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Steve and Kayla eat at the Brady Pub. Roman brings over a to-go box for Maggie which Kayla says will brighten her day. Roman comments that he’s glad he could brighten someone’s day since he just had to break the news to Will and Arianna. Kayla asks what news is that. Roman questions if they haven’t heard and then reveals that Gabi was arrested, surprising Kayla and Steve. Roman thought Tripp would’ve told them for sure. Steve informs him that the unplugged last night and asks what the hell Gabi did this time. Roman turns over his tablet, showing the article that says “Gabriella DiMera Arrested in Ex-Husband’s Stabbing Death”, and calls it murder one.

Eric goes to see Brady, who says he wasn’t expecting him the day after his wedding. Eric responds that Sloan is sleeping in and he told Brady that he’d be there for their parents’ anniversary gift but the question is where are they?

John joins Marlena in bed with body cream and massage lotion. John wishes Marlena a Happy Anniversary as they kiss.

Sarah joins Maggie in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and hugs her. Sarah knows it has to be a tough day as it’s her first anniversary without Victor. Konstantin listens in from outside the door.

Theresa has a nightmare about Alex finding out that he’s not really Victor’s son and that she forged the letter. Alex wakes her up and asks what she’s doing out on the couch. Theresa guesses she fell asleep watching TV. Alex offers to make breakfast but Theresa says she’ll just get something at Sweet Bits Bakery. Alex asks if she’s okay as she seems freaked out. Theresa responds that she’s fine and just had some weird dreams all night. Alex says he’s sorry and he would’ve let her sleep but Theresa declares that she’s never been so glad to wake up in all her life.

John hopes Marlena is not disappointed. Marlena says she just feels lucky that they are celebrating their anniversary together, so she’s not letting him out of her sight. John talks about not knowing if they’d get a chance to do this again when being gone for months but here they are and they kiss.

Konstantin listens in as Sarah asks Maggie how many years it would’ve been. Maggie tells her 13. Konstantin smiles and walks away after hearing that. Sarah tells Maggie that she didn’t realize. Maggie says it went by too fast and asks if she’s sure she doesn’t want her to go to court with her today. Sarah doesn’t want to add any more stress to this day for her. Sarah adds that she knows Maggie was hoping that she and Xander could work out some sort of custody agreement and she doesn’t want to disappoint her, but that’s just not going to happen. Maggie warns Sarah to be prepared that she could lose her daughter forever. Maggie apologizes for sounding so harsh. Sarah assures that she knows and that Maggie wished she could make things work with Xander in a civilized way, but last time she gave Xander a second chance is when she found out he was suing for full custody. Sarah declares that there is only one option and adds that Konstantin even agrees. Maggie questions her discussing this with him. Sarah explains that Konstantin knows Xander and when she heard what Xander did to him, it strengthened her resolve. Sarah insists to Maggie that this is the right thing to do and tells her to just trust her. Steve and Kayla then arrive and greet them. Maggie says it’s so good to see them. Kayla tells Sarah that she meant to call her as HR is sending over an e-mail today and mentions that she’s so happy Sarah is coming back to work. Maggie questions Sarah going back to work so soon. Sarah notes that it’s only part time. Maggie asks if she’s sure she’s ready for this. Sarah responds that she has to be so she can show the judge that she can provide for her daughter on her own. Sarah’s daughter Victoria then starts crying so Sarah says she has to go feed her. Sarah tells Kayla that she will send the paperwork back when she gets it and exits the room. Kayla apologizes to Maggie as she thought she knew. Maggie says that Sarah obviously didn’t want her to know because she knows she would worry. Maggie doesn’t think Sarah is totally facing the gravity of this custody battle. Kayla mentions knowing that this day is tough already for Maggie. Maggie asks if everybody knows that it was her wedding anniversary. Steve responds that it’s why they are here.

John and Marlena continue kissing in bed.

Brady informs Eric that John and Marlena are in their room, so he doesn’t know how much longer Eric wants to wait around. Eric says the gift is from all of them so Brady shouldn’t be the only one there waiting. Eric adds that Sloan has court anyway so he’s letting her sleep in. Brady asks about a proper honeymoon. Eric says they haven’t really discussed that. Brady brings up EJ and Nicole getting married and asks if that had anything to do with the suddenness of their ceremony. Eric points out that he and Sloan had been engaged for months. Brady says that’s not what he asked. Eric asks why he would pick the same day as EJ and Nicole and have the same anniversary as well as the day before Marlena and John’s. Brady points out that it’s also Maggie and Victor’s and jokes that it seems to be the season to get married.

Maggie thanks Kayla and Steve for the scones from the Pub. Kayla says they just wanted her to know they were thinking of her. Maggie calls it so kind and says she’s gotten so many lovely gifts lately. Steve points out the portrait of Victor. Maggie asks what he thinks. Steve calls it big but an excellent rendering. Maggie says she loves it and explains that it was a gift from Victor’s old friend, Konstantin.

Theresa runs in to Konstantin in the town square. Theresa thought he was leaving town. Konstantin responds that Maggie asked him to stay as she enjoys his company. Theresa comments that Maggie has a big heart so she hopes he’s not taking advantage. Konstantin says he came to get a gift to show his appreciation. Theresa feels Konstantin is staying to keep an eye on her. Konstantin asks how things are going with Theresa and Alex. Theresa responds that she’s bringing him breakfast now. Konstantin hopes she’s not moving too slow. Theresa assures that Konstantin will get his cut while Alex and Xander will never be the wiser. Konstantin remarks that they better not be and walks away. Xander then approaches and greets Theresa.

John and Marlena come out from their room, surprised to see Eric and Brady in the living room. Eric informs them that they have an anniversary gift for them. Marlena says that they didn’t have to do that and that she should be giving Eric a wedding present but they haven’t had time to shop yet. Eric responds that Marlena officiating the wedding was the best present she could give. John congratulates Eric and hopes that he and Sloan have as many years of happiness as he and Marlena have had.

Maggie explains to Steve and Kayla that Konstantin brought her an old family photo album to look through and had stories about every photo. Maggie says it brought her comfort as there was so much she didn’t know. Konstantin then enters with a gift and says he didn’t know she was entertaining guests. Maggie introduces Konstantin to Kayla and Steve. Konstantin asks Steve about working for Victor at one point and says that Victor called Steve one of his most reliable men back in the day and a friend of Bo’s. Konstantin says it’s a pleasure to finally meet him and acknowledge Kayla as Caroline’s daughter. Konstantin says he never met Caroline but saw a picture of her and calls Kayla as beautiful as she was which Kayla says is kind of him.

Xander questions why Theresa was talking to Konstantin. Theresa claims that he was just asking for directions. Xander says that Konstantin has practically moved in with Maggie and he thought Theresa was tight with Maggie. Xander remarks that it looked like she’s tight with Konstantin too. Theresa asks if he’s calling her a liar. Theresa says she doesn’t have time for this as Alex’s breakfast is getting cold. Xander mocks Theresa waiting on Alex hand and foot in hopes that he will beg her to marry him. Theresa remarks that Xander is just jealous that he’s not Victor’s long lost heir and son as she walks away. Xander then runs in to Sarah, who has Victoria in her stroller.

Brady tells John and Marlena that Belle wanted to be there but she’s dealing with the Gabi mess. Brady wishes Belle hadn’t taken that case since Gabi’s been playing dangerous games with people lately. Brady explains how Gabi and Stefan tried to use him to get Kristen’s DiMera shares but pulled the rug out from under him. Brady brings up that Marlena warned him and he should’ve listened. Marlena encourages Brady not to hold himself responsible. Marlena says she’s more concerned about Arianna since she was excited about coming home but she doesn’t know how she’s going to feel about finding out her mother went to jail. Eric says with everything going on, maybe they should do this another time when everyone is more celebratory. Marlena says she didn’t mean to spoil things and insists that they came all this way so they will celebrate. Marlena and John then open the gift which is a family tree. Eric and Brady explain that they did their research and the gift for this particular anniversary is wood. Brady calls it their way of telling them that they love them. Eric and Brady point out that the family tree includes all of them. Marlena calls it wonderful and thanks them. Brady says that they’ve always told them that family is everything and it is. John points out that they are going to have to add Sloan to it. Brady explains that they decided to leave out significant others, joking that no one needs to have Kristen and Theresa on the tree.

Theresa brings Alex his chocolate croissants and Alex stares her down as they then have the same exchange from Theresa’s nightmare where Theresa asks if something is wrong and Alex responds that he just got a call from the head of HR, who told him some very interesting information, so Theresa asks what that has to do with her.

Xander talks to his daughter Victoria. Xander knows Sarah said she wanted to see him in court, but his offer still stands to talk this out over tea. Sarah then asks if they can postpone the court hearing today. Xander asks if she’s having second thoughts. Sarah clarifies that it’s Sarah and Victor’s wedding anniversary so she doesn’t want her to worry about all of this. Xander asks how Maggie’s doing. Sarah says she’s as well as could be expected and thanks him for asking, noting that it means a lot to her. Xander comments that the only thing he and Victor had in common was adoring Maggie so he would never object to postponing the hearing on her account.

Konstantin tells Maggie that lace represents the 13th anniversary so he had a friend ship him a tablecloth that Victor loved. Maggie says she’s touched and will put it on the table. Maggie invites Steve and Kayla to join them for the scones they brought which Kayla agrees with. Kayla asks if Justin can join them since they haven’t seen him since he found out Alex wasn’t his son. Maggie says Justin isn’t home but she will tell him that they were thinking of him. Maggie goes to get the table setup and Konstantin goes with her. Kayla comments that Konstantin is quite the charmer. Steve says that’s one word for it but he’s calling bull. Kayla insists he’s a nice guy and that Maggie seems to really like him but Steve remains unsure. Kayla points out that there was one thing, noting that she spent a lot of time with Bo and never saw any lace tablecloths. Steve responds that’s because Konstantin is lying through his teeth.

After Eric leaves, Marlena comments to on Eric coming over the night after his wedding. John asks if she thinks something is wrong. Marlena assures that Eric seemed very happy with Sloan and about the baby. John asks how Brady is doing with Theresa back in town. Brady says he’s doing as well as he could expect. Marlena asks if Theresa will be staying in town now that Tate is there as well. Brady says probably because she’s moving on and moving in with Alex Kiriakis. John is shocked as he didn’t even know they knew each other. Brady responds that they didn’t but Theresa didn’t waste any time to zero in on Alex at Victor’s funeral after he made it clear they had no future. John asks if he thinks Theresa is after Alex’s money. Marlena questions how Theresa could have known Alex was going to come in to money. Brady says she couldn’t have and suggests it could be dumb luck or just that she has a way of sniffing out money. Brady declares that regardless, she has her hooks in pretty tight now.

Alex brings up Theresa working for Titan before and Victor putting her in charge of Bella Magazine for awhile. Theresa confirms that he did and she was sad when it went out of publication. Alex assures it wasn’t his idea and he fought for it, so now that he’s in charge, he’s looking to revive it. Alex notes that they don’t have a publisher anymore so he asks how Theresa would like the job.

Kayla questions Steve thinking Konstantin is a liar. Steve states that the tablecloth is not from Victor’s villa in Greece and reveals the tag was still on it, showing it was from the bargain basement at 70% off. Kayla can’t believe he didn’t take the tag off and asks why he would lie about something like this. Steve wonders what big things Konstantin could be covering up. Kayla believes Maggie would see through that and suggests he’s trying to make Maggie’s day easier so maybe she’s just going along with it.

Sarah tells Xander that it means so much to her and thanks him. Xander says he’d do anything for Maggie and repeats that he’s not looking for some big court fight with Sarah as he’d much rather talk it out over tea. Sarah says at times like these, she wishes they could but every time that she lets her guard down with him, something else happens. Eric then approaches and reveals that he just got served with a subpoena to testify against Sarah in the custody case.

Theresa tells Alex that she doesn’t know what to say as she’s flattered but asks if he’s sure this is what he wants since they have never worked together before. Alex jokes that they can carpool. Alex brings up that Theresa has run her own company for years and he knows she’s been winding down, so he thinks it’s the perfect time for her to take advantage of this opportunity to move on. Theresa asks why her since he doesn’t need her income to pay rent. Alex thinks she would be happy and says her reputation isn’t sterling but neither is his. Alex talks about it being a cut throat business so he wants a shark alongside her. Alex adds that a lot of people at Titan are still loyal to Maggie and think that he doesn’t deserve the job but he won’t have to question Theresa being loyal because he knows she has his back…

Sarah questions Eric testifying against her in court. Eric responds that he won’t have a choice and will have to testify that she lied about their baby to establish her pattern of deceit. Sarah asks Xander how could he. Xander argues that this was all Sloan’s idea. Eric tells him not to put it off on her as he knows that Xander told Sloan to go for the juggular. Eric says this has Xander all over it and guesses he left out the part he played in Sarah’s lie. Eric warns that he’ll tell Sloan all the details so this won’t be the home run that Xander thought it would be as he storms off. Sarah complains that this is exactly what she was talking about in regards to Xander stabbing her in the back. Sarah tells Xander that he can come after her all he wants, but warns that he better be prepared for what she’s going to dish out in court as she then walks away.

Kayla and Steve return to the Pub where Kayla forgot her wallet. Kayla tells Roman that they just came from Maggie’s. Roman asks how she is. Steve says she loved the scones but mentions the bargain basement tablecloth. Roman guesses he doesn’t want to know and goes back to work. Kayla doesn’t think they should start spreading rumors about Konstantin’s motives just yet. Kayla says that if what Steve thinks is true, the first person they should talk about it with is Maggie. Steve decides he wants to find out everything he can about Konstantin first and believes it’s a case for Black Patch.

Maggie tells Konstantin that Steve and Kayla were certainly charmed by him. Konstantin says he was by them as well since they seem like wonderful people. Maggie calls them great friends to her for a very long time. They are glad they stayed for tea. Maggie tells Konstantin that she’s glad he’s there and she doesn’t know how to thank him as he took a difficult day for her and made it special. She hugs him as Konstantin looks up at the portrait of Victor with a smile.

Brady tells John and Marlena that he has to get to work. Marlena hugs him and thanks him for the gift. Brady tells them he loves them and then exits. John calls it a thoughtful gift but he can’t think of how they came up with wood because he thought the anniversary gift was candy. Marlena thinks they are both wrong because she read it was their iron anniversary and presents John with golf clubs, thinking they could take up golf when they retire. John jokes with her and tells her that he’d like to officially say Happy Anniversary. Marlena wishes him a happy anniversary as they kiss.

Happy 58th Anniversary, Days of Our Lives

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