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Tripp comes home and tells Wendy that he’s glad to be home from the longest shift ever. Tripp asks about Wendy being distracted on her laptop. Wendy reminds him that she’s trying to find a new job since EJ fired her. Tripp tells her that he’s so sorry about that. Wendy asks why since he’s not the one who got caught hacking EJ’s phone and Tripp told her to stay out of it, but she wouldn’t listen. Tripp knows she was just trying to help him. Wendy says she obviously didn’t succeed since she never found proof that EJ put a hit on Ava. Tripp adds that now thanks to him, the police are hot on Harris and Ava’s trail.

Rafe and Jada arrive in London and approach the hotel room where Ava and Harris were said to be staying. They open the door with guns raised but find it empty.

Philip shows up at Chloe’s door. Chloe invites him in but asks what he’s doing here when Rex is getting married today. Philip confirms that he was. Chloe guesses that Xander crashed the wedding which Philip confirms.

Outside the Pub, Xander asks what Sarah has to say for herself. Xander decides he doesn’t care what she has to say because she kept him from his daughter long enough, so he’s just going to take her. Sarah stops him and says he can’t but Xander tells her to watch him. Sarah stops him and reminds him that he said he wanted to talk. Xander tells her to start by explaining how she could pass off his child as Rex Brady’s. Xander questions what kind of person she is. Sarah argues that they did the exact same thing to Eric and he didn’t have a problem with it then. Xander argues that it was different because Sarah didn’t want to complicate things for Eric and Nicole while she lied to him about Victoria out of sheer spite to punish him. Sarah declares that she did it to prevent an innocent child from being raised by a killer.

Rafe and Jada search the hotel room. Jada opens a drawer and finds the fake passports. They conclude that Ava and Harris are still in the country. Rafe wonders where they are now.

Harris and Ava eat together at a cafe. Ava worries about getting recognized by the cops or one of EJ’s goons. Harris encourages her to relax and reminds her that she said she trusted him. Ava says she does but she’d feel better if they weren’t so exposed. Harris promises they are fine and says staying in their hotel room wasn’t getting them any closer to finding Susan. Ava complains that they don’t even know if Susan is in London or even alive. Harris brings up the visions which Ava argues could all be in her head as just figments of her imagination. Ava says it could be Susan’s ghost tormenting her from beyond the grave. Harris brings up Marlena hypnotizing Ava. Ava questions what Susan is waiting for if this was her intention and why she hasn’t sent them another sign.

Chloe doesn’t understand why Philip is here still. Philip says after what went down at the Pub, he figured she would be upset so he had to come see her. Philip asks if she’s okay. Chloe admits that she’s not but she will be. Philip knows Chloe is the one who told Xander that he’s Victoria’s father. Chloe confirms that she overheard Philip and Rex in the town square and apologizes. Philip understands a secret like that is bound to come out in Salem. Chloe hopes that Rex and Sarah are as understanding as he is, but questions why they would be when Sarah didn’t want Xander to know. Chloe cries that she couldn’t keep something so big from Xander and she felt he deserved to know. Chloe feels bad that Xander ruined the wedding but Philip reveals that he didn’t since Rex and Sarah had already tied the knot by the time Xander showed up. Philip points out that Chloe and Xander obviously didn’t make it to New York. Chloe says she was just telling her mom on the phone that the wedding is off. Philip tells Chloe that there’s no reason she and Xander can’t still get married. Chloe responds that there actually is.

Xander tells Sarah that she has no idea how much he hated himself over what happened to Susan. Sarah asks if he can’t even bring himself to say it. Sarah states that Susan went off a cliff and died in a horrible explosion because of him. Xander argues that Ava killed Susan after he let her go. Sarah complains that Ava never would have gotten her hands on Susan if Xander didn’t kidnap her in the first place and insists that he is directly tied to a murder. Xander disagrees that those are the facts. Sarah tells Xander that despite all of the years of pain and suffering that he’s caused her and everyone she knows, she continued to buy his bull about being changed. Sarah goes over Xander signing on with Ava, kidnapping Bonnie, and teaming up with Gwen yet again. Sarah tells Xander that he got Susan killed and she knew she couldn’t stay married to him or even be around him, so she certainly wasn’t going to let her child grow up around his toxic influence, so she did what she thought she needed to do to keep her child safe. Xander remarks that once again Sarah played God, with not just his life, but his daughter’s. Xander mocks that Sarah never makes a bad choice and knows what’s best for everyone because she’s perfect.

Wendy tells Tripp that she knows he’s worried sick about Ava. Tripp feels Ava was counting on him and he made everything worse. Wendy encourages that he can’t blame himself since Rafe had an eye witness who saw Harris and Ava behind their building. Tripp notes that Rafe did threaten him, so Wendy points out that he had no choice. Wendy can’t believe Rafe went after him for protecting his own mother and asks if he threatened to arrest him. Tripp says not exactly so Wendy asks how Rafe got him to tell him that Ava and Harris were in London. Tripp tells her that it doesn’t matter and wants her to drop it but Wendy demands to know, so Tripp gives in and admits that Rafe said if he didn’t tell him where Ava and Harris were, he would go after Wendy.

Ava tells Harris that she’s not hungry and goes over how Susan wouldn’t leave her alone about telling the truth with cryptic clues and now she clams up. Harris admits he’s no expert but suggests maybe Susan wants them to be patient. Ava wonders if Susan is just screwing with her and doesn’t want to be found. Ava tries calling out to Susan to give them another sign. Harris then shows Ava that the remaining crumbs on his plate have formed an E.

Sarah tells Xander that maybe she did play God but she had to protect her daughter. Xander argues that she wasn’t in any danger. Sarah asks how many times Xander swore his life in crime was over and that he wanted to be a better man for her. Xander argues that he was desperate and reminds her that they were broke. Sarah reminds him that she was working part time at the hospital and they were living at the Kiriakis Mansion. Xander complains that was Victor calling him a free loader all the time. Sarah argues that he could’ve swallowed his pride for a few months, but instead he moved them in to a roach motel and said he was going to get a respectable, honest job. Xander talks about how he was going to work at the Spectator but Jack couldn’t hire him. Sarah brings up how Xander teamed up with Gwen to blackmail the paper away from Jack and Jennifer. Xander states that he tried. Sarah questions if he did try instead of taking one rejection and turning to kidnapping. Xander complains that it’s so easy for her to say since everyone in the town hates him while he was drowning in debt. Xander remarks that he doesn’t have a rich mom offering him handouts. Sarah argues that Maggie loves Xander like a son and she wanted to help both of them. Xander argues that the money that Maggie offered them came from Victor. Sarah asks who cares. Xander shouts that Victor took every chance to belittle him, so he was not going to take a dime from him. Sarah points out that Xander was very happy to take a cut of Ava’s ransom money. Xander says every day he regrets his role in Susan’s death but he made the choice he made because he didn’t want to disappoint and fail Sarah as a husband and a man. Xander declares that he did what he thought he had to do. Sarah responds that she did too when she chose to make Rex the father of her baby instead of him.

Philip gets that Chloe’s new husband sharing a kid with his ex-wife complicates things, but feels they could still be happy while co-parenting with Sarah and Rex. Chloe cries that she and Xander are not going to be a family or anything else because she asked him point blank and he tried to say nothing would change but they both know that Xander being the father of Victoria will change everything, so that’s why she told him to go to the Pub. Philip tells Chloe that he’s sorry as he knows she really cared about Xander. Chloe brings up that people were really shocked that she and Xander fell for each other, but cries that what they had was real. Chloe talks about Xander always assuring her that he was over Sarah, but she knew he wasn’t and that he had unresolved feelings for her. Chloe guesses Philip would know something about that. Philip asks how much of his conversation with Rex she overheard. Chloe admits that she heard enough to know that Philip might still be in love with her.

Wendy questions Tripp about Rafe threatening to go after her. Tripp explains that Rafe figured out that Wendy was the one who doctored the passports and said if he didn’t tell him what he knew, he would send in Melinda Trask. Wendy realizes that Rafe made him choose between her and his mother and he chose her. Wendy questions why he would do that. Tripp tells Wendy that it’s because he’s in love with her.

Jada admits Wendy has skills since the fake passports look real, but if they’re going to want to leave the country, they will need them. Rafe states that they have to come back eventually, so they will be there waiting for them.

Harris points out the crumbs spelling out the letter E to Ava and calls it exactly what she wanted. Harris declares that this is the sign from Susan. Ava questions thinking Susan is talking to them through a pastry. Harris calls it possible. Ava asks what the E is supposed to mean then. Harris goes over how Susan’s signs have been Big Smoke which meant London and now the letter E. Ava questions seeing messages in food. Harris calls it progress. Ava asks again what it means. Harris says he doesn’t know yet. Ava says it means nothing. Harris questions her giving up. Ava calls it obviously hopeless. Harris remarks that they just have to figure out a way to connect the letter E to Susan Banks. Harris adds that he enjoys solving a good puzzle, especially with a friend. Ava asks if they are friends now. Harris says he would say so and Ava agrees. Ava suggests they should work on this back at the hotel. Harris comments that it would suck to get busted since they are one step closer to finding Susan.

Rafe tells Jada that he told the front desk to keep an eye out for Ava and Harris and to call him when he sees them. Jada asks if they are just supposed to sit here. Rafe says there isn’t much else they can do. Jada talks about tracking them from the taxi stand and asks about the security footage. Rafe says they already checked but there was nothing on it so they must have either gone on foot or out back. Jada questions why London and what they are even doing here. Jada brings up Rafe being involved with Ava and asks why she would pick London of all places. Rafe calls it a big city easy to get lost in. Jada questions why they wouldn’t just go off the grid. Rafe suggests maybe it’s not running away but running to something. Rafe then pulls out his phone.

Wendy questions Tripp saying he loves her. Tripp admits he’s been wanting to tell her for awhile now and he almost did on the first night they made love, but he was afraid she wouldn’t say it back because of his past experience with Allie. Wendy states that just because Allie didn’t say it back doesn’t mean the same thing will happen with her. Wendy guarantees it won’t as she tells Tripp that she loves him too and she’s in love with him. Tripp jokes that they should shout it from the rooftops. Wendy says she has a better idea and kisses him.

Philip tells Chloe that he never wanted her to know how he feels about her. Chloe asks why not. Philip points out that he didn’t want to get in between her and Xander or mess up with Rex’s relationship with Sarah. Chloe questions Philip being willing to sacrifice his own happiness for everyone else. Philip notes that Chloe sacrificed her happiness by telling Xander the truth. Philip feels he doesn’t deserve to be happy after everything he did to Chloe and Brady. Chloe understands he was mentally ill but got the help he needed and he’s not the same person anymore. Philip says maybe not, but he knows there’s no way she could ever love him again. Chloe is not so sure about that.

Xander questions Sarah really thinking Rex would be a better father than him. Sarah says of course she does because Rex is not a criminal. Xander argues that Rex is a liar and a serial adulterer, reminding Sarah that he cheated on her with her own sister. Sarah argues that Rex has changed, unlike Xander, as he learned from his mistakes and regrets hurting people. Xander repeats that he regrets his part in Susan’s death every day. Sarah asks if he regrets stealing the Spectator since Jack was his best friend. Sarah asks about the money laundering and the diamond smuggling. Sarah asks if he regrets shooting Brady and Marlena or putting Nicole in a cage. Sarah brings up all the psychos that Xander has teamed up with over the years like Orpheus and Clyde Weston. Xander says she can list every one of his sins but that doesn’t give her the right to disqualify him as a father. Xander declares that no matter how little she thinks of him now, she must know he would never harm his own child. Rex comes out from the Pub and asks if everything is alright. Xander tells Rex to go back inside because this doesn’t concern him. Rex responds that it does because Sarah is his wife. Xander argues that it doesn’t mean anything since Sarah only married him to keep his secret and she doesn’t love him. Rex tells him to shut up. Xander asks if he hit a nerve. Rex warns that he’ll hit a bunch of his nerves if he keeps talking. Xander complains that he can’t believe Sarah chose Rex of all people. Sarah doesn’t give a damn what Xander believes and states that she and Rex are married. Xander tells them to go off on their honeymoon then while he gets acquainted with his daughter. Rex stands in Xander’s way and tells him that’s not happening.

Philip tells Chloe that it’s getting late so they don’t have to talk about this now but Chloe says she wants to and needs to. Chloe explains that when she thought Philip was dead, a part of her died with him and she didn’t even realize it until he showed up alive a few weeks ago and she felt the part of her that used to love him with all her heart come back to life again. Chloe admits she was denying it because of their past and because she was with Xander but she doesn’t want to do that anymore as she can’t pretend that part doesn’t exist since it’s been with her since she was 16 years old. Chloe tells Philip that the more time she spends with him, the stronger it gets. Philip asks if she’s saying she still has feelings for him.

Tripp and Wendy continue kissing until Wendy suggests taking it to the bedroom but they get interrupted by Tripp getting a call from Rafe. Tripp answers and asks what Rafe wants. Rafe questions his attitude. Tripp says he threatened his girlfriend and expects him to be polite as he just asks what he wants. Rafe says that’s fair and tells Tripp that he has an update on his mom. Rafe claims to Tripp that Ava and Harris were taken in to custody. Tripp asks if Ava is okay. Rafe tells him that Ava is in serious trouble. Tripp asks if he can do something. Rafe claims he wishes he could but it’s out of his pay grade and that they shouldn’t have gone to another country. Tripp then reveals what Rafe wanted and states that they didn’t go to London to run, but to find Susan. Rafe questions if he means Susan Banks when she’s dead. Tripp explains that Ava remembered seeing Susan get out of the car before the explosion and she’s sure of it. Rafe asks if this is some sort of trick. Tripp swears that it isn’t and tells Rafe about Marlena hypnotizing Ava and that Ava believes Susan is alive and somewhere in London. Tripp asks if finding Susan will help Ava’s case. Rafe responds that he’ll let him know when he finds her. Tripp thought he said Ava was in custody. Rafe admits that he lied and hangs up.

Harris steals the waiter’s phone to use it to search the internet for clues. Ava questions where to begin. Harris suggests putting in Susan Banks and the letter E, then going from there.

Philip tells Chloe not to answer because he doesn’t want her to say something she will regret because she’s emotional. Chloe insists this is not some knee jerk reaction to what happened with Xander as she’s had feelings for Philip for awhile now. Philip swears that he did not come to discuss this. Chloe acknowledges that he did not take advantage of her while she was vulnerable to get what he wants as that’s the old Philip. Chloe sees how much he has changed. Philip feels he should go. Philip tells Chloe that he’s here for her and always will be. Philip then exits the apartment.

Rex tells Xander that he has no claim to Victoria. Xander argues that she is his flesh and blood. Rex points out that his name is on the birth certificate and he’s married to her mother, so in the eyes of the law, Victoria is his daughter, not Xander’s. Xander complains that a quick DNA test will fix that. Rex warns him about a long, ugly legal battle and asks what judge would grant custody to a convicted felon over two highly respected physicians. Xander warns that his threats won’t make him back down and he’s going to fight harder for Victoria than he’s ever fought in his life. Xander shouts that he’s going to be part of his daughter’s life and there’s nothing either of them can do to stop him. Xander then walks away.

Wendy asks Tripp what Rafe wanted. Tripp complains that Rafe just tricked him in to telling him that Ava and Harris went to London to find Susan Banks by lying that they were in police custody. Tripp questions how he could be so stupid. Wendy says Rafe did something really messed up to get him to talk. Tripp worries that it worked and now they are closing in on Ava and Harris as they speak.

Jada questions Rafe about Susan being alive. Rafe points out that Susan’s remains were never found so they just assumed they were incinerated in the explosion but now Tripp says that Ava remembers seeing Susan escape the car right before it caught on fire. Jada questions Susan coming to London. Rafe says that’s what Tripp said. Jada worries that Tripp could just be desperate to get his mother off the hook. Rafe points out that it is Salem where dead people turning out not to be dead is not all that unusual. Rafe wonders if Susan is alive, what brought her to London.

Harris can’t find anything linking Susan to the letter E. Ava jokes that he should add crumbs to the search, so Harris searches Susan Banks and crumbs. Harris then finds a newspaper article from 25 years ago that looks like a wedding announcement. Harris reads that it’s about Susan tying the knot in England to Edmund P. Crumb and shows Ava a photo of them.

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