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Johnny goes to pick up Chanel and talk about their plans but neither decided on where they are going. Chanel mentions that she hasn’t seen Paulina since this morning. Johnny realizes that means they are alone, so might have just solved what they should do tonight.

Tate sits in the park on the phone with a friend, complaining about his parents dragging him back to Salem so now he’s stuck here and there’s nothing he can do about it. He hangs up when Nicole’s daughter Holly, also now a teenager, walks by and drops her bag, so Tate picks it up for her and she calls him a lifesaver.

Stephanie assures Chad that Kayla was just pressuring her to tell her how serious they were and she was just saying that she could see herself marrying Chad someday but she wasn’t dropping a hint that she wants to get married now. Chad doesn’t think they need to rush anything if they like the way things are. Chad mentions having to go pick up the kids from Doug and Julie’s, so he’ll see her in a little bit as he then exits.

Alex tells Theresa that he’s just getting settled in at Titan. Theresa points out that he has to eat and questions him turning her down for work. Theresa guesses it was pity sex in Greece then after all.

Paulina and Kate sit together at the Pub. Paulina jokes about dating her husband but she hopes they don’t go their separate ways tonight as Abe is definitely coming to her place and she’s so damn nervous about Abe not wanting to remember that she’s his wife. Kate encourages that Abe has lost his memory, not his mind. Paulina decides she better get home to start cooking. Kate encourages Paulina to let Abe know how lucky he was and is going to be to share a life with her. Paulina thanks Kate for the pep talk as they hug. Paulina then exits the Pub.

Abe sits in the town square, reading an article about Body & Soul. Nicole approaches and hopes she’s not interrupting. Nicole knows he doesn’t remember her but she’s glad they ran in to each other because she’s been meaning to come see him. Abe acknowledges who she is and that she has a daughter named Holly. Nicole gets excited, thinking that means Abe has his memory back.

Holly thanks Tate as they introduce themselves to each other. Holly asks if he goes to Salem High. Tate explains that he used to live in Salem but he moved away and now he’s back. Holly notes that he doesn’t sound too happy about it. Tate admits he wasn’t at first, but maybe it won’t be so bad. Holly asks what brought him back. Tate responds that he got in some trouble at school, so his parents brought him back to straighten his life out as his dad thinks he’s way too much like his mom.

Alex assures Theresa that it was not pity sex at all as he wanted to be with her and promises her a first date soon but tonight, he has work to do. Theresa reluctantly accepts that. Alex promises again they will have that date. Theresa suggests putting that in writing. Theresa then ponders if Alex is saying no because he thinks maybe she’s just after his money.

Johnny and Chanel kiss until Paulina comes home. Paulina says she’s happy to see them back together again, but they’ll have to take this some place else because she’s got a date tonight.

Nicole questions Abe sitting here reading his tablet, when he should be dancing in the streets over having his memory back. Abe thinks she’s getting ahead of herself and reveals that he’s sorry, but he doesn’t remember her or any of his life before waking up in the hospital. Nicole points out that he knew her name and her daughter’s name. Abe responds that’s because of his education since when he moved in with Steve and Kayla, Kayla was showing him photos of people from his past and told him about who they are and their lives. Nicole guesses she did get ahead of herself and asks what else Abe knows about her. Abe recalls that they were friends. Nicole responds that Abe has been like a father to her and she’s missed him very much.

Alex questions why he would suddenly think Theresa is after his money. Theresa thinks he’d be a fool for it to not cross his mind. Alex asks if she’s trying to get him to not trust her. Theresa says she’s just reminding him that they talked about going out before she knew about his inheritance and that she had no idea he was Victor’s son when they slept together. Theresa thinks back to reading the letter and then hiding it back in the briefcase when Alex and Brady came home. Alex tells Theresa that it didn’t occur to him that she could be gold digging. Theresa tells Alex that he has no excuse to blow her off then. Alex reminds her that he has to work. Theresa argues that it’s after hours and he needs to relax and enjoy a little bit. Theresa tells him that he can work tomorrow.

Tate tells Holly about how he pulled the fire alarm at boarding school and caused the sprinklers to go off in every classroom which caused $50 thousand in damages, so now his parents are trying to get him a job as a dishwasher. Holly suggests maybe it was good she dropped her bag as she pulls out a joint and remarks that it sounds like Tate needs to light up and forget his troubles.

Nicole explains to Abe how his son Brandon is her half-brother and Faye was their mother. Nicole notes that Abe loved Faye very much and that’s how they connected. Nicole calls Abe wise, kind, and the person that she would turn to when she felt lost as he was always there for her. Abe hopes he gets his memory back soon since she seems like a very special person. Nicole calls herself very flawed as she’s been known to make bad choices. Abe wishes he could be that guy for her again. Nicole assures that he will and hopes that Abe will be a big part of her baby’s life. Abe notes that Holly must be excited about having a brother or sister on the way. Nicole is unsure since Holly is a teenager and supposes she’s excited about boys, but she hopes not because she’s not ready for that yet. Nicole asks if she’s keeping Abe. Abe admits he has somewhere to be soon and he’s a little nervous because he has a date with his wife as he and Paulina are having dinner tonight.

Johnny asks Paulina what the plan is. Paulina says it’s a lovely, quiet home cooked dinner. Paulina starts to worry about how she’s dressed. Chanel assures that she’s perfect and encourages her to not to be nervous. Paulina feels tonight is different since they aren’t meeting at a restaurant but Abe is coming here where they once lived together before he left. Paulina worries about Abe leaving for good.

Stephanie calls Kayla and tells her that she and Chad talked about what he walked in on the other night and it turns out that Chad is not interested in getting married anytime soon. Stephanie mentions telling Chad that she’s totally on the same page, but admits that she was lying because she doesn’t want to come off desperate. Stephanie then hangs up as Chad comes home and informs her that the kids wanted to stay at Doug and Julie’s for the night, so it’s just them for dinner. Stephanie asks if he wants to order in but Chad suggests they go out to the Bistro. Chad mentions that he was thinking about their conversation about marriage and he doesn’t want things to be weird. Stephanie assures they are good and that she doesn’t want to rush in to things either.

Alex makes a call and tells Theresa that he got them a reservation at the Bistro. Theresa jokes that he needs an assistant that can do that. Alex says maybe next time. Theresa asks if that means there will be a second date. Alex says he’s down for that, even though he’s not sure about one thing. Alex then questions if Theresa is not using him to make Brady jealous. Theresa tells Alex that she and Brady just picked up their son from California because he got kicked out of school and Brady blames her. Theresa adds that if Alex flew with them on the plane, he would not be questioning her feelings for Brady since they got in a fight about everything. Alex questions what Tate did to get kicked out of school. Theresa says he said it was just some prank gone wrong. Alex jokes that he sounds like his kind of kid and asks where he is now. Theresa responds that he’s with Brady and that hopefully Salem will be good for him while all the drama will be in the past…

Tate questions where Holly got weed. Holly points out that it’s legal. Tate argues that it doesn’t mean they let teenagers buy it. Holly asks if he’s going to remind her of the laws or if he wants to get high. Tate admits he could stand to chill out a bit. Tate then sees there is a cop nearby, so Holly guesses it wasn’t a good idea. Tate suggests they save the idea for later and hang out sometime. Holly and Tate then exchange phone numbers. Holly tells Tate that she still owes him for finding her bag. Tate says she’ll have plenty of time to make it up to him. Holly thanks him again. Tate leans in to kiss her but Holly steps back and questions what he’s doing.

Nicole asks Abe about being nervous to go back to his old place. Abe talks about having to face the weight of Paulina’s expectations, so now he’s concerned about being along there with her and if those expectations might rise to the surface again. Nicole encourages that Paulina won’t pressure him. Nicole talks about how she would come to him with problems and he’d dish out sage advice, so now she will give it a try. Nicole advises Abe to just go with the flow, live in the moment, and to not get caught up in expectations because there are worse things than having a wonderful woman madly in love with him. Abe responds that he may not remember her, but he’s starting to understand why they were so close. Nicole is glad they had this time together and hugs Abe. Nicole wishes him luck and assures they will talk again soon.

Johnny assures Paulina that she’s got this so he and Chanel will stay out of her way. Chanel reminds Paulina that Abe’s memory may be spotty but deep down, his love for her is still there, waiting to resurface again and will be even stronger than before. Paulina jokes that sometimes Chanel drives her crazy but sometimes she knows the right thing to say. Johnny encourages that it’s going to work out like he and Chanel finding their way back to each other because it was meant to be. Paulina hugs Johnny and Chanel, joking that they might need to repeat that to Abe. Paulina says she ha a date to prepare for, so Johnny and Chanel exit.

Marlena joins Kate at the Pub and comments on Paulina and Abe having a date tonight. Kate notes that they are not on neutral territory this time, so it could lead to more than a goodnight kiss. Kate talks about how excited Paulina is but also very nervous. Marlena understands and talks about how full of fun Paulina is. Marlena says even if Abe doesn’t get his memory back, she thinks he might fall in love with Paulina all over again. Kate mentions talking to Chad, who was talking about his feelings for Stephanie. Marlena understands they are very happy together. Kate confirms they are, so she just hopes that continues.

Chad and Stephanie go to the Bistro where Stephanie sees Theresa. Stephanie hugs her and didn’t know she was still in Salem. Theresa responds that things have changed a little. Chad asks what’s going on. Theresa calls it a long story but notes that Tate is in town as well. Stephanie invites Theresa to join them so she doesn’t eat alone but Theresa reveals that she’s expecting someone, as Alex then arrives. Alex tells Chad and Stephanie that it’s good to see them. Theresa explains that Alex was going to spend the night working, but she wore him down and now he’s having dinner with her. Theresa invites Stephanie to the restroom to talk and she can tell her about Tate. Chad tells Alex that Stephanie filled him in on everything going on with him and his family, so he asks if he’s okay. Alex says it hasn’t fully sunk in yet but he’s rolling with it. Alex admits he didn’t see it coming. Chad says for what it’s worth, he went through something similar when he found out Stefano was his father so he’s one of the few who knows what he’s going through. Chad knows they’ve had their issues but says he’s here if he needs anything. Alex tells him that he appreciates it. Chad asks Alex about Theresa. Alex talks about Theresa just having to uproot her son and drag him to Salem, so they are all just dealing with their lives being turned upside down.

Tate apologizes to Holly and says he feels bad. Holly tells him not to worry about and clarifies that she’s cool being friends but she’s kind of involved with someone already. Tate asks about her being with someone. Holly explains that they haven’t gone out yet but she’s pretty sure he’s in to her. They agree to be friends as Tate notes he doesn’t have any other friends in town. Holly promises they will hang out soon and it won’t be awkward. Tate asks if Holly has known the guy for a long time. Holly responds that she’s pretty much known him forever…

Johnny and Chanel go to the DiMera Mansion to watch the movie Clueless. Chanel stops and asks if it’s going to go okay with Paulina. Johnny assures it will go great.

Paulina sets the table at home as Abe arrives. Abe tells her that she looks beautiful and Paulina says he looks great himself as she invites him in. Abe brings a bottle of wine which Paulina calls an excellent choice. Paulina talks about looking forward to tonight. Abe says he is too. Paulina talks about cooking lamb chops because he always liked them. Abe goes to prepare the wine as Paulina smiles and questions how he knew where the glass was. Abe suggests it was just a guess. Paulina points out that Abe bought that after they were married and he decided where to keep it. Abe says he doesn’t remember but Paulina takes it as a sign with more good things to come.

Nicole walks through the town square, talking on the phone with Brandon about how Abe doesn’t have his memory back but sitting with him was like old times. Nicole hangs up and runs in to Tate. Nicole says she just recognized him from pictures and she didn’t know he was in town. Tate says it wasn’t planned as he was kind of forced to come back. Nicole guesses he isn’t happy about it and asks if something happened in California. Tate calls it a long story but he’s sure Brady will tell her all about it. Nicole says she’s glad to see him but she knows it’s not easy moving and leaving all his friends behind. Tate mentions that he did just meet a nice girl in the park. Nicole jokes that was fast. Tate adds that he feels really stupid but she doesn’t need to hear about it. Nicole asks him about it, so Tate explains that he kind of thought the girl was in to him but she shot him down quick and it turns out that she’s in to somebody else.

Holly goes to the DiMera Mansion where she excitedly greets Johnny. Johnny talks about preparing to watch a movie. Holly sits with Johnny as Chanel comes back with popcorn. Johnny tells Chanel that Holly has joined them. Holly questions them being back together which Chanel confirms. Holly is disappointed but claims to be really happy for them.

Chad and Stephanie sit together at the Bistro. Chad asks about Alex and Theresa. Stephanie says she’s not surprised as Alex was Theresa’s type even before he came in to the Kiriakis fortune. Chad hopes it works out. Stephanie remarks that when Theresa is motivated, she wouldn’t want to be in her way. At their table, Alex thanks Theresa for convincing him to come out as it felt easier to bury himself in work. Theresa repeats that work can wait and he needed to get out to have some fun. Alex agrees and thanks her again. Alex toasts to working so hard for this.

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