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Maggie is at a hotel in Chicago. She’s on the phone with Justin, assuring that she will be home in time for Victor’s welcome home dinner and that Alex is invited. Maggie mentions that she’s just in Chicago for a brief visit with Sarah. Maggie says to remind Cook to prepare all of Victor’s favorites and tells Justin that she will see him later as she then hangs up. Sarah then comes home with a bag of groceries covering her stomach, surprised to find Maggie inside and questions what she’s doing there. Maggie informs her that the doorman let her in. Sarah wishes she knew she was coming. Maggie apologizes for surprising her but guesses that makes them even since Sarah has been hiding something from her. Maggie thinks it’s time that Sarah comes clean.

Xander proposes to Chloe but she tells him to get up and questions what he’s doing. Chloe asks if this is a joke. Xander insists that it’s a real proposal but Chloe says not until he convinces her that this has nothing to do with Gwen.

Gwen knocks on Leo’s door at the Salem Inn and says she wanted to say goodbye before she leaves for her honeymoon. Leo is naked in bed with Dimitri and they start to panic. Dimitri tells Leo not to open it and that she’ll go away, but Gwen continues knocking and says she’s not going away.

Nicole goes home and thinks back to Eric informing her that he was proposing to Sloan. EJ then enters the room and greets her. EJ comments that she was obviously deep in thought and asks what’s on her mind. Nicole admits that it’s Eric.

Sloan asks Melinda again if she won’t say anything to anyone. Melinda tells Sloan that her secret is safe with her right as Eric comes home and asks if he’s interrupting. Melinda says she has to get to the office and tells Eric that it was nice seeing him. Melinda tells Sloan that she will talk to her soon. Eric stops them and suggests they tell him what secret they were talking about first. Sloan starts to respond but Melinda tells her to just tell him the truth.

EJ questions Nicole thinking about Eric. Nicole explains that she saw Eric in the town square when she was having breakfast with Chloe and they got to see the very lovely engagement ring he picked out for Sloan as he’s apparently going to propose. EJ guesses that must have been a surprise. Nicole admits it makes sense since they are having a baby together.

Sarah questions what Maggie wants her to come clean about. Maggie tells Sarah that she’s been waiting for her to open up about this ever since Bonnie told her. Maggie knows Sarah swore Bonnie to secrecy but says it’s not like her to keep a secret from her, especially big news like this. Maggie then asks if Sarah was ever going to tell her that she’s involved with Rex again and if she thought she was never going to find out. Sarah then gets a look of relief and stops herself from moving the grocery bag covering her stomach. Sarah then claims she learned her lesson that there’s no keeping anything from Maggie.

Xander questions why Chloe would think this is about Gwen. Chloe argues that when she left this morning, Xander was reading the article about Gwen’s wedding. Xander asks if Chloe thinks that’s why he proposed to her and denies that, mentioning that he just ran in to Gwen and he wished her the best. Chloe says it’s still really fast as they’ve only been together for 3 months. Xander insists that he’s fallen deeply in love with her, so he doesn’t care if Gwen marries Dimitri or Sarah goes back to Rex. Chloe stops and questions where he heard that Sarah and Rex were back together. Xander explains that Maggie told him when he went to see her earlier as she said she was going to Chicago to see Sarah. Chloe then questions if that was before or after he bought the ring. Chloe says he might be able to convince her that the proposal had nothing to do with Gwen, but Sarah is a different story.

Leo answers the door and tries to not let Gwen in but shes pushes her way in anyway. Gwen looks around and sees the room trashed which she questions. Leo claims that’s why he didn’t want to let her in and says that since she abandoned him, he had no one to keep it clean for. Gwen argues that she might not live there anymore but she would never abandon him. Gwen says she will only be gone a couple weeks and she had to come back to get one last hug from her best friend. Gwen is grateful that Leo told Dimitri about her wanting to go to Iceland. Gwen wishes that the three of them could all be great friends one day. Gwen then hears a sound from the bathroom which Leo claims to not hear. Gwen calls him a liar and accuses him of hiding somebody, adding that she knows exactly who it is.

Xander swears to Chloe that this has nothing to do with Sarah. Chloe points out that he was just talking to Maggie about Sarah. Xander says he was talking to Maggie about Victor and the Sarah stuff was just a side bar. Xander adds that he told Maggie that he’s happy Sarah has moved on because he has too. Chloe questions if putting a ring on her finger is proving that to the women he’s loved in the past. Xander says that would be a lousy thing to do to her. Chloe doesn’t think he’s doing it consciously but argues that all of this is really sudden, so she has a hard time believing it doesn’t have anything to do with Sarah. Xander then tells Chloe to forget what he said as this has everything to do with Sarah.

Maggie tells Sarah that she doesn’t expect her to tell her every detail of her life, but getting back with Rex is not exactly small. Sarah brings up that Maggie is not Rex’s biggest fan which she admits as Maggie hates that Rex cheated on her more than once. Maggie feels there is something that Sarah isn’t telling her. Maggie asks how they can have a decent conversation when Sarah is holding a bag of groceries. Maggie asks her to put the bag down so they can sit and she can tell her how serious this is with Rex. Sarah hesitates but then puts the bag down and turns back to Maggie, revealing her pregnant stomach. Maggie then realizes it is that serious.

Sloan agrees with Melinda that there is no point in trying to hide this any longer. Sloan starts to speak but Melinda interrupts and claims it was that Sloan shouldn’t have met with the judge behind her back and she came over to blow her out of the water, but they hashed it out and agreed no one else needs to know except now Eric does. Melinda states that Sloan bent the rules but understands she did it for her brother. Melinda adds that Sloan has so much to look forward to with being pregnant, so she’s willing to look the other way. Eric questions that being what they were discussing and assures he’s not angry as he thanks Melinda for keeping it from coming out.

EJ asks Nicole if Eric is going to marry the woman that is carrying his child. Nicole points out that she has to say yes first and assures that she will and that Eric will want to do the right thing by getting married. Nicole insists that she’s not upset at all because she’s not invested in Eric’s life, she’s invested in her and EJ. Nicole adds that she loves EJ, he is the father of her child and he is the man that she wants to be with. EJ then asks if she wants to be with him enough to say yes if he asked her to marry him right now.

Eric thanks Melinda for being so understanding. Melinda apologizes if their little mystery caught him off guard. Melinda says she should get going, so Sloan walks her out. Sloan thanks Melinda for saving her. Melinda says he doesn’t want to ruin her life and feels like they are becoming friends and friends have each others’ back. Melinda gives Sloan her word that Eric won’t hear from her that he is also the father of Nicole’s baby. Sloan agrees that she totally owes her. Melinda states that maybe she’ll need a favor in return one day as she then walks away. Sloan then heads back inside where Eric is down on one knee with a ring.

Nicole questions EJ bringing up marriage. EJ asks why she’s surprised since it’s not the first time. Nicole complains that last time EJ proposed to upstage Stefan and Gabi while now he brings it up after she tells him that Eric is going to propose to Sloan. EJ understands her thinking this is a spur of the moment reaction to that. EJ then goes to his desk drawer and pulls out a ring, revealing that he’s been holding on to it for quite some time, waiting for the right moment to give it to her. EJ declares that moment is now, thanks to her with what she just said. EJ said it’s all true for him too that he’s invested in their life together and he loves her too. EJ calls her the mother of his child and without question the one he wants to be with forever. EJ says it seems like she feels the same unless he misunderstood.

Gwen says now she knows why Leo didn’t want her to come in and it has nothing to do with the room being a mess. Gwen goes and knocks on the bathroom door and says he can come out now. Gwen brings up how she saw Leo sexting with “MP” which he said was Matthew Perry and says she wants to meet the man that Leo is so enamored by. Leo tells Gwen that he’s not coming out. Gwen asks what the big deal is and questions what is going on.

Xander tells Chloe that this proposal is about Sarah and Gwen, but not in the way she thinks. Xander explains that Gwen married a Euro trash tosser who tried to blow up the world while Sarah is now back with a jerk who couldn’t stop cheating on her, but they are happy and he doesn’t begrudge them that because he wants to be happy too and he wants Chloe to be happy. Xander thinks they can be happy together. Chloe points out that they already are happy. Xander wants to commit to her and insists he’s not trying to compete or prove anything to anyone. Xander asks Chloe to think about it as they could get their own house with a yard for the kids which Chloe questions.

Maggie is shocked to see Sarah is very pregnant and questions why she didn’t tell her and if she thought she wouldn’t be happy for her. Sarah says it’s not that. Maggie argues that it’s one thing to not tell her they were dating again but to lie all this time about a pregnancy. Sarah argues that she didn’t lie but Maggie calls it a lie of omission. Maggie points out that it looks like she got pregnant right after leaving Salem. Sarah admits it was before she left Salem and claims it was the one night that she and Rex hooked up around Valentine’s Day. Maggie questions what possible reason she could have to hide this from her all this time. Maggie then guesses that the baby is not Rex’s. Sarah asks what she is talking about. Maggie points out that Rex wasn’t the only person she slept with before leaving Salem and that’s why she didn’t tell her, because the baby she’s carrying is Xander’s. Sarah tries to laugh it off and says it’s not helpful for her to hear that. Maggie argues that she can’t even look her in the eye and they both know why. Sarah then breaks down and admits it’s true that the baby is Xander’s. Sarah tells Maggie that she can never tell him.

Chloe had no idea that Xander wanted to be a father. Xander says of course he does and the sooner, the better. Chloe points out that they’ve talked about everything over the past few months and he never mentioned wanting children. Xander brings up how he helped raise Rachel and he was a good dad, so he misses it. Xander says when he hears Chloe on the phone with her son Parker, he imagines what it might be like for them. Xander insists that he wants children of his own but not with just anyone, with Chloe, and that’s why and what he is proposing. Xander says it’s not just a marriage, but a life and a family. Xander tells Chloe that he has fallen madly in love with her and he can’t imagine his life without her in it.

Leo tells Gwen that “MP” is not coming out because he doesn’t want her to see him. Gwen asks why not. Leo then says because he’s a married man and his wife doesn’t know about them. Leo acknowledges that he went there again but says they are mad for each other and calls himself a terrible person and a monster. Gwen encourages that if the man is mad for him then his marriage obviously isn’t working so he wouldn’t be responsible if the marriage ends. Gwen calls Leo one of the best people she knows and she doesn’t care what anyone else says. Gwen declares that if this man makes him happy, that’s all that matters because he deserves happiness. Gwen adds how long she’s waited for happiness and now she has it. Gwen says she has to get back to Dimitri and finish packing. Gwen tells Leo that she will miss him so much as they hug. Gwen then exits the room. Dimitri comes out from the bathroom and complains that was close. Leo brings up what Gwen said. Dimitri agrees that Leo deserves happiness and kisses him. Leo questions how he will get through a few weeks without him. Dimitri tells Leo to go check his e-mail, so he does and is shocked by what he finds.

Nicole questions EJ buying a ring for her and holding onto it. EJ repeats that he knew the perfect moment would come along.

Sloan questions if Eric proposing is for real. Eric acknowledges that she wasn’t crazy about his last attempt, so he wanted to get it right this time.

EJ knows Nicole was underwhelmed by his last proposal, so he wasn’t about to make the same mistake twice. EJ reveals that he bought the ring when they found out she could carry the baby to term.

Eric brings up that Sloan said she wanted a real traditional proposal, so here he is and he can tell she didn’t see it coming.

EJ states that Nicole may be surprised, but he’s been counting the minutes until he could put the ring on her finger as he wants them to be one when their child is born.

Eric explains that Sloan said she would get married when she was asked by a man who was as deeply in love with her as she was with him.

EJ says he and Nicole have told each other how they feel, so now he gets down on one knee.

Eric guesses there’s only one thing left to say.

EJ tells Nicole there is only one thing left to say.

Eric asks Sloan to marry him.

EJ asks Nicole to marry him.

Eric starts to worry at Sloan’s hesitation and complains that he didn’t think this through but Sloan kisses him and says yes.

Nicole tells EJ that he doesn’t have to get down on one knee since they’ve done this before. EJ feels their history makes it all the more significant and asks what are the odds they would end up here, so happy and very blessed. Nicole calls it a miracle. EJ feels the universe is giving them another chance to get things right with their child and he wants to celebrate that by announcing their love and commitment to each other and their child to the world. EJ asks her to allow him to do that by placing the ring on her finger.

Melinda sits in the town square and starts to text Sloan but decides she’s got it. Melinda gets up to walk away but sees Gwen walking through. Melinda greets her and says she just read about her wedding and congratulates her. Gwen thanks her. Melinda brings up her husband having an interesting track record. Gwen calls Dimitri a wonderful man. Melinda remarks that she looks forward to trying them jointly for the crimes they will inevitably commit. Gwen responds that not even Melinda can spoil her day as in just a few short hours, she’s heading to Iceland for the trip of a lifetime. Gwen then walks away.

Leo is shocked that Dimitri got him a plane ticket to Iceland with a hotel reservation. Leo worries about Iceland being a small country and says he can’t crash his honeymoon. Dimitri kisses him and says he’s sorry but they both know he’s coming. Dimitri tells Leo to pack a sweater or else they can rely on body heat as he then exits the room. Leo flops onto his bed and screams into a pillow.

Chloe tells Xander to forgive her as she didn’t expect to come home to him waving an engagement ring around. Xander argues that he wouldn’t have to wave it around if she would just give him her finger. Chloe responds that she’s sorry but it feels like just yesterday, they were roommates and now they are talking about marriage and babies. Xander points out that they’ve been more than roommates for awhile now and he can’t help but think fate had a hand in it. Xander explains how they weren’t looking for each other but somehow the stars aligned and they may be the most unlikely couple ever who would have never gotten together in normal circumstances which makes him believe they are meant to be because they work just by being themselves. Xander declares that may be the best way to find love with no illusions, just the real thing, as they kiss. Xander remarks that it felt like a yes to him but Chloe responds that she’s afraid it’s not.

Maggie questions Sarah not telling Xander about the baby and thinking he’ll never find out. Maggie reminds Sarah that she did this with Eric and it ended in disaster. Sarah argues that this is different and complains that Xander is a criminal who kidnapped Bonnie and Susan which led to Susan’s death. Sarah insists that Xander is still the same amoral, untrustworthy and dangerous person which is why she divorced him, because he will never change. Maggie points out that now there is the baby to consider. Sarah declares that it doesn’t matter what Xander says, does, or promises because it’s always just a matter of time before he ends up in a dark scheme like kidnapping or blackmail. Sarah adds that it’s one thing to lie to her, hurt her, and break her heart, but this is her innocent child at risk. Maggie says she understands, but the child is as much Xander’s as Sarah’s and he deserves to know. Sarah says absolutely not because if Xander knows, then he will insist on being part of the child’s life and that can never happen. Sarah pleads with Maggie to say she won’t tell him.

Xander questions Chloe really saying no. Chloe admits the proposal was beautiful and sincere but she needs time and thinks Xander needs time to figure out his feelings for Sarah going forward. Xander understands she needs time, but assures he doesn’t. Chloe thinks it’s the wise thing to do. Xander can’t imagine a single thing could change his mind about her.

Sarah argues that Maggie knows she’s right that letting Xander be part of the child’s life would be a huge mistake. Sarah knows Maggie cares about Xander but this is about her grandchild’s safety. Maggie says she worries about Sarah because this plan basically means that she can never come back to Salem. Maggie questions when she’s going to see her then. Sarah responds that she can come here anytime. Maggie asks if Sarah wants to live in Chicago. Sarah insists that she will make it work. Maggie questions Rex being her pretend boyfriend. Sarah confirms they are just friends. Maggie asks how Rex feels about all of this. Sarah responds that Rex is amazing and understands that she has to do this her way, so he has promised to keep her secret which she noticed Maggie has not yet. Maggie brings up that she spoke to Xander before she left and told him that she got back with Rex. Sarah asks if he lost his mind. Maggie says he was actually very happy for her as it seems Xander has finally moved on with Chloe. Sarah mentions that Bonnie told her that. Maggie declares that it won’t matter as if Xander finds out about the baby, all bets are off. Maggie decides she will not be the one to tell him as that should be Sarah.

Gwen goes home to Dimitri in their room at the DiMera Mansion. Gwen asks where he’s been since she thought he’d be packing for the honeymoon as they kiss. Dimitri says it won’t take long and they will soon be off to paradise. Gwen comments that it will be just the two of them and she can’t wait as they continue kissing. Gwen jokes that Dimitri is in for more sex than he can possibly imagine. Dimitri remarks that it sounds like his kind of trip.

Leo looks at his e-mail and sees it is a first class ticket, noting that the hotel does have a champagne bubble bath. Leo then brings up Gwen saying he’s the best person she knows, so he must do the right thing, delete the e-mail, and forget Dimitri ever sent it. Leo then puts his phone down and decides he may not be a good person as he begins to pack a bag.

Eric and Sloan lay in bed as Eric then puts the ring on Sloan’s finger and they kiss.

Nicole says yes to EJ’s proposal, declaring that she would be very honored to be his wife as they kiss.

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