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Rafe goes back to Jada’s hospital room but finds she has gone and wonders she went after he told her to stay put.

Leo walks through the park looking to meet Dimitri but instead Jada finds Leo. Jada says she was just on her way to search for them, but Leo saved her the trouble by loitering right by the hospital. Jada suggests picking up where they left off and pulls out handcuffs.

Tate and Holly go to the DiMera Mansion. Holly hoped Nicole would be home by now. Tate encourages her to stay positive. Holly worries that Nicole could be anywhere as Tate hugs her. EJ comes home and asks if there’s any sign of Nicole. Holly responds that she hasn’t heard from her but she thinks she knows where she’s at.

Eric asks Nicole if the accident brought on the labor. Nicole thinks back to arguing with Leo and Dimitri. Nicole confirms that she had the baby right there. Eric asks where the baby is. Nicole responds that Dimitri has him which Eric questions. Nicole tells Eric that she had a beautiful baby boy and repeats that Dimitri has him now.

Sloan tells Melinda that she doesn’t understand that she won’t be able to live with herself if she doesn’t do this. Sloan declares that Eric has a baby about to be born and she loves him too much to keep that from him, since she can never give him one. Melinda comments on Sloan making up her mind. Sloan declares that she has to do it now so she’s going to find Eric to tell him the truth. Sloan then opens the door to leave right as Dimitri arrives, with Nicole’s baby in his arms. Sloan recognizes Dimitri. Dimitri recognizes Sloan as one of Salem’s top attorneys and says that’s a very good thing because he needs her help. Sloan questions what he needs her help with. Melinda asks who’s baby it is. Dimitri worries about Melinda being the district attorney but Melinda clarifies that she’s not any longer but she is still an officer of the court like Sloan. Melinda asks again who’s child he has. Dimitri then reveals that the baby belongs to his uncle, EJ DiMera, shocking Melinda and Sloan.

EJ questions Holly knowing where Nicole is. Holly explains the phone tracker she used and shows it to him. EJ asks why he is just now hearing about this and yells at Holly for withholding valuable information.

Eric encourages Nicole to stay with him. Nicole says she’s trying but she’s sleepy. Eric asks if Dimitri said where he was taking the baby. Nicole says to the hospital to get checked out. Eric questions why he didn’t take her with him. Nicole explains that he was scared to move her. Nicole notices Eric’s reaction and asks him what’s wrong. Nicole guesses that Eric doesn’t trust Dimitri. Eric tries to keep her calm. Nicole adds that Leo delivered the baby and stayed with her but he’s the one who told Dimitri to take her son to the hospital.

Leo tries to tell Jada this was a misunderstanding but Jada argues that Dimitri physically assaulted her and then they stole her car to flee the scene. Jada orders Leo to put his hands behind his back. Leo asks if they can talk this through but Jada refuses. Jada warns that she’s losing patience. Leo complains that she’s bossy and controlling like his mother. Leo then tries to run away but runs in to Rafe.

Paulina walks through the town square and runs in to Stefan, who asks for a word with her. Paulina asks how she may help him. Stefan responds that she can fire her new district attorney.

Tate argues that Holly wasn’t withholding anything and she apologized. EJ asks if Tate is why Holly is not out checking the location. Tate explains that his uncle told him to wait and let him check it out. Holly then reveals to EJ that Eric is out looking for Nicole as they speak.

Eric says he’s glad Leo stepped up for Nicole and her baby. Nicole admits it was kind and caring but he’s still a fugitive of justice and they are both out there. Nicole cries about letting Dimitri to take her little boy and worries about him using him for leverage. Eric says he’s calling Rafe to let him know as Nicole worries.

Rafe and Jada bring Leo to the police station and handcuff him to the table in the interrogation room. Leo swears that Dimitri would not have gone through with killing Jada because he has a good heart. Jada calls Dimitri a hardened criminal. Leo argues that she just doesn’t know him like he does and he just goes after what he wants. Leo praises Dimitri as a boyfriend. Rafe says they don’t give a damn and just want to know where he is. Jada warns that it’s a very serious situation and that Leo is in serious trouble if he doesn’t cooperate as he will be severely punished. Jada adds that Rafe is giving him a chance and asks if he’s going to tell them where Dimitri is or take the fall for him.

Melinda and Sloan question why Dimitri has EJ and Nicole’s baby. Dimitri explains that he and Leo got in an accident with Nicole. Dimitri adds that she was conscious and they delivered the baby, then he left to get the baby help. Melinda questions why he didn’t go directly to the hospital. Dimitri says he did but he couldn’t risk the cops recognizing him. Sloan questions why he came here instead. Dimitri notes that Leo said Sloan can get people out of sticky situations. Sloan says nothing like this. Sloan notes that Dimitri is on the run from the cops with a baby from one of the most prominent families in the state, so she questions what he thinks she can do for him. Dimitri admits he doesn’t know and that Leo just gave her his address. Dimitri says they need to find a doctor and he and Leo need to get out of town. Melinda tells him they understand which he questions. Melinda states that Dimitri was trying to do the most responsible thing in a very difficult and complicated situation. Melinda tells him to calm down because he’s come to the right place.

Paulina questions why she should fire EJ when she just appointed him district attorney. Stefan complains about EJ prosecuting his wife. Paulina argues that Gabi murdered her ex-husband in cold blood. Stefan argues that Gabi is innocent and that EJ is using the office she gave him to get revenge on him and the woman he loves.

Holly questions why they haven’t heard from someone by now since EJ has been gone long enough to find the location. Tate encourages that Eric probably already found Nicole and that she’s fine. Holly hopes he’s right.

Eric tries calling Rafe but it won’t go through. Nicole tells him there’s no cell service as Dimitri and Leo couldn’t call an ambulance either. Nicole cries about being scared and worries about Dimitri not getting her baby the help he needs. Eric tells Nicole that he’s here now and promises that Nicole and her baby boy will get the help they need. EJ then arrives and questions hearing that he has a son.

Rafe asks if Leo is going to turn Dimitri in or go to prison. Leo complains that they should be the heroes in this saga because they rescued a woman and her innocent newborn baby which he delivered. Rafe and Jada question what he is talking about as Rafe suggests he start talking.

Dimitri questions Melinda saying they will help with the baby. Melinda is sure that she and Sloan can think of a way to do that. Melinda tells him to just give them the baby and they’ll take it from there. Dimitri calls that great news and tells them how much he appreciates it. Dimitri says goodbye to the baby and hands him over to Sloan. Dimitri then rushes out of the apartment before Sloan can stop him. Sloan then asks Melinda for her phone so she can call the police. Melinda tells her to take a breath and figure out what they need to do first. Sloan questions what they are figuring out. Sloan says if they don’t call the police, they at least need to call the hospital because Nicole wasn’t due for weeks, so the baby is premature. Sloan asks which car they should take but Melinda asks her to chill out. Sloan argues that they don’t have time to chill. Sloan talks about the baby being tiny and fragile. Sloan says the baby is their responsibility now and he needs them. Melinda agrees that the baby needs Sloan and tells her that the baby could be the answer to her prayers.

Holly tells Tate that she’s so glad he’s there with her as she doesn’t know if she could get through this without him. Tate assures that he’s always there for her. Tate brings up earlier when they hugged and asks if something was about to happen between them before EJ walked in, like a kiss.

EJ asks if Nicole is alright and says he was so worried. Nicole says she will be. EJ says he’ll make sure that she is and asks about the baby boy. Nicole confirms they have a son. EJ asks where he is and what she’s not telling him. EJ asks for someone to say something and questions what the hell happened out here and where his son is as Nicole starts to cry.

Leo explains to Jada and Rafe that he and Dimitri got in to a car accident with Nicole and there was no cell service to call an ambulance. Rafe realizes that’s why Nicole didn’t get in touch with EJ. Leo adds that Nicole went in to labor and he delivered her baby which is why they should be cutting them some slack. Jada asks where Nicole and her baby are now. Leo responds that last he knew, Nicole was still at the crash site. Rafe questions leaving her and the baby there alone. Leo clarifies that Eric showed up, so he left her with him. Jada asks about the baby. Leo mentions that Nicole was concerned because the baby was premature. Rafe figures Eric will take care of them but Leo says he doesn’t have to because Dimitri took the baby to the hospital before he left, so he believes Dimitri is still there now looking after the baby..

Sloan tells Melinda that she can’t seriously be thinking about her keeping Nicole’s baby. Melinda asks why not. Sloan says she must be joking but realizes Melinda is serious. Melinda calls it a sign that Dimitri showed up with that baby right after her adoption fell through. Melinda points out that if the adoption went as planned, she would be presenting Eric with a baby right now and this baby is Eric’s actual son. Sloan argues that it’s Eric and Nicole’s son, not her son. Melinda points out that they are the only ones who know that. Sloan brings up Dimitri and that he will remember leaving the baby with them. Melinda reminds her that Dimitri is desperate to skip town with Leo. Melinda declares that Dimitri and Leo are leaving Salem for good, so if Sloan decides to keep the baby and raise him with Eric, no one will ever be the wiser..

Paulina asks Stefan how he and Gabi cost EJ his old job. Stefan doesn’t want to get in to the particulars and knows how incredible it all sounds, but insists that EJ is trying to railroad Gabi by denying her bond and having her sent to prison while awaiting trial. Stefan questions what kind of court system Paulina is allowing in this town. Paulina rejects his implication. Stefan apologizes for questioning his leadership but he just wants Gabi to get a fair shake and he sincerely doubts that can happen while EJ is in office. Paulina appreciates what he’s going through and relates but argues that if she intervenes, it could be looked at as the mayor getting involved in a murder investigation to aid her police commissioner’s sister. Stefan asks if she won’t help out Gabi because she’s afraid of how it will make her look politically. Paulina responds that she’s sorry but her hands are tied.

Rafe finishes a phone call and tells Jada that there’s unfortunately no sign of her car yet and they have no way to track it. Jada figures Dimitri probably ditched it and hopes that they have better luck finding Nicole and her baby. Leo assures that Nicole and the baby have to be okay. Rafe says for he and Dimitri’s sake, they better be. Leo calls the baby the cutest human he’s ever seen and asks if he can make his one phone call now. Jada tells him to make it count as she and Rafe exit the room. Leo then calls Dimitri, who says he was so worried and asks where the hell he is. Leo reveals that he got himself arrested.

Tate tells Holly that he could be totally wrong, but he kind of felt like they were going to kiss. Holly asks if he’s seriously thinking about trying to get some while her pregnant mother is missing. Holly complains that she thought he was trying to comfort her as a friend. Tate apologizes and tries to explain. Holly shouts that she heard he was some wannabe player but calls this beyond gross. Tate tells her that she doesn’t understand but Holly tells him to leave now.

EJ questions what the hell they are still doing here if Dimitri took the baby to the hospital. Eric stops EJ and says they can’t move Nicole because she could still have internal injuries. Nicole says she doesn’t give a damn as she needs to get to her baby and she feels fine. EJ thanks Eric for waiting with her but says he can take it from here. EJ tells Eric to go home and look after his wife while he attends to his. EJ then helps Nicole up.

Melinda argues that Sloan wanted to give Eric a son and here he is. Sloan points out the flaw in her plan is that Dimitri told Nicole that he was going to take her son to the hospital, so she’s going to be looking for him with EJ’s help. Melinda asks what if there’s no baby for the DiMeras to find and suggests saying Dimitri took the baby to the ER but it didn’t survive. Melinda goes over how Nicole’s baby was born premature after a horrendous accident and Nicole has a long history of not being able to carry a baby to term, so this could be another in the long list of maternal tragedies for Nicole. Sloan admits she can’t stand Nicole but says she wouldn’t wish that on her worst enemy, so she doesn’t think she could do that even to Nicole. Melinda tells Sloan to stop thinking about Nicole and to think about the baby. Melinda asks if Sloan really wants Eric’s baby to be raised by EJ DiMera, who she calls a monster. Sloan asks how they would pull something like this off. Melinda reminds her of the money they were going to use to fund her private adoption and says she’ll use it to pay off a shady doctor to say Nicole’s baby died while he checks the baby out to make sure he’s okay. Sloan asks if she just happens to have a corrupt doctor on speed dial. Melinda brings up a guy that Sloan defended for insurance fraud that she prosecuted. Melinda says Sloan defended him brilliantly so he got off with a slap on the wrist and even maintained his doctor’s license at the hospital. Melinda thinks he would be thrilled to provide something unorthodox, complete with a death certificate for Nicole’s baby and a couple days later, she’ll show back up with Sloan’s adopted baby. Sloan questions her just coming up with all that. Melinda responds that she does her best thinking under pressure. Melinda declares that she promised Sloan a baby and she doesn’t renege on promises, especially not to one of the only friends she has in the world. Sloan asks if she really thinks they can get away with this. Melinda states that she knows they can and calls it the miracle that Sloan has been waiting for, so she just has to decide if she wants to receive it or not.

Tate repeats to Holly that he’s really sorry and says he hopes her mom is okay as he then exits the DiMera Mansion.

Paulina tells Stefan goodnight but Stefan stops her and says he’s not done talking to her. Paulina warns him to remove his hand from her arm, so he does and apologizes. Stefan says he’s just making sure there’s nothing else he can do to help change her position like a sizable donation to her next campaign. Paulina questions if he’s trying to bribe a public official. Stefan says he’s trying to get her to see reason. Paulina decides that she will act like this conversation never happened. Stefan warns that she’s making a mistake that she might live to regret. Paulina asks if he’s going from bribery to threats and remarks that he really is a DiMera. Stefan responds that so is EJ and unfortunately for her, she just backed the wrong DiMera. Stefan then storms off.

EJ joins Nicole in her hospital room. She asks if he found out anything. EJ says he’s afraid not as he checked the ER and there’s been no sign of Dimitri or their baby. Nicole questions where they can be. EJ promises they will find out where that bastard has taken their baby and he will soon be in her arms. EJ hugs Nicole as she cries.

Dimitri questions Leo getting arrested and says this is very bad. Dimitri adds that the submarine is departing any minute. Leo tells him to save himself which he questions. Leo tells Dimitri that he has to go without him.

Eric goes home. Sloan hugs him and says she’s so glad he’s home. Eric apologizes for being late and says he got tied up. Sloan says it’s okay and asks if he saw his dad. Eric tells her that a lot has happened. Sloan says he can tell her about his day later but she wants to share her amazing news. Sloan informs Eric that she heard back from Melinda and their baby boy was born tonight.

Melinda holds Nicole’s baby with her and says all will be fine because Sloan made the right decision so the baby will be home with his new mom and dad very soon.

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