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Eric and Sloan talk at home about their excitement for becoming parents. Sloan claims that Melinda said it’s practically a done deal which Eric calls the best news as they hug. Sloan asks about Eric’s visit with his friend in the hospital. Eric says it went well and then he had to step out during his procedure. Sloan question if Eric waited alone the whole time but Eric reveals he actually wasn’t alone because Nicole was there.

Nicole goes home to the DiMera Mansion and sets down her DNA test results envelope. EJ comes in to the room on the phone and goes to write down an account number but Nicole tells him not to write on the envelope.

Alex sits at home when the doorbell rings and he answers to see Xander.

Brady goes to the Kiriakis Mansion, surprising Maggie. Brady says he just wanted to check up on her. Brady mentions hearing a rumor that Constantine was staying there which Maggie confirms. Maggie says they had an amazing day as she took him on a tour of Salem and then he cooked, but sadly he’s leaving tomorrow. Brady asks if he’s upstairs. Maggie says he went to take a walk and take in more sights as he loves it in Salem.

Theresa packs her bags at the Salem Inn when Constantine shows up at her door to surprise her. Theresa responds that she told him to stay put in Greece until he heard from her and questions what the hell he’s doing here. Constantine tells her to let him in and he’ll tell her, pointing out that they don’t want anyone knowing that they are friends.

Brady tells Maggie that he was surprised that an old friend of Victor’s popped in without notice. Maggie talks about Constantine brightening her day through his connection to Victor. Brady says it’s nice to see her smiling again which Maggie says is thanks to Constantine, who came all this way just to lift her spirits.

Theresa questions what exactly Constantine is doing here. Constantine asks what kind of friend of Victor’s he would be if he didn’t visit Maggie. Theresa asks about him coming to see Maggie. Constantine talks about bringing her a photo album and cooking her dinner, but says he also came to see Theresa. Constantine asks Theresa if she is still trying to get her hooks in to Victor’s long lost son.

EJ questions if he did something wrong. Nicole explains that the envelope just contains everything they need to know about their baby which makes EJ happy. Nicole says she lost the last copy, but if their baby gets sick this could be helpful. EJ adds that another reason to keep the document safe is that it names him as the father of her child which makes him ecstatic as they kiss.

Sloan complains to Eric that Nicole has a way of just showing up where ever he is. Sloan then stops and asks why Nicole was there, making sure the baby is okay. Eric explains that she was just refilling a prescription and apologizes for even bringing Nicole’s name up since it always just upsets Sloan. Sloan admits it’s because she’s envious that Nicole is pregnant and can carry a child to term. Eric reassures and encourages her while mentioning that Nicole picked up a copy of her original DNA report on the baby, which causes Sloan to panic. Eric asks if she’s okay as she’s starting to look pale. Eric questions why she even cares about the genetic report of Nicole and EJ’s baby. Sloan claims she doesn’t care but just thought Nicole would be more careful with something so important to the baby. Sloan then claims that she got a text from a client and has to go help them. Eric questions it being that much of an emergency right now. Sloan says if she doesn’t go now, her client will spend the night in jail. Eric offers a ride but Sloan declines and says she doesn’t know how long it will take but she’ll call him. Sloan rushes out and tells herself to think. Sloan says she still has the copy that says EJ is the father, so she has to get there and make a copy.

EJ tells Nicole that he’ll keep the DNA results with his documents in the safe. EJ asks if she minds if he looks at it before they lock it away. Nicole jokes that he’s already memorized it. EJ says he wouldn’t mind reading it over again as they can’t have too much information where the child is concerned. EJ then gets a call from an investor and steps out to answer it, leaving the envelope behind on the table.

Brady tells Maggie that it’s obvious that Victor and Constantine share a lot of memories together, but Victor never mentioned him to Maggie. Maggie says Victor didn’t like to deal with the past, but it’s clear there was a real bond between them going back to when they were kids. Maggie mentions that Victor loaned Constantine money to open his own restaurant and wouldn’t let him pay him back. Brady remarks that doesn’t sound like Victor. Maggie thinks that shows how important Constantine was to Victor. Maggie says after so many years of loving Victor, he was always unpredictable. Brady agrees and says his latest revelation certainly seemed out of character for him. Brady still can’t believe that Victor kept Alex being his son a secret from them for all these years.

Alex tells Xander to forget it because the Titan job is his. Alex brings up his dad so Xander questions which dad and calls Justin his fake dad. Xander points out that Victor did not name Alex CEO of Titan in his will, so he thinks he should honor Victor’s wishes. Xander remarks that’s what he would do if he were Victor’s son.

Theresa tells Constantine that she is going straight to Alex’s apartment to move in with him. Constantine comments that she doesn’t waste any time. Theresa says from what she remembers, neither does he. Theresa flashes back to being in Greece and reading the letters in Victor’s briefcase until Constantine showed up, found Victor’s will, and was angry that Victor left him nothing in it. Theresa calls it not Constantine’s favorite day. Constantine responds that it got better for both of them.

Marlena goes to see Eric, which he calls a lovely surprise and asks how everything is going. Marlena talks about worrying about Belle every day. Eric asks how she’s doing. Marlena says that Belle claims to have everything under control. Eric acknowledges Shawn leaving the country and going to rehab. Marlena says she’s tried to spend time with Belle and asks Eric to check on her which he agrees to do. Marlena then asks where Sloan is.

EJ finishes his call and tells Nicole that now they can take another look at the DNA report. Nicole says she’s first going to check on Holly to see if she needs help with her homework. Nicole tells EJ to let her know if he finds anything new and surprising in the report as she exits the room. Sloan then appears outside the door.

Brady tells Maggie that Alex didn’t waste any time stepping in to the role of Victor’s son, staking his claim on Titan and quitting Basic Black without notice. Maggie mentions turning down the position that Alex offered her in the company because she and Alex are like oil and water. Maggie calls it surprising considering how well she and Victor got along.

Alex tells Xander that he is Victor’s son so his take on what he wanted is all that counts. Xander argues that Victor did not want Alex running his company. Alex argues that he has controlling interest and talks about letting Maggie live in the mansion. Alex asks if Xander wants a job. Xander says no and he just can’t buy this insanity. Xander questions Victor tearing up his will and writing a new one just to cut all of them out and give Alex everything. Xander asks how that makes any sense.

Theresa tells Constantine that she was interested in Alex before she met Constantine and before she read Victor’s will. Theresa says she just didn’t want to take any chances and then when Brady and Alex came back, she purposely asked Brady to stay with him so that he would turn her down harshly in front of Alex. Constantine acknowledges that she knew Alex would have pity on her. Theresa remarks that it helped that she knew Alex was about to inherit a fortune, while he had no clue. They flash back to Constantine being furious about not being included in Victor’s will and that he wouldn’t have his fortune without him. Constantine told Theresa that he sent Alex and Brady on a wild goose chase while he came here to find the will because he wanted to know how generous Victor decided to be. Theresa responds that he wasn’t very generous with anyone but his wife and his son. Constantine complained about it being a son that Victor never even acknowledged and then found the letter that would explain everything. Constantine decided he and Theresa would read the letter together, where they found out Victor’s long lost son is actually Xander Cook! Back in the present, Constantine acknowledged that Victor had an affair with his brother Titus’ wife and the end result was Xander. They continue their flashback with Constantine and Theresa complaining that Victor left Xander half of everything. Theresa then suggested changing it from Xander to Alex. Constantine calls it a pity that Alex will never know what they have done for him.

Alex and Xander continue to argue over Victor leaving Alex everything in his will. Alex talks about finding out that Justin wasn’t really his father. Xander talks about Alex’s place in the family not changing while he was always the outcast. Xander talks about wishing Victor would’ve acknowledged him that way. Xander calls Alex one lucky bastard.

Eric tells Marlena that Sloan just left to deal with a client’s bail situation. Marlena questions doing that at this time of night. Eric says that’s the life of a criminal lawyer. Marlena feels that Sloan is not comfortable around her. Eric feels that’s because Marlena doesn’t like her. Marlena says she doesn’t know her that well. Eric encourages that they can fix that. Eric says a lot of people don’t like Sloan but he knows her better than anyone and she makes him happy. Marlena says that’s all she cares about, so she’s fine with her.

EJ prepares to open the DNA report when the doorbell rings. EJ calls for Harold but guesses he’s on dinner break so EJ goes to answer the door. Sloan then sneaks in through the side door. EJ answers the front door but no one is there. Sloan approaches the envelope left on the desk.

Marlena tells Eric how good it is to see him optimistic about the future and if that’s because of Sloan, she’s grateful. Eric thanks her. Marlena would also love to have a beautiful grandbaby and says Eric deserves to have someone love him, who is true and loyal which seems to be Sloan. Marlena adds that Eric also deserves to have a child. Eric hugs her and tells her that he loves her.

EJ calls out at the front door but no one is there. Sloan picks up the DNA report with another copy of the same envelope. EJ guesses the Halloween pranks showed up early and closes the front door. Sloan swaps the envelopes and escapes the mansion as EJ returns and questions the noise he heard.

Brady tells Maggie that Victor knew it would be shocking for all of them and devastating for Justin, Maggie, and Alex. Brady questions Victor just leaving them all to sort it out and why he would let Alex’s true paternity remain a secret all these years. Maggie wishes she had the answers and is the question she would ask if she had one more minute with Victor.

Alex gets why Xander and every other shallow idiot in town thinks he should be eternally grateful for his fortune, but it’s hard to see it that way when his whole world was turned upside down. Xander thought Alex would be gloating instead of a pity party. Alex says he would’ve never traded Justin as a father. Alex tells Xander that at least he knows who his parents are and he finds it highly unlikely that he’ll be told he was wrong and that his life was a lie.

Constantine asks if Theresa is having second thoughts. Theresa says of course not but she does feel somewhat guilty. Theresa remarks that Xander can live on the streets but it’s Alex. Constantine argues that they made Alex rich while Theresa points out that they also made him fatherless. They flashback to Theresa coming up with the idea of changing the names so that Alex becomes the heir and Xander ends up with nothing. Constantine agreed that he would bring her a forged letter that no one would question and they agreed to become partners. Theresa states that Alex asked her to move in but getting him to pop the question, she doesn’t know how long that it will take so Constantine might have to wait for his payday. Constantine responds that he will just have to find a way to stick around.

Xander tells Alex that no one likes to hear billionaires whine about their hurt feelings. Xander then goes to leave right as Theresa arrives to move in. Xander is not surprised that Victor has a new rich son and Theresa is already on the case. Xander then exits. Alex tells Theresa not to listen to Xander as he’s just jealous and wishes all of this happened to him instead.

Constantine returns to the Kiriakis Mansion and brings daffodils that he found on his walk for Maggie. Maggie acknowledges them as her favorite and she can’t believe he would remember that but she also doesn’t believe they were blooming in the park in October. Constantine admits he bought them for her, feeling it’s the least he could do after spending the night. Constantine talks about his time in Salem being magical but says his time here has come to an end, claiming he never planned to stay more than a day or so. Maggie argues that plans change, so if there’s nothing urgent in Greece, he’s welcome to stay with Victor’s family for as long as he’d like. Constantine doesn’t want to impose but Maggie says having him would be a pleasure.

Sloan returns home. Eric notes that she got back sooner than he thought. Sloan says sometimes things just work out and greets Marlena. Eric says he was just walking Marlena out. Marlena notes that they were just talking about Sloan as Eric was telling her about all the wonderful things upcoming in their life. Marlena then invites Eric and Sloan to dinner which she says she would love. Marlena says she will call with dates and set it up. Eric then exits with Marlena. Sloan pulls out the DNA report envelope that she stole from the DiMera Mansion.

EJ opens the safe as Nicole returns and asks if he finished reading. EJ says he got interrupted and now has another work call, so he’s going to put the envelope in the safe so they don’t lose it again. EJ declares that no one will have access to it but them.

Sloan puts the DNA report in the paper shredder.

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