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At the DiMera Mansion, Johnny is on the phone with his sister Sydney and tells her that EJ is at the hospital with Nicole and they are both taking it pretty hard. Johnny tells her that she wouldn’t be intruding and he’s sure EJ would love to hear from her. As Johnny hangs up, Chanel arrives and surprises him. They hug as Chanel informs him that her plane just landed a couple hours ago. Johnny is glad to see her as he missed her and asks how Lani is. Chanel says she’s good, considering she’s still on track to be released at the end of the year. Chanel asks how EJ’s wedding was and says she’s sorry she missed it. Johnny responds that the wedding was fine, but he has some pretty bad news as something terrible happened to EJ and Nicole last night.

Nicole lays in her hospital bed. EJ joins her side and says he just finished a call with Rafe, who said they still haven’t found Dimitri. EJ promises that he will not let this go and that Dimitri will be brought to justice. Nicole asks what difference it makes because nothing matters now that her baby is gone and nothing is going to bring him back.

Sloan calls Melinda and asks how the baby is. Melinda says he’s in better shape than her and kept her up all night. Melinda understands it’s Sloan’s first time being a mom. Sloan calls it also her first time stealing another woman’s child. Melinda reminds her to stay positive. Sloan asks if Dr. Pierce said how Nicole is. Melinda feels that’s not focusing on the positives, but notes that he didn’t say and she didn’t ask about Nicole. Sloan says that she’s sure Nicole is devastated about the baby and it’s all her fault, right as Eric comes home.

Ava warns Gil to stop there or she will end him. Gil doesn’t think she will. Harris then knocks on the door and says he knows he’s a little early. Harris then hears a gun shot and bursts in to see that Ava has shot Gil in the chest. Harris asks Ava what happened. Ava responds that Gil is dead and she killed him. Harris checks Gil’s pulse and confirms that he’s dead. Harris sits Ava down and says this is the second body he’s found in this apartment and assumes this is not connected to Li’s death which Ava confirms. Harris asks Ava to tell him what happened. Ava responds that Gil showed up at her door out of the blue. Harris has Ava put the gun down and asks why Gil showed up at her door. Ava thinks back to Gil asking for the key to the police department’s evidence room. Ava then informs Harris that Gil wanted something from her, so Harris asks what he wanted.

Sloan tells Melinda that Eric is home so she has to go and hangs up. Sloan tells Eric that she just called Melinda for an update on their son and they still don’t have an exact date for his arrival, but it should be soon and she’s excited. Eric questions who she said was devastated and that it’s all her fault. Sloan tells Eric that she didn’t want to bother him with it, but Melinda said that the birth mother is having a difficult time with her decision to give up her child but she knows it’s for the best and she is going through with it, it’s just difficult. Sloan can’t help but feel really guilty. Eric encourages that she has nothing to feel guilty about as they are going to give this baby a wonderful life.

EJ asks Nicole if there’s anything he can do to make her feel more comfortable. Nicole says no. Holly then arrives and asks how Nicole is. Holly brought Nicole her favorite pizza but she says she’s not hungry. Holly mentions hearing that Nicole hasn’t eaten since yesterday, which EJ confirms. Holly encourages her to eat just one slice but Nicole yells that she said she’s not hungry.

Chanel tells Johnny that it’s so awful and that EJ and Nicole must be going through it. Johnny calls it a nightmare and wishes there was something he could do. Chanel says all he can really do in times like this is just be there. Johnny supposes she’s right. Chanel suggests they make dinner for EJ and Nicole and take it to the hospital. Johnny calls that a great idea and thinks they’d really appreciate that. Chanel says she’ll go to the kitchen to see what they can make. Johnny thanks Chanel as she just got back and she’s already jumping in to help his family. Chanel tells Johnny that he and his family are important to her, so she’s happy to do it. Johnny calls that one of the many reasons he loves her as they kiss.

Holly apologizes to Nicole for upsetting her. EJ tells Holly that Nicole is just exhausted and needs to rest, so he suggests she come by another time. Holly tells Nicole that she will stop by again later. EJ thanks Holly as she exits. EJ asks Nicole what he can do. Nicole admits that she’s tired and just wants to sleep.

Sloan sees that Eric bought five different kinds of diapers. Eric talks about all the styles and brands. Sloan is sure they’ll work and asks about getting the crib set up. Eric thought he should go to the hospital to check on Nicole. Eric asks if she’s not okay with that. Sloan agrees that he should go since what happened to Nicole was really terrible. Eric calls it a terrible twist of fate.

Harris asks Ava what Gil wanted. Ava responds that he initially claimed that he came to discuss work but then he got handsy with her and started coming on to her in a disgusting way, so she realized why he really came. Harris sees that Ava’s blouse is torn and asks if Gil tried to assault her. Ava confirms that he did and that he just kept getting closer. Ava says she tried to push him away but he wouldn’t, so she grabbed his gun. Harris questions why he had a gun. Ava says she doesn’t know and that he just attacked her. Ava begins to panic, asking what she has done. Harris hugs her as she cries and tells her it’s okay. Ava cries that she’s so glad Harris is there. Harris wishes he trusted his instincts. Ava asks what he means. Harris responds that as soon as he met Gil, he knew he was trouble. Ava tells him that he has no idea.

Holly goes home to the DiMera Mansion where Johnny asks about Nicole. Holly responds that she’s doing awful and barely acknowledged her when she came to the room. Holly says she tried to give her pizza and Nicole snapped at her, then EJ asked her to leave, so she was only there for like two minutes. Johnny says he’s really sorry that happened to her. Holly cries that Nicole is in Hell right now and she hated seeing her mom like that. Holly says that Nicole is always so strong and now she doesn’t know how to help her. Johnny hugs Holly as she cries.

Chad goes to the hospital and hugs EJ, telling him that he just heard about the baby and he’s so sorry. EJ thanks him and says he’s so glad he’s there.

Sloan goes to Melinda’s and checks on the baby. Melinda asks what happened with Eric since she ended their call so abruptly. Sloan tells Melinda that Eric overheard the end of their conversation, so she told him that they were talking about the birth mother having a hard time letting go and Eric bought that. Melinda asks if they are ready to become parents. Sloan says almost, joking that Eric bought half the diapers in Salem and they are going to finish the apartment once Eric gets back from the hospital where he is visiting Nicole.

Eric goes to the hospital to visit Nicole and says he thought he’d stop by to see how she’s doing. Eric says he can come back another time but Nicole asks him not to go.

Harris brings Ava to the interrogation room at the police station. Ava talks about her nerves. Harris understands she’s been through something really traumatic, but tells her that she doesn’t have to worry about Gil as he can’t hurt her anymore. Ava thinks back to Gil’s warning that if she shot him, her son would be dead. Ava then tells Harris that he’s wrong as Gil can still hurt her badly. Harris doesn’t understand and questions how Gil can still hurt her when he’s dead. Ava asks what if no one believes that she killed him in self defense due to her history and since she just got out of a mental institution for shooting someone. Harris encourages that they will find physical evidence to back up her story. Ava asks what if they don’t. Harris says that Ava will have to trust the legal system. Harris assures her that he will find a way to prove that she is telling the truth, because he believes her. Ava points out that Gabi trusted the legal system and Rafe made promises but she’s still sitting in a cell. Harris argues that her case is still going to trial and she could be found innocent, but Ava says not with EJ as the new district attorney. Ava declares that EJ hates Gabi’s guts and will exploit his power to keep her locked up forever. Ava then adds that EJ hates her even more than Gabi.

Chad asks EJ why he didn’t call him last night as he would’ve came over right away. EJ apologizes and says there was just a lot going on. EJ calls it all a bit of a blur. Chad asks how he’s holding up but knows it’s a stupid question. EJ says it’s Nicole that he’s worried about as he doesn’t know if she’s going to be able to pull through this since she won’t eat and barely even looks at him. EJ adds that Holly stopped by and Nicole snapped at her. EJ wants to be there for Nicole but he doesn’t want to push. EJ tells Chad that he doesn’t know how to help Nicole. Chad tells EJ that when he lost Abigail, he was in shock for the first few days and there was nothing that anyone could have said or done to make any difference. Chad says he was oblivious and just wanted to be left the hell alone as he was mired in grief and didn’t want to be rescued from it, so he shut himself off to the world and everyone, including the people he loves. Chad states that is what Nicole is doing now and encourages EJ to just give it time. Chad says that when Nicole is ready, she’ll let him know and then he will be there for her and strong for the both of them. EJ hopes he’s right.

Eric sits at Nicole’s side and tells her that he’s so sorry for her loss. Nicole informs Eric that she asked him to stay because he’s a man of God and she needs to know why this happened. Nicole asks why God would bless her with a child and let her carry him for all these months, just to rip him away. Eric tells Nicole that there isn’t an answer, so they just have to believe it’s God’s will and they have to trust those that love them. Eric assures Nicole that it’s not her fault and she’s not alone. Eric hugs Nicole as she cries.

Melinda asks Sloan if it bothers her that Eric went to go see Nicole. Sloan admits that it does, but says it’s not that she’s jealous. Melinda says Eric is just comforting her. Sloan points out that it’s over something that she did. Melinda calls guilt a waste of time, stating that they made a decision and there’s no going back. Melinda insists that EJ and Nicole will eventually adjust to this new reality. Melinda talks them up as rich and powerful, so they won’t wallow in misery forever as they have too much to live for. Melinda points out that it’s not like Nicole is childless since she still has her daughter.

Holly apologizes to Johnny for making this all about her. Johnny assures her that her mom loves her and that bringing her pizza was very thoughtful and caring which is who she is. Holly thanks Johnny and says she doesn’t know what she’d do without him right as Chanel returns to the room. Holly greets Chanel and says she didn’t realize she was home. Chanel says she just got back and she’s sorry about what happened with Nicole. Chanel tells Holly that she and Johnny were just about to make dinner to bring to Nicole if she wants in on that. Johnny informs Chanel that Holly just said Nicole doesn’t have much of an appetite so they can save that idea for another day. Holly says she’s just going to go upstairs and listen to music. Johnny tells her that she’s welcome to stay and hang out with them if she wants. Holly says that’s okay and thanks him for the pep talk, assuring that she’s feeling better. Holly then heads upstairs. Johnny tells Chanel that Holly is so upset about her mom, so he hopes that he helped. Chanel assures that he did because when she walked in, it looked like Holly’s mind was on something other than her mom. Johnny asks what she means. Chanel then informs him that she thinks Holly has a crush on him.

Chad knows EJ is focused on Nicole, but asks if he’s taking care of himself. EJ responds that he’s fine but Chad disagrees, acknowledging that he just lost his baby. EJ then admits he’s not fine but he’s not grieving because he hasn’t fully processed that his son is gone. EJ feels it just seems too cruel that an innocent baby could have his life taken away like that. EJ calls it so strange and terribly sad that the baby existed in the world and he never even had the chance to meet him. Chad reminds EJ that he went through the same thing with his daughter, Grace, and how he never got the chance to be a father to her. Chad can’t help but think that if he just got to meet her and spend a little time with her, it would’ve brought some comfort to be able to carry a memory of her. EJ says he would’ve given anything for that, to hold his son in his arms and tell him that he loves him but now that’s just a fantasy.

Sloan tells Melinda that she’s already in love with the baby and comments that it’s almost like he already knows she’s his mom. Melinda encourages her to stay positive because this is now her son, so she and Eric are going to give him a wonderful life. Sloan acknowledges that Melinda has gone so above and beyond for her and she’s so grateful. Melinda responds that she did it because Sloan is her friend and the only friend that she’s had in a really long time. Sloan says that Melinda is kind of her only friend too. Melinda is glad that one of them is getting everything she wants. Sloan agrees that thanks to Melinda and the baby, she does have everything that she wants.

EJ returns to Nicole’s hospital room to find her hugging Eric. Eric stands up and tells EJ that he just stopped by to check on Nicole. Eric offers his condolences to EJ as well. EJ thanks him and says he appreciates him stopping by. Eric then exits the room. Nicole hopes EJ doesn’t think anything. EJ says she doesn’t have to explain and wants her to know that he’s here for her too, if and when she needs him.

Harris tells Ava that EJ may have it out for her, but she has the truth on her side. Ava says he has a lot more faith in the justice system than she does. Harris reveals that he may have some good news for her case since he had a bad feeling about Gil since day one, so he did a background check and found that he has a record. Ava asks if it was sexual assault. Harris says it was a drug offense which Ava feels doesn’t compare to her past as a mafia princess. Harris gets a text from the CSI team at her place and hopes it’s good news. Harris says he will keep her updated and exits the room. Ava’s phone then rings with a call from Statesville Prison. Ava then answers the call.

Johnny questions what makes Chanel think Holly has a crush on him. Chanel jokes about how Holly was hovering off the ground and staring in to his eyes. Johnny jokes about being irresistible and promises that Holly doesn’t have eyes for him, pointing out that she’s his little sister now that his parents are married. Chanel asks if he’s sure that Holly feels that way about him. Johnny assures that he is as he reveals that Holly told him that she had a crush on EJ right before the wedding. Johnny asks Chanel not to say anything since Holly said she’s over it and would be mortified if he told anyone. Chanel asks if he’s sure that her crush was on EJ and not him. Johnny insists that he’s positive.

EJ tells Nicole that Chad stopped by to offer his condolences as he only just found out today. Nicole questions EJ not telling him last night. EJ notes that Chad did ask why he never called, but he just said they were busy with a lot going on which is a half truth. EJ then admits that he didn’t call Chad because he feared that talking about it would make it real. Nicole cries that she knows exactly what he means as they hug.

Melinda gives the baby his bottle and jokes that now it’s time for her to have her bottle. Melinda talks about being so impressed with how good the baby was with Sloan and how excited Sloan is to bring him home to his dad. Melinda declares that they are going to have a beautiful family, as long as Sloan’s guilty conscience doesn’t torpedo the entire plan.

Eric goes home to Sloan. Sloan talks about mentally preparing herself and asks how Nicole is. Eric says she is as heartbroken as expected. Sloan says she feels really bad for her. Eric says he does too as he doesn’t know how Nicole is going to get through this one. Sloan then tells Eric that she went to see Melinda and there’s something he needs to know.

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