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Theresa goes to see Alex at his apartment and brings him a bag which she says is something he is in need of.

Sarah and Justin sit together in the town square. Sarah complains that this is a nightmare while Justin encourages her to stay calm. Sarah questions how she can stay calm when she’s sleep deprived with a newborn and just when she thought things were thawing out with Xander, she finds out he’s suing for full custody. Sarah asks Justin to tell her that they can stop Xander.

Xander goes to see Sloan, who questions why he’s there when they didn’t have an appointment. Xander argues that she said she’d be available to him any time he needed when she took his case, so he asks her if he has a chance at winning full custody or not.

Nicole runs in to Eric at the hospital. Eric mentions waiting to see a patient while Nicole is waiting on a prescription so they decide to wait together.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Constantine thanks Maggie for giving him a tour of Salem. Constantine says that Victor choosing Salem and finding true love with Maggie there makes the place very special.

Xander tells Sloan that he’s never seen Sarah so furious. Sloan asks what he expected from trying to take her daughter. Sloan says they don’t call it a custody battle for nothing and if he wants to see this through, he’ll have to ignore Sarah being furious. Sloan reminds Xander that Sarah said Rex was the father and their goal is to get Xander full custody.

Justin reminds Sarah that she has a lot going in her favor while Xander is an outsider with a criminal record and he will let the judge know all about his past. Sarah asks if they will win then. Justin notes that they need to anticipate what Xander and Sloan may use against Sarah, like this not being the first time that she lied about a child’s paternity.

Steve sits with Roman at the Pub. They talk about Tate working at the Pub as a dishwasher until he can pay back the damages he caused at boarding school. Steve remarks that Tate sounds like a real piece of work. Roman talks about Tate inheriting a lot from Theresa, but notes that Theresa has a lot of drive and energy. Steve mentions hearing that Theresa is staying in Salem. Roman notes that Theresa wanted to move in to the Pub but he had just rented out the last room to Harris Michaels. Steve says that’s too bad as Kayla hoped Roman could keep an eye on Theresa. Roman says he wouldn’t worry about Theresa since while she does have a knack for getting in to trouble, she also has a gift for landing on her feet.

Alex opens Theresa’s bag to find dishes. Theresa says that now that he’s CEO of Titan, he won’t have time to shop for houseware and he had been using paper plates, so she helped him out. Theresa adds that as CEO, he has an image to maintain. Alex suggests they eat leftovers on the new dishes while talking about his image.

Nicole asks Eric about the adoption process. Eric says it’s going well, thanks to Melinda Trask which surprises Nicole. Eric explains that Sloan and Melinda have gotten kind of friendly over the last couple of months. Nicole remarks that they both have a lot in common since they’re both driven and ferocious as lawyers. Eric mentions that Melinda is starting her own private practice so she has a lot of time to devote to their case. Nicole responds that she’s happy for them and hopes things work out so that Eric gets to be the father he always wanted to be.

Sloan tells Xander that to win custody, he’s going to have to be as unscrupulous and underhanded as Sarah, who was prepared to let another man be the father to his child. Xander asks what their plan is. Sloan says they just have to illustrate to family court that Sarah is a pathological liar and mentally unstable. Xander points out that the mentally unstable part wasn’t really her fault. Sloan says she’s done her research. Xander blames that on Sarah being drugged but Sloan says she’s the lawyer and he can’t go around making excuses for Sarah if he wants full custody of his daughter. Sloan declares that they are going to have to demonstrate that Sarah is an unfit mother.

Sarah questions how the court can hold it against her for lying about the paternity of her first child when she was switched. Justin explains how Sarah deceived Eric. Sarah argues that Eric was with Nicole and she didn’t want to damage their relationship. Justin talks about how the court could view that. Sarah knows she made a mistake in marrying Rex to try and pass off Victoria as his but she recognized her mistake and they are getting a divorce. Justin is afraid that Sloan may try to spin it as too little, too late. Justin then brings up Sarah’s mental health issues. Sarah argues that was only because she was drugged. Justin feels Sloan might try to use it against her. Sarah feels she won’t succeed because Xander does have a conscience and knows the hell that Kristen and Gwen put her through and how much she suffered because of them, so she knows Xander won’t let Sloan use that against her.

Nicole asks Eric if Melinda mentioned how long the adoption process would take. Eric guesses there’s no way to know but they aren’t going through an agency, so they are going to start interviewing birth parents through verbal networking. Nicole asks if they could use a surrogate, so that way the baby would be their biological child. Eric says he’s realized that the child having his genes is not as important as passing on his love. Eric admits when he thought about having a child of his own, they would resemble the Bradys in some way, but then he accepted that having a child was not in his cards.

Xander repeats to Sloan that Sarah was drugged. Sloan questions being sure those drugs are not still in her system. Xander points out that Sarah was hired back to the hospital. Sloan talks about Sarah having family connections at the hospital. Xander hates using it against Sarah when it wasn’t her fault and argues that she would never hurt their child. Sloan argues that Sarah’s hormones could trigger the drugs again. Xander insists that Sarah is totally rational. Sloan asks if he’s sure about that since Sarah married Rex and divorced him two days later. Sloan adds that Xander is sounding more like Sarah’s defense than the guy who wants full custody. Sloan states that she’s prepared to do whatever it takes for Xander to get his daughter but he has to decide if he has the stomach for it.

Justin understands why Sarah wants to believe there are lines that Xander would never cross, but custody battles bring out the worst in people. Sarah says this was all set in motion because she didn’t tell Xander that she was pregnant. Justin brings up that Xander had just kidnapped two women and everyone thought Susan died as a result, so Sarah did what she thought she had to do to protect her child and it’s his job to convince the judge of that. Sarah says she has to get home to check on Victoria, so Justin says he’ll see her back there.

Constantine tells Maggie that he is making dinner tonight. Maggie argues that he is their guest but Constantine says it would be his pleasure to make the dinner that Victor would come to his restaurant for. Constantine promises a Mediterranean feast that she will never forget.

Alex and Theresa eat leftovers from Julie’s Place. Alex praises the food. Theresa asks how Alex is adjusting to being Victor’s son. Alex admits it’s been surreal and hard to process, because Justin is such a great guy and he was really sad for them both that he’s not really his father even though he is in all ways that matter. Alex calls it baffling and frustrating that Victor isn’t around to explain. Alex says that’s enough about him and asks what’s going on in her world. Theresa responds that she’s very happy to be here with him and she’s loving being in Salem. Theresa says her son is here now so she guesses this is home. Theresa just wishes she was calm about her living situation as she doesn’t know where she’s going to live. Theresa asks if Alex has any ideas. Alex questions her not being happy at the Salem Inn. Theresa mentions being unable to pay the rates. Alex thought she was a hotshot fashion designer. Theresa says business isn’t booming and the money she had saved, she put in an investment that went under so she is strapped. Alex says he’s sorry to hear that. Theresa wishes she could live with John, Marlena, and Tate but Brady wouldn’t like that. Theresa adds that she asked Roman about the Pub but Harris just took the last room. Theresa says she asked Kayla but Steve is not that fond of her. Alex tells her to forget all of them and move in with him which makes her smile.

Sarah goes home and hugs Maggie, who asks if something is wrong. Sarah responds that she just found out that Xander is suing for full custody of Victoria. Maggie can’t believe it and says she will call to talk some sense in to him. Sarah tells her not to because Xander might try to use it in court to try and prove she’s an unfit mother because he’s determined to take Victoria away from her. Maggie says she’s so sorry. Sarah mentions that Maggie told her not to lie to Xander and she didn’t listen, so she made a very stupid choice and she’s made such a mess of things. Maggie understands she did what she thought was right at the time. Maggie encourages that Justin will see to it that she does not lose her baby. Constantine comes back in, so Maggie introduces him to Sarah. Constantine informs Sarah that he’s making dinner tonight and invites her to join them which she accepts. Sarah says she’ll go check on her daughter and be right down.

Sloan tells Xander that she wants to know tonight whether he’s all in or not because if he’s not, she’ll just give him his retainer back. Melinda shows up. Sloan tells her that they were starting to get worried. Melinda explains that her flight was delayed. Sloan tells Xander that she’s going to need to speak to Melinda alone but to think about what she said and get back to her on it. Xander agrees to think about it and exits. Sloan pulls out her phone to call Eric but Melinda says not to yet because she needs to talk to her without him being present. Sloan asks why. Melinda informs her that they’ve hit a snag and that securing a private adoption for Sloan and Eric could prove problematic which Sloan questions. Melinda brings up Sloan’s lawsuits against Paulina and Chanel and how she covered up for her brother’s illegal actions. Sloan argues that he deserved a defense. Melinda notes that some of the adoption lawyers she spoke with were worried which upsets Sloan. Melinda explains that they are concerned about Colin playing a role in Sloan’s child’s life. Sloan argues that Colin is in prison and won’t be in her child’s life. Sloan pleads with Melinda to make this happen because Eric wants to be a father so bad and Sloan feels she has to be the one to make that happen for him.

Nicole gets her prescription and tells the nurse that she lost her copy of the genetic testing results that she and EJ had done, so she asks if she can get another copy. The nurse confirms she can and offers to make one for Eric too but Eric clarifies that they are just friends and he’s not the father of her baby…

Roman tells Steve that Eric is all excited about he and Sloan adopting a baby. Roman admits he still has a bad feeling but Eric seems to have convinced himself that Sloan is the one. Kayla barges in and declares that she needs a vodka on the rocks which Roman goes to make. Kayla sits with Steve, who asks if she had a bad day at the hospital. Kayla responds that it didn’t start out that way until the day took a turn and she was handcuffed to a hospital bed. Roman returns with Kayla’s drink. Steve declares that he’s going to give Dimitri a beat down for handcuffing Kayla. Kayla insists that she’s fine and that Dimitri didn’t want to hurt her, he just wanted to get away. Kayla adds that Rafe and Jada showed up as Dimitri and Leo were getting away. Steve questions Leo being involved in this too. Kayla asks Steve to just let the police handle it and insists that she’s fine. Kayla suggests Steve stay and have a drink with her. Kayla tells Roman to get Steve anything he wants on her and that he can get himself something too. Kayla says she just wants a drink and then dinner and to forget about this day. Steve vows to make Dimitri regret every laying a hand on her.

Theresa claims that she hopes Alex didn’t think she was hinting at staying with him. Alex admits he’s not crazy about living alone and thinks he would like having her as a roommate since she makes decent company. Alex brings up what happened between them in Greece and admits it was impulsive and maybe a mistake so he suggests they take a step back, slow it down and get to know each other better. Alex asks what she thinks. Theresa responds that if he’s serious about the offer, she’d be a fool to say no. Theresa then agrees to become Alex’s new roommate. Theresa tells Alex to save some closet space as she heads to pack her things at the Salem Inn.

Sarah compliments Constantine on the dinner he made and Maggie thanks him as well. Constantine decides he will go take a walk around the city. Maggie offers to go with him but Constantine says he’ll be fine and he won’t be long as he exits. Sarah calls him a lovely man which Maggie agrees with.

The nurse goes to print Nicole’s DNA report. Eric and Nicole joke about that being awkward. Nicole remarks that the nurse didn’t know that at one time, they thought he actually could be the father. Nicole says that’s over now and one day, Eric and Sloan will have a baby of their own. Eric tells Nicole it was good to see her and to take care of herself as he walks away.

Melinda tells Sloan to calm down. Sloan argues that it’s bad enough that she lost Eric’s baby and she’s the reason that he doesn’t know he’s the father of Nicole’s baby. Melinda argues that what Eric doesn’t know won’t hurt him and that she doctored the DNA results so good that Nicole has no idea that she’s carrying Eric’s baby. Sloan worries about Colin screwing this up for her. Melinda assures that he won’t. Melinda vows to get Eric and Sloan a baby. Sloan calls her a good friend. Melinda calls this her first case in private practice and says she will keep her posted as she exits. Eric comes home and kisses Sloan. Sloan comments that he was gone a long time. Eric talks about just getting in to see his friend at the hospital and asks what Melinda said. Sloan claims that Melinda said everything is looking good, it’s all smooth sailing and that before Eric knows it, he’ll be a dad as they hug.

The nurse returns to Nicole with the DNA test results and hands them to her in an envelope.

Xander confronts Justin in the town square about not telling him that he was the father of Sarah’s baby. Justin argues that he, Bonnie, and Maggie all tried to convince Sarah to tell him the truth. Justin says that Sarah is a wreck while Xander complains that he’s the one that was lied to and how that feels. Justin relates to feeling the same about Anjelica lying to him about being Alex’s father when it was really Victor. Justin adds that at least Xander found out while Victoria is still a newborn so he has her whole life to do right by her. Xander thinks Justin means he should settle for having her every other weekend, if that. Justin tells Xander that he and Sarah need to stuff their anger and put Victoria’s interests first. Justin then walks away. Xander pulls out his phone and calls Sloan. Xander says he thought about what she said and he wants her to do whatever she has to. Xander doesn’t care as long as he brings his little girl home with him.

Sarah tells Maggie that it does her heart good to see her enjoying herself. Maggie admits she likes having an old friend of Victor’s around. Maggie calls it a miracle that Constantine showed up when he did. Sarah is happy for anything that makes Maggie smile. Maggie responds that she’d smile more if Sarah was less stressed. Sarah assures she’ll be fine. Maggie suggests that Sarah go rest so she goes to do that.

Alex prepares extra blankets and pillows as he comments on Theresa staying in his second bedroom. Alex hopes this isn’t a bad idea.

Theresa packs her bags at the Salem Inn when Constantine shows up at her door to surprise her. Theresa responds that she told him to stay put in Greece until he heard from her and questions what the hell he’s doing here.

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