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Paulina, Chanel, and Abe walk past the Brady Pub as Paulina talks about all the citizens out unifying the town. Chanel and Abe praise Paulina’s work on a podcast about Martin Luther King Day. Paulina credits what Chanel made at the Bakery for the volunteers. Johnny comes out from the Brady Pub with free coffee for them from Roman. Chanel thanks him as Johnny says he’s just happy to be of service.

Chad and Everett clean up at the park as Thomas and Charlotte play. Chad jokes with Everett about not being in to sports. Everett says he played tennis. Chad jokes that Charlotte has picked up more trash than him. Everett explains that he was multi-tasking by keeping up with the latest reports, then gets dizzy and sits down on the bench as Chad asks if he’s okay.

Chanel jokes about Johnny keeping her warm. Johnny says he has to get back to the Pub. Chanel says she’ll go with him and encourages Paulina as she and Johnny head back inside. Nicole walks by and greets Abe and Paulina with hugs. Paulina says they haven’t stopped thinking about Nicole and Holly. Paulina asks how Holly is doing. Nicole explains that they are running tests on her which is why she’s here as they kicked her out of the hospital room. Abe asks about the tests. Nicole reveals that they are seeing if she’s qualified to be moved to a facility in Italy which Paulina questions. Nicole explains that they worked miracles on EJ there and brought him back from the brink of death, so they are hoping they can do the same for Holly.

Sloan walks through the town square and runs in to Leo. Sloan complains that’s she’s running on 2 hours of sleep. Leo brings up his budget. Sloan points out that he’s been asking her for money several times and warns him about draining her bank account. Leo brings up that he gets his pay check from the Spectator today. Leo tells Sloan to wait until she reads his first comeback column as it’s going to blow her mind.

Chad asks Everett if he’s okay. Everett says he’s good and he just sometimes get dizzy spells since his coma. Chad offers to get him a water but Everett says he needs something to eat like a protein bar. Chad says they’ll get him something and calls out to the kids that they have to go. Everett assures that he’s good as they exit the park.

Paulina questions Nicole going alone to Italy with Holly. Nicole confirms that is the plan if Holly is qualified. Nicole adds that they wish EJ could go too but decided it’s best for him to stay here and try to bring down the drug traffickers who are profiting off their children’s suffering. Paulina prays that they are able to do that as nothing is more important to her. Abe adds that they are praying for Holly’s recovery and they are here for whatever Nicole needs. Nicole thanks them and says it means so much to her.

Rafe and Jada walk in to the park. Rafe tells Jada that he’s so sorry that happened to her. Jada complains about a security guard following her in a store and demanding to see her purse. Jada says she tried to go to her car to get her badge but the store owner said she wasn’t going anywhere until the units showed up and recognized her. Jada complains that they called the cops on her and accused her of stealing. Jada talks about being so furious and how she tries to let these things roll off her back. Jada remarks that she’s a black woman so she’s not allowed to get angry as Rafe hugs her.

Johnny tells Chanel that Paulina seemed to be in good spirits today so he didn’t want to ask. Chanel says there’s nothing to report yet but she has an appointment tomorrow to go over the biopsy results. Chanel thinks if it was good news, they would’ve just told her over the phone. Johnny says it could just be the way they do things. Chanel complains about the testing being drawn out for so long and admits that she doesn’t want Paulina to know how scared she is for her. Johnny encourages her and promises not to tell anyone. Johnny tells Chanel that he loves her as they kiss.

Sloan asks why Leo’s column is going to blow her mind and what it’s about. Leo asks why he would give that away and says he won’t blow her baby switching scheme out of the water yet, but reminds her that she promised to have him taken care of. Leo warns that if it gets any worse, he could leave her a scathing review about how she’s wronged other people including her baby’s real mother. Sloan argues that they had a deal and that Leo gave her his word as he walks away. Nicole then approaches and asks Sloan what Leo gave his word about.

Everett and Chad go to the Spectator office where Everett has a protein bar. Chad asks if he’s sure he’s feeling alright. Everett confirms that he’s fine. Chad mentions that Julie took the kids home if he wants to have the editorial meeting. Everett mentions having someone cover Paulina’s live podcast. Chad says they want to be careful not to blow anything out of proportion while Everett says he’s just keeping an eye out.

Paulina and Abe go to her office as Paulina talks about what an honor it is to remind the listeners of the true meaning of Martin Luther King Day. Paulina hopes her voice holds up.

Rafe and Jada go to the Brady Pub. Jada says she really should get back to the police station. Rafe tells her that she had a rough morning and she has the right to stop for a meal. Rafe adds that she should’ve taken the day off since it’s a holiday. Jada responds that she always volunteers on this day to honor Martin Luther King and what he stood for. Jada states that she’s so happy that she gets to do what she does, in large part thanks to Martin Luther King. Jada talks about imagining a woman of color on the police force in his day. Johnny comes over and brings them menus. Rafe asks if he’s working at the Pub now. Johnny explains that he’s just helping out since Roman is short staffed now that Tate is not around. Rafe is sure Roman appreciates the help. Johnny offers hot biscuits if they need to warm up or a wrap if they need an energy boost. Jada remarks that she’s had the morning from Hell. Chanel comes over and gives her donuts from the Bakery which Jada happily accepts.

Everett asks if Chad has talked to his brothers about any possible DiMera involvement in the drug ring. Chad says not to get ahead of themselves. Leo arrives at the office, interrupting them, and asks about a celebration to celebrate his return. Chad points out that his column is two days late. Leo informs them that he just sent it to them both and declares that it’s well worth the wait.

Sloan tells Nicole that Leo is her client and they were just working out their terms, noting that it’s none of her business. Nicole says she gets that but that Sloan just looked upset. Sloan questions why she would be upset when she has a wonderful husband and baby boy. Sloan says the baby keeping her up all night is totally worth it. Nicole says she’s glad that Jude is doing well. Sloan asks if there’s any change with Holly. Nicole says no but they hope that she will be getting world renowned treatment in Italy in a few days. Sloan notes that Eric didn’t tell her that. Nicole says that’s because she didn’t tell him. Sloan asks if Nicole will be going with Holly. Nicole says she’s her mother so of course she is, which Sloan says is wonderful.

Leo asks what Chad and Everett think about his column. Chad admits it’s damn impressive and Everett agrees. Everett calls it the last thing he expected from Leo and declares that Leo was right that it was worth the wait.

Nicole questions if Sloan is glad that she’s leaving town. Sloan says she meant she was glad that Holly will be receiving treatment because she and Eric have been praying for her recovery. Nicole thanks her and admits that she didn’t see Sloan as the praying type. Sloan admits that she wasn’t before but having her prayers answered with her baby changed her and made her more religious. Nicole says she can see how it would. Nicole guesses Jude is with Eric. Sloan confirms that he is and that she’s just picking up a few things since they are having John and Marlena over for dinner tonight which they’ve been trying to do for awhile. Sloan admits to being a little intimidated by Marlena. Nicole says she gets it and suggests having a large glass of wine before they get there.

Abe tells Paulina that she could have the deputy mayor step in for her but Paulina says she is doing this on today of all days as she will push through, so they prepare her podcast.

Jada tells Rafe that some might say Martin Luther King would want her to just push forward, but she feels that when you see injustice, you should do something about it. Chanel and Johnny sit together as Chanel tells Johnny that she feels for Jada being racially profiled as a shoplifter. Johnny asks if anything like that ever happened to Chanel. Chanel informs him that just the other day in the town square, a lady grabbed her purse when she saw her walking by. Johnny says he’s shocked as he feels like he’s spent a lot of time with her and never seen it. Chanel insists that it happens everywhere and feels people were looking at them in Italy because they were an interracial couple. Chanel adds that when Paulina was a kid, it would’ve been illegal for them to get married in many countries. Johnny is glad they aren’t back there. Chanel states that they’ve come a long way but they can’t pretend they still don’t have a long way to go.

Sloan tells Nicole that she’s got two bottles of wine. Nicole notes that Eric doesn’t drink and his parents will probably only have a glass, so Sloan says that’s more for her. Nicole tells Sloan that Marlena knows she comes off as intimidating and perfect but she’s still a real person with real problems. Nicole brings up Marlena’s daughter Sami being a terror. Sloan notes that Eric has mentioned Sami once or twice. Nicole tells Sloan about Marlena’s affair with John sending Sami off the deep end when she was a teenager. Sloan can’t imagine Marlena having an affair. Nicole says Marlena isn’t perfect just like the rest of them. Nicole adds that she’s found if you ask Marlena for advice upfront, she’ll feel useful and the rest of the night will be smooth sailing. Sloan thanks Nicole and calls that really good advice.

Everett tells Leo this is an amazing piece and calls him a writer. Leo calls it his passion and talks about joining a writing club. Chad admits that there’s so much in the column that he’s never heard about such as an openly gay African American man in the 60s during Martin Luther King’s time. Leo talks about how people back then didn’t want to acknowledge gay rights and civil rights as being part of the same movement. Leo says that’s sadly still the case to this day. Everett is really impressed by Leo’s research in bringing this to light. Everett thinks they should publish this under Leo’s real name instead of Lady Whistleblower. Chad says that’s assuming they can publish it at all.

Paulina and Abe prepare to start her podcast. Abe asks if Paulina went to see her doctor. Paulina responds that she’ll go see her when the biopsy results come back. Abe asks when that is. Paulina reveals it’s tomorrow. Abe questions why she didn’t tell him that. Paulina says she didn’t want him to feel obligated to go with her and she didn’t want to ask him. Abe says he’s offering. Paulina assures that she does want him to be there with her, so Abe says he will be.

Chanel talks to Johnny about when her dad got sick when she was a kid and lost health insurance. Chanel feels lucky to be who and where she is. Johnny tells her that he’s the lucky one here. Rafe tells Jada that a few years ago, he was checking out a store and the clerk asked for two forms of ID and his phone number after seeing the name “Hernandez”. Jada relates and says at least his hair isn’t a whole thing. Jada calls Chanel back over and thanks her for the donuts. Jada asks Chanel if she ever had someone ask if they could touch her hair. Chanel says it’s happened since she was three. Chanel and Johnny sit together with Rafe and Jada. Chanel talks about having these conversations and asking questions. Jada remembers a time in high school when a random girl started touching her hair and then her mom gave her a lecture about standing up for herself. Jada says she’s worked up an appetite and wants to order the full breakfast menu so Johnny goes to take care of that.

Sloan thanks Nicole again for all the suggestions on how to handle Marlena, giving her less things to be worried about right now. Nicole states that it was nice to get out of the hospital but she should get back. Nicole tells Sloan that they have a lot in common and in another lifetime, maybe they would’ve been friends. Sloan guesses she means if it wasn’t for Eric. Nicole knows that Eric has been spending a lot of time at the hospital with her and Holly which she’s sure hasn’t been easy for Sloan due to their history. Nicole assures that she appreciates how generous Sloan has been about it. Sloan responds that she hasn’t been that generous.

Leo questions Everett and Chad about not publishing his article. Chad says he’s not saying they won’t publish it at all, just that they should think about it. Chad points out that the Spectator isn’t exactly on the cutting edge of progressivism. Chad asks what Everett thinks. Everett thinks it’s their job to present a fair and valid presentation of the news. Leo questions if he’s saying they have to publish an anti-equality column after posting his pro-equality column. Everett says not at all and assures that he wants to publish Leo’s column. Chad questions it and worries about the fallout but Everett says screw that because what Leo wrote is right, true, and enlightening which is more important than the bottom line. Chad ultimately agrees and tells Leo that they will publish his excellent piece regardless if they get heat for it. Leo calls them his heroes and hugs them.

Chanel tells Rafe and Jada that her and Johnny’s families are both very supportive of their relationship so they have no speed bumps there. Jada says she’s happy for them and wishes that was the case when she first got married. Jada says she wanted her dad to be accepting but her mom was not happy that she was marrying a white, Jewish guy. Rafe hopes she got over it. Jada says sort of, but her ex disappeared on her. Johnny comes back and talks about a documentary that he and Chanel recently watched about interracial marriage no longer being banned. Chanel states that as a bisexual black woman, she stopped labeling herself. Jada talks about how it can be exhausting. Johnny can’t believe they never talked about this before. Chanel says she’s really glad they are talking about it now.

Abe asks Paulina if she wants him to stay for the podcast or if he should leave her to it. Paulina assures that she wants him there and thanks him for being there for her. Abe says she was there during his recovery, so he wants to be there for her. Paulina then begins her podcast and thanks everyone who came out to support their community, encouraging everyone to volunteer. Paulina starts to struggle through a line so Abe helps her finish it.

Nicole asks what Sloan means that she hasn’t been generous when she has been understanding about Eric spending time with her and Holly. Nicole adds that Sloan also let her off the hook when she kidnapped her son. Sloan admits that was very reluctantly, especially when the next day, she saw Nicole having lunch with Eric and Holly like the happy family they used to be and admits that was very upsetting for her. Nicole understands it would be for her too and asks what Eric said about it. Sloan admits she didn’t tell him that she saw them and she doesn’t know why, but she’s glad now that he had that time with Holly because he will always love her, just like he’ll always love Nicole. Sloan declares that she will just have to learn to live with that. Sloan says she has to catch up with Leo, thanks Nicole for the advice again and walks away.

Leo calls Everett and Chad the best. Everett thinks it will be fantastic for the paper. Leo says they have made him very happy and he’s truly in debt to them for their support. Chad states that working with someone you had conflict with in the past and learning to work through it is another way to follow Martin Luther King Day which Leo agrees with. Leo then asks for the rest of the day off. Everett remarks that journalists don’t really get days off. Leo asks what about Xander. Chad says that he’s tele-working today. Leo questions if he is or if he’s playing house with Sarah and leaving the Spectator to the three of them. Everett suggests that as a topic for another column. Leo says he’ll get right to that but Chad tells Leo that he’s going to get the break he asked for and leave the office. Chad declares that it’s the Salem City Park National Day of Service as they hand Leo a broom and dustpan. Leo jokes about that being why he wanted the day off and exits the office.

Jada compliments her food and tells Johnny that she’ll write a good review. Jada thanks Johnny and Chanel for hanging out with them. Johnny brings up how he idolized Rafe as a kid. Johnny adds that he always thought he’d join the FBI like Rafe. Rafe feels he’s always been a storyteller so film maker suits him. Johnny points out that he’s out of work as a film maker and working at the Pub is the most useful he’s felt in some time. Johnny talks about considering a career change and wanting to do something that matters. Chanel talks about how what matters is up to the person and relates it to her work at the Bakery. Chanel says Paulina is all about giving back as the Mayor and mentions that she’s recording a podcast now. Rafe remembers Paulina is broadcasting live and suggests they listen to it.

Paulina continues her podcast and thanks her special guest, Abe, for the assist. Paulina talks about how inclusion and diversity should not be controversial as it’s what makes them a great city. Paulina says they all want the same things in safety and prosperity. Paulina says they shouldn’t shun those who disagree with them, but open their hearts and minds and continue to make the world a better place for everyone to live in. Paulina states that their words are more powerful when they raise their voices together. Abe holds her hand as she finishes.

Jada, Rafe, Chanel, and Johnny toast to Martin Luther King, the future, Paulina, and to them.

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