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Paulina meets Melinda Trask in her office. Melinda congratulates Paulina on becoming mayor and tells her how proud she is to work for her, calling her a fine choice to replace Abe. Paulina cuts her off and tells Melinda that she’s fired.

Eric shows up at Sloan’s apartment with his bags packed and asks if they are still moving in together.

EJ joins Nicole in the living room of the DiMera Mansion. EJ apologizes for being late and missing dinner as he pours a drink. EJ complains about spending the day going through resumes because he fired Wendy Shin which Nicole questions. EJ explains that he caught Wendy trying to get the goods on him to prove that he hired a hit on Ava Vitali.

In London, Ava and Harris discover Susan’s marriage to Edmund P. Crumb. Ava says she’s desperate for anything to get EJ off her back but questions how it’s going to help them when the article is from way back. Ava questions what Edmund would have to do with Susan escaping an exploding car back in Salem. Harris feels it’s worth checking in to. Ava agrees since there is a connection but wonders if Edmund will be able to tell them if Susan is alive or dead.

Melinda questions Paulina firing her. Melinda argues that she knows how hard she has worked for the town and that her job is her life. Paulina responds that it’s not about her job performance and that she just doesn’t like her. Paulina talks about Melinda helping Sloan make her and Chanel’s lives miserable. Melinda argues that at the time, she felt it was what she needed to do since Sloan had evidence of her guilt. Paulina complains that Melinda had fun arresting her. Melinda admits she may have acted a bit hasty but feels that’s the same way Paulina is acting now in letting her go. Melinda insists that it’s a mistake to get rid of her when she can offer her a high profile conviction. Melinda brings up Paulina’s position as mayor and how she’ll have to run on her own in a short amount of time while Clint Rawlings is still gunning for her job. Melinda is sure she doesn’t want to risk giving Clint ammunition. Paulina guesses closing a high profile case wouldn’t be the worst idea and asks who’s conviction she has in mind.

Sloan tells Eric that she does want him to move in but she didn’t think it would be tonight as he didn’t give her a notice. Eric apologizes and says it just hit him that he needed to give Roman a few days to find someone to take his room above the Pub. Sloan jokes that she didn’t expect a former priest to be so eager to be living in sin. Eric talks about being kicked out of the priesthood. Eric adds that they won’t be living in sin for long since they are engaged to be married. Sloan says the questions is how long until they tie the knot.

Nicole asks EJ if Wendy figured out that he sent the hit woman after Ava. EJ guesses that Tripp put the idea in Wendy’s head since they are an item now and Tripp seems to adore his gangster mother, so he must have convinced Wendy to do his dirty work. EJ adds that he caught Wendy trying to hack his phone which is grounds for dismissal. Nicole asks if Wendy didn’t find anything. EJ assures that he left his phone intentionally so he could catch her in the act, which he then did and fired her immediately. EJ feels he should’ve had security escort Wendy out but he was distracted by something she said. Nicole asks what she said. EJ informs her that Wendy said Susan was still alive.

Ava questions what is taking so long as Harris tries to find an Edmund P. Crumb in London. Harris complains about the internet being slow. Ava questions if Edmund and Susan even have any connection now. Harris suggests maybe Susan turned to him for help and points out that Edmund is their only lead right now. Harris then finds the one Edmund Crumb in London with his address. Ava tells Harris to get the phone back to the waiter and then they can get out of here.

Melinda tells Paulina that it’s Li Shin. Paulina questions what she has on him. Melinda brings up Li trying to have Stefan DiMera killed but he’s still walking around free. Paulina points out that is because there wasn’t enough evidence to convict him. Melinda tells her that there will be very soon. Melinda explains that she’s been working on Li and once he’s lulled in to a false sense of security, it’s just a matter of time before he confesses. Paulina asks how long this will take before Li confesses to his crime. Melinda responds that she’s having dinner with him tonight in the town square. Melinda insists that Li is ready to crack and when he does, she promises to nail Li Shin to the wall. Paulina question how she knows the confession will stick. Melinda assures that she knows what she’s doing. Paulina warns that she better or else she’s out. Paulina then exits the office. Melinda quickly grabs her phone and calls Li to ask him to have dinner tonight.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s sorry but he hasn’t given much thought to when or where they get married. Sloan jokes that it won’t be at the Pub. Eric points out that Rex and Sarah didn’t have a problem with it as he reveals they got married there today. Sloan questions not being invited. Eric informs her that he wasn’t invited either which surprises Sloan as she asks if he and his brother are on the outs. Eric says he and Rex are good, but he and Sarah have a history. Sloan guesses she’s an ex. Eric says it’s something like that but assures that he won’t insist on them getting married at the Pub because he doesn’t want to either. Sloan asks why that is. Eric reveals because he already had a wedding there. Sloan guesses it was to Nicole which Eric confirms.

Nicole questions Wendy blurting out that Susan is still alive. EJ admits he never saw that coming. Nicole asks where she would’ve gotten that from. EJ guesses it came from Ava as she apparently now claims she remembers seeing that Susan escaped the car and didn’t die that night. Nicole calls it amazing news. EJ says it would be if it were true but he doesn’t believe it and feels Ava was just trying to save herself.

Harris and Ava go to the location of Edmund Crumb’s address. Ava rings the doorbell. Edmund answers the door and questions why they are ringing the bell in the middle of the night. Ava explains that they were hoping to talk to him about a woman named Susan Banks.

Li meets Melinda in the town square with glasses of wine. Li admits he was kind of surprised to get her call and asks what the occasion is. Melinda says she just missed him and that he’s been on her mind a lot. Melinda claims that she keeps thinking back on the good times they had together and how no one has ever turned her on like he does or made her feel so alive. Melinda adds that she loves hanging out with him and guesses she’s just trying to tell him how happy she is that they are seeing each other. Li reveals he was actually thinking they should call the whole thing off. Melinda questions why as she thought everything was going so well. Li says he thought so too until he heard this as he then reveals a recording of Melinda saying she was going to nail him to the wall.

Marlena joins Kate at the Brady Pub. Kate tells her that she was just looking at a photo of baby Victoria that Rex sent her before they learned the truth. Marlena says she’s sorry as she knows Kate and Roman were looking forward to a new grandbaby. Kate asks if Marlena came for chowder. Marlena explains that she was on her way home and decided to check on Eric, so she asks if he’s around. Kate reveals that Eric no longer lives there as he moved out.

Sloan forgot Eric and Nicole got married at the Pub. Eric apologizes for bringing it up. Sloan understands that’s why they shouldn’t get married at the Pub. Sloan jokes that she sure as hell won’t get married somewhere that Eric has already gotten married. Sloan suggests they shouldn’t wait too long since adoption agencies are going to prefer married couples. Eric agrees. Sloan asks if Belle is willing to represent them in the adoption. Eric doesn’t think that’s going to be such a good idea.

Edmund invites Harris and Ava in for tea and tells them that he heard the news about Susan and that he saw on TV that a deranged woman drove her off the road. Harris notes that the woman was mentally ill. Edmund says regardless, she cost the world a gentle and beautiful soul. Ava says that’s the reason they are here as they believe that may not be true. Edmund questions what they are saying. Ava explains that they believe Susan might have gotten out of the car and may be alive. Edmund questions what would give her that idea. Harris explains that the woman who drove off the cliff is now saying that she saw Susan get away before the explosion.

EJ tells Nicole that Wendy using Susan’s supposed return from the dead to try to nullify him makes sense but for Ava it’s a no brainer. Nicole questions him thinking Ava made it up. EJ guesses that Ava found out there was a contract out on her and suddenly remembered that Susan survived the explosion. EJ calls the timing rather convenient. Nicole feels maybe there’s a chance that Ava is telling the truth. EJ says she’s not because if his mother was still alive, she would make sure that he knew. Nicole says that’s unless Susan was so afraid of Ava, that she went into hiding. Nicole wonders if Susan is still in danger and wants to consider that Ava is telling the truth. EJ argues that if Susan was still alive, she would’ve found some way to send him a sign. The electricity then goes out around them as Nicole asks what he was saying.

Melinda questions where Li got the recording. Li reminds Melinda of when he visited her office last week and they had sex on her desk. Li reveals that he gave her a teddy bear with a bug inside of it. Melinda asks how she could be so stupid. Li wondered that as well as he didn’t think it would be so easy. Melinda questions why he did it and what tipped him off. Li responds that he didn’t need tipping off as he knew from the beginning that she was out to get him. Li admits he thought he could sweep her off her feet but on the chance he was wrong, he took out an insurance policy. Melinda can’t believe he played her like this. Li tells her to give it up as they played each other and they don’t care about each other. Li declares that Melinda is only upset because she lost as he then storms off.

Sloan asks Eric if she’s the reason that Belle won’t represent them because she still can’t stand them. Eric says it’s not that and that Belle is just going through a really hard time in her personal life, so he thinks it’s just best that they find another attorney. Eric feels it can’t be that difficult and suggests they could start working on it tonight if she’d like. Sloan points out that he hasn’t even unpacked yet. Eric says he’s just excited, knowing that they both want to adopt so he can’t wait to get started. Eric then questions her look. Sloan says it’s just thinking of how this was all her idea and asks if Eric is sure it’s what he wants. Eric thought he made it clear and says a child doesn’t need to share his DNA to feel like his own. Eric says there’s a kid out there who desperately needs a mom and dad and that can be them. Eric states that he’s always wanted to be a father.

EJ lights candles while Nicole questions him having nothing to say. Nicole brings up that EJ said Susan would send him a sign and then the lights went out. EJ argues that it could just be a faulty circuit breaker. Nicole brings up what Susan can do. EJ feels Susan is not a subtle so a sign from her would be more than the power going out. Nicole says if he says so.

Edmund questions the woman who caused the crash saying she saw Susan escape before the car burst in flames. Edmund asks how they know it’s not the ramblings of a mentally ill person. Harris says he knows the woman and she’s had a lot of treatments. Ava adds that the woman just recently remembered seeing Susan escape. Edmund brings up that the crash was months ago and questions if Susan is alive, where has she been all this time. Ava and Harris tell him that is what they are trying to figure out and why they came to see him. Edmund questions why they think he would have knowledge of where Susan is. Ava calls it a long story but says they feel like Susan has been trying to reach out to them, which is what brought them to London in the first place. They add that they had another crumb related clue. Harris says they did some research which led them to him and asks if he’s gotten any signs from Susan. Edmund says no but then questions why Susan would need to send him messages when she’s chained up to the floor of the back bedroom

Melinda remains in the town square and texts Sloan, saying she hopes her night is going better than her night as she just got dumped. Paulina appears and asks Melinda how her dinner went. Melinda admits it did not go how she planned. Paulina says she figured and then tells Melinda to pack up her office because she’s out.

Eric tells Sloan that he’s almost unpacked. Sloan mentions a text from Melinda, who got some bad news tonight. Eric says he’s sorry to hear that but questions them being friends now when it wasn’t long ago that they weren’t. Sloan responds that their rivalry was in the courtroom and she’s found since coming to town that female friends are hard to come by. Sloan asks if Eric would mind if she goes to check on Melinda. Eric says of course not. Sloan tells Eric that she’s really excited about the baby and the adoption process. Eric tells Sloan that he loves her. Sloan says she loves him too and then exits.

EJ continues looking through his phone for a new IT department head at DiMera Enterprises. Nicole questions EJ being so calm right now. EJ tells her there’s nothing they can do about a power outage. Nicole questions sticking to that theory while EJ mocks the idea of believing it’s a message from Susan, who might be alive just because Wendy Shin said so. EJ assures the lights will come back on any second and then they do. EJ jokes with Nicole that he told her so.

Ava guesses Edmund was just joking but Edmund says that Susan is right in there. Harris asks why he would have her chained and then starts feeling dizzy. Ava starts to feel it too. Edmund then reveals that he poisoned their tea as Ava and Harris pass out. Edmund declares that takes care of that.

Melinda goes to her office and begins packing up her things. Melinda picks up the teddy bear that Li got her with the bugging device. Melinda declares that she figured out Gabi left Li because he sucks as a lover. Melinda then takes a hammer to the teddy bear as Sloan walks in and asks if he gave her a reason. Melinda admits that Li found out that she was only seeing him to make a case against him and then since she failed to make the case, Paulina fired her which Sloan questions. Melinda complains that Paulina hates her and it’s in her authority as mayor. Sloan remarks that this kind of works out for them both because Melinda needs a job and she needs an attorney. Sloan then asks if Melinda would like to help her and Eric adopt a baby.

Eric continues unpacking and comes across an old wedding photo of he and Nicole. Marlena then shows up at the door and questions this being Eric’s new home which he confirms. Eric asks how she knew where to find him. Marlena explains that she stopped by the Pub where Kate told her that he moved in here. Eric apologizes for not telling her himself and says he just got so busy. Marlena says she understands but she was surprised since she didn’t know he and Sloan were this serious. Eric confirms that they love each other and it just seemed like the logical next step for them. Marlena states that she’s happy if he is. Eric assures that he is. Eric acknowledges going through a rough patch recently but he thinks he’s turned the corner and that he and Sloan are committed to each other, so he thinks he’s ready. Marlena responds that she hopes it works.

EJ finishes a call and informs Nicole that a car ran in to a utility pole and knocked out the power in the area, but they just finished repairing it so that’s the only sign. Nicole remains uncertain. EJ insists that the only liar in this scenario is Ava Vitali and he hopes she rots in Hell for eternity so that Susan may finally rest in peace.

Edmund places Harris and Ava’s unconscious bodies onto a bed as Susan Banks then walks in and questions what Edmund thinks he’s doing.

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