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Gwen and Dimitri are on their honeymoon in Iceland. Gwen talks about how incredible it is while Dimitri looks less enthused as he texts Leo, asking where he is and why he’s not answering his texts. Gwen tells Dimitri that she has two things planned for them today, a hike and then a soak in the hot springs. Gwen suggests they get moving since it’s high tourist season so they can get ahead of the crowds. Gwen questions why he doesn’t look that excited and asks if something is wrong. Dimitri thinks back to being with Leo. Gwen asks if there’s something else he would prefer to do today.

Abe watches Body & Soul as Steve walks in. Abe explains that he’s studying because this episode was interrupted by one of his press conferences as mayor. Steve asks if he’s easing himself back in but Abe reveals he’s jumping in to the deep end as he’s preparing for his first press conference back as Mayor of Salem.

Chanel sits at home with a coffee as Paulina walks in and says she knows she’s worried about the Bakery closing, but she’s going to set things right. Chanel appreciates whatever she’s planning but says she actually wasn’t thinking about that right now. Paulina asks what’s on her mind then. Chanel responds that she saw Talia last night and she told her that she has feelings for her.

Talia exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Johnny, who is finishing a phone call. Talia says she’s really glad she ran in to him. Johnny says he’s in a bit of a rush but Talia assures it won’t take long and that she really needs to talk to him about Chanel. Johnny asks what about Chanel. Talia thinks back to her therapy with Marlena, encouraging her to acknowledge her romantic feelings for Chanel. Talia then tells Johnny that the last time he saw her, he expressed her concern about her hurting Chanel and she just wanted to let him know that she’s not going to do that.

Paulina questions if Chanel is sure Talia’s feelings aren’t the pretend kind she had before. Chanel doesn’t want to start this but Paulina brings up what Talia put her through. Chanel notes that Talia says her feelings are real this time, even though she intended before to break her heart but she actually started to feel something and that’s why she stopped Colin from hurting them. Paulina says she’s very protective of her and admits she would rather see Chanel with someone who hasn’t hurt her like Talia has. Paulina then decides maybe she’s getting ahead of herself. Paulina brings up that when they started talking about it, Chanel never said how she feels about Talia.

At the hospital, Kayla meets with Marlena, who asks how Abe is. Kayla says they finally got him situated at their place and he had begun to relax but that’s over as he decided to go back to being the Mayor of Salem and she doesn’t think he’s ready.

Steve questions Abe calling a press conference and why the press isn’t banging down the door for a statement. Abe reveals that acting Mayor Rawlings called the press conference, so he’s going to crash it and announce his triumphant return.

Dimitri tells Gwen that he doesn’t care what they do as long as they do it together. Gwen says she feels the same and decides they could just stay in. Dimitri calls that enticing but decides they should check out the sights while they are in Iceland. Dimitri tells Gwen to go check in and get their tickets, then he will meet her in the lobby. Gwen jokes about giving the bed a workout tonight as she kisses him. Gwen says she will see him in a bit then and exits. Dimitri then checks his phone and guesses Leo had another attack of conscience. Leo then shows up at the door.

Talia tells Johnny that she knows she’s hurt Chanel in the past but she just wants her to be happy. Johnny thinks back to telling Marlena that he might still have romantic feelings for Chanel. Johnny then tells Talia that’s one thing they have in common. Talia knows he cares about Chanel a lot, so this probably means they will never be friends but she hopes moving forward, they can at least be civil with one another. Talia offers him a coffee as a peace offering. Johnny is surprised she remembered how he likes his coffee. Talia recalls him coming in to the Bakery and says it’s how she likes it too. Johnny calls it a start and thanks her as Talia then walks away.

Chanel tells Paulina that she’s not really sure how she feels about Talia as it’s complicated. Chanel thinks she can get past what Talia did to her and they could be friends. Paulina questions if it’s just friends. Chanel says when Talia told her how she felt, her heart did skip a beat, but her head is nowhere near ready to trust her again. Paulina encourages Chanel to take her time since Talia has put her through a lot, so it’s completely understandable that she’s not willing to rush in to anything. Chanel thanks her and says she’s glad they can talk like this. Chanel asks about Paulina with Abe moving out. Paulina says it’s still hard but she just has to wait and be patient which she’s trying to do. Chanel encourages that Abe will come around and remember who she is. Paulina says that moment can’t come soon enough.

Marlena understands Abe wanting to get back to work, especially if he can help Chanel with the Bakery, but worries that the job of Mayor come with a lot of pressure. Kayla adds that there’s the press on top of that and the story with Whitley King is huge, so the press have been clamoring for a glimpse of Abe. Kayla worries that if Abe jumps in to the spotlight too soon, he will get burned.

Abe tells Steve that he doesn’t remember the particulars of their friendship, but he doesn’t believe it entails seeking his permission for every decision he makes in life. Steve admits he’s not wrong and that Abe always was his own man which is still the case. Steve states that he and Kayla have been talking about Abe’s intentions of going back to work and they both think it’s too soon. Steve brings up that a week ago, Abe didn’t remember his wife’s name and the press won’t have patience in waiting for him to answer their questions. Steve says he hates to say this, but he thinks Abe is going to crash and burn and the press will rip him apart. Steve adds that they’ll cut in to today’s episode of Body and Soul to make sure everyone sees it.

Dimitri brings Leo inside and kisses him, expressing how glad he is that he came. Leo complains about the flight while Dimitri questions Leo wearing his snow outfit when it’s August. They kiss until Dimitri tells Leo that he’d love to continue but Leo can’t stay. Leo talks about seeing Gwen head out. Dimitri worries that she could be back any second. They then hear Gwen’s key card, so Dimitri sends Leo to hide. Gwen then walks in and questions if Dimitri was talking to someone as she could’ve sworn she heard voices. Dimitri claims he was on his phone with an app to learn Icelandic. Gwen calls it very sweet of him. Leo listens in as he hides in the bathroom. Gwen asks Dimitri if he’s ready to go. Dimitri then claims that he’s having some issues after eating yogurt. Gwen feels that he is warm. Dimitri says he’d hate for Gwen to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity, so he says she can go and he’ll spend time in bed to get better, then he’ll join her at the Hot Springs later but Gwen says no way. Gwen says she is his devoted wife, so she will nurse him back to health. Gwen reminds him that they are on their honeymoon, so there’s nowhere else she’d rather be than with her husband as Leo remains listening in.

Paulina goes to Steve’s to see Abe and asks if he’s ready to go. Steve informs Paulina that Abe is having second thoughts about this. Abe denies that and says he can speak for himself. Steve reminds Abe of what they talked about. Abe says it didn’t change his mind. Steve insists that Abe is not ready for this. Abe questions Steve deciding that. Paulina argues that Abe is a grown man, so they need to respect that Abe can make his own decisions which will help him start to be the man he was. Paulina says she will help Abe in to his wheelchair and then they can go but Abe declares that as Mayor, he needs to stand on his own two feet. Abe then stands up and suggests they go kick Mayor Rawlings to the curb. Paulina says she’ll be right by his side. Steve wishes Abe luck. Abe and Paulina then exit together.

Johnny goes to see Marlena and asks if she has time to finish their talk since they got interrupted. Marlena says she does and tells him to sit down. Marlena assumes he wants to talk about his feelings for Chanel and asks if he’s had a chance to clarify those feelings. Johnny confirms he’s 100% sure that he has feelings for Chanel and that he wants her back in his life as more than just a friend, but he’s not sure whether or not he should act on these feelings.

Chanel looks at a photo of Abe and Paulina at home. Chanel then goes to leave right as Talia shows up at the door. Talia asks if it’s a bad time. Chanel says she was just about to go for a run to clear her head. Talia offers to come back another time but Chanel says she’s in no rush and invites her in. Chanel asks her what’s going on. Talia says it’s about what she said yesterday about having feelings for her. Talia decides she’s taking it back.

Johnny tells Marlena that he knew he had feelings for Chanel, but he didn’t realize how deep they were until he heard she was considering becoming friends with Talia again. Johnny feels like he wants to protect Chanel and maybe that’s just him wanting to play knight in shining armor. Johnny talks about being Chanel’s go-to when she needs a shoulder to cry on and says that’s been nice and makes him feel important. Johnny brings up when he and Chanel were married in Italy. Johnny says that was real and then it all just ended so abruptly and horribly, but before that it was amazing. Johnny declares that it felt more real than any moment he’s ever had in his life. Marlena asks if he’s told Chanel about that. Johnny admits he hasn’t, so Marlena asks why not.

Chanel questions Talia taking back what she said and asks if she doesn’t have feelings for her then. Talia says she shouldn’t have put her on the spot like that as it wasn’t fair. Talia adds that her feelings for Chanel are her problem, not Chanel’s, and she doesn’t want to ruin their chance at a real friendship. Talia asks Chanel to forget she ever said anything. Chanel asks what if she doesn’t want to forget it.

Leo continues listening in as Gwen asks what she can get Dimitri. Dimitri doesn’t want her to worry about him and urges her to go off and enjoy herself. Gwen refuses to leave his side but Dimitri wants her to and says it will only make him feel worse if she’s not out there enjoying Iceland. Dimitri claims it will lift his spirits to know at least one of them was enjoying the beautiful country. Gwen asks if he’s sure and worries about him being alone. Dimitri repeats that he’ll be happy knowing she’s having fun. Gwen decides he’s not giving her a choice, so she supposes she will just seem later then. Dimitri tells her to have fun as Gwen then exits. Leo comes out and jokes that he thought he’d be stuck in there forever. Leo then tells Dimitri to take him in bed.

Mayor Clint Rawlings begins his press conference in the town square. He says he has called them here to announce plans for the rest of his term, but Abe interrupts and declares that won’t be necessary. Paulina jokes that Rawlings came to make a speech, but now he’s speechless. Rawlings remarks that it’s good to see Abe back on his feet and he appreciates him showing up to support him, but thinks he should still be resting and has a long recovery ahead of him. Abe knows he’d prefer that he stay in bed but declares that’s over. Abe adds that they are all eager to hear what might be Rawlings’ agenda, he has an announcement to make. Abe then announces that as of this moment, he is returning to his full duties as Mayor of Salem, and his first official act will be to reopen his stepdaughter’s Bakery.

Johnny guesses he hasn’t told Chanel how he feels yet is because he doesn’t know if it’s the right time. Marlena asks why that is. Johnny brings up that Chanel has been through so much already and is now dealing with the Bakery being closed again. Johnny adds that he just made a serious play for Wendy Shin and lost, so it might not look good to move on so quickly. Johnny brings up that he just went to New Zealand to visit Allie and things were great between them, but they were at each others’ throats for quite awhile over Chanel. Johnny states that even though Allie has moved on and is happy with someone else, he doesn’t know if he wants to put Chanel between them again. Marlena feels he is concerned about other people having feelings or thoughts but all that matters is how Johnny feels and thinks about it. Marlena adds that it’s always a risk to open up to somebody about your feelings and not being sure they feel the same way, but assures that it’s worth the risk. Marlena calls Johnny a courageous young man so she knows he can handle whatever happens. Johnny thanks her and jokes that she’s pretty good at this. Johnny decides that he’s going to tell Chanel how he feels. Marlena tells him to let her know what happens. Johnny agrees to do so as he then exits the office.

Talia tells Chanel that she doesn’t have to say that to be nice. Chanel says that’s not why she’s saying it. Talia asks if that means there’s a chance. Chanel admits Talia caught her really off guard with all this, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t feel something for her too. Chanel brings up when they kissed and almost slept together. Chanel admits she really wanted to be with her. Talia says she was just confused but that’s what she wanted too. Talia asks what they do now.

Mayor Rawlings argues that he was morally justified and had every legal right to close the Bakery because Chanel poisoned half the town. Paulina shouts that it was not her doing and that Chanel was a victim of a crime and that Rawlings used his power to carry out a personal vendetta. Abe says Paulina isn’t wrong but he doesn’t want to hash this out in public. Abe informs Rawlings that he wants his resignation on his desk by the end of the day. Rawlings responds that he cannot in good conscience let a man without his full faculties take office. Abe argues that he’s more than capable of executing his duties as Mayor. Rawlings argues that Abe’s judgment before his injury was questionable at best and perhaps he doesn’t remember. Rawlings reminds Abe that he appointed Rafe, who admitted to having a sexual relationship with a subordinate. Rawlings remarks that they should both be ashamed of themselves.

Kayla goes home to Steve and asks him what’s wrong. Steve responds that he did everything he could to keep Abe from making a big mistake.

Paulina questions Mayor Rawlings saying she should be ashamed of herself. Rawlings remarks that Paulina has always put her own interests over the people of Salem and brings up when she first came to town with a scheme to destroy the town square and claims that she is now turning a blind eye to Chanel’s negligence and is dragging her sick husband out of bed. Abe confronts Rawlings and declares that he is not sick and has fully recovered. Rawlings remarks that Abe won’t mind taking some questions from the press then. Members of the press begin asking if Abe got his memory back, if he thinks he’s fit for office, and how he responds to the accusations about attempts to open the Bakery.

Dimitri and Leo lay in bed after having sex. Dimitri calls this perfect while Leo points out that he’s on his honeymoon with his best friend. Leo says on the way, he kept telling himself that he cannot do this to himself or to Gwen. Leo insists that he cannot go on like this. Leo mentions that there’s a direct flight back to Salem. Dimitri kisses him and says that was to shut him up. Leo jokes that it will take a lot more than that to shut him up as they continue kissing.

Chanel tells Talia that she doesn’t know what happens next but they need to take it slow. Talia agrees and decides she should go. Talia suggests they should hang out some time. Chanel mentions a free concert at the park tonight and invites Talia. Talia say she would love to. Johnny arrives outside the door right as he hears Chanel and Talia agreeing that it’s a date. Johnny then walks away disappointed.

The press asks Abe who he intends to name as deputy mayor if Rawlings resigns. Abe responds that he’s not sure yet. The press asks for names of candidates. Rawlings remarks that Abe doesn’t know the name of any of the people who work in his administration. Another member of the press asks about Shawn as police commissioner. Abe says he’ll get back to him on that. Another member asks if there’s been any improvement on his long term memory. Abe insists that he’s perfectly capable of being Mayor. A member of the press asks if Abe can name any of the members of the city council or even his own daughter, but Abe remains silent.

Steve hopes Abe isn’t being barraged by questions as he doesn’t know how he can handle it. Marlena arrives. Kayla tells her that Abe went through with it. Marlena responds that she was just checking on social media. Kayla asks what they said. Marlena reads an article that Abe’s return to the spotlight has turned out to be something he wishes he could forget.

Dimitri questions Leo’s hurry to leave when Gwen will be gone for hours and then he can hide in his own room and she’ll never know. Leo tells Dimitri not to make this any harder. Dimitri tells Leo to at least kiss him goodbye. Leo responds that if he kisses him again, he’s not going to leave. Dimitri asks if he will at least see him later which Leo agrees to. Leo then opens the door to leave right as Gwen returns, shocked to see him.

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