn’t really expect to see Stefan. Everett wonders if Stefan could have been tipped off. Chad supposes it’s possible. Everett mentions quotes from witnesses saying that Stefan and Ava appeared shocked by the raid and says he still needs to do more digging but he thinks it’s their responsibility to bust this thing wide open. Chad says with as good as Everett is, he’s sure they can.

Stephanie recalls being at the Bistro on New Year’s Eve and says it was a great party. Ava and Stefan remember her being there with Everett and that he investigated the overdose of Holly. Stefan remarks that there was no reason for that raid. Stephanie understands his frustration. Stefan complains that the city has cracked down on everything and for some reason, they are one of their main targets. Ava adds that they left with nothing but their guns drawn. Stephanie understands people will stay away after hearing about a raid. Stefan asks how to get people to forget the raid and erase that from their minds. Stephanie sits with them and says she put together some ideas after Ava called. Stephanie states that they need to immediately add photos from New Year’s Eve to the website. Stefan asks about the reviews. Ava suggests writing some fake ones since people do that all the time. Stephanie says they do, but she doesn’t like that idea and thinks pictures will be enough, suggesting pictures of people having a good time at the party and pictures of the food they were serving. Stephanie adds that they need to make sure there is no more talk about the raid anywhere and delete any comments or posts that pop up. Stephanie suggests maybe mentioning that they are considering a lawsuit against the Salem police department which Stefan calls an interesting idea. Stephanie says to let her know as soon as possible whatever promotions they are open to, what they can give away and to comp their regulars so that they feel apart of the Bistro family. Ava asks if she thinks that will be enough. Stephanie responds that there might be something else she can do.

Xander goes to the Spectator and greets Chad and Everett. Xander brings Victoria in and shows her to them. Chad asks what brings him by. Xander jokes that Victoria just wanted to pop in and say hello. They say they were just going over the latest edition of the Spectator and show it to Xander. Xander reads it over and calls it excellent, noting the highlight of their sponsorship of the event. Chad mentions that he has another sponsorship idea. Chad brings up Wendy leaving a message about a geo-cash scavenger hunt in the city on Valentine’s Day which is already in the works. Xander questions why they need to throw money at it if it’s already in the works and says it seems like a bad call to him.

Paulina complains about having to wait for her prescription. Abe says that the nurse said it should be ready in 30 minutes or so. Chanel brings up getting another doctor for another opinion but Paulina says those reports don’t lie and the doctors are just there to offer the best treatments possible. Paulina wants to concentrate on what she has to do to get well. Paulina adds that she pretty much expected this diagnosis and she’s been doing a lot of reading on the different cancers and treatments, so she’s ready to do whatever she has to do to get cured. Abe assures they are ready to do whatever they have to do to help her through this. Paulina says she knows that and admits that she was very scared, hoping that there was nothing serious wrong with her and that it wasn’t cancer, but now that she knows that it is, she’s strangely feeling stronger and hopeful. Paulina is very grateful to know that she has her daughter and husband by her side. Abe insists they are going through this together as a family. Chanel adds that she’s so proud of her. Paulina complains about waiting so Chanel decides to go check on her meds. Paulina says she just wants to get her meds and go home. Paulina asks if Abe reached Nicole about Holly. Abe confirms that Nicole got Holly on the plane to Italy. Paulina says she is praying for them. Chanel goes to the counter and calls Johnny to inform him that they got Paulina’s diagnosis and it is what they were all worried about. Chanel adds that Paulina is being stoic but she doesn’t know if that’s for her and Abe. Chanel tells Johnny that she needs to see him and hangs up. Sarah then approaches and asks Chanel if everything is okay. Chanel says not really as Paulina just got her biopsy results and she has thyroid cancer. Sarah says she’s so sorry. Chanel talks about Paulina being really brave but she’s scared. Sarah asks if there’s anything she can do. Chanel asks Sarah to talk to Paulina as it might help her to get reassurance from her. Sarah agrees to do so and says she will look at her chart for some information first. Chanel thanks her.

Chad questions Xander being here to stop an opportunity for good press. Xander says he’s here to stop wasting money and worries that two major sponsorships in less than a month makes them seem desperate. Chad sees it as an opportunity for community relations while Xander feels it’s pandering for respectability. Xander adds that they can go over the numbers. Chad questions if this is why he really came by. Xander says he just came for clarity on recent expenditures. Xander notes that he noticed an unaccounted for withdrawal of $5000 while going over the books and questions what that was for. Everett informs him that was for him to grease the palms of potential informants. Xander questions that when a couple of bottles of gin might have done it. They start to argue but Leo arrives and greets them. Leo says he’s so thrilled to be back working with them. Xander calls Leo annoying and sometimes obnoxious but acknowledges that unlike some, he doesn’t squander the Spectator’s money and actually brings it in.

Stephanie tells Ava and Stefan that her date on New Year’s Eve is the editor-in-chief of the Spectator, so the Spectator is another one of her clients. Stephanie says that she and Chad are on good terms and Everett has clout there, so that definitely helps get some positive publicity out for the Bistro. Stefan adds that Chad is his brother and they are also on good terms so he’s going to go have a chat with him and also go see Gabi. Stefan tells them to continue brainstorming and he will catch up when he’s done. Stefan kisses Ava goodbye and then exits which surprises Stephanie. Ava remarks that they are a match made in Heaven.

Sarah brings Paulina, Chanel, and Abe to a waiting room at the hospital. Paulina says her doctor was fine, very direct and didn’t sugarcoat anything. Paulina doesn’t want anyone feeling sorry for her. Sarah agrees that sugarcoating a diagnosis is unfair but feels it’s their job to be there. Sarah tells Paulina that Marlena or any other psychiatrist will be happy to help her through this. Paulina says she will keep that in mind. Sarah knows cancer is very upsetting and encourages that it can be treatable and curable. Paulina talks about reading articles about the newer advancements and how cancer can affect a person. Sarah is glad she is educating herself. Paulina understands she will need surgery which Sarah confirms. Sarah adds that Paulina can live a full, long life without a thyroid as long as she takes medication to produce the hormones that her body is no longer producing. Paulina says that surgery sounds better than inoperable. Sarah notes there may be some unforeseen complications but it’s a pretty straightforward procedure. Paulina questions what those complications might be.

Ava tells Stephanie that she’s very impressed and thanks her for putting this together on such short notice. Stephanie says that stamping out fires is just part of her job. Ava bets she’s constantly on call which Stephanie confirms. Ava guesses that must damper her social life. Stephanie says it can, but her job is the priority. Ava says Stephanie has to let loose every once in awhile, go to the Pub and black out that pressure with a drink or two. Stephanie says she very rarely does and asks where they are going with that. Ava then brings up Stephanie’s sleepover with Harris.

Leo thanks Xander for his generous assessment of his contribution to the Spectator. Chad admits he was very impressed by his piece for MLK day. Everett says that everybody was and it touched a lot of people. Xander compliments Leo on a job well done. Leo thanks them all and says it’s gratifying to be appreciated. Chad calls Leo a damn good writer. Leo jokes that he’s blushing now. Xander asks what Leo has for them today. Leo responds that he has pictures from the New Year’s Bash at Julie’s Plac as Councilman Fields dropped his phone in the parking lot while leaving and he found it. Leo shows them the photos and says a blind item would sell. Xander admits gossip sells and they need the subscribers unless they get an infusion of DiMera cash. Chad asks about Kiriakis cash. Stefan then arrives and questions what the hell he just walked in to. Chad responds that a better question would be what Stefan is doing there. Stefan says he needs a private moment with Chad.

Stephanie tells Ava that she knows Harris told her about that night but it was a mistake that she deeply regrets as she had too much to drink and aside from the kiss which she instigated, it didn’t go further. Stephanie insists that Harris is one hell of a guy. Ava agrees but says he’s just not right for her. Ava admits she’s claiming that Harris being with Stephanie is why she broke it off but claims that she was seeing Stefan behind his back. Stephanie points out that Stefan is married while Ava argues that his wife is in prison. Stephanie says she doesn’t need to explain as it’s none of her business. Ava responds that what happened with her and Harris is none of her business either anymore. Ava gives Stephanie her permission to have Harris if she wants him. Stephanie responds that she doesn’t need her permission to do anything, but she’s not interested in Harris. Stephanie suggests they get back to business.

Sarah tells Paulina that the good news is that the cancer didn’t spread to any of her lymph nodes. Sarah adds that Paulina’s symptoms are normal which is why her doctor prescribed pain meds to be used as needed and then they will schedule the surgery. Paulina wants it done as quickly as possible. Sarah believes they have time this week. Abe asks how long she’ll need to be in the hospital. Sarah says a day or two at most and then the doctor will decide if she needs any additional treatment. Paulina asks what the survival rate is for thyroid cancer. Sarah encourages that it’s a very treatable and curable cancer and she believes it’s over 90%. Paulina excitedly says she likes those odds. Paulina then asks if Sarah can be her doctor.

Chad questions Stefan needing privacy as they step out of the Spectator office. Stefan explains that he’s appealing to him as his brother and because Everett is doing a piece on the drug raids including the one done on the Bistro where he and Ava were falsely accused, probably because of who they are. Stefan brings up the bad press their family has gotten for decades which Chad says was not undeserved. Stefan argues that the cops found nothing illegal or incriminating of the raid but just the slightest mention of a raid at the Bistro kills them. Stefan complains of what they are already dealing with. Chad brings up Holly overdosing on the loading dock. Stefan argues there was no proof of anything on their part. Stefan then asks if Chad thinks he’s lying to him. Chad responds that he doesn’t know what to believe. Stefan reminds Chad of when he was accused of being the Necktie Killer. Chad calls that completely irrelevant. Stefan points out that Chad was completely innocent but that almost ruined his life, so he should understand what it’s like to be vilified unjustly.

Sarah tells Paulina that she would love to be her doctor, but she would be in better hands with a specialist but she’s flattered to be asked. Sarah says she’s there for her regardless. Sarah reminds Paulina that her medication is ready at the desk as she then exits to get back to her rounds. Abe asks Paulina if she’s feeling better now. Paulina responds that she’s very lucky to have two of the best people she knows by her side because they have got this as they hug.

Everett tells Leo to make sure the blind item is actually blind. Leo jokes that Councilman Fields is not exactly easy on the eyes. Chad returns, so Everett asks if Stefan wants them to kill the story. Chad confirms that Stefan asked them to keep the Bistro out of it. Xander guesses Chad said no due to his journalistic integrity. Everett brings up the overdose on the loading dock being part of the story. Chad declares that they are going to kill that too which Everett questions. Chad says they have plenty without it, so there’s no point in vilifying Stefan if he’s innocent. Chad says to just go with the arrest and the raid. Xander argues that it makes no sense but Chad says it makes sense to him. Everett questions what the hell Stefan said to him. Chad repeats that the Bistro, the overdose and everything is out of the piece. Everett complain that this is outrageous and unfair to Holly and every victim of the people behind this as he questions how Chad can’t see that. Chad shouts that he calls the shots and tells him to get back to work. Chad tells Xander to stay in his own lane from now on. Xander then takes Victoria and exits the office. Chad tells Everett to do what he has to do. Everett calls this an assault on the integrity of the paper. Chad tells him again to do what he has to do.

Stephanie asks Ava if they have a handshake deal on these ideas. Ava says they do and they shake hands as Stefan returns and asks if all is good. Ava confirms that it is good. Stefan announces that Chad has agreed to keep any mention of the Bistro out of the Spectator story which Stephanie calls a huge help. Stephanie says she will get the budget and proposal ready and get it to them tomorrow. Ava says this makes them so happy as she and Stefan kiss. Stephanie then exits the Bistro. Stefan tells Ava that they are really good liars. Ava agrees they are in a class of their own and decides it calls for celebration. Ava asks how Stefan visiting Gabi went. Stefan says that she’s back in her cell and keeping her ears open for anything they might want to hear. Stefan reveals that Lucas is the latest patient in the men’s infirmary as Clyde’s guys beat him up because they believed he ratted on him. Stefan insists that Lucas is going to want to eliminate Clyde by any means necessary. Stefan and Ava hope that he does. Stefan adds that he also told Gabi about their fake affair and she doesn’t love the idea but admits it’s a good cover as long as they don’t take it too far. Stefan notes that Gabi doesn’t trust Ava but she does trust him. Ava suggests they have drinks to toast to all this good news. Ava sees she has a voicemail and listens to it, then tells Stefan it was Rafe, who wants them down at the police station. Stefan declares they will be there when they are ready. Ava notes that Rafe said it needs to be today so she suggests postponing their celebration. Stefan and Ava then go ahead and drink the champagne.

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