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Leo and Dimitri have coffee in their motel room. They joke about the photos they took in a photo booth in the town square on Halloween while they were dressed as ghosts. Leo says the photos will always remind them of what they did for love. Dimitri shows Leo the paper and says it turns out Gabi spent the night in jail after being arrested for murdering Li Shin.

Tripp sits at home, reading the article on Gabi’s arrest. Wendy comes in, so Tripp asks how she’s feeling. Wendy mentions not going in to work. Tripp guesses it must be complicated with her boss being Gabi’s brother.

At the police station, Jada informs Rafe that someone said they saw Leo and Dimitri but they don’t believe it. Rafe asks about the forensics reports on the knife. Jada confirms that Gabi’s prints were found on it as expected but those were not the only ones found.

Stefan joins Gabi in the interrogation room and encourages that she’s innocent and Belle is the best attorney, so there’s no way that she will let her get convicted. Gabi knows Belle is doing the best she can, but she doesn’t think that’s going to be enough with EJ as the district attorney. Gabi says when EJ came in, she knew she was screwed.

EJ sits at home with his tablet and reads the article on Gabi’s arrest then swipes over to another article title “Newly Appointed D.A. Out For Blood”. EJ remarks that Gabi should’ve thought twice before crossing him. Belle arrives and tells EJ that she’s come to talk to the new D.A. EJ asks how she’s holding up since he’s heard Shawn left Salem and he knows how upsetting that must be for her. Belle says she’s fine and that she actually came to talk business as she reveals she will be representing Gabi.

Stefan tells Gabi not to be thinking about EJ right now. Gabi asks how she can not since if EJ wants to extract revenge, he has a sure way of getting it. Stefan argues that EJ is bound by the law’s limits, so to convict Gabi, he will need proof beyond doubt and since Gabi didn’t kill Li, there’s no proof that she did. Stefan assures Gabi that Rafe and the police will find who really killed Li.

Rafe asks Jada about someone else’s prints being on the knife. Jada confirms the report showed someone’s hands larger than Gabi’s but then realizes it was just Li’s prints. Jada recalls Wendy’s statement saying she saw Li with the knife earlier that night while cooking dinner, so they didn’t find any other prints. Rafe worries that it’s not looking good for Gabi.

Leo reads the article and talks about how juicy the Gabi story is. Leo talks about how this could’ve been in his gossip column, but he’s forced to watch from the sidelines. Dimitri blames himself for them being in this mess and he’s so sorry for that. Leo talks about how now Gabi is facing years in prison. Dimitri points out that they are fugitives. Leo continues reading that Gabi led Li to believe she had been kidnapped with the help of Dr. Rolf, which gives them an idea. Leo declares that Dr. Rolf is in Salem so they are saved. Dimitri is not sure it’s a one way ticket out since Dr. Rolf is a wanted man so he believes he’d already be gone. Leo admits he’s probably right. Dr. Rolf then knocks on their door, surprising them.

Gabi asks Stefan about Melinda Trask but Stefan doesn’t think she’d be a suspect. Rafe enters so Gabi and Stefan ask if there is any news or other suspects. Rafe informs them that they just got the forensics report back on the knife, but so far nothing has cleared Gabi. Gabi talks about how she was supposed to visit Arianna. Stefan talks about still having a lot to go through. Rafe assures they are still trying to figure out exactly what happened but unfortunately there is still no strong suspect for the murder of Li.

EJ tells Belle that he did hear Gabi has retained her, but feels this case is open and shut as Gabi is obviously guilty. Belle says she won’t take his word for it. EJ insists that he’s just trying to save her from investing in a total waste of time because of the mountains of evidence stacked against Gabi. EJ believes no jury would vote not guilty and regardless of evidence, he will prosecute any defendant to the fullest extent of the law. Belle says she’s not here to discuss his professional duties. EJ asks why she came and then jokingly asks if she brought a wedding present. Belle say she’s here to discuss his grudge against Gabi.

Wendy tells Tripp that Rafe is a good man, but he does love his sister so he’s going to do everything he can to clear her even though she looks mighty guilty. Wendy recalls seeing Gabi standing over Li’s body with the knife in her hand. Tripp is sorry she had to see that. Wendy talks about hoping Li would make it at the hospital. Wendy remembers that she hasn’t told her father and still needs to call him, but it’s the middle of the night in Hong Kong so maybe she should wait. Tripp knows it’s the last thing she wants to do, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s all over the news and social media so she doesn’t want him to find out that way. Wendy asks how to tell him. Tripp says she doesn’t have to do it alone as he’s there. Wendy then calls her father and says she has something important to tell him. Wendy says it’s not about her new job, but about Li. Wendy yells at him to just listen to her. Wendy apologizes and cries that she’s feeling a bit overwhelmed. Wendy then hands the phone to Tripp. Tripp informs Wei Shin that he hates to be the bearer of awful news, but his son Li has died.

Stefan tells Gabi that just because there was no evidence found on the murder weapon doesn’t mean there’s no evidence out there as the killer had to leave something behind. Rafe assures that they are working on it. Gabi worries that the evidence won’t matter as long as EJ is prosecuting her because he will do everything he can to punish her for what they did to him. Stefan says that’s why they cannot give up and that Belle seems to believe they can use EJ’s vendetta against him and make a case for a conflict of interest to have the charges dropped and the case dismissed. Stefan says that’s why Belle didn’t come with him, because she’s talking to EJ now.

EJ questions Belle thinking he’s prosecuting Gabi out of a personal grudge. Belle mentions talking to Stefan and Gabi and finding out that they have all of the DiMera shares, so she thinks EJ is using his new position to extract revenge which makes a mockery of their judicial system and pisses her off. EJ tells her that Paulina offered him the position long before he knew that Gabi was arrested. EJ asks how Belle explains the compelling evidence against Gabi which Belle questions. EJ goes over Wendy seeing Gabi standing over Li with the bloody knife while Wendy and Tripp both heard Gabi and Stefan talking about getting rid of it. Belle asks if that’s it. EJ thinks that’s quite enough. Belle says it would be if it wasn’t completely circumstantial and totally refutable because Gabi told her that Li had already been stabbed when she found him and that she took the knife out of him in an effort to save his life. EJ laughs at that and says maybe next time Gabi casually walks in on a murder victim, she should call the police right away because that was a mistake. Belle calls it hardly a smoking gun. Belle knows that EJ is no idiot and that they both know he doesn’t have enough evidence for a murder conviction. Belle warns EJ about being completely embarrassed in his first case and suggests he just drop the charges.

Dimitri and Leo are excited to see Dr. Rolf, who says he got word that they were trying to track him down. Dimitri assumes he’s not sticking around Salem for long, so he’d like him to take them with him when he leaves, assuring that Megan will take care of the accommodations. Dr. Rolf brings up that Megan was very disappointed that Dimitri lost his inheritance as she had comforted herself with the fact that she’d be set up for life since she was counting on Dimitri to claim the fortune, only for him to bungle the entire operation by falling in love. Dimitri asks if that means Dr. Rolf won’t be helping them. Dr. Rolf repeats that Megan was not too happy when Dimitri lost his claim to the fortune, but despite her disappointment, he is her son, so she is willing to help. Leo expresses his relief. Dimitri is glad to know he can always count on his mother. Dr. Rolf responds that Megan would do anything for her family and Dimitri is family to her. Dimitri adds that Leo is family to him, but Dr. Rolf says not to Megan. Leo questions what he’s trying to say. Dr. Rolf reveals that Megan would be happy to help Dimitri but only if he does not bring Leo.

Belle joins Stefan and Gabi in the interrogation room. Belle says Rafe just filled her in and tells Gabi that she’s so sorry as she wished for better news. Gabi asks what happened with EJ. Stefan asks if she had any success talking sense in to EJ. Belle says she tried but he refused to drop the charges. Gabi is not surprised since EJ has her where he wants her. Stefan calls it a setback. Stefan says they are going to go to her arraignment, pay her bail, so she can come home and spend the night in their bed with him. Belle responds that it might not be possible since EJ made it clear that he’s going to ask the judge to deny her bail. Gabi asks why he would do that. Belle thinks that EJ will make the case that she’s a flight risk since the family owns the DiMera Jet. Belle states that EJ is on a mission and has every intention of throwing the book at her.

Tripp tells Wei Shin that Wendy will be in touch and that he’s so sorry for his loss as he then hangs up. Wendy thanks Tripp and says it just hurts and she couldn’t say it. Tripp tells her that her father knows now and that’s all that matters. Wendy asks how he took it. Tripp says he seemed pretty stoic. Wendy says that’s her father, never showing his feelings, not even if his son has died. Tripp isn’t sure he was feeling anything as he sounded more like he was in shock and couldn’t believe what happened. Wendy relates to that feeling. Tripp hugs her as she cries.

Dimitri tells Dr. Rolf that he will have to find another seat because he and Leo are a package deal. Dr. Rolf says he’s sorry but Megan was clear in her instructions to only bring Dimitri so she’d be very displeased at the sight of Leo. Dimitri says he’ll deal with his mother and instructs Dr. Rolf to make sure the submarine is ready and waiting. Dr. Rolf then exits. Leo tells Dimitri that may have been the most romantic thing he’s ever seen. Dimitri says Leo is leaving Salem behind for him, so it’s the least he could do. Dimitri asks if Leo is sure he wants to do this because it’s not just leaving Salem behind, but leaving his whole life forever. Leo acknowledges that there will be things he will miss but declares that his future is with Dimitri, where ever that may be as they kiss.

Jada goes to Wendy and Tripp’s apartment. Jada says she’s sorry to bother Wendy as she knows she’s been through a lot but she had a few questions and points to clarify. Jada brings up when Wendy came home from work, Li was holding the knife. Wendy confirms he was making dinner. Jada asks what kind of mood he was in. Wendy admits that Li was really upset about Gabi tricking him out of his DiMera shares. Jada questions if he was emotionally unstable. Wendy thinks that’s appropriate given the circumstances. Jada says she’s trying to get an idea of his state of mind. Wendy questions if Jada is suggesting that Li killed himself to frame Gabi. Jada says she just wants a clear picture of the facts. Wendy argues that she’s just trying to clear Gabi and asks if this has something to do with the fact that Jada is seeing Gabi’s brother. Jada promises that she wants to find Li’s killer and bring them to justice, whoever it is. Jada then gets a phone call and says she’ll head there now.

Gabi, Stefan, and Belle return to the police station from court as Gabi complains about the judge accepting EJ’s request to deny bail. Belle says they can try another judge while Stefan adds that they will file an appeal and fight this with everything they have. EJ walks in and jokes that he never gets tired of the country’s glorious legal system. Stefan grabs EJ by the throat and argues that Gabi didn’t do this and he knows it. EJ laughs it off and says Stefan isn’t as enamored with the legal system as he is. EJ remarks that he told Stefan that he would make them pay. Rafe arrives and gets in between them to separate them. EJ thanks Rafe and then mockingly wishes Gabi luck in prison as he exits.

Tripp makes herbal tea for Wendy. Wendy admits it probably wasn’t the best idea to go off on one of her new bosses and worries that she could end up with the shortest career in the Salem police department history. Tripp then gets an alert that Gabi has been denied bail which pleases Wendy.

Rafe tells Gabi that she is going to be transferred to prison and he doesn’t know how long she will be there until the trial. Rafe promises to find out who did this and that Gabi won’t be punished for a crime that she did not commit. Gabi thanks him and says Salem is lucky to have a man as honorable as him as commissioner. Rafe states that he’s doing his job but he’s doing it as her brother. Rafe hugs Gabi and encourages that she’ll be out of there before she knows it. Rafe then exits.

Belle finds EJ in the park and says she just wanted to let him know that she’s going to appeal the judge’s decision. EJ says he wouldn’t expect anything less. Belle hopes that EJ is proud of himself for doing irreparable damage to his relationship with his brother which EJ mocks. EJ reminds Belle that Stefan attacked him. Belle says she’s not talking about what happened at the station but what EJ just did in the court room. EJ asks if she means making sure an alleged murder isn’t walking the streets of Salem. Belle argues that he can hide behind his new title, but they know he’s using it to weaponize against Stefan and Gabi. Belle warns EJ that he can bask in the moment but it won’t last because he knows Stefan will retaliate. Belle declares that EJ may have just won the battle but the war has just begun as she walks away.

Gabi calls Arianna from the police station, insisting that she is innocent and Belle is going to prove that. Gabi cries that as soon as she’s free, she’s going to come see her. Gabi says she loves her and misses her and to say hi to Will and Sonny as she then hangs up. Stefan comes over and informs Gabi that transport is waiting for her outside. Stefan adds that Rafe is going with her but he wanted to give them a moment alone. Stefan asks if Gabi talked to Arianna. Gabi confirms that she told her everything and she’s being very brave. Gabi cries that she doesn’t feel very brave right now. Stefan encourages her not to focus on that but that she’s innocent and this will be over soon. Stefan calls Gabi the strongest, bravest, fiercest, and most bad ass woman he knows so prison has nothing on her. Gabi cries about getting Stefan back after he was dead for four years so she can handle this little vacation. Stefan insists that she’ll be back home before she knows it and this is just a little detour. Stefan kisses Gabi goodbye and tells her that he loves her. Gabi says she loves him and tells him to never forget that. A cop then escorts Gabi out of the police station.

Dimitri and Leo pack their bags. Dimitri jokes about all the conditioner Leo is bringing. Dimitri gets a text that their sub is waiting. Leo and Dimitri then go to leave right as Jada arrives at the door.

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