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Sloan and Melinda come from the courthouse. Melinda comments on the judge working fast and says she knows today didn’t go as Sloan hoped, but it could be worse. Sloan asks how since Colin was just sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Chanel exits the Bakery and walks through the town square where she runs in to Talia. Chanel asks her what’s wrong. Talia responds that she just left the courthouse and Colin is going to prison for 20 years. Chanel can’t say she’s sorry about that. Talia says she can’t either, so Chanel asks why she’s so upset. Talia cries that when the hearing was over and they were taking Colin away, he looked her straight in the eyes with so much hate and anger, and said that she should be going to prison too because she’s just as guilty as he is. Talia adds that he’s right.

Tripp goes to the hospital and finds Steve, noting that he didn’t know he was back as they hug. Tripp confirms that he and John just got back from LA where they found Jerry Prentiss. Tripp talks about working with Whitley and she always seemed normal but calls it insane that she had Abe kidnapped while pretending to be his wife. Steve states that Abe is alive and safe so that’s all that matters. Tripp asks how Abe is doing. Steve informs him that Abe was discharged today and he’s healthy, but he can’t remember anything about his life. Tripp encourages Steve to stay positive because his memory could start coming back at any time. Steve hopes that it will start coming back as soon as Paulina brings him home.

Paulina brings Abe home and asks if anything looks familiar to him.

Tripp tells Steve that Abe being home with his wife definitely could trigger something. Steve hopes it happens soon or their living arrangement could get awkward. Steve then asks Tripp about living with Wendy. Tripp then reveals that he and Wendy are together now. Steve is shocked since Tripp told him things were over and that Wendy asked him to leave so she could be with Johnny. Tripp explains that Wendy wanted alone time to tell Johnny they were over as she had chosen him.

Wendy pours drinks for her and Li at home. Wendy wants to hear about Li’s date from last night since he hasn’t said a word about it which she hopes means it was awesome and he doesn’t want to jinx it. Wendy asks if it was at least better than his date from Hell with Melinda Trask but Li says no. Wendy asks who it was. Li explains that it was Connie who was irritating, pushy, and not very bright and she didn’t stop talking ever, so he had to call it off. Wendy jokes that he’s 0-2 so he might need a new matchmaker but Li says maybe not as he thinks the matchmaker may have gotten it right the first time.

Melinda tells Sloan that she knows Colin’s case hits her hard, being family. Sloan hoped that she could convince the judge to be lenient but she threw the damn book at Colin. Melinda encourages that she will get through this. Melinda adds that she would invite Sloan out for a drink but she has plans in another date. Sloan asks about Melinda’s last date but Melinda says that didn’t go well as the guy wouldn’t stop talking about his ex as though he couldn’t get over her.

Abe tells Paulina that it’s a very nice apartment. Paulina encourages that he always seemed at home here. Abe responds that he’s sorry but he doesn’t remember it. Paulina understands it might take time and says there will be no pressure from her as she’s all about being patient. Paulina says they are in this together as a team so she will do everything she can to help him relax and settle in. Paulina assures that she knows the memories will start coming back to him, including how he feels about her and how happy they’ve been together.

Eric exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Nicole, who says she was on her way to see Abe and she never thought she’d say that again. Eric calls it great news. Nicole says she has to go so she’ll give Abe a hug from him. Eric adds to tell Paulina that he can get anything they need and bring it to the apartment. Nicole is surprised to learn that Abe was released from the hospital and says she will head to their apartment instead. Eric guesses she didn’t get a chance to see Abe when she was at the hospital earlier. Nicole questions him knowing that she was at the hospital. Eric mentions that Sloan said she ran in to her. Nicole confirms she was there to pick up the test results that EJ had done and says it looks like there is no risk for the baby. Eric mentions Sloan saying she had good news. Nicole still doesn’t understand how Sloan got her test results which Eric questions.

Sloan tells Melinda that her date must have been awful. Sloan talks about how she wasn’t really dating before Eric but she knows it would suck to be sitting with a guy who is hung up on someone else. Melinda then reveals that her date was Alex Kiriakis. Sloan then guesses that Alex wouldn’t shut up about Stephanie Johnson. Melinda states that at least Alex hired a matchmaker so he’s trying to get over her, but confirms there won’t be another date. Sloan asks who the lucky guy is then. Melinda reveals it’s Li Shin.

Wendy questions Li ending up on another date with Melinda. Li explains that they didn’t plan it and just happened to run in to each other at the bar where they were meeting their matches. Wendy asks if he saw Melinda’s date. Li informs her that it was Alex Kiriakis. Wendy jokes that Alex really gets around as she’s heard that Alex has matched up with a lot of women, so she highly doubts he could choose just one.

Steve tells Tripp that he’s happy for him that Wendy chose him. Tripp admits that Steve’s pep talk helped him. Steve encourages him to be confident that he’s a good man and good things will follow. Tripp thanks him. Steve guesses his living situation isn’t so awkward after all. Tripp admits it’s kind of perfect even though he and Wendy aren’t sharing a room yet. Steve encourages him to take it slow, have fun, and get to know each other. Tripp reveals that they tried the other night but Wendy’s brother walked in on them. Tripp adds that Li was bummed after coming home from a date that didn’t go so well. Steve asks who the date was. Tripp reveals that it was Melinda Trask.

Li tells Wendy that after he and Melinda’s dates both went south, they ended up having a bottle of wine and actually had a nice time so maybe it’s a good thing that the matchmaker picked horrible dates for them. Wendy suggests maybe the matchmaker knew exactly what she was doing and that Li and Melinda paired up so well but their date didn’t work out, so she created another shot for them. Li questions the idea of the matchmaker sending them both on dates that she knew wouldn’t go well. Wendy doesn’t think it was a coincidence for Li and Melinda to end up at the same place at the same time. Li supposes it’s possible. Wendy hopes it works out but Li guesses that she doesn’t think it will. Wendy declares that she’s not sure he can trust someone who has already burned him before.

Chanel argues that Colin was not right and that Talia is not as guilty as he is. Talia complains that she did everything Colin asked her to do including breaking into Paulina’s office and drugging the biscuits. Chanel admits that Talia did some terrible things that she has to make up for, but says there’s a reason that Talia was sentenced to community service and not prison. Chanel states that Talia was in an emotionally abusive relationship with a sick and dangerous man, who manipulated her in to doing his dirty work. Talia wishes she was strong enough to say no. Chanel points out that Talia was strong enough on the roof when Colin was going to kill her and Paulina but Talia risked her to life to save them. Talia still feels like a coward. Chanel argues that Colin is the coward and monster, not Talia. Talia thanks her for saying that. Chanel complains that even on his way to prison, Colin is still trying to get in her head. Chanel urges Talia not to let him and to just keep going forward with her therapy and her life, while leaving Colin in the dust. Talia mentions hearing the news about Abe being held hostage by a crazy nurse. Chanel still can’t believe that. Talia remembers going to Whitley’s door while putting up missing persons flyers. Talia tells Chanel that she’s so happy for her and Paulina. Chanel confirms that Abe is doing really well as he has a clean bill of health and now he just needs to get his memory back.

Abe tells Paulina that Theo told him that she’s been up since dawn to get the place ready but says she didn’t have to go through all that trouble. Paulina says she’s thrilled to do whatever she can to make him feel at home because she’s thrilled to have him back. Paulina asks if he’s hungry and says she made all his favorites. Abe says he doesn’t have much of an appetite and mentions having one of Chanel’s bear claws in the hospital. Abe decides maybe later so Paulina says whenever he’s ready and asks what they should do now. Paulina offers to turn on music with a playlist of Abe’s favorite songs or they could watch a movie. Paulina suggests an old romantic movie and then she suddenly kisses Abe. Abe pulls away and asks what the hell is going on. Abe apologizes and explains that he just spent weeks with a woman who kept throwing herself at him. Paulina questions if he’s saying she’s like Whitley when she is his wife. Abe says he knows, but right now when he looks at her, he sees a total stranger. Abe says he’s so sorry. Paulina says she is too and starts to cry as she leaves the room.

Chanel explains to Talia that Paulina hopes Abe’s memory will start to come back when he’s home in a familiar place. Talia hopes that works. Chanel thanks her and says she’s done at the Bakery for the day but she’s going to give Paulina and Abe some space, by taking a long walk. Chanel says she’ll see Talia around and starts to walk away but Talia offers to buy her dinner.

Wendy reminds Li that Melinda tried to record him admitting that he tried to kill Stefan DiMera on their last date. Li says he doesn’t need to be reminded. Wendy knows Tripp said to give Melinda a second chance but says she is just cautioning him. Li says he appreciates that but Melinda’s scheme wouldn’t have worked anyway since he didn’t do it. Wendy assures that she knows that but warns that it’s possible that Melinda didn’t give up after the first try and she’s playing the long game. Li questions thinking this is a ploy. Wendy suggests Melinda is relentless and could have set this up with the matchmaker and used the wine to try to get him talking and then getting him to confess to what she thinks he did. Li repeats that he didn’t do what she thinks he did, so there would be no confession. Wendy states that she knows that but asks if he really wants to get involved with someone who is trying to trick him. Li feels that since he didn’t do it, he has nothing to worry about.

Steve asks Tripp if Li has been killing the mood lately. Tripp says you could say that but he feels for him since his life has been a hot mess lately. Steve understands having Li there is not conducive to romance. Tripp agrees and says he’s been working nights lately so it’s been hard to find alone time. Steve points out that Tripp is not working tonight and he still has his room at he and Kayla’s house, so he suggests Tripp invite Wendy over. Tripp thanks him for the offer but jokes that knowing Steve and Kayla are in the next room wouldn’t be in conducive to romance either. Steve assures that he and Kayla would go elsewhere to let them have the place to themselves.

Nicole explains to Eric that the nurse accidentally gave Sloan her test results, so she knew first because she opened them. Eric notes that Sloan didn’t mention that part, so he just assumed she told her. Nicole guesses that was the mix up and says she only cares about having a healthy baby with no genetic abnormalities on either side. Eric says he’s really happy for her and hopes that he and Sloan have the same good news about their baby. Nicole questions Sloan not getting her test results.

Sloan questions Melinda having another date with Li Shin after she tried to record him confessing to attempted murder and says she thought he hated her now. Melinda explains that he doesn’t as she apologized and they are trying to move past it. Sloan jokes that is almost enough to make her believe in miracles. Melinda points out that having a baby is kind of a miracle. Sloan assures that she is very happy but… Melinda encourages that Sloan has so much to look forward to so she can’t let her brother’s sentence diminish her happiness. Sloan says it’s not that, so Melinda asks what’s going on. Sloan asks if she can tell her something in complete confidence that she cannot tell no matter what. Melinda swears she won’t and asks what it’s about. Sloan reveals that it’s about Nicole.

Eric tells Nicole that Sloan’s test results weren’t ready yet. Nicole feels that’s a little strange and questions why the nurse would give Sloan her results by mistake. Eric guesses it was just part of the mix up. Nicole hopes that they have a happy and healthy baby. Eric thanks her and tells her to give Abe his love. Nicole says she will and walks away.

Melinda asks Sloan what about Nicole. Sloan reminds Melinda that Nicole is pregnant but they get interrupted by Sloan getting a call from Eric, who asks how it went in court. Sloan asks if they can talk about it later and asks what’s up. Eric says he’s at the Pub and there’s something he really wants to talk to her about in person. Sloan says she was just on her way home, so Eric decides he will meet her there and they hang up. Melinda asks Sloan about Nicole being pregnant but Sloan says she’s sorry as she has to go. Melinda argues that she can’t leave her hanging and asks what she was about to tell her. Sloan claims it was nothing and tells Melinda to enjoy her date as she then rushes off.

Chanel questions Talia wanting to take her to dinner. Talia suggests Buddy’s Burger Barn but says they could go somewhere nicer if she wants. Chanel asks if she doesn’t have community service. Talia says she did it this morning before the hearing and she was going home which is Jada’s place, but she’s in the same boat as Chanel since Rafe is there and she wants to give them space. Talia admits to Chanel that she misses her, then says to forget she said anything. Chanel admits that she is actually starving.

Li informs Wendy that he and Melinda have another date tonight, so if she wants to have a romantic night with her boyfriend, it would be a good night. Wendy informs him that she and Tripp have decided to wait. Li jokes that he doesn’t need the details and tells her to have fun with whatever she decides to do tonight. Li tells her not to do anything that he wouldn’t do as he exits the apartment.

Tripp appreciates Steve offering his place for the evening. Steve understands it’s not what he had in mind. Steve then gets a call from Abe which surprises him. Steve answers and asks him what’s going on.

Eric meets Sloan at her apartment and asks how it went today. Sloan informs him that the judge gave Colin 20 years. Eric says he’s so sorry. Sloan admits she’s not surprised since he committed some serious crimes, but she doesn’t want to dwell on it. Sloan asks what Eric wanted to talk to her about. Eric explains that he just ran in to Nicole, who said that Sloan ended up with her test results at the hospital which Sloan confirms that she did. Eric questions how come she didn’t mention that.

Talia is surprised that Chanel agreed to go to dinner with her as she was pretty sure she wouldn’t want to. Chanel responds that holding grudges is exhausting and admits that in the end, Talia did save her life and her mother’s. Chanel then admits she misses Talia too which surprises her. Chanel then reveals that Talia’s replacement at the Bakery sucks. Talia asks if she misses her as an employee then. Chanel confirms that she does and as a friend.

Paulina comes back to Abe and apologizes about before as she was trying to jog his memory and clearly chose the wrong way to do it. Abe says it’s alright. Paulina understands it was too fast for him and apologizes. Steve arrives and informs Paulina that he just got a call from Abe. Abe confirms that he asked Steve to come over. Steve says he’d love to know why Abe wanted to see him and asks what he can do for him. Abe brings up when Steve came by his hospital room with John, he said to call if he needed anything. Abe declares that what he needs is a place to stay which shocks Paulina. Abe says he’s so sorry but he’s just not comfortable here. Steve offers to step outside but Paulina pleads with him to stay and tell Abe that this is his home and where he belongs with her. Paulina understands Abe is frustrated and overwhelmed but insists that if he gives it time, he will remember and that leaving will only set him back. Abe brings up that Steve told him that he was one of his oldest and closest friends, so he assumes that friends can count on each other and right now he needs to count on him for a place to stay. Steve says okay but reminds Abe that he and John assured him that he’s in good hands with Paulina as she is his wife and she loves him. Abe insists so Steve agrees maybe just for now. Paulina reluctantly agrees if that’s what Abe wants which he confirms. Steve tells Paulina that he will call her later and assures that it will all work out. Steve tells her to try not to worry as he wheels Abe out of the apartment as Paulina holds back tears.

Tripp comes home to Wendy, who informs him that Li is out on another date with Melinda. Tripp is surprised as he thought Li said that wasn’t going to happen again. Wendy informs Tripp that they have the place all to themselves. Tripp says maybe for awhile but worries that if Melinda pulls another fast one, Li could come home early again. Wendy supposes that’s possible. Tripp then reveals that he booked them a room at the Salem Inn and thought they could have a nice dinner there and then look at the stars. Wendy agrees to go pack a bag.

Li meets Melinda at the bar. Melinda notes that she ordered their favorite wine. Li thinks back to Wendy’s warnings. Li then says he’s sorry but he can’t stay, claiming he just remembered there is something he has to take care of and rushes out, leaving Melinda confused.

Chanel and Talia have dinner in the town square. Chanel worries as she brings up Abe’s homecoming and says she hopes it’s going well.

Nicole goes to Paulina’s apartment and says she’s sorry to interrupt but Eric told her that she brought Abe home, so she wanted to come see him for herself. Paulina responds that she’s going to have to do it somewhere else because Abe moved out.

Steve brings Abe home with him. Abe apologizes as he knows Paulina is Steve’s friend and that departure was a bit awkward. Steve tells him not to worry and they will get him settled in to the guest room. Abe thanks him for letting him stay. Steve tells him to stay as long as he needs.

Eric questions Sloan not mentioning that she read Nicole’s test results before she did. Sloan calls it a mistake as she asked for her test results and the nurse handed her an envelope. Eric questions not reading the name on it. Sloan asks why she would as that’s the nurse’s job and blames her being anxious about the whole situation and wanting to know their baby was okay. Sloan claims that she assumed the envelope was hers so she opened it up. Sloan then thinks back to reading Nicole’s test results. Sloan argues that Eric said he wanted to talk but this feels like he’s giving her the third degree. Eric says he was just curious. Sloan apologizes and says she’s just upset about her brother. Eric apologizes and says he shouldn’t have brought it up as it was very insensitive of him. Eric tells Sloan that he cares about her. Eric brings up when he was in a dark place and didn’t trust anyone or have hope for anything but Sloan changed all that and now he has trust in her and hope for them and their future. Eric declares that now they are having a baby so they are family as he hugs her.

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